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You don’t have to look far on this web site to know which way I lean politically.

Given that, I have to say that I have deep concerns about why President Bush went to war with Iraq. Many things don’t add up and I have no desire to list them here (the leftist media does enough of that already). What were the real reasons??

Of course no one can know another’s heart and Washington DC is a long ways away from Oklahoma, but my mind keeps going back to something the president said in September of 2002, “After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad.” I honestly believe that made things personal for George W. and the Bush family. Most certainly not a good reason for the American deaths and terrible injuries that followed in the ensuing war.

Also, I think the president saw Iraq as unfinished business that historians and detractors would forever use to slander his father. Again, not a good reason to go to war.

It’s a good thing that G-d is sovereign!—

The L-RD has established His Throne in the heavens, and His Sovereignty rules over all. ~ Psalm 103:19

There’s no doubt that, despite whatever improper rationale the president had for going in to Iraq, it was the L-rd’s Will and much good has come of it, from the ceasing of atrocities to the opening up of new areas to Gospel missions (something to keep in prayer).

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