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The Styxxoplix Show Episode 87: Eaters of Children with Giovanni Cirucci

By Sun, 15 October 2017November 14th, 2017No Comments

Recorded on WELT 95.7 FM at ACPL, Fort Wayne, Indiana, October 15, 2017.
We Elevate Life Triumphantly

The accused abused. The rejected refused. I’d rather draw then win or lose. Against the law with the green blues. There’s no I in team news. De-generated unemployed. Homeless and destroyed. Invaded by the void. Limbo vortex paranoid. Block, mute, ignore, and avoid. Draining the soul batteries with vampire energies. Death alleys and libraries. Liquor stores and cemeteries. Restaurants and penitentiaries. Prison poison alchemist. Malcolm X. Falcon Crest. The Trauman Show Isolationist. Simulation Dismantlist. Anti-agent encounter intelligence scrambling all of the table of contents and now all evidence is rambling nonsense. Warped wires and empty fires. Black Hole Sunshine got flat tires. Lost in the dead air, stuck in the nowhere of who cares? Who dares to declare independence beware, they’ll start screaming stop staring at us and throw you in the electric chair, the gas chamber, firing squad, guillotine, it’s a no brainer. Character assassination investigator. Revolution instigator. Evolution innovator. Against all odds anti-infiltrator, the anti-traitor, ranter and raver, alpha and omega brainwaver, secret keeper of the seventh flavor, Heaven’s Hater, the impossible unapproachable, anti-sociable, the original Hellraiser, coming out into the world to do God this favor, the world destroyer, not the savior.

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