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Sun, 7 October 2018

When Laughing Pedophiles Lead You To Corrupt Cops

As the face of the Pedocracy continues to get exposed, more and more disposable distractions are ejected so that those who are awake to the massive, shocking conspiracy are deceived into believing that the criminals are on the run. As I’ve shown you conclusively…
Tue, 7 August 2018

Resistance Rising 181: Lawless Criminals In Plain Sight

* Star Trek / Star Wars: the Jews, Jesuits and sexual deviants behind our “outer-space reality”. * Pope Francis asks his “friends” to adore Saint Junipero Serra in the “Capitol”. * WE GOT ANOTHER ONE: Jeanette Epps—black, female and Jesuit-trained CIA analyst who almost…
Sun, 19 November 2017

Resistance Rising 159: ZOD (44)

  Did Jimmy Savile Model his Image on Myra Hindley? Moors Murders: Jimmy Savile Part of “Paedo Ring with Ian Brady and Myra Hindley” HANK HANEGRAAFF THE PAPAL ANSWER MAN IAN PAISLEY ACCUSED OF COVERING UP THE CHILD SEX TRADE Ian Paisley Heckles Pope John…