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Sun, 19 November 2017

Resistance Rising 159: ZOD (44)

  Did Jimmy Savile Model his Image on Myra Hindley? Moors Murders: Jimmy Savile Part of “Paedo Ring with Ian Brady and Myra Hindley” HANK HANEGRAAFF THE PAPAL ANSWER MAN IAN PAISLEY ACCUSED OF COVERING UP THE CHILD SEX TRADE Ian Paisley Heckles Pope John…
Sun, 7 March 2010

Psalm 83

In July of 2006, the muslim terrorist group “Hezbollah” conducted a pre-emptive strike against Israel from safe haven in Lebanon. First launching rockets and mortars indiscriminately into Israel’s civilian border enclaves, the Islamists then sent RPG teams into Israel to attack an armored Humm-V patrol,…