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Thomas Parran Jr. (September 28, 1892 – February 16, 1968) was an American physician and Public Health Service officer.  He was appointed the sixth Surgeon General of the United States from 1936 to 1948, and oversaw the notorious Tuskegee syphilis experiment and Guatemala syphilis experiment.[1]

* comes from Mary-land

* first went to “St. John’s”; not the Catholic “St. John’s” in New York City, a different “St. John’s”—

Parran was born and raised near St. Leonard, Maryland, on his family’s tobacco farm.  He was tutored at home by a relative and attended St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, on a scholarship (1911, A.B.; 1915, A.M.).

St. John’s College is a private liberal arts college with dual campuses in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  St. John’s is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States[3][5] as the successor institution of King William’s School, a preparatory school founded in 1696; the current institution received a collegiate charter in 1784.[6]

* the founding of this school is overwhelming with Roman insurgency

> Anglicanism (Catholic Lite) used as a front for the Papists
> Freemasonry used as a front for the Papists
> Catholics at America’s founding were supposedly downtrodden and terribly prejudiced against yet Carroll (acknowledged wealthy enough to own his own town) was purely magnanimous in creating a “non-Catholic” school and welcoming all

St. John’s College traces its origins to King William’s School, founded in 1696.  In 1784, Maryland chartered St. John’s College, which absorbed King William’s School when it opened 1785.[8]  The college took up residence in a building known as Bladen’s Folly (the current McDowell Hall), which was originally built to be the Maryland governor’s mansion, but was not completed.[9]  There was some association with the Freemasons early in the college’s history, leading to speculation that it was named after Saint John the Evangelist.[10]  The college’s original charter, reflecting the Masonic value of religious tolerance as well as the religious diversity of the founders (which included Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and the Roman Catholic Charles Carroll of Carrollton) stated that “youth of all religious denominations shall be freely and liberally admitted”.  The college always maintained a small size, generally enrolling fewer than 500 men at a time.

* notice how Vati-pedia connects “St. John’s” to gnostic Freemasonry without calling it Templar Johannism (refresher: “Johannism” is the worship of John the Baptist as the “true” Messiah and hatred for Jesus of Nazareth as an imposter)

* remember: a central pillar of Papist propaganda is how thoroughly at war the Vatican is with Freemasonry

> this gives yet more evidence of our accusation that Freemasonry is the Protestant (“non-Catholic”) pawn of the Papists

* “Guatemala syphilis experiments”

> erased from history because there is no racial smokescreen of cover

The syphilis experiments in Guatemala were United States-led human experiments conducted in Guatemala from 1946 to 1948.  The experiments were led by physician John Charles Cutler who also participated in the late stages of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.  Doctors infected soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners and mental patients with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, without the informed consent of the subjects.  The experiment resulted in at least 83 deaths.[1]  Serology studies continued through 1953 involving the same vulnerable populations in addition to children from state-run schools, an orphanage, and rural towns, though the intentional infection of patients ended with the original study.  On October 1, 2010, the U.S. President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Health and Human Services[2] formally apologized to Guatemala for the ethical violations that took place. Guatemala condemned the experiment as a crime against humanity, and a lawsuit has since been filed.[3]

Beginning in 1947, syphilis prevention research was being conducted on rabbits through injection of penicillin.

* once again, we see animal experiments as a gateway to Mengele “medicine”

* a quick look shows no obvious Jesidue around Cutler but these are take-aways—

> he was a United States government “medical” official
> he obviously rose to his position because he had no normal ethical morality (proof of the corruption of so-called “medicine”)

Dr. John C. Cutler was a monster.  A monster who died after a long and successful life in government and academia, with scholarships and lectures created in his memory.  As readers may know, in the mid-1940s he experimented upon poor Guatemalans, including mental patients and orphans as young as nine, trying to find a cure for syphilis. …

Cutler went on to work on the notorious Tuskegee experiments before becoming assistant surgeon general and then a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. And died at an advanced age, full of honors.

* “trying to find a cure for syphilis…” … “1946-1948”: Roosevelt’s Jesuit-trained Surgeon General made this his top priority [“government biography” link taken down]

Dr. Cutler sent his Guatemala reports to only one supervisor, but Dr. Gutmann said they went up the chain to Surgeon General Thomas Parran Jr., a favorite of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  According to a government biography, Dr. Parran was famous for his long campaign against syphilis, which was then a major public health problem but could not even be mentioned on the radio.

[New York Times]

* Freemason Franklin Roosevelt was “disabled” because of syphilitic paresis, not “polio”

* while simultaneously covering for the fact that Roosevelt was an extreme sexual deviant, fear was hyped in the push for a “vaccine for polio”

FDR’s love nest in the park: How president took FIVE ‘mistresses’ to country getaway (including his COUSIN, publisher and wife’s social secretary)

* “journalists” and “historians” are letting slip portions and versions of the truth that are still heavily manipulated for propaganda

Franklin Delano Roosevelt probably didn’t have polio after all

* “doctors” and the United States government tortured and murdered the innocent, vulnerable and helpless to find a “cure” for a venereal disease

* 60 years later, there was a “panel”, chaired by the Jews and Catholics of the University of Pennsylvania: JUSTICE SERVED!

Gruesome details of American-run venereal disease experiments on Guatemalan prisoners, soldiers and mental patients in the years after World War II were revealed this week during hearings before a White House bioethics panel investigating the study’s sordid history.

From 1946 to 1948, American taxpayers, through the Public Health Service, paid for syphilis-infected Guatemalan prostitutes to have sex with prisoners.  When some of the men failed to become infected through sex, the bacteria were poured into scrapes made on the penises or faces, or even injected by spinal puncture.

About 5,500 Guatemalans were enrolled, about 1,300 of whom were deliberately infected with syphilis, gonorrhea or chancroid.  At least 83 died, but it was not clear if the experiments killed them. About 700 were treated with antibiotics, records showed; it was not clear if some were never treated.

[New York Times]

* let me make it “clear”: the Mengeles absolutely kept specific victims untreated as a contrast group

* the official government title was “The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male”

* in fact, “treatment” was an afterthought!

As a measure of “goodwill” toward the Guatemalan government but also to promote the prophylaxis study, Cutler initiated an STD treatment program.  About 820 subjects received some form of treatment for their infections; more than 650 of these individuals were in the deliberate exposure group.

* there was absolutely nothing altruistic about this agenda: it was pure evil and it is dismissed as “oh, that one time at band camp…”—so says the female Jew “Amy Gutmann, the chairwoman of the bioethics panel and the president of the University of Pennsylvania”

“This was a very dark chapter in the history of medical research sponsored by the U.S. government,” Amy Gutmann, the chairwoman of the bioethics panel and the president of the University of Pennsylvania, said in an interview.

[New York Times]

* little Amy Guttman says “we did a REPORT so that this ‘dark chapter’ will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

“The problem in 1946,” Dr. Gutmann said, “was that ethical rules were treated as obstacles to overcome, not as fundamental bedrock of human dignity.  That can still apply today.  That’s why our panel is doing our report.”

[New York Times]

* this clearly wasn’t achieved but perhaps injecting all involved with disease “in their eyes, urethra and rectum” until they die writhing in pain might make a difference

President Obama apologized to President Álvaro Colom of Guatemala for the experiments last year, after they were discovered.

[New York Times]

* all “white privilege” Protestant Americans should get behind their Jesuit-mentored black Communist teleprompter-reader and grovel before the corrupt Catholic Guatemalan government who invited the Mengele’s to Guatemala City: we should thoroughly mortify our flesh in proper accordance with Vatican dictates

Since then, the panel, the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, has studied 125,000 pages of documents and has sent investigators to Guatemala. While the panel will not make its final report until next month, details emerged in hearings on Monday and Tuesday.

[New York Times]

* whom the Guatemalans groveled to is not mentioned, even though they gave these monsters full access to their most vulnerable citizens

Directing the research was United States Public Health Service (USPHS) scientist John C. Cutler, who had been involved in the Terre Haute study and who later was one of the leaders of the Tuskegee syphilis study. Cutler and USPHS colleagues collaborated with local Guatemalan physicians and were granted access to public health centres, government hospitals, mental institutions, and orphanages as a result of negotiations between the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB; now Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government.

* Rome and Guatemala were happy to have today’s puppets and monsters take full blame on behalf of the American people

On October 1, 2010, U.S. Pres. Barack Obama, having been informed of the Guatemala experiments, contacted the president of Guatemala, Álvaro Colom, to apologize for the unethical nature of the research.  Likewise, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius issued an apology to the people of Guatemala.

* the “panel’s” “report” was a pivotal moment in 2011: remained in the news cycle for …

The most offensive case, said John Arras, a bioethicist at the University of Virginia and a panelist, was that of a mental patient named Berta.

She was first deliberately infected with syphilis and, months later, given penicillin.  After that, Dr. John C. Cutler of the Public Health Service, who led the experiments, described her as so unwell that she “appeared she was going to die.”  Nonetheless, he inserted pus from a male gonorrhea victim into her eyes, urethra and rectum. Four days later, infected in both eyes and bleeding from the urethra, she died.

[New York Times]

* remember: a “doctor” and representative of the United States government

* he was given many accolades and pushed to teach other “doctors”; he died at the ripe old age of 87, as clean of blame as Jimmy Savile

In 1967 Cutler was appointed professor of international health at the University of Pittsburgh, where he also served as chairman of the department of health administration and acting dean of the Graduate School of Public Health in 1968–1969.[1] He died on February 8, 2003 at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh.[1]

* the gate-keepers were eager to do their jobs once this monster had lived his full 87 years

The Guatemala experiments remained a largely unknown event in U.S. medical history until the early 2000s.  Following Cutler’s death in 2003, American historian Susan M. Reverby initiated an investigation of Cutler’s original documents, which were housed at the University of Pittsburgh, having been donated to the institution in 1990 by Cutler when he was a professor there.  Reverby reported her findings in 2010 and subsequently shared them with David J. Sencer, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Following a review of the documents by the CDC, the materials were transferred from Pittsburgh to the federal government.

* unbelievable evil in conjunction with the Catholic Guatemalan government

Also, several epileptic women at a Guatemalan home for the insane were injected with syphilis below the base of their skull. …

Poor, handicapped or imprisoned Guatemalans were chosen because they were “available and powerless,” said Anita L. Allen, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania’s law school and a panelist.

The panel’s hearings also brought to light that a local doctor had invited the American researchers, and that Guatemalan military and health officials had initially approved the work.  In 1947, an international conference on venereal diseases — based on the experiments — was held in Guatemala City, according to Dr. Rafael Espada, the vice president of Guatemala, in remarks quoted by the Guatemalan news media.

[New York Times]

* Cutler was the right-hand scalpel of the Jesuit-trained “Surgeon General” (not to be confused with “Superior General”)

We do not know exactly how horrific were the experiments, but only because Cutler kept such poor records, and because he knew he was not supposed to be doing what he was doing and kept the experiments hidden.  He was working for the government, and important people knew what he was doing in Guatemala, including the surgeon general, Dr. Thomas Parran, who noted, “You know, we couldn’t do such an experiment in this country.”

* there was even a “Mrs. Mengele”

Cutler’s wife, Eliese Cutler, assisted her husband in the administration of the experiment.  “She ‘got to know the patients and helped keep things straight,’ while also photographing them and the inoculations for the record.”

* CUT TO THE “MILITARY AIDS RESEARCHER” FOR SMOKE & B_LLSH*T (what the ____ is the military doing prioritizing “AIDS research”?)

Dr. Nelson L. Michael, an AIDS researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and a panelist, speculated that the research was rushed and badly done because it had started under intense pressure to help the war effort.

[New York Times]

* COLONEL Nelson Michael: gate-keeper on all of the worst medical PsyOps

> cancer
> ebola
> “Zika”
> “HIV/AIDS”—and much, much more!

Nelson L. Michael is an American infectious disease researcher.  He has served for nearly 30 years in the United States Army and been directly involved with significant advancements in understanding the pathology of and vaccine development for diseases like HIV, Zika, Ebola and more.  Much of his career has been spent at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

* all with the usual “vaccination/virus” lies

Upon entering active Army service, Michael joined the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s department of vaccine research, division of retrovirology.  He eventually served as the director of the U.S. Military HIV Research Program for 12 years between 2006 and 2018.

Under his leadership, MHRP completed the groundbreaking RV144 vaccine trial in 2009.

* Georgetown has little Doctor Amy Guttman’s U of PA “Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues” bio on the good Colonel

* remember the other UNITED STATES MILITARY connections

> Jesuit-trained Robert Redfield
> “then-known as COLONEL Birx”
> Judy Mikovitz & FRANCIS Ruscetti which means, SECRETLY
> Robert Gallo

* TRANSCRIPT— In Lies We Trust; The CIA, Hollywood & Bio-Terrorism, Leonard Horowitz (2007)

First is a never declassified Congressional Record of 1969 showing the Department of Defense requested $10 million dollars to develop “Synthetic Biological Agents for Germ Warfare” through the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council that is the NAS-NRC.  That’s nearly half of the amount of money given to all of biological weaponry that year.  These new laboratory creations were descriptively and functionally identical to HIV/AIDS.  Mind you, this was fifteen years before the contested discovery of the AIDS virus by this man, Dr. Robert Gallo, who, as you will see in a minute, oversaw Litton Bionetics, the Army’s sixth leading biological weapons contractor at that time.  Bionetics also operated the entire administration of the National Cancer Institute’s programs at Fort Detrick at that time as well.  This private company was a medical subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contractor called Litton Industries.


* here is the summary line from Vati-pedia: an “award-winning pioneer”

John Friend Mahoney (August 1, 1889 – February 23, 1957) was an American physician best known as a pioneer in the treatment of syphilis with penicillin.  He won the 1946 Lasker Award.

* perhaps being a Jesuit-trained Catholic caused the “user” to “edit” rather inversely

The son of David and Mary Ann Mahoney,[1] John Friend Mahoney was born on August 1, 1889 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  In 1914 Mahoney graduated from Marquette University with attached clinical training at the Milwaukee County Hospital and at the Chicago Lying-in Hospital.

* Mahoney was another monster and his entry is nothing but ebullient! NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT [“USER-EDITED WIKIPEDIA”: WHO CONTROLS THE WORLD AGAIN?]

In 1946 Mahoney was one of the first winners of the Lasker Award.  In 1948 he was Chairman of the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Venereal Diseases at its first meeting in Geneva. In December 1949 he retired from the Public Health Service.  In 1950 he was appointed Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health, serving until 1953.

Dr. John F Mahoney lead the Terre Haute Prison experiments and supervised Dr. Cutler in the Guatemala Syphilis Experiment.  Mahoney graduated from medical school in 1914 and by 1918 was titled Assistant Surgeon at the United States Public Health Service.  By 1929, Dr. Mahoney worked as the director of the Venereal Disease Research Lab is Staten island, where the Terre Haute experiments began in 1943, this is also where Cutler first assisted him.  After stopping the Terre Haute experiments for lack of accurate infection of subjects with gonorrhea, Dr. Mahoney moved on to study the effects of penicillin on syphilis.  His research found huge success for penicillin treatments and the U.S. army embraced it in STD prescription.  Although this seemed prosperous, Mahoney and his collaborators questioned the long term effectiveness of eliminating the disease all together in individuals.  Mahoney, Cutler, and other researchers, felt that a smaller, more controlled group of individuals to study would be more helpful in finding this cure.  This led to the use of citizens in Guatemala as subjects. [2] Until his death, he was director of the laboratories of the municipal health authorities of New York.

* Jesuit-trained Catholic Mahoney was personally picked by Jesuit-trained Catholic Parran

Though at first, the idea of using human subjects was controversial, the support of Dr. Thomas Parran, and Executive Officer of the U.S. Army Medical Corps, Colonel John A. Rodgers allowed Dr. John F. Mahoney and Dr. Cassius J. Van Slyke to begin implementing the experiments. Dr. John Cutler, a young associate of Dr. Mahoney, helped conduct the experiments, and went on to lead the Guatemala Syphilis Experiment.

Dr. John F. Mahoney

Dr. John F. Mahoney led the Terre Haute Prison experiments and supervised Dr. Cutler in the Guatemala Syphilis Experiment. Mahoney graduated from medical school in 1914 and by 1918 was titled Assistant Surgeon at the United States Public Health Service. By 1929, Dr. Mahoney worked as the director of the Venereal Disease Research Lab in Staten Island, where the Terre Haute experiments began in 1943, this is also where Cutler first assisted him.  After stopping the Terre Haute experiments for lack of accurate infection of subjects with gonorrhea, Dr. Mahoney moved on to study the effects of penicillin on syphilis.  His research found huge success for penicillin treatments and the U.S. army embraced it in STD prescription. Although this seemed promising, Mahoney and his collaborators questioned the long term effectiveness of eliminating the disease altogether in individuals.  Mahoney, Cutler, and other researchers, felt that a smaller, more controlled group of individuals to study would be more helpful in finding this cure.  This led to the use of citizens in Guatemala as subjects.[4]

* Mahoney’s installation in the State of New York also shows the power of Roman corruption there


Parran volunteered at a health laboratory operated by the District of Columbia, under Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, founder of Public Health Service’s Hygienic Laboratory (renamed the National Institute of Health in 1930).  Kinyoun recruited Parran to join a field team of young physicians under PHS’s Dr. Leslie L. Lumsden, building privies and surveying conditions in the Southern United States. In March 1917, Parran reported to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, for the first of many assignments in rural sanitation.

* “Joseph James Kinyoun”

> ran predecessor of “NIH” (the “United States Hygienic Laboratory”): ANOTHER GOV’T AGENCY OWNED FROM THE BEGINNING!
> died on “Valentine’s Day”; (November 25, 1860 – February 14, 1919)

He was awarded a Ph.D. from Georgetown University in 1896.

* Why would a Jesuit-trained “doctor” send another Jesuit-trained “doctor” into the South to “survey hygiene”?  JESUIT-CONTROLLED ROMAN CATHOLICISM IS A MILITARY INSURGENCY

After receiving an Assistant Surgeon’s commission in September 1917, Parran continued on assignments in rural health services administration, sanitation, and the control of communicable diseases.

* —and we see the Roman-Luciferian focus begin

between field assignments, Parran tasted life as an administrator in Washington, DC.

* Jesuit-trained “doctors” with a focus on “sexually-transmitted disease” is a shoo-in for a “taste” of controlling things via Little Rome on the Potomac

* a Freemasonic sexual deviant—already, himself, empowered in the Roman bastion of New York State—took note of Parran and empowered him further and already we see the focus on “syphilis” (was Roosevelt infected and infested already?)

His talents in rural health administration would soon lead him temporarily in a new direction.  A reform-minded governor, Franklin Roosevelt, requested for to Parran be loaned to the State of New York, where in April 1930 Parran took up his post as state health commissioner.

* Parran was Roosevelt’s Communist Catholic attack dog.

Parran became active in New Deal politics in New York and entered national politics as well.  In 1934, his former supervisor, now President of the United States, Roosevelt, appointed Parran to the Committee on Economic Security, which drafted the Social Security Act of 1935; Title VI authorized millions for public health departments and for biomedical research.  After Surgeon General Hugh S. Cumming’s term, President Roosevelt appointed Parran as Surgeon General of the United States; he was sworn in on 6 April 1936[2].

* “user-edited” Vati-pedia gives this Roman insurgent Mengele a complete and total whitewash!

Parran’s syphilis control campaign was in full swing by the fall of 1936.  Title VI funds supported efforts to identify and treat syphilis, and the National Venereal Disease Control Act of 1938 made funds available for rapid treatment centers that employed the new sulfa drugs and, later, penicillin.  During 1937 his book about syphilis, Shadow on the Land, was published and very well received.[3]  However, unpublished essays with little and/or misleading evidence have suggested that his work against syphilis is tainted by the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972) and the Guatemala syphilis experiments (1946-1948), which were conducted by the PHS’s Division of Venereal Diseases, partially during his tenure as Surgeon General.[1]


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