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The Prophecy Brothers! Is the Pope the Man Behind the Curtain?

By Mon, 16 January 2017November 13th, 2017No Comments

The official government story of President John Kennedy’s assassination differs from the facts and eyewitness accounts. We’re told the worst attack on American soil, 9/11, happened because no one could have imagined jetliners would be used as weapons. Building 7 of the World Trade Tower collapses although it was not hit by a plane. A man with a questionable background, place of origin and no experience is elected president. He continues and even double downs on many of the policies of his predecessor while promising to fundamentally transform America as we know it. Americans begin to awaken to the fact that there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties on the major issues.

Are the major events of the last hundred years, and beyond, just a series of random and unfortunate events? Or is there an organization behind the wheel steering human events.

Our guest is Johnny Cirucci, the author of the books Illuminati Unmasked and Secret History. Johnny explains what his research has lead him to conclude.

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