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Allie Ross remarked to me; the guy’s suffering from PTSD and your idea to help him is take him to a ___ing SHOOTING RANGE?! I wonder just whose idea this was originally.

Kyle’s assassin said to have had “advanced military training”…

Kyle was embroiled in a controversy he started on a local radio talkshow (where the host was TOLD to prompt Kyle to tell the story), claiming that he was at a SEAL wake where former MN governor Jesse Ventura (also a former Navy frogman) had badmouthed the fallen comrade over the war effort. Kyle then said he “decked” Ventura and ran. He made this statement while Ventura was in Mexico and unable to respond. It has all the markings of a DIRECTED PSYOP.

Personally, as a veteran of both the Army and Marine Corps with 17 years of service (including the Iraq war) I am put off that such a “highly decorated sniper” would repeatedly show up in public wearing a baseball cap embroidered with the skull of a Marvel comics character “the Punisher”. I know of NO ONE in my community who approaches taking human life (especially on such a supposed large scale) in a cavalier fashion. Perhaps he, himself was mentally unstable (and a greater risk?).

Kyle wrote in American Sniper that he had zero remorse for his combat kills. Every person he shot, he said, was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government. ~ Chris Kyle, Military’s Deadliest Sniper, is Killed on Texas Gun Range

Kyle had asked a judge to dismiss the case with Ventura but the judge pressed ahead and opening statements were to be held on 01 August. The case became more damming as Ventura picked up support from witnesses.

chris ''the punisher'' kyle with fan at book signingThe supposed event is recorded in Kyle’s book and the fact that such a high-profile war hero would unnecessarily add to his prestige with such a blatant fabrication again bespeaks of outside influence.

Kyle remained plugged in to the military/industrial complex after retiring in 2009 by becoming a Defense contractor. His corporate website has the Punisher icon in the address which is “”. Perhaps a reference to the “art” of killing or maybe just a coincidence but “the Craft” is a well-known term for Free Masonry. A quick internet search revealed no further links but something to keep in the back of my mind…

Another SEAL-turned-author hit the spotlight by penning his account of the raid that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden. The “death” of bin Laden has been a propaganda coup for Barack Obama and his statist machine but has been under serious scrutiny for the many inconsistencies. The idea that a SEAL insider could publish a book unbeknownst to the Department of Defense (whose only supposed “Operational Security” recourse is to tell military personnel not to talk about it) is patently absurd…especially in light of the deaths of an entire National Guard helicopter full of bin Laden raid SEALs. And it’s just as absurd as the idea that the greatest intelligence asset of the entire “War on Terror” should be shot on sight and then summarily dumped into the ocean. An event which has no witnesses from an aircraft carrier staffed by some 5,000 sailors. Clearly, not only are these “SEAL books” sanctioned, they may even be DIRECTED and/or ghost-written.

Is this an assassination that was appealing for its many uses? In a climate where Barack Obama and his machine are pushing hard to destroy the 2nd Amendment, a war hero is murdered by a veteran with PTSD at a gun range! The chances of a murder taking place in this fashion are beyond statistical verification yet it is already being exploited.

This calls to mind how the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald served multiple purposes for the CIA: cover-up for the treasonous assassination of a sitting president while simultaneously closing a loose end on the CIA’s research into using viruses to spread cancer as an untraceable form of killing high-profile figures.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of these questions to be asked by a mainstream media controlled by the same people who may just have murdered Chris Kyle.


UPDATE 03 February, 2013, 1322 hrs:

Another thought…do NOT underestimate the tactic of mitigating a high-profile risk whose notoriety makes their death a liability by instead destroying their character.


UPDATE 06 February, 2013, 1955 hrs:

I have been corrected by the Sergeant Major regarding Chris Kyle’s propensity for wearing “Punisher” paraphernalia, apparently it was the logo Kyle had selected for his military contracting firm.

I still find this decision questionable but somewhat more understandable. ~JC


UPDATE 08 February 2013, 1253 hrs:

KYLE WAS BECOMING OUTSPOKEN CRITIC OF MESSIAH “GUN CONTROL” PUSH Did this make Kyle a liability of a different kind…?

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