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You should never be amazed about the depth of Leftist depravity.

Case in point: 911 Commission member Jamie Gorelick sat in stern judgment over several members of the presidents’ administration trying to get the bottom of just who is responsible for the 911 intelligence debacle.

When, in reality, she was partly responsible. As a deputy attorney general for the satan administration, she wrote a memo in 1995 that established a “wall” between the criminal and intelligence divisions within the government. The Left has always hated the military, the FBI and the CIA. Somehow, the current trend of American will seems to have magically converted many of them. They just don’t bother to bring up their past (even when they are persecuting someone else for the damage they have done).

Once the treason was uncovered, former NJ “Republican” governor and 9/11 Commission chairman Thomas Kean told press, “…people ought to stay out of our business.”

“Our business” ostensibly being to cover the treason of the satan administration, brethren within the political ruling class…??

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