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The premise of my book, Illuminati Unmasked, is not an easy one to swallow.

America has been infiltrated by emissaries of the anti-Christ, the Whore who wields the power of Mystery Babylon, since her inception.

They have repeatedly weakend, attacked and subverted what made America great—the brilliance of her Constitution and the moral, disciplined Protestant Work Ethic of her stout Middle Class—at every turn.

She has used assassination, psychological operations, murder, mayhem and disinformation.

She has co-opted every single foundation of power in America: every critical political position, the judiciary, the media, entertainment, the military, banking and (worst of all) America’s treasonous, out-of-control Intelligence apparatus.

As my book explains via 2,000 citations: the Carroll family gave America the lie of “religious tolerance” that has killed our culture and they instituted the epicenter of Papal control over Washington DC—Jesuit Georgetown University; the Surratt family were the Catholic assassins behind the Lincoln assassination, the Dulles family were behind the importation of Nazism to the U.S., the quagmires of Cuba and Vietnam and the vicious slaughter and broad-daylight coup of the Kennedy assassination.

Communism was a curse invented by the Jesuits via their “Reduction” settlements in South America. They chose as their puppet German Jew Karl Marx while under their care in Trier. They used it to wage war against their hated enemies, the Romanovs, who had evicted the Jesuits in 1820. A Jesuit priest by the name of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was chosen from Georgia to turn Russia into a totalitarian nightmare. He would later change his name to Joseph Stalin.

They have carefully played both Russians and Americans against each other ever since, cashing in (literally) on the resulting bloodshed. They used their infiltrators and subversives in America to counter the Nazi-given technological advances with self-destructive leadership and policy decisions (e.g. Kennedy threatened resolution to Vietnam and was eliminated).

The Soviet Union collapsed, but rather than allow a new climate of peace and co-operation to ensue, tremendous discord has been instilled. Organs like the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have been used to increase the “Strategy of Containment” dreamed up by Papal agents like Zbigniew Brzezinski—thought by Russian Intelligence to have been behind the election of Polish Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła to the Papacy to become “Pope John Paul II”.

A literal Crusade continues to target Orthodox Russia on her very doorstep utilizing a CIA/Nazi/Catholic influence in Slavic Ukraine, the birthplace of both nations.

The Orthodox Church is heavily infiltrated with Jesuits and Jesuit agents like “Brother Nathanael”. It is the Left Leg of the terrible statue the Prophet Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with Rome being the Right Leg. It is almost as hampered by humanistic and pagan religious traditions as Rome is. But through it, a mighty thing has happened; the good Russian people are living their Christian values and this does not sit well with the Luciferian Elite that runs and rules the West (through the Vatican).

If you haven’t read my book, let me give you a reason to: his name is Colonel Ihor Hordiychuk.

Hordiychuk is an “officer of the Main Command Center of the General Staff of Ukraine”, prepared for that position at the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

As the media pretends to inform you of the “debate” whether or not the traitors in the United States government should fuel the conflagration in Ukraine by supplying weapons, uniformed American soldiers are already there in Ukraine. They are slyly labeled as “advisors” lest any American citizen become outraged over their military becoming needlessly involved in a conflict that will only harm them.

As they poured in, Colonel Hordiychuk was there to greet them as the “Head of the Ukrainian International Military Cooperation Department”.

At the Battle of Savur-Mohyla, Hordiychuk received a grievous wound to the back of his head during a mortar attack. According to a web site promoting Hordiychuk as a great hero of the Crusade against Russia in Ukraine, regular Russian paratroopers followed the indirect fire. Somehow, they failed to live up to their reputation for eating babies and raping the livestock, and humanely handed this extremely valuable prisoner back over to the Ukrainian military (but only because they believed he wasn’t going to make it).

Colonel Hordiychuk was immediately taken to a Ukrainian hospital where he was personally decorated by Chocolate mogul and billionaire oligarch, President Petro Poroshenko who, according to an official U.S. cable released by Wikileaks, was a Washington “inside man” at least since 2006.

Apparently, Colonel Hordiychuk needed more extensive care and no expense was spared by the new Jesuit Pope’s puppet government in America. Hordiychuk was taken directly to Walter Reed, in Mary-land (the Catholic colony insinuated through George Calvert, Lord Baltimore).

There he was met by the Pope’s new, Republican-approved Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter.

Carter visits Hordiychuk at Walter Reed

How did he rate this kind of care? —He’s a dedicated Polish-speaking Catholic!

In fact, during his convalescence in Mary-land, he was taken all the way to Ohio for mass at St. Andrew Ukrainian Catholic Church.

mass at st andrews

Have you met Ashton Carter?

He’s the man “Communist muslim” Barack Obama chose to replace Chuck Hagel as the United States Secretary of Defense. He was educated at St. John’s, Oxford, the Counter-Reformation College.

Chuck Hagel is “Episcopalian” (Catholic Lite). But, apparently, Hagel was Catholic enough to teach at Jesuit Georgetown.

Hagel took over for Leon Panetta. Panetta shocked everyone when “Communist muslim” Barack Obama resurrected him from the Clinton graveyard to be both Director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense.

Panetta was educated at Santa Clara, the “Jesuit College of the Silicon Valley”.

For a Communist muslim Barack sure does like Jesuit-trained Catholics all around him. Why, even his Vice President is a Catholic who runs to defend Jesuit Pope Francis when he shocks people with radical Leftist sentiments.

I’m starting to get very unpopular amongst people I thought were on my side.


  • Dan Foresman says:

    Mostly my web policy is KYMS its keepn your mouth shut. I dont have much to say about this immediately, that’s not meant to be critical although the Marx angle seems weak, if you’re in the room when jesuits fart do you lose your mind? Ive been keeping my mouth shut because it seems like certain elements of the story are still in the shadows, almost like watching a concert of puppets, and disssecting it will only lead to the glimmer of strings, the terrible storyline, but not the hidden hands…
    which would explain the confidence… What happened to these masters of butchery in Russia? Where did they go? Are they lounging in Tel Aviv and Rio de Janeiro, snatching people to feed their tastes? How many people really go missing every year, do you have a source for that information?
    I will definitely look for your book. There is a lot to ponder.

  • Dan, there’s only so much room in a column.

    To be honest, I simply wanted to lay a foundation of Jesuit intrigue before getting into my story. I had not intended to be exhaustive in any sense.

    MY policy is to take information important to my brothers and sisters amongst the common citizenry and shout it from the rooftops because nearly EVERYONE else in ANY media—even “alternative” media—seems cowardly, corrupted or co-opted.

    If you uncover a rock of malignancy to mankind and there’s the stink of a farting Jesuit EVERY time, then I’d put two and two together.

    From Aquinas to the Reducciónes to Taparelli to Marx is a CLEAR line of Jesuit influence to birth the satanic squirming spawn of Communism.

    Let me tease you with my book:

    The phrase “social justice” was coined by the Jesuit theologian and mentor to Pope Leo XIII, Father Luigi Taparelli D’Azeglio. …

    The utility of Communism was immediately seized upon by the Vatican. …

    In the interests of full disclosure, Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci (Pope Leo XIII) published Rerum Novarum on May 15th, 1891 when the industrialist Robber Barons were strip-mining humanity in their unbridled lust. Nor did Leo XIII endorse the full confiscation of property nor the complete redistribution of wealth and goods.

    However, he most certainly did channel his Communist Jesuit mentor, Taparelli with terms like “proletarian” and phrases like “…the spirit of revolutionary change…”.

    These doctrines would metastasize into a literal “weapon of mass destruction” when further refined by Jesuit students like Karl Marx. The Czars had curtailed the actions of the Company further and further in Russia until they were expelled completely. There was much to be atoned for and the Society of Jesus is long on memory and short on mercy.
    But I do thank you for stopping by.

    • Hi Johnny, I’ve listened now to both of your interviews with Derek Gilbert and Canary Cry Radio, and I very much liked hearing about the very comprehensive research you’ve done into the Illuminati connections with the Jesuit Order.

      However, I find myself just having to ask, (to get it out of the way I guess), are you by chance affiliated at all with the Seventh Day Adventist church, or at least highly influenced by SDA eschatological sources/figures?

      I only ask because in my own experience, I have known many individuals coming from SDAism who shared this similar perspective of the Vatican/Papacy essentially being the “end all be all” of the anti-Christ system. It’s not to say that I don’t very much agree that guys like Ignatius Loyola, and the Jesuit Order he founded, aren’t completely occultic at their core, but after listening to your interviews, it almost feels like for whatever reason you are very much wedded to this notion that somehow the Jesuit “brand” of occultism is somehow the “top” one, whereby all other Luciferian “branches” of the NWO are subservient to them. I simply don’t understand the basis, nor the need, to have to try and underscore this type of hierarchical stature within the Enemy’s ranks. Is it REALLY that vital to maintain that Rome is the most “central” place in the anti-Christ system? I honestly feel like once we start getting so attached to specific interpretations of how/where/when etc. the Beast or false prophet might ultimately manifest, then I think we inadvertently set ourselves up to being blind to other possibilities.

      I really don’t understand, for instance, why in your Canary Cry interview you came right out of the gate feeling the need to cushion Rebekah Roth’s information, as if she was really in fact saying that Israel/Mossad had somehow totally ‘pulled one over’ on the United States government without any internal cooperation. I am very much familiar with the type of “Veteran’s today” perspective that you mentioned, where they are constantly blaming everything on “the Jews” in a very misguided and overly simplistic way. Yet, I have to say that when listening to a lot of your own “dot-connecting”, it would seem that some people might actually find you to be doing an almost similar sort of thing, whereby anyone even remotely connected to a Jesuit, or teaching at a Jesuit university, or even anything remotely associated with Catholicism, is then basically labeled as “aha, another member of the Illuminati!”

      Obviously, the Vatican is clearly a very central piece of the Satanic system, and I very much believe the testimony of guys like Malachi Martin, and am very much inclined to believe the many testimonies I have heard from people involving things like being taken to a crypt under the Vatican where there was child sacrifice etc. I believe all that stuff is not only true, but most likely far worse than we’d even want to imagine.

      But in the end, I see Catholicism, the Jesuits, the Papacy, etc., as all being just more of a “means to an end”. Another vein of witchcraft and Satanism that was embedded throughout the world and used to exert influence, absolutely. But when it all “goes down”, and we are looking at the final One World Religion being put into place, should we really assume that at that point Satan is going to necessarily insist that it maintains some kind of “Catholic identity”? I really don’t think so. I believe it will be “absorbed” just like everything else, along with all the strains of Buddhism, Islam, the New Agers, Wiccans, pseudo-Christian cults, and every other false religion. At that point, when the core belief system of Luciferianism is no longer the “secret” one eventually learns after going through countless initiations and gradual esoteric revealings, but instead completely out in the OPEN, is it really going to matter which “branch” of the secret societies played the biggest role in getting to that point…..?

      I guess I’m writing such a long comment here, because I really do appreciate your work and the vast majority of the points you made, (particularly about the false teachings of things like Dispensationalsim, pre-Trib rapture, etc.) but I was just kind of confused as to why on the one hand, I was hearing you say “Well, yes, Israel is totally controlled by Luciferians just like every other government”, but then for some reason almost seemed like you thought that was something that needed to be downplayed (as if in reaction to the extreme VT type of thinking?), yet honestly, I’d have to say that compared to the idea that the Papacy or Jesuit Order is satanic, the idea that the state of Israel could be run by the same fallen powers is one that I’d say is FAR more difficult for most evangelical Christians to accept! (and as such, probably requires some very brave folks who are willing to come out and say it!) After all, the concept that Rome is the seat of anti-Christ is hardly a new one. I mean, didn’t all the Reformers themselves essentially believe that the Pope was the anti-Christ? And again, I’m not saying he ISN’T an anti-Christ, because he clearly is. But “THE” anti-Christ?

      Anyhow, sorry for the super long comment. Probably should have just emailed it to you or something. (In fact, I might try and do that as well, who knows…)

      • TTISTF:

        Good grief, your comment is as long as your e-mail address! :)

        It’s all appreciated, though.

        I am not Seventh Day Adventist but I have relied on 3 powerful SDA teachers on the Jesuits; Walter Veith, Bill Hughes and Doug Batchelor. All three are outstanding, especially Professor Veith. I don’t agree with SDA legalism nor their messianic fixation on William Miller and/or Ellen G. White (as well as David Koresh and others in splinter groups) but neither would I consider SDA’s a cult.

        I’m afraid the Luciferian hierarchy is a critical point to get straight if, for no other reason, than to fully understand who the real enemy is.

        If you strike the wrong head of the hydra, it will only grow back.

        A great many sources from Helena Blavatsky to Albert Mackey have shown that the Jesuits have taken over Freemasonry.

        Am I doing the same thing that Rebekah Roth and Gordon Duff do? YOU BET.

        Except when they are screaming “IT’S THE JEWS” I am yelling, “IT’S THE JESUITS.”

        The difference is, I’ve got the goods and they don’t.

        Behind every Jew in the Luciferian Elite is a JESUIT, from Adam Weishaupt to Karl Marx, from Sam Walton to Michael Chertoff (whose wife teaches at Georgetown, by the way).

        I use REASON and CITATION while they use ugly racial hatred and emotion.

        As Blavatsky noted, particularly in Isis Unveiled, the Jesuits have taken over witchcraft and satanism; the “black arts”. They are true Luciferians.

        You said: I was just kind of confused as to why on the one hand, I was hearing you say “Well, yes, Israel is totally controlled by Luciferians just like every other government”, but then for some reason almost seemed like you thought that was something that needed to be downplayed…

        Bingo! That’s exactly right. Israel is controlled by Freemasonic Luciferians just like all other Western nations, particularly through her Intelligence Agencies and banks.

        I “downplay” this only in as much as my beliefs as a Christian tell me that my Jewish Messiah will return some day to rule the world from Jerusalem, and that my Jewish brethren are responsible for giving me a chance to be saved by Yeshua ha Nazareth. So, for that, I am grateful to the Jews even if I believe that many Jews are doing evil things.

        There will be no peace in the Middle East until the return of the Prince of Peace but He was and still is Jewish. I am very careful not to fall into the Luciferian trap of vicious anti-Semitism.

        *whew* Thanks for caring and please feel free to write again but take your time! ;)

        • Thank you for that prompt and lengthy response! (once again I apologize for rambling on…)

          I have found Walter Veith to be pretty solid with his teaching on the NWO as well.

          Ok, you said, “I’m afraid the Luciferian hierarchy is a critical point to get straight if, for no other reason, than to fully understand who the real enemy is.

          If you strike the wrong head of the hydra, it will only grow back.”

          I totally agree, and I think this gets to the real crux of what I was trying to get at here. The real “head of the hydra” is not even human, so ultimately I still don’t really see the point in trying to argue over if the Rothchilds are really taking orders from the Vatican, or if the Freemasons are ruled by the Jesuits, etc…. All that is in the end is arguing over who is temporarily over who inside the “illuminati pyramid”. The “EYE” (Lucifer) remains the same, and to me, that’s a much bigger point than even understanding things like, say, all the crazy occult symbolism in St. Peter’s Square for instance (which again, I totally agree is there!)

          When you talking about “cutting off the head of the hydra”, are you seriously suggesting that we should attempt to bring down the entire global Satanic/Illuminati power structure, by simply exposing and deposing every person in the Jesuit Order…?

          I guess what I’m saying is, I think you could put every Jesuit on the planet behind bars tomorrow, and it really wouldn’t hardly slow the train down…

          Also, your comments here: “I “downplay” this only in as much as my beliefs as a Christian tell me that my Jewish Messiah will return some day to rule the world from Jerusalem, and that my Jewish brethren are responsible for giving me a chance to be saved by Yeshua ha Nazareth. So, for that, I am grateful to the Jews even if I believe that many Jews are doing evil things”, still don’t seem to quite be going all the way in really acknowledging the potential eschatological blindspot which many “Watchmen” are trying to describe when pointing to Israel as another major piece on the Illuminati “chessboard” as it were. Like Gonz mentioned in the interview in regards to the work of Chris White (which I highly recommend as well), if millions of Evangelicals are expecting the Messiah to reign from Jerusalem, and millions of Jews are expecting THEIR yet-to-come messiah to militarily destroy their enemies, then hmmmm, do you not at all see the tiniest possibility that this could be exploited by Satan? Doesn’t Matthew 24 focus on Christians not being deceived…? If so, then “downplaying” the Luciferian control over the nation of Israel is a very dangerous move indeed. If we simply make up our minds ahead of time that the anti-Christ is gonna rule from Rome and that’s that, ignoring any other possibilities, then in my opinion that’s just not being all that alert or “watchful”…

          Like Rebekah Roth said herself in that interview, the Luciferians controlling a particular government through intelligence agencies and banks etc., isn’t a reflection upon the entire populace. Just because some yahoos out there engage in outright racism, doesn’t mean that identifying modern-day Israel as a key piece of the Luciferian “machine” is tantamount to anti-Semitism, anymore than calling out the Luciferian traitors within CIA or FBI is some kind of castigation of all Americans…

          In the end… What is it about the “Jesuit brand of Luciferianism” which ultimately sets it apart and above any other form of Satanism. Communing with demons is communing with demons. They all do the same sick stuff at the “top”. They all serve the same false gods, believe the same lies, and engage in the same depraved practices in order to chase after the same empty, earthly promises made by Lucifer. And in the end, they will all share the same fate…

          Kabbalists are Jews practicing witchcraft, who need Jesus as their savior. Jesuits are posing as Christians yet practicing witchcraft, and need Jesus as their savior. Am I missing something….? ;-)

          • This one’s gonna be short, brother, ’cause there’s an adult beverage with my name on it.

            It IS important to cut off the EARTHLY head of the hydra because that puts the devil in a bind and I’m good with that. His ultimate judgment isn’t coming from you or I.

            If I had an army I’d park it in front of the Vatican and take them ALL in and it WOULD slow down the Adversary. Then I’d prune the branches one by one and not stop until he had NOTHING here.

            What sets the Jesuits apart is…THEY RUN EVERYTHING!!!

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