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Wed, 11 June 2014

The Flames of Molech

How would you define “evil”? Perhaps one of the best definitions would be to take the most innocent, the most vulnerable form of life then horribly torture, mutilate and kill it after making it suffer tremendously. If you agree that could be a great definition…
Sun, 27 October 2013

Your Government Is Run By Practicing Satanists

Sean Stone interviewed Douglas Dietrich, former Research Librarian for the Department of Defense. I chose a single assertion to look up—Rudy Giuliani’s role as protector of the satanists and the crimes at West Point—and found it… VERIFIED (via the Evening News)
Sun, 4 March 2012

The Death of Whitney Houston

When any high-profile celebrity dies at an early age of unnatural causes rumors abound about the cause and no less so for pop mega-star Whitney Houston. It is natural for us to see sinister forces behind mundane events and then the “adult” in us takes…