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After the “magic walk” that changed the brilliant strategic mind of Barack Hussein Obama, it became clear that the Middle East dominoes started by Bush #43 would be held in limbo—the magnificent civilizing influence of the United States government, now forced to slow down!

But have no fear, finally involving Congress in “kinetic military actions” will only be a bump in the road for the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

And the latest tactic to make sure it happens is so transparent it’s almost comical.

“If you don’t go to war, Barack Obama will look silly.”

Shockingly, this is even playing in Right-wing circles where Glenn Beck’s website proudly reposts Machine propaganda from the Associated DePressed claiming Syria is “mocking” the man of war for not going to war. Meanwhile, this article from Reuters shows a much more sober Syria asking for help from the UN against an eminent O’bomb’ya attack.

Um…good luck with that.

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