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The Disciples of Ra!

The shocking truth about “medicine”, viruses and vaccines.

By: Giovanni ‘Johnny’ Cirucci

  • Where does sickness come from? The idea that what makes us sick is something we can not perceive, ourselves, is tailor-made for a system of control over the masses by a malignant Elite.
  • How is it that America’s institutions are committing crimes against Americans only dreamed about by her worst enemies?
  • “Doctors” kill, healers heal. The job of a “Doctor” is to address your symptoms of illness, usually with a drug, and send you on your way (having taken a sizable chunk out of your wallet), anesthetized until the illness runs its course and takes your life.
  • Louis Pasteur was a medical quack, a scientific fraud and a self-obsessed sociopath: the perfect icon for “medicine” and “germ theory” though he’s only the patsy and front-man.
  • There is no more condemning fact than the recovery rate from cancer once a victim puts themselves in the hands of a traditionally indoctrinated “Doctor” (especially under the “specialty” of “oncology”). Victims who prostrate themselves before the Priests of Western “Medicine”, once being diagnosed with cancer, have a 97.9 % chance of never healing and eventually succumbing to a wasting, painful death from medical cut, poison and burn tactics (a death that has also destroyed their finances and lined the pockets of their killers).
  • There are two critical issues regarding cancer and the actual cancerous growths may be the most pertinent (if not ceased, will kill you), but arguably not the most important. Even if you are able to halt the chaotic growth of cells, unless you address the toxins in your terrain that poisoned you in the first place, the cancer will return. It is deeply suspicious that this is never addressed even amongst “holistic” sources with “miracle cures” for cancer.
  • Are “science” and “medicine” truly blind to the causal relationship between electricity, electromagnetic radiation and illness or are they industries led by exceedingly evil people and staffed by corrupt and ethically-bankrupt cowards? Enter Judy Mikovits.
  • It is shocking the degree at which general health has declined in the most advanced societies while the “citizens” focus their attention on porn, politics and point-spreads.
  • The Experts Agree, The Science Is Settled! As soon as a statement like this is made, the maker of the statement is making it clear: it’s no-longer science.

After 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard, Jonathan Augustine “Johnny” Cirucci began to question why the American government appeared to be more dangerous to the citizenry than any enemy he’d ever fought or trained for, why educators, news reporters and even scientists were spreading lies and harmful propaganda and no one had the answers that made any sense. Having written for his college paper and blogged afterwards, Johnny became a detective of history to find out for himself. The results of his work were his first book Illuminati Unmasked. He has continued to sound the alarm across the “truth community” in interviews, his talk show Resistance Rising, his web site, public presentations, instructional videos and the book you now hold.