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Sat, 17 October 2020

Billionaires Against Humanity: Vaccines & Viruses Are Pivotal to the “Depopulation” Agenda

Thanks to the “coronavirus”The re-branding of the ridiculously-named “coronavirus” as “COVID-19” is meant to give it “medical” legitimacy., According to Mosciano SantʹAngelo Dr. Roberto Petrella, “COVID-19” stands for “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence”., Are we getting the inside truth from an Italian…
Fri, 13 April 2012

Freedom News for Friday, 13 April 2012

TEA PARTY TRAITOR Arizona governor Jan Brewer has been painted as a “Tea Party” Patriot because of some moderately strong stands on making the Central government help pay for the illegal immigrant scourge plaguing the Grand Canyon State. A few weeks ago, this picture made…
Sun, 1 April 2012

Freedom News for Sunday, 01 April 2012

DEADLY VACCINES MOTHER CONTENDS HEPATITIS B VACCINATION INITIATED AUTISM IN HER LITTLE BOY AUTISM ON THE RISE IN CHILDREN—PURPOSEFULLY? Citizens with autism are more tractable. Parents with autistic children are now indebted to the state for care—less likely to be a problem when rights are…