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On Friday night in Aurora, Colorado, a man in a mask entered a movie theater during the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and proceeded to kill 12 people and injure 58 more.

A short time later, James Eagen Holmes was arrested as the prime suspect without incident.


Many questions still surround this tragedy.

But before we examine the alleged perpetrator, we need to take a look at his victims.

It is fair, given the venue, to empathize with those who did not realize what was going on at first because they thought it was a promotional stunt. However, it is also a damning statement proclaiming the decadence and despair that is within our culture—one so rife with the escapism of movies, video games, music and television. Long gone are the days where a man would rise before dawn to put in a hard and long day of work to insure that his wife and family could eat and they maintained a roof over their heads.

hard work

Men who lived such lives were naturally predisposed towards the “Right” spectrum of values that required self control, personal discipline and selfless sacrifice to live for and provide for others.

And men were men. They did what they had to do because, if they didn’t, the consequences were life-changing and, sometime, life-threatening.


Today, men are not men. They are either spineless “metrosexual” boys who look to women to wipe their mouths for them or lust-driven animals who idolize a ridiculous Hollywood myth of the female sex goddess who can kick their ass and be their ultimate Venus of desire (and, therefore, see women as nothing more than objects to satisfy their mindless urges).

women ass-kickers

One account spoke of just such a specimen who brought his 4 month old son to the midnight showing of this adult movie and how he wondered to himself, “Will the gunman shoot my child?” as he rolled around on the floor.

Of course in the despicable, loins-driven Generation of Me women who allow their out-of-wedlock “love children” to actually be born (instead of the “convenience” of having them ripped limb from limb inside the sanctity of their mothers’ wombs) give them to their sperm-donors who then bring tiny babies to movie theaters during midnight showings of adult-content movies because the needs of the baby or the others around them is as foreign a concept to them as only having sex within the bounds of marriage.

AFEG Special ForcesSuch mental and emotional invalids were ripe for the slaughter as the apparent perpetrator used three different weapons hitting seventy people while firing “many, many” rounds.

I understand that not everyone has the Alpha Male sheepdog mindset and perhaps that’s why they are such a rare breed.

—And I don’t expect people who’ve never seen a firearm before in their sterile suburban ecosphere to find the courage or the fortitude to stop being a “dear in the headlights” and rush an assailant even when you’re close enough for spent shell casings to “burn [your] forehead”.


Alvin C. YorkThe type of culture that would take a sharp-shooting farm boy like Alvin York and use his courage and skills to save countless lives and earn him the Congressional Medal of Honor is long dead. Was York a tough-as-nails “redneck” who spent all of his time roping and slaughtering cows? No. He was a Born-Again Christian who petitioned to stay away from combat as a conscientious objector and just felt compelled to do what he had to do. His name should be common to every school child and, instead, they can’t even name the sitting vice president or what state borders their own. At least by 6th grade they can show you where a condom goes (not to use them, just where they go).

But even if one of the victims did have Alvin York’s shooting prowess they sure weren’t going to be using it in a movie theater owned by “Cinemark Holdings, Inc.” where the 2nd Amendment simply does not apply. One would think that the legal basis for depriving someone of their Constitutional Right to self defense simply because the premises is a private business would be tasty fodder for any proficient legal pleader but, to my knowledge, it hasn’t even been contested.

To the contrary, for a “Wild West” nation like the United States “gun-free” kill-zones are everywhere from federal buildings to public schoolsand 1,000 feet beyond.


And with Tea Party phonies like Arizona Governor Jan “Brew Me Out” Brewer on our side, it’s not going to get any better soon. In April of this year, Brewer vetoed a bill that would’ve allowed the carrying of firearms on public property like state-operated schools. If you’ve ever worked in a legislature or governor’s mansion, you know just how infuriating it is to get a difficult or controversial bill drafted, through several committees through both houses (most states have a bicameral legislature similar to the House and Senate in the District of Corruption) and to finally sit before the chief executive only to get killed there.

Brewer also single-handedly destroyed a bill that would’ve done what Federal “authorities” refuse to do in requiring that anyone running for the office of president prove they are Constitutionally eligible to do so. The governor-ette claimed the legislation was attacking Mr. Obama personally and we couldn’t have that (which is a mind-blowing justification for applying a veto against a law intended to shore up the authority of the United States Constitution).

Another Arizona bill would’ve given local sheriffs authority to slow the onslaught of Federal SWAT attacks (so prominent they’ve been christened with the verb to be “SWATed”) on their citizens, again, Brewer was the Agent of Destruction.

At least Brewer has a top-notch PR department behind her.

the REAL Jan Brewer

Given the unprecedented nature of the powerful, Patriotic bills coming from the legislature, you’d almost think she was planted in Phoenix.


kerry's huntin licenseSo why is the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution? Was it enough for blue-blood Senator John Kerry to promise us that, as president, he would never take anyone’s “hun’in gun”?

Allow me to go where no high school has gone before.

A group amongst the Founding Fathers of extreme personal liberty-seekers known as the “Anti-Federalists” were threatening to block ratification of the newly-drafted Constitution unless a more concrete guarantee of protection was set against the fledgling central government following in the footsteps of the Crown; becoming all-powerful, taking life, liberty and property at the whim of the ruling class.

With the encouragement of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison constructed the first 10 Amendments to do just that: clearly define the limits of the central government and give the people powerful and clear acknowledgment of their rights before God to combat tyranny of any kind.


In that light, the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment is to arm the citizens with the same firepower would be used against them in unlawful coercion. Not only does that make “assault rifles” permissible but throw in armored cars and attack helicopters while you’re at it.

Modern technology may have made the intent of the 2nd Amendment a little impractical today but there are enough “man-portable” weapons a “militia” can wield to make a tyranny think twice before becoming the 4th Reich.

You see, up until recent times, only nobility and their praetorian guardian class were allowed access to implements of force or coercion. In feudal Japan a samurai (military protectors of the Elites) could pick a peasant at random and hack at him simply to test the sharpness of his blade.


The legendary “Japanese loyalty” was a cultural manifestation required by the Ruling lords as a safety measure to insure that the martial prowess of their protectors would not be used against them, much in the way that ancient kings forcibly removed the private parts of male slaves who served within their courts and had access to the royal harem sex-stables. Elites have always been rather ruthless about keeping what they have stolen.


It was civil war in England that began to turn the tide and usher in an “Age of Reason” where the likes of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Charles Montesquieu began to defend the right of self determination, standing up to the traditions of having a Ruling Caste of Elites dictate to the masses what was best for them—best for the Elites, that is.

These were the treatises read by our Founding Generation, the timeless philosophies of freedom that encouraged them to pledge their lives and their sacred fortunes towards that end. The opening battles of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord were efforts by the British to confiscate colonial arms.

''Freeze, Police!''But thanks to the incessant undermining of the Bill of Rights, what the average American can muster today would barely make them a speed bump on the road to Waco.

Is it any wonder that the draconian 1968 Gun Control Act which restricted and minimized the use of weapons by categorizing them according to a government-dictated purpose, which curtailed the transportation of weapons and several other then-unheard-of restrictions, was based upon a Nazi document written 40 years earlier?

An organization called “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership“ (whose philosophy is basically an assault weapon in every home would’ve stopped the Holocaust) has found proof that the Nazi Law on Weapons was in the hands of the author of the ’68 GCA at least 4 months prior to its publication. The ’68 GCA was drafted by Thomas Dodd (D, CT) father of Christopher Dodd (D, CT)—don’t you just love generations of Ruling Elites sucking off the public’s lifeblood like ticks while they work year after year to destroy the greatness of America?



And now they’re at it again.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg crawled out from underneath his multi-million-dollar mansion and away from his personal body guards and wasted no time jumping onto the lifeless bloody bodies in Aurora as a podium for his continued agenda to destroy the Bill of Rights. The fact that you are statistically more likely to die by the jaws of a great white shark while flying in a plane hijacked by African pygmy cannibals who were stopped from cooking you because the plane was struck by lightning before flying into a building made no difference to His Majesty Lord of Bloomterd.

Worse than simply grand-standing for normally-passed legislation, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are attempting an end-run. After years of new gun control measures getting shot down in Congress, they are looking to ram through the “United Nations Arms Trade Treaty” which is so vague many are saying that the purpose isn’t to reduce the flow of military arms in and out of poor 3rd world countries but to disarm the good citizens of this country.

Article VI, paragraph 2 of the Constitution states that treaties made by the Authority of the United States become the Law of the Land: essentially circumventing the House and perhaps even judicial scrutiny. Although paragraph 2 ends with stating any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding, I would shudder to think of our legal recourse available to us after the recent events concerning “Obamacare”.

U.N. ''Gun Control'' StatueCertainly, the fact that the “art” that decorates 760 United Nations Plaza leaves little to the imagination. The “gun” that is tied and knotted is a revolver—a weapon found usually in the hands of civilians, not guerillas or tyrants.


In fact, the tragedy in Colorado was so fortuitous many are asking some very serious questions about just how it could’ve happened when and where it did to provide so much help towards pushing the UNATT through the Senate.

The “Health Ranger” Mike Adams of Natural has put together one of the most comprehensive articles going where no corporate kept corrupt media empty suit will go. I will take some of his points and add a few of my own.

NOTE: Look for a future column or IPB from Johnny regarding the HUNDREDS of examples of citizens lawfully defending themselves with a firearm that go purposefully unreported by the mainstream corporate national media. The degree of propaganda via exclusion is treasonous when considering that it is an aggressive attack upon the validity of the Constitution in the minds of American citizens.

  • “He’s no brain surgeon!”

Before the shooting, James Holmes was pursuing a Doctorate in “neuroscience”—the detailed study of the human nervous system. As pointed out by InfoWars’ Alex Jones, this field of study is heavily subsidized by the Defense Department. Educator, researcher, author and activist Dr. Nick Begich warns us in his paper Angels Don’t Play This HAARP that the massive, 35-acre Alaska-based antenna array known as the “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” has the ability to manipulate the environment in a way which can…Disrupt human mental processes. This is just one of many such weapons that utilizes neurological expertise to be effective. Did some high official in this seedy system pick Holmes as a good “patsy” as some now say was the case with Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh?

The supervisor of Holmes’ neurobiology lab, John Jacobson, said of him, “He was extremely shy…It was really hard for him to say anything. You had to ask yes or no questions.” This is not the profile of a cold professional killer who wields multiple weapons clad in body armor while calmly killing a 6 year old girl.

Nor would you expect a poor grad student to have the means to purchase four guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in the two short months before the event. It may not seem intuitively possible but it’s great material for someone looking to exploit the event to bring about more “gun control”. His apartment was booby trapped with “mysterious liquids and mortar shells”. All legally purchased, I’m sure.

  • Occupy THIS

Perhaps one of the indicators to that hypothetical high official was Holmes’ participation in the “Occupy” movement. As a grass-roots organization, “Occupy Wall Street” has proven to be even more dangerous than the Tea Party because it’s original impetus was a backlash against the corporate/government corruption: a threat to the system that uses the taxpayer as a never-ending stream of wealth even when the checks are bouncing and the poor schmuck writing the checks is about to be cast into chaos. Turning Occupy into a movement dominated by radical Marxists, Collectivists and hedonistic anarchists was as easy as it was brilliantly effective and now the two movements blindly hate each other when they actually have more in common than any other activist groups fighting the Machine.


How do we know that the perpetrator in this tragedy is James Eagen Holmes? —Because the media told us so! Because he was arrested for the crime (albeit, calmly surrendering to police is not what mass-murderers do but don’t worry about that). Except that at least one local news outlet has been scandalized over the possibility that they reported the police arresting “Iranian immigrant” “Mohammad Alam”.

But what are the witnesses saying? They are saying that the perpetrator was covered from head to toe in black to include body armor and a gas mask, and that some form of pyrotechnic device was thrown prior to the attack…from two different places.

This witness stated that someone sitting in the front row received a cell phone call then went out of the emergency exit to “take the call” almost certainly keeping the exit ajar because it is the same one the killer came in through a short time later.


The amount of information that exists on governmental authorities murdering their own people for political gain abounds; with some events being clearly staged and some less obviously so.

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
David Ruppe, ABC News
NEW YORK, May 1, 2001

In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

In May, the Department of Homeland INSecurity posted this alert regarding terrorist attacks on movie theaters.

Once you understand that this is what your government is capable of, you begin to realize that shooting a 6 year old girl to usher in the “New World Order” isn’t quite as “conspiratorial” as you once laughed it was.

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