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Mon, 2 January 2017

Climate Change: Roman Deception of Enslavement

by Rob Hase and Johnny Cirucci One of today’s greatest deceptions is that the common citizen must drastically reduce their already heavily-burdened standard of living to compensate for “global warming”. As with many other deceptions, it is wrought with fraud from “science”—a community that is…
Sat, 9 February 2013

How Luciferians Can Murder You With Impunity

Investment banker Matt Simmons was a vocal critic of the 2010 BP Gulf oil spill with a formidable reputation: —And then he ended up dead, drowned having suffered an apparent heart attack while in his hot tub later that same year. For more…
Sun, 5 September 2010

Nain Rouge

Only in the modern American political arena could the nain rouge not only exist, put prosper... From 2002 through 2004, a group of politicians convened to look into just how the disastrous attacks of September 11th could’ve taken place. Chaired by former Republican NJ Governor…