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There is no major nation in the world that is a “good guy” and damn near all of them are co-opted and controlled by really, really bad guys.

I recently reviewed the 2014 movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit because it so blatantly depicted Russia as the old Cold War “evil empire” as well as used all of the latest propaganda talking points. I also showed you how both the CIA and the creator of the character of Jack Ryan were Jesuit-controlled.

In the end, I asked:

Is the current tension between the Luciferians riding America and the former Communists running Russia contrived?

There have been unusual incidents of co-operation between the two nations that include Russian soldiers providing security to U.S. events as well as a continued joint effort in space.

As I’ve shown in my book, space exploration is one of the creepiest, most demonic agendas the public is unaware of. Is eventual war with Russia just a another act in the show to cajole us into Armageddon willingly?

How do you judge? Without inside information, you need to look at results (and inside information only confirms those results). “A tree is known by its fruit…” [Matthew 7:15-20]

The information that I have at this point tells me this: Vladimir Putin was the archetypical ruler candidate. He made himself wealthy during a time of high corruption as the Soviet Union was privatized by unscrupulous millionaires and billionaires. He was an Intelligence insider. He had shown himself trustworthy by covering the corruption and sins of the Yeltsin administration.

But, after Putin was installed, something changed. He became his own man and the bulk of his policies have actually benefitted the Russian people which not only shows who he is for but explains his continued popularity despite a Western fiscal squeeze that is nothing short of an act of war.

I can’t speak to the agenda of the Luciferian Elite but the kept and controlled out-of-control bureaucracies in the West are pushing hard for “regime change” in Russia.

The media continues to demonize, lionize and lambaste Vladimir Putin.

Dispassionate foreign journalists are appalled at the unmitigated bias.

Newsweek Demonizes Putin…the vicious onslaught against President Vladimir Putin in western political circles, especially the media, is difficult to appreciate.

…the highly personal attacks against President Putin cause surprise.

…this media boasts of maintaining the highest standards of journalism in terms of ethics, independence and respect for facts. In reality, this argument of independence and objectivity is exaggerated. …

If a journalist gets murdered, the Kremlin is involved. If the egregious Pussy Riot band conducts itself blasphemously in the Moscow cathedral and is punished, Putin’s growing intolerance is to blame.

If Opposition figures puffed up by the West with propaganda and resources are proceeded against and information on foreign funding of NGOs is probed, it is Putin obstructing Russia’s democratic evolution.

If the Russian parliament passes a law to shield children from homosexuality, it represents an inexcusable assault on personal freedoms for which Putin should be punished in some way by linking the issue to the Sochi Olympics, characterised by some Western commentators as akin to Hitler’s Berlin Olympics.

No occasion is missed to recall Putin’s KGB past to explain his retrograde instincts. ~ Kanwal Sibal, Daily Mail: India

That’s because corporate media has been co-opted by Intelligence Agencies like the CIA for several generations now.

—And behind the CIA is Rome.

Take the rabid Leftists at PMS NBC, for example.

Not that the cancerous Machine that steers America is incestuous but it’s interesting to note that NBC’s “Senior Foreign Correspondent” Andrea Mitchell is actually “Andrea Mitchell-Greenspan”…or maybe it’s “Andrea Greenspan-Mitchell” —as in Alan Greenspan, former master of America’s private “Federal Reserve” central bank. The “Federal Reserve” is nearly as poisonous to the American people as their Intelligence Agencies are. Thanks to puppet banker scum like him, the dollar is worth about 5% of what it was 140 years ago. As I showed you in my book, this is a Counter-Reformation attack right at the heart of Protestant Middle Class America.

The mummified mannequin in the MSNBC studio was none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski: the Vatican emissary who pulled Jimmy Carter’s strings and created our greatest boogey-man enemy prior to “ISIS”; al Qaeda.

Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor was Zbigniew Brzezinski. Both Brzezinski185 and his son Mark186 are close Obama advisors. Daughter Mika has an equally high-profile job working as a host at the hard-Left media outlet MSNBC.187

Brzezinski was teaching at Columbia when Obama was supposedly attending.188

Brzezinski is literally the man behind America’s foremost Islamic enemy, al Qaeda and its former front man, Osama bin Laden.189

Brzezinski is a Catholic Pole of strong passions; he hates Russia190 almost as much as he adores Rome.

Although Brzezinski received his higher education at McGill and Harvard, the Jesuits had him first, through Loyola High School in Montreal.191

A connection that is much more likely is that Obama was working with Brzezinski and future CIA Director John Brennan on jihad and opium while visiting Pakistan in the 1980’s.192

Brzezinski had (I’m sure still has) a direct line to the Vatican. Karol Józef Wojtyła—Pope John Paul II—was a personal friend. ~ Illuminati Unmasked, pp. 44-45

In a recent column I gave you extensive proof of how the upheaval in Ukraine was engineered by the CIA and paid for by you via the State Department.

Ukraine is Russia’s back door. It provides access to the Black Sea as well holds critical fuel and logistics pipelines. It is the birthplace of both Ukrainian and Russian Slavic peoples and it was in the much-contested Crimea that Christ was brought to them all.

Ukraine is to Russia what Mexico is to the U.S. (except Russia actually maintains its borders because it isn’t run by traitors).

There are already military contractors and NATO Special Forces personnel operating there.

Barack Obama has assigned U.S. troops to also show up. An Airborne Brigade will arrive from Italy to help show Ukrainians how to kill better.

HSBC banker puppet “Conservative” David Cameron recently declared that he will follow suit and commit actual British troops as well. Special Forces, contractors and regular troops all crowding at your back door is a needless, treasonous provocation to war.


mcnasty not happy

Whenever the CIA needs talking Republican dummies to speak their propaganda, the first two names on the list are John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Have you ever heard someone excuse the Orwellian surveillance state with, “Well don’t do anything wrong and you have nothing to worry about…”?

The surveillance state has nothing to do with “security” and everything to do with dirt. The more dirt you have on someone, the easier it is to manipulate them.

In Lindsey Graham’s case it’s probably the leather outfit and whips he keeps in his closet.

In McCain’s case, it has to do with an entire military career based upon lies.

McCain was an incompetent playboy given special privilege due to his Admiral daddy.

Evidence shows that McCain literally added fuel to the fire during an incident on board the USS Forrestal in 1967. When a Zuni rocket triggered in an aircraft across from McCain’s A-4 (where he was conducting pre-flight checks), McCain appears to have toggled a bomb off of his aircraft before getting out. 134 sailors were killed and 161 were injured; how many was McCain personally responsible for?

Most of all, McCain’s Prisoner of War narrative is, for some reason, a story he is unwilling to recount openly. Could it be that he comported himself with less courage than we were told?

He sure has done all he can to insure that any POWs left in Vietnam stayed there.

McCain’s frequent “mishaps” in flight have been whitewashed as a “daredevil” who “tested the limits” of himself and his aircraft.

By his own admonition, he collaborated with the Vietnamese.

McCain was candid, though, in admitting that the injuries caused by his ejection, particularly his broken knee, drove him to try to bargain with his prison interrogators. He told them he would give them information if they took him to a hospital. He claimed he didn’t really intend to keep his word. But very soon he, like Chuck Rice, like James Stockdale, like every American POW in Hanoi, was broken. McCain did what the North Vietnamese ordered: He signed and made taped statements that could be used as propaganda against the United States of America. ~ Zalin Grant

Of course we can understand the pressure of torture and duress but exactly how did McCain “break”? It is telling that this is a story he doesn’t want to tell or that his detractors like Hillary Clinton have kept information in their hip pocket for use against him.

Good thing she, too, is on the payroll. —And it’s easy to see why McCain was chosen in 2008 to throw the election to the candidate the CIA and Rome preferred, Barack Hussein Obama.

Upon returning to the United States, he summarily dumped his devoted wife who kept her terrible car wreck from him while he was deployed and a prisoner. She will never walk right again.

He showed his gratitude by remarrying to Cindy Lou Hensley, heiress to the Anheuser-Busch beer empire of daddy James Hensley. Hey, he needed the perks.

Now, McCain rushes off to wherever the CIA needs a Reptilican dummy:

In Egypt…

U.S. Sen. John McCain says this summer’s ouster of former [Muslim Brotherhood] Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy was “a coup,” a description that goes against the statements so far from the Obama administration. ~ CNN

Barack Obama didn’t need to be inflammatory in his support of the Muslim Brotherhood when he’s got a stooge like McCain at the CIA’s beck and call.

In Libya…

Is Sen. John McCain’s visit Friday morning to the Benghazi strong-hold of Libya’s rebel forces a sign of creeping escalation in the conflict with strongman Muammar Gaddafi that may lead to eventual troop deployment by Western nations? Impossible to know at this point, of course, but events coinciding with McCain’s visit to opposition fighters he called “my heroes” does allow the question to be raised. ~ Time

Within a year of this 2011 visit, John McCain’s “heroes” would be sodomizing Ambassador Chris Stevens right before killing him, along with 3 other Americans.

In Syria…

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said it was “moving” to meet with rebel groups battling Syrian dictator Bashar Assad during the senator’s surprise trip to the country earlier this week. ~ Politico


Syrian rebels have done it again. They’ve justified their cause by executing two young boys at point blank range. These are the forces supported by jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt who the Obama administration is wanting released.

When Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went to Egypt recently, they pleaded for the release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders. In fact, Graham said that such a solution was necessary to keep Egypt from falling “into the abyss”. …

As we wrote previously, McCain has a certain affinity for a Syrian rebel lobbyist who lives one block away from the White House. McCain so trusted Mouaz Moustafa that the Senator from Arizona went with Moustafa to Egypt and had his picture taken with a Syrian kidnapper. ~ Walid Shoebat

—and in Ukraine…

Senator John McCain on Sunday told thousands of Ukrainian protesters camped on Kiev’s main square that Ukraine’s destiny lay in Europe and that it would make Europe better. ~ the Guardian

McCain’s “heroes” in Ukraine are literal Nazis that are committing unspeakable atrocities such as raping, torturing and murdering junta protestors in Odessa, mostly by burning them alive.

Apparently, the CIA needs to give their other puppet, Barack Obama, cover for stepping up his efforts to provocateur in Ukraine. The perennial politician (McCain has been a Congressman or Senator for a despicable thirty two years) recently lamented that he is “ashamed” of his country for not starting a war with Russia in Ukraine. [hat/tip Tim and Andrew at Revelations Radio News]

But it gets worse.


The Cold War dinosaur of “NATO” has been resuscitated as the military arm of the EU, creating a Berlin Wall in reverse. This from my previous column:

In April of 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington, DC which created an interdependent coalition of nations who vowed to respond to any Soviet aggression aimed at one of the member states. That coalition was called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the signatories were;

  • History_of_NATO_enlargementUnited States
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • the United Kingdom

As the first Secretary General of NATO, General Hastings Lionel Ismay, 1st Baron Ismay, KG, GCB, CH, DSO, PC, famously said; NATO’s purpose was—

“…to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down…”

And “keep the Russians out” they did!

They did it so well, in fact, that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO not only continued to function but actually expanded creating an ever-tightening ring around the new democratic and capitalist Russian Federation.

Policies hostile to Russia were also adopted by the European Union. Together, the two organizations have erected an iron curtain choking off Russia from the West.

NATO Expansion, EU Expansion

It was the pretext of brining in yet another former Soviet satellite right on Russia’s doorstep, attacking her access to the Black Sea and threatening vital lines of gas and oil that facilitated a civil war in Ukraine.

Imagine if a civil war were manufactured in Mexico and Russian security and intelligence personnel were in every part of it—as the FBI and CIA are in Ukraine.

The Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were key acquisitions in this Luciferian Hedge. Now, NATO militaries can play right on Russia’s western border.

Previous to this, traitors in American government have kept their tactics under wraps by using supposed part-time personnel under full-time orders and Federal funding. For instance, the Pennsylvania Army map of narva estoniaNational Guard has a robust presence in Lithuania. The fact that these men should be at home, on call for Pennsylvanians has never bothered any of the Commonwealth’s co-opted Governors.

But the Luciferians are getting impatient with Russia’s patient politicians. They are stepping up their provocations and pouring military personnel into the Baltics.

Recently, six thousand troops from nine different NATO nations conducted an exercise in Estonia and many of them are still there. They are holding massive troop movements akin to a Soviet May Day parade in the ethnically Russian town of Narva, just outside the border.

They didn’t just stop there. At least one German column conducted this parade at night, when observers could easily be overwhelmed with the fear that it was an actual incursion into Russia.

The good news is that the Luciferian Elite who give the bootlickers in America’s military orders like these are afraid of you waking up and seek a distraction to take the heat off of them like a war with Russia.

The bad news is that the Luciferian Elite who have captured America seek a needless war with Russia.

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