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Robert Hase and Johnny Cirucci

terry-yeakey-rescue-mediaOn April 19, 1995 at 9:02 a.m. the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was rocked off of its foundation by a blast that could be felt for miles away.  The psyche of Oklahoma City was forever scarred.

Many first-responders stood out as heroes that morning.  Among them was Oklahoma City Police Sergeant Terrance Yeakey.  Yeakey was the first to arrive on the scene that terrible day.  He saved the lives of several people from the rubble of the building and the horrific effects of the explosion(s).

Living through such an experience was a terrible burden.  It was even more so because Terry couldn’t wrap his head around the evil necessary to carefully plan such an act.  But what sent Terry reeling was evidence that the bombing was conducted by players with deep pockets and tremendous resources; either as an act of war from another nation or unbelievable treason from his own.

No one is quite sure what Yeakey actually observed at the Murrah building that April morning, but whatever it was he witnessed did not sync up with the “official” narrative released by the United States government.  It was likely proof that a truck filled with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil was not what took down the Murrah Building; such as evidence of multiple, pre-wired explosives.

Sergeant Yeakey started compiling evidence against the tale put out by federal officials and kept his findings in a storage facility outside of El Reno, Oklahoma.  The evidence he was accumulating was also in direct contradiction to “the facts” being reported by main stream media outlets worldwide.  According to his friends and family, Yeakey began being intimidated by federal authorities because of his personal pursuit for truth and the information which he possessed.  He was being pressured to put an end to his independent investigation.

On the evening of May 8, 1996, Terry’s body was found in a ditch two and a half miles west of the El Reno Penitentiary.  He had been bound, repeatedly slashed, strangulated, brutally tortured and killed execution-style with a single bullet that entered his right temple at a 45 degree angle.  No firearm was found at the scene.

His death was ruled a “suicide”.

Just before Terry “committed suicide”, he had confided in Oklahoma City Police Department Chaplain Jack Poe—probably seeking spiritual comfort from a trusted Christian shepherd.  Little did Sergeant Yeakey know that Poe had connections with the FBI.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation was founded by devout Roman Catholic Charles Joseph Bonaparte, great grand-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Today it is run by devout Roman Catholic James Comey.

Comey shocked Americans when he dismissed calls for prosecution against former United States Senator from NY (a state she’s never lived in) and candidate for President, Hillary Clinton.  Clinton had been caught using private e-mail servers for official correspondence which kept such correspondence from scrutiny or oversight.  Even if Clinton hadn’t intended to cover up criminal or treasonous dealings, her actions put America at risk to those who wished to.

From then until now, the FBI has been an agency whose primary function is the exact opposite of its stated mission; to enable high crimes and treasons against the United States of America.  It is staffed with murderers and assassins who torture and kill American Patriots or innocent witnesses that get in their way; from Kenny Trentadue—brutally tortured and murdered while in Federal custody to help cover up the Oklahoma City bombing—to Ibragim Todashev, the friend of Boston Marathon bombing patsy Tamerlane Tsarnaev.

What did Sergeant Yeakey tell Chaplain Poe?  Probably something similar to what he told bombing survivor and activist Ramona McDonald.  Below is an interview of Yeakey’s mother Loudella reading the letter which also recounts Terry’s confiding in Poe (1 minute, 34 seconds).

A “false flag” is a staged event in which an organization in power (usually a government) attacks its own citizens and then blames an enemy of political convenience.  One of the most documented examples is Operation Northwoods in which the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (founded by a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta named William Donovan and currently run by a Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic; John Brennan) planned to murder U.S. Navy sailors in an “attack” that blamed Cuba.

In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, the “enemy of convenience” was American Christians and Constitutional Patriots who were angry over the tyranny of a government out of control.

Chaplain Jack Poe’s connection to the FBI was Baptist Chaplain Joe B. Williams.

Jack knew chaplains were going to be needed—and in huge supply—so he called Joe Williams, chaplaincy specialist with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and an FBI chaplain. ~ The Baptist Messenger

Williams had led the volunteer FBI chaplaincy program since 1991 when he was the only Oklahoman in the charter group of law enforcement chaplains.  Williams was selected to go through an orientation program at the FBI academy in Quantico, Va.  He was also chosen to be a member of the FBI chaplaincy advisory committee to develop policies and procedures for the FBI chaplaincy program.  As an FBI chaplain, he attended the academy once a year for in-service training, which included training in critical incident response.

Williams was there in Oklahoma City after the bombing and the Baptist Press admitted that after a “debrief” in Washington DC, he was cleared to work with the families of bombing victims.  He was also intimately involved in the Timothy McVeigh trial proceedings.  He is a man highly-prized by the organization that murders witnesses and Patriots—

In the summer of 1998, Williams received two prestigious awards.  The first was the FBI Director’s award for Exceptional Public Service, which is the highest civilian award given.  Williams is the only chaplain ever to be presented the award. ~ Baptist Press

Williams has done such an excellent job as the “Christian” face of government tyranny he left his chaplaincy to work full time at the effort.

Jack Poe has also been awarded for serving the government well.  In 2005, the Oklahoma State Senate recognized Poe for his actions as “clergy response”.

This could be a veiled reference to Federal “Clergy Response Teams”—supposed Christian pastors whose job it is to calm and direct citizenry during an emergency.

Jesus was betrayed by a kiss from a man who claimed he was a loyal disciple, who had lived, slept, eaten and celebrated with Him.

In similar fashion, Oklahoma City Police Sergeant Terry Yeakey, a hero to victims of the terrible and treasonous events of the Oklahoma City bombing, was betrayed by a man claiming to be a shepherd of the sheep who turned out to be a weasel in sheep’s clothing.

In 2015, Jack Poe had his badge stolen out of his car.  Although finger prints were taken from the scene, the crime remains “unsolved”.  Perhaps not everyone at OKCPD is a team player.

For the irrefutable details of how the Oklahoma City bombing was “an inside job” conducted by traitors in the United States government, see the excellent documentary A Nobel Lie.


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  • FM Sgt graham says:

    Articles like this are a service to true patriots. It is important to remember brave men like SGT Terrance Yeakey. Tell your neighbors, tell your kids, what that man did. We need more men like Terrance, now more than ever.

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