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Entertainment Reviews
Thu, 2 April 2015

Jupiter Ascending (2015): DECODED

Well the Wachowskis have done it again.  They’ve made another movie teaming with insider innuendo. Laurence “Larry” Wachowski (b. 1965) and Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski (b. 1967) were raised in the Jesuit Communist community-organizing mecca of Chicago. Chicago was where Jesuit Greg Galluzzo taught Barack…
Entertainment Reviews
Sun, 27 February 2011

The Book of Eli (2010)

In today’s rabidly anti-Christian Hollywood, this apocalyptic action/drama is sacrilege. Is it a rated R version of a Cecil B. DeMille film? No. Ben Hur with blood, it is not. But, taken in its entirety, it could be considered extraordinarily brave for a full-budget film…