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Song-and-Dance-Man Sammy Davis Jr. was teeing off on the golf course one day when his opponent asked him what his handicap was.  “Handicap?” wisecracked Davis.  “Talk about handicap — I’m a one-eyed Negro Jew.” ~ Time

Sammy Davis Jr. was born into a mixed-race Vaudeville family.  His mother, Elvera Sanchez, was Cuban Roman Catholic but he frequently called her “Puerto Rican” because he was afraid that the Cold War anger towards Cuba would cause backlash.

Cuba is an island nation smaller than the State of Florida yet it has remained an untouchable “enemy” of the United States since Fidel Castro took power in 1953, a mere 90 miles from Key West.

This friction was at its height during the Cuban “missile crisis” of October, 1962 when the Soviet Union attempted to bolster it’s connection to Cuba by placing R-12 (SS-4) and R-14 “nuclear-capable”1 ballistic missiles there.

How has Cuba remained such a thorn in America’s side?

The foundation of Communist Cuba has been Fidel Castro.  His mother was a hyper-devout Roman Catholic, he went to no fewer than three Jesuit educational institutions and was sometimes mentored by a personal Jesuit.

Few Americans realize the incongruency of Cuba being an enemy yet allowing the United States to maintain an illegal prison and torture facility on Cuban soil where innocent people of yesterday are turned into the vehement enemies and terrorists of tomorrow in order to perpetuate a never-ending state of war.

Former Guantanamo Detainee Was On Ground In Benghazi During Terror Attack, Fox News

In the need to screen Castro and Cuba from the inactive might of the CIA, a ludicrous story has been circulated that the little tin dictator has survived 638 assassination attempts, including poison ice cream and an exploding cigar.

Davis’ father, was Baptist.  It was Davis Senior who brought his namesake son into the family business and made him part of the Will Mastin Trio.

At 18, Davis was drafted into the WWII Army and had the misfortune to be sent to one of the first integrated infantry units where his size and ethnicity put him at an extreme disadvantage.  He got into so many fights that his nose was permanently disfigured.

Because of his background, he managed to get transferred to Special Services where he performed for many of the soldiers who had abused him.  He found it empowering.  As well as dancing and singing, Davis did impressions of famous people.

After the war, Davis returned to performing with his family.  In 1951, he was recognized while at Ciro’s in West Hollywood and his solo career took off.

Within two years, his wife would take some radical changes of course.

In 1953, Davis met and would go on to become lifelong friends with performer Eddie Cantor.  Cantor gave Davis a mezuzah, which Davis wore around his neck as a good luck charm.

On Nov. 15, 1954, Davis was in a horrific car accident in San Bernardino while driving back to Los Angeles from a show in Las Vegas.  He lost his left eye in the crash and later said it was the one night he forgot to wear the mezuzah.  During his stay in the hospital, the hospital’s chaplain rabbi visited him.

In the documentary Davis says that despite his mother being Catholic and his father Baptist, “After the accident I needed something desperately to hold onto.  I found myself being more and more convinced that Judaism was it for me.  I know there’s sort of a kinship between the plight of a Negro and the plight of a Jew: the oppression, the segregation, the constant trying to survive and trying to achieve dignity.” ~ Jewish Journal

In 1957, Davis began dating actress Marilyn “Kim” Novak, a white Catholic girl from Chicago.  The high-profile mixed ethnicity relationship was scandalous for the time but the forbidden nature only encouraged the two further.

Novak and her family were so devout, in fact, that the Guardian notes:

In 1966 the Pope [Paul VI] refused an audience to Novak and her parents because the Catholic Church’s League of Decency has condemned Wilder’s Kiss Me, Stupid.  Pope John Paul II later gave her absolution.2

Novak was contracted with Columbia Pictures, at the time, headed by Harry Cohn.

Cohn was a New York City Jew with powerful Italian Roman Catholic connections.3  As far as Cohn was concerned, Novak was in his “stable” and he would not allow her money-making attributes to be challenged by a black.

When Cohn found out, he became enraged that his star—who he regarded as property he’d invested in—was dating a black man.  The next morning, while flying to Los Angeles, he had the first of several heart attacks that would soon kill him.

By all accounts, Cohn was a ruthless studio chief who admired Benito Mussolini and had ties to the Chicago mob. He even wore matching ruby “friendship rings” with gangster Johnny Roselli. There are various accounts of what happened next, but what’s clear is that Cohn took out a mob hit on Davis. Gangster Mickey Cohen found Davis’s father and passed on the threat. Silber was there when Davis received the phone call.

“They said they would break both of his legs, put out his other eye, and bury him in a hole if he didn’t marry a black woman right away,” says [Arthur] Silber [a close friend of Davis].  “He was scared as hell, same as I was.” …

For his part, Davis went to his friend, gangster Sam Giancana, for protection.  Giancana told him that he could protect Davis in Las Vegas and Chicago, but he had no reach in Hollywood.  The threat loomed over him.  The wedding was the only solution.

The woman he chose was Loray White, a black singer who worked across the street at the Silver Slipper.  She and Davis had gone out a few times in the past.  Now Davis offered her a lump sum (between $10,000 and $25,000) to marry him and act as his wife.  She agreed.  In pictures of their Las Vegas wedding, White and Davis drink out of an oversized martini glass beside a tiered cake with the word “Happiness” written on it.  But Silber, who drove the couple to their wedding suite, recalls that Davis drank heavily all evening and became so distraught in the car that he tried to strangle White.  Silber restrained Davis and carried him to his room. …

By September, newspapers were reporting that White and Davis were getting divorced. ~ Smithsonian

After that it was back to white women.

Davis began dating actress Maybritt “May Britt” Wilkens.  Britt / Wilkens was Swedish but had been working for Italian filmmakers Carlo Ponti and Mario Soldati.

They married in 1960 and the fallout was immediate.

Despite working with his Rat Pack friend Frank Sinatra to help campaign for John F. Kennedy’s presidential run, Kennedy refused to allow Davis to perform with the Rat Pack at his inauguration, because Davis had married Swedish actress May Britt, a white woman, at a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in 31 states. ~ Jewish Journal

The two had one mixed-ethnicity daughter who said her father was rarely home and missed most of her important events.

Davis and Britt had one daughter, Tracey, and adopted two sons.[2]  Davis performed almost continuously and spent little time with his wife.  They divorced in 1968, after Davis admitted to having had an affair with singer Lola Falana.  That year, Davis started dating Altovise Gore, a dancer in Golden Boy.  They were married on May 11, 1970, by the Reverend Jesse Jackson. ~ Wikipedia

Falana’s father was Cuban Roman Catholic but it took her being diagnosed in 1987 with Multiple Sclerosis before she dedicated herself wholly and completely to her religion.

Davis’ next wife, Altovise Joanne Gore, was also Catholic.  This would prove confusing for their adopted son, Manny.

Davis’ adopted son, Manny, recently told the Journal in an email, that he had found his father’s conversion “strange.”  Initially raised not practicing any religion, Manny said he always thought that Jews and Catholics were white.  After being adopted by Davis and Altovise, Manny wrote, “I now had a Black Catholic mother and a Black Jewish father.  I didn’t know what to think.” ~ Jewish Journal

Davis’ conversion to Judaism did not bring with it strict discipline or ethics.  He gravitated so strongly towards sexual deviance that it caused another conversion for the singer in 1967: the “Church of Satan” founded by Chicago Jew Howard Stanton Levey who would later create the stage name “Anton LaVey”.

LaVey’s unholy house of worship was also drawing Hollywood’s attention. Sammy Davis Jr. was introduced to the Church of Satan at an orgy party, which he later described as “dungeons and dragons and debauchery.”  After Davis starred in an ill-fated sitcom called “Poor Devil” — a sort of “It’s a Wonderful Life” in reverse, the church awarded him the title of Warlock II, which may be akin to Angel Second Class. ~ The San Francisco Chronicle

In the photograph with Davis and Levey / “LaVey” was Levey protégé Michael Aquino.

Aquino was disappointed in Levey, finding him to be more interested in theatrics than true dedication to Satan.  He left the “Church” and formed the “Temple of Set”; an endeavor that was so successful he was recruited into the military and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, eyebrows and all.

Perhaps most quizzical of all is the single photograph of Davis in the apparent regalia of a Knight of Malta.

Very little information is available about it but one article that does come up is from Allen Kurzweil.

Kurzweil is a Viennese Jew, educated at Yale and the University of Rome.  He is, therefore, highly accredited and sought after by magazines such as “The New Yorker” where he published an account of his time at an elite Swiss boarding school.

In 1971, I met a boy who changed my life forever.  I was ten and he was twelve when, for a few indelible months, we roomed together in a British-style boarding school perched on an alpine meadow high above Geneva. …

My dormitory housed a Bahraini royal, the heir to a washing-machine fortune, and an Italian aristocrat whose family tree included a saint, a Pope, and several princes. …

Although Kurzweil states that his mother managed to send him to a school far above their meager means, it’s clear he had a well-traveled and elevated life.

How does a middle-class Jewish kid from New York end up at a fancy Christian-inflected boarding school in Switzerland?  The truth is, I campaigned to attend Aiglon.  The school was situated a snowball’s throw from the chalet inn where my family had vacationed each winter while my father was alive.  (A Viennese émigré who had relocated his wife and children from New York to Milan under the Marshall Plan, he died, of cancer, when I was five.)


After the Templars were suppressed by Philippe le Bel of France, they went underground in Switzerland.  Being the originators of usury-banking, it was only natural for them to continue on in that country which has since become the bastion of all who wish to shield their ill-gotten gains.

For more, see my book Secret History.

Kurzweil goes on to describe being terrorized by a bully named Cesar Augusto.

There’s no mystery to why Cesar held certain Belvedere boys in his thrall.  He knew the ropes.  Moreover, he was rumored to be the son of Ferdinand Marcos’s head of security.  His name, his size, his command of the school’s pseudo-military regulations, the accuracy he demonstrated when strafing enemies with ink from his Montblanc fountain pen, enabled him to transform our dorm into a theatre of baroque humiliation.  Nor is it hard to figure out why he singled me out for special attention.  I was the youngest boy in the school. I was a Jew (one of a handful). And I bunked a few feet away.

Marcos was an archetypical Catholic tyrant.

Left-to-right: Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson, Ferdinand Marcos, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Imelda Marcos (1966).

Ferdinand Marcos (1917-1989) was a nationalist president remembered as a corrupt dictator who ushered in an era of political repression and violence.  In attaining and holding the presidency, he wielded charisma, vast wealth, political connections among both Filipinos and Americans, military clout, and drew upon the charm of his wife, the former beauty pageant winner Imelda Marcos.

Marcos, an Aglipayan Catholic and later a Roman Catholic, believed that he had a divine mandate to lead the Philippines and claimed to receive visions directly from God.  He also drew on Philippine mythology, referring to himself as malakas (strength) and Imelda as maganda (beauty) in reference to the Philippine Adam and Eve. ~ Harvard Divinity 4

Their excess and greed is legendary, perhaps best demonstrated by devout Catholic Imelda’s collection of over three thousand pairs of shoes.

Kurzweil continues—

It didn’t take long to shed the habits I’d picked up in Switzerland.  Plimsolls, anoraks, and rucksacks reverted to sneakers, parkas, and backpacks.  The crossbars disappeared from my sevens.  Yet reminders of Cesar kept popping up: while watching “Tom Brown’s School Days,” a BBC serial packed with boarding-school abuse; while reading novels for literature classes.  (Dostoyevsky’s Prince Myshkin is subjected to cold showers and gymnastics in an alpine sanatorium.)  I composed a list of dictators who endorsed the benefits of a Swiss boarding-school education (the Shah of Iran, Kim Jong-un).  I found myself wondering, Was Darwin’s theory of natural selection inspired by the adversity he faced at Dr. Butler’s school?  Would Orwell’s world view have been so Orwellian had the headmaster of St. Cyprian’s resisted the impulse to break a bone-handled riding crop on the student’s buttocks?

In 1991, while promoting my first novel in Italy, I found myself with a few days off and returned to Aiglon.

Boarding school sado-masochistic sexual hazing aside, Korea’s Kim Jong-un is an apt example.

His father, Kim Jung Il (like so many who abuse their citizenry), wasn’t Korean, he was Russian.  He also spent a year on the home island of the Knights of Malta.

His son took up after him, living an extremely pampered and perverted life.  While incognito at Liebefeld-Steinholzi School near Berne, he was once caught with a bondage pornographic magazine in his school bag.

Years later, Kurzweil revisited his old school and found a Manila phone number for “Cesar Augusto” but the call could not go through.

He tried an internet search but found what I did:

As far as the Web was concerned, my Cesar did not exist.

As we continue, and you learn of the supposed criminal dealings of this individual, you will find that (as I did) highly unusual.

In 2005, I got a more promising lead.  A research fellowship provided me with access to a slew of licensed databases.  One of them had archived a 2001 New York Post article bearing the headline “‘knight’ falls as feds bust up a royal ripoff. The story began:

A trio of American fraudsters posing as fake European royalty were busted on charges they swindled more than $1 million out of unsuspecting investors, authorities said yesterday.

According to the article, and other online sources, the three con men had allegedly hoodwinked a number of sophisticated investors into entering loan agreements with the Badische Trust Consortium, a Swiss-based investment house claiming to manage assets of sixty billion dollars.  The crooks rented suites at the Waldorf Astoria, travelled with fake diplomatic passports, and adhered to a fourteen-point dress code that encouraged the use of gold pocket watches, homburgs, and Montblanc fountain pens.

The chairman of the “bank” called himself Prince Robert von Badische, the Seventy-fourth Grand Master of the Knights of Malta (Ecumenical).  His chief lieutenant was variously identified as Baron Moncrieffe, the Prince of Serbia, and Dr. Moncrieffe.  And the pair of them, both pushing eighty, were assisted by a man roughly half their age who used four aliases; most often, he introduced himself as Colonel Sherry.

According to the Daily News, Cesar was one of the two brokers the Badische Trust tasked with ensnaring victims with “false promises of big money.”  In other words, he was the shill.

A theatrical fraud based in Switzerland that makes use of Montblanc fountain pens: Could there be anything more Cesar-like?  I double-checked the roper’s age; it aligned perfectly with my ex-roommate’s.  I also learned that this Cesar, along with three of the other four crooks named in the indictment, had been convicted and sent to prison.

From here, however, Kurzweil shows the connections his elevated status brings him in investigating people.

My luck changed some six months later, when a friend at the New York law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton offered to help me make sense of some trial briefs I had unearthed.  While skimming an appeal generated by one Badische Trust defense attorney, I discovered that Baron Moncrieffe had received pro-bono assistance from a Debevoise & Plimpton lawyer named Mark Goodman.  My friend put me in touch with Goodman, who provided a thumbnail sketch of the scam: “Everything these guys touched, promised, concocted, represented, and did was a lie, a contrivance, a fiction. I’ve been around a lot of con artists.  I handle a ton of white-collar crime.  This was the most massive fraud I have ever come across.  Massive.  Fake knights.  False banks.  Imaginary kingdoms.  These guys travelled on bogus passports.  They hosted lavish dinner parties at five-star hotels.  They performed knighting ceremonies.”  (When I interviewed the assistant U.S. attorney who filed the initial charges, he summed up the crime as “‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ meets ‘Clue.’”)

Goodman invited me to visit his office and examine the court records.  A few weeks later, I set up shop in a Debevoise & Plimpton conference room and spent the weekend sifting through fourteen cartons of discovery material.  They contained copies of, among other things, a fake deed of trust from a nonexistent African kingdom, the circumcision certificate for a putative Aryan royal, and a welfare check issued by the City of New York to one of the self-styled principals of the sixty-billion-dollar trust.  (Years later, I asked Goodman why he had been so forthcoming.  After noting that he had removed privileged material and checked with his client the Baron before providing me with access to the files, Goodman said, “We’ve all had bullies.  It seemed the right thing to do.”)5

Apparently, “Cesar” was either very stupid or nominally protected as he impersonated the vanguard of the most dangerous institution in existence.

The documents included dozens of photographs, mostly from the nineteen-sixties, of the Prince and the Baron glad-handing world leaders.  “The [Badische] Chairman with his wife and Pope Paul during the bestowal of decorations at the Vatican,” one caption read.  “The Executive Committee Director with British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and General (later U.S. President) Eisenhower,” read another.  Many of the photo ops featured Prince Robert tapping a dubbing sword on the shoulders of movie stars who assumed that he was a genuine Knight of Malta.  Duped celebrities included Anthony Quinn, Sammy Davis, Jr., Liza Minnelli, Ernest Borgnine, and Gene Kelly.  There was no photograph of Cesar.

And, apparently, it was a world-class con which fooled Davis.

The Badische Trust spared no expense in establishing its bogus bona fides.  It hired a dozen or so white-haired extras to serve on a sham executive committee (sometimes called the “cabinet fiduciary”) and furnished each gentleman with a matching blue tie.  Some of the supernumeraries were legitimate, if unwitting, professionals (an ex-U.N. ambassador, a godson of King George VI).  Others, such as Admiral Cruikshank and Major Druck, were poseurs. …

Beginning in the late nineties, the Badische Trust invited its American patsies to loan meetings at the Waldorf Astoria and at the Delegates Dining Room of the United Nations, seemingly exclusive venues that were, in fact, open to anyone with a credit card.  Then, in 2000, the self-styled bankers pulled off a mind-boggling feat of chicanery.  For more than a year, they ran their swindle out of the Park Avenue boardroom of Clifford Chance, which was, at the time, the largest law firm in the world.  By leveraging a professional friendship that the Baron had cultivated over twenty years (sweetened by a modest ten-thousand-dollar retainer), the trust was able to conduct its negotiations in a setting of unimpeachable gravitas.

Even after Kurzweil finds and discloses his nemesis’ name, “Cesar A. Viana III”, nothing pops up on the internet.

Cesar, another shill named Cristopher Berwick, and Colonel Sherry were tried in Manhattan, during a three-week period in August of 2002. All three men were found guilty by the jury. …

Cesar didn’t testify, but, after he was convicted (five counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy), he made a lengthy statement at sentencing … concluded … by claiming that he was “not guilty, with all my heart and soul.”

His avowal of innocence failed to sway Judge Shira Scheindlin.

Scheindlin presided over the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.  A Leftist Jew appointed by Jesuit-trained Bill Clinton, she managed to succeed while still avoiding any Catholic education (as her politics and ethnicity still were enough for Rome).

Given the amount of harm this apparent fraud conducted, they received a typically aberrant and disproportionately lenient sentence.

She … gave him thirty-seven months, followed by five years of supervised release.  She also signed a mandatory-restitution order requiring that Cesar pay $1,222,494 — nearly half the sum stolen from the trust’s American victims.  (Foreign losses, which would likely have doubled that figure, were excluded from the restitution calculations.)

The judge did grant Cesar’s request that he be allowed to serve his time at F.C.I. Lompoc, a cushy low-security prison in Southern California favored by discerning white-collar criminals such as Ivan Boesky.  With its views of mountains and cow pastures, Lompoc sounded, to me at least, a lot like Switzerland.

Even then, “Augusta / Viana” received special treatment.

It seemed fitting that my former tormentor had gone from a boarding school regulated like a prison to a prison run like a boarding school. I was all set to visit Cesar at Lompoc, but then I discovered, through an online “inmate locator” maintained by the Bureau of Prisons, that he had been released after serving seventeen months—barely half his sentence.

Kurzweil continued to pursue his quarry and, with all his connections and advantages was able to arrange a meeting during which he asked “Augusta / Viana” about prison.

“When I was on sabbatical?” he said with a laugh.  Lompoc was “the original Club Fed,” he said, complete with tennis courts, basketball, and military-style dorms with bunk beds.  A lot like Aiglon. “Only Aiglon was stricter,” Cesar added.  “You got to chew gum at Lompoc.”

It probably wasn’t as humorous for those whose lives had been ruined by their savings being stolen.

To his credit, Kurzweil dug up and told a fascinating story (his life’s special benefits, notwithstanding).

However, the most important aspect of Augusta / Viana’s background was only a parenthetical.6

Cesar attended Schiller International University, in London, and the University of San Francisco, before earning an M.B.A. at Golden Gate University.

The public-sounding “University of San Francisco” is a Jesuit institution.

Apparently, even those who defraud Catholic Knighthoods are still protected, as long as they advance the ultimate agenda of crime which revolves forever around Rome.


Sammy Davis Jr. died of throat cancer at age 64 on May 16th, 1990.

Whether Judaism, Satanism or Catholicism were of any help to him, I’ll leave you to assess yourself.


  1. The capabilities of “weapons of mass destruction” have often been exaggerated to invoke fear and hysteria amongst the citizenry by all combatants.
  2. Samuel “Billy” Wilder was an Austrian Jew who attended the University of Vienna: a Jesuit “stronghold of Catholicsm”.
  3. As I’ve frequently warned you, Rome always hides behind Jews and is pleased to give them high-profile, low-power positions towards that end.
  4. The article goes on to re-paint the Vatican as the nemesis of its puppet.
  5. Aww!!  Isn’t co-operation between Elite insiders wonderful?
  6. Kurzweil manages to go his entire tome-ish report as well as promotional mini-articles without ever writing the word “Catholic”.  Did his time in Italy teach him something about how to be a successful Jewish “journalist”?


  • Paul Alan says:

    Always interesting and well-researched information. I have a possible addition to the Sammy Davis story but can not get a firm footnote. Supposedly, late in his life Sammy Davis sought deliverance from demonization and he was successfully freed, at least temporarily, under the tutelage of Dr. Erica Shepherd. Dr. Erica is based out of South Carolina. She has appeared frequently on Omega Man Radio which is on soundcloud, blogtalk, and youtube.

  • Daniel Perrotta says:

    I heard about that in a murphey/seinfield chat. Cant vouch for either of those knuckleheads, but they threw it out there. Probably purposly.

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