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If you love America, I will guarantee you have no idea the size and composition of the Machine that is riding and killing her. But, like some massive, parasitic insect gorged on your blood, the moment you become aware of it, picking it off and squashing will be a snap.

The satanic vampires know this and desperately use every trick in the book to keep their machinations masked. Their most effective puppets are the ones they paint as being on your side, like Donald Trump.

There are several issues that lift up the rock the bloodsucking parasitic Elite hide under. Those that lift it and point to what’s underneath are on our side. Those that mock the warnings and refuse to touch the rock are traitors (to America and humanity), controlled slaves and collaborators with America’s most vicious, dangerous enemies.


As I’ve told you many times before, the Elite want you watched, controlled, poisoned, enslaved and impoverished. Most of all, they want you dead.

Few people know about “the American Stonehenge” but there is a “monument” in Elberton, Georgia that is billed as the “mysterious” marker for a “new age of reason”. Little is given on its apparent home page but alternative media sources like Vigilant Citizen aren’t far from the truth with descriptions like this:

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society. …

The Georgia Guidestones is an enigmatic granite monument situated in Elbert County, Georgia. Also known as the American Stonehenge, the gigantic structure is almost 20 feet high and is made of six granite slabs, weighing in total 240,000 pounds. The most astonishing detail of the monument is however not its size but the message engraved into it: Ten rules for an “Age of Reason”. These guides touch upon subjects that are associated with the “New World Order”, including massive depopulation, a single world government, the introduction of a new type of spirituality, etc. The authors of those rules have requested to remain totally anonymous and, until now, their anonymity has been duly preserved.

But the Elite can’t carry out their agenda if you’re aware of it because you’ll rise up and do to them what is long overdue; hang them in the public square.

So when they poison you, they have to sneak it in. They’re so good at it, uninformed Americans allow it fluoride in your waterwholesale.

—Like having toxins put in your drinking water.


If I were to tell visitors from another time and place that the same government that slipped hallucinogenic drugs to innocent and unsuspecting citizens really cares about your teeth they’d ask me how stupid I thought they were.

You are.

What, you didn’t know that CIA (also known as the “Cocaine Importation Agency”) gave lysergic acid diethylamide—LSD—to innocent citizens and soldiers to further their Nazi-received knowledge on “mind control”?

Newly unclassified information blows wide the U.S. government’s covert operation to dose hundreds of unwitting Americans with LSD in the 1950s and ‘60s. …

Before LSD escaped the lab and was evangelized by hippies, the U.S. government was secretly testing the effects of the drug on hundreds of unsuspecting American civilians and military personnel. In a must-read feature on newly unclassified material on the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operation, the MK-ULTRA program, which ran from 1953 to 1964, SF Weekly fully exposes the bizarre world of the CIA’s unethical drug tests. The utterly-unbelievable-but-true story involved using hookers to lure in unwitting johns for undisclosed testing, narcotics agents who slipped drugs into drinks, and a U.S. marshal who held up a San Francisco bar not knowing he was high on acid. ~ The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America, Maia Szalavitz, Time

At a secret black site in the years after the end of WWII, CIA and U.S. intelligence operatives tested LSD and other interrogation techniques on captured Soviet spies—all with the help of former Nazi doctors. ~ What Cold War CIA Interrogators Learned from the Nazis, Annie Jacobsen, The Daily Beast

It is amazing the depth of evil you can get someone to carry out if you tell them you will let them be a spy and it’s for the sake of “national security”. Of course, with Nazis and satanists on the payroll it’s not that hard.

Oh, and if you think the CIA stopped using Nazis, hallucinogenic drugs and satanic rituals to break a human being’s mind in 1964 I’ve got a bridge to sell you. If that’s where they were in the 50’s and 60’s, just think where they are now.

And these are the same really wonderful people who care about you so much, they want you to have healthy teeth by putting fluoride in your water.

That very concept itself is an abrogation of your right to not be medicated unless you give your full consent.

But fluoride isn’t a “medication”, it’s a heavy metal toxin. Our good friends in Nazi Germany again lead the way with how useful hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride could be when force-fed to prisoners. The Soviet Union got wind and joined the fun!

* Fluoride is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry and it’s also a Part II Poison under the UK Poisons Act 1972.

* Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride).

* USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950’s that in his post as U.S.-Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

* The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin.) ~ Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual, Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet

You know when corporate-controlled media is forced to acknowledge an issue—for the children—there’s overwhelming evidence that now needs to be mitigated or marginalized.

…questions about the impact of fluoride on mental health are growing and can no longer be ignored.

A recently published Harvard study showed that children living in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those living in areas where the water has low fluoride levels. In fact, the study analyzed the results of 27 prior investigations and found the following, among other conclusions:

* Fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development (in children) at exposures much below those that cause toxicity in adults.

* Rats exposed to (relatively low) fluoride concentrations in water showed cellular changes in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue. ~ Does Fluoride In Drinking Water Hurt Your Brain? Dr. Keith Ablow, FoxNews

Let’s just say for poops & giggles that fluoride really was good for you (even though no reputable dentist ever has you ingest it). The funny thing is, what you get in your water isn’t even pharmaceutical grade chemicals. It’s corrosive industrial waste.

Win/win for the bloodsucking Elite!



Persistent aircraft contrails like those above constantly pattern across America’s skies yet citizens blithely go about their business like oblivious insect prey beneath a spiderweb of poison that slowly descends upon them.

It started with the brilliant work of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla; the idea that electricity could be used to manipulate weather. Right after his death, the Federal Bureau of Instigation quickly confiscated his papers and effects and these were the foundation of efforts such as the so-called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or “HAARP”. And it’s a good thing that Tesla’s ideas have been buried because he drew up concepts that included drawing electrical power directly from the atmosphere to charge anything you needed; homes, automobiles, etc. Think of all the lost trillions of dollars to the oil companies!

The ideas behind manipulating weather are simple enough, massive antenna arrays blast the atmosphere with radio waves for directing cloud formations. Their effectiveness is dramatically increased when the skies are seeded with metals like aluminum, barium and strontium. Yes those metals eventually make their way into the soil, the water table and you but making you sick is just a side benefit, really.

There are many other great applications for this technology including directed radiation to effect human behavior, perhaps taking a peaceful demonstration and agitating it into a bloodthirsty one.

This agenda, too, has become so in-your-face obvious that the Machine is being forced to acknowledge it with the usual mitigating disinformation. Of course, it’s “global warming” that will kill us all unless we allow ourselves to be massively poisoned:

Attempts to counter global warming by modifying Earth’s atmosphere have been thrust into the spotlight following last week’s report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Mention of “geoengineering” in the report summary was brief, but it suggests that the controversial area is now firmly on the scientific agenda. …

The summary reads: “Methods that aim to deliberately alter the climate system to counter climate change, termed geoengineering, have been proposed. Limited evidence precludes a comprehensive quantitative assessment of both Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and their impact on the climate system.” ~ Latest IPCC Climate Report Puts Geoengineering in the Spotlight, Daniel Cressey and Nature magazine, Scientific American

Don’t worry, “Scientific American” assures you; they aren’t doing anything right now, darn it. There just isn’t enough money or desire to spray constantly into the atmosphere.

At present, only small-scale, pilot geoengineering projects are in operation, including reforestation efforts and capturing carbon from biofuel plants. This is due, in part, to what some scientists say is a baffling dearth of funding for researchers working in the area. ~ Latest IPCC Climate Report Puts Geoengineering in the Spotlight, Daniel Cressey and Nature magazine, Scientific American

chemtrail pattern

This is a well-known propaganda technique. When you see corporate controlled media asking the dumbed-down public if they think cloning is ethical what you can deduce is that advanced genetic experimentation with humans has been going on for generations and it’s time to expose you to it.


I have written so much on the agenda of governments who murder or pretend to murder their own citizens to blame on a political enemy of choice that you could probably pick one of my columns at random and get a solid background on just how despicably prevalent this has become in America.

It is an agenda that spans generations and both political parties. While it is clear that the Obama administration has made this high treason an art form, it was a Republican administration that will go down in history as slaughtering the most Americans in a single day for the New World Order…at least, to date.


There is no one in the history of the United States who has done as much harm to her as Barack Hussein Obama and that’s amazing given the flat-out treasonous Communist scum who have soiled the highest office in the world. Franklin Roosevelt dug the grave with his Raw Deal while Johnson used the Tonkin Gulf false flag to keep sending thousands of America’s sons into the East Asian meatgrinder of Vietnam and helped orchestrate the public slaughter of a sitting president but they don’t hold a patch to Barry Sotero.

What is the most despicable are those on the false Right who give him cover.

A great example is United States Senator and “Tea Party” favorite Marco Terdo Rubio—a consummate Machine insider.

Huma Abedin is well-placed in American polticis. She is the wife of former Congressman Anthony Wiener and personal attendant to Hillary Clinton. One can just imagine how she became Clinton’s Mrs. Weiner. When her connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Royal Saudi family (the same nice guys that gave you 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers) were discovered, a handful of those not part of the Machine—like former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann—attempted to raise the alarm. Marco Terdo quickly joined the ranks of CIA-controlled Reptilicans to beat her down.

When Barack the Most Merciful conducted an 8-month illegal and treasonous war against the stable Middle Eastern state of Libya, culminating in the brutal public torture and murder of Muammar Gaddafi, Marco Terdo was there to give cover for the foreign-born CIA drug mule. Masking his support as a criticism, Rubio feigned attacking his messiah for not conducting his treason sooner and with more American lives at risk.

This tactic was used again by another terd in sheep’s clothing; Donald Chump.

The Founders of America, lead by James Madison, knew that if a foreign-born insurgent were ever to sit in the office of President the chances were excellent he would do the bidding of an international enemy and destroy the United States from within—which is why Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the Constitution says:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…

If it were ever found that Barack the Most Merciful—the man with multiple aliases and the Social Security Number of a dead man from Connecticut—were not a “natural born citizen” everything he’s ever done would be nullified: every appointment, every “Executive Order”, every law he’s signed…NULLIFIED. It is a complete end-run on his entire presidency.

This issue came to a burning climax when the miraculous messiah’s supposed long-form birth certificate was released. A few days later, the shocking announcement was made, “We got bin Laden!”

If you had anything to say after this event, you were clearly a loon:

Weirdly, this surge of political nastiness hit its absurd peak only last week, when President Obama finally felt compelled to release the original, long-form version of his birth certificate, proving he had in fact been born in Hawaii, not in Kenya. He had already provided a notarised copy, newspaper reports from the time, and the testimony of people who knew his mother. But that was not good enough for (depending on which polls you believe) up to 25 per cent of Americans, and a much larger percentage of Republicans.

In the wake of this operation, they’ll have to think twice. After all, George W Bush – a cowboy-boot wearing, slang-talking, wood-chopping American – called for the U.S. to haul in bin Laden, “dead or alive”. But Barack Obama – whose middle name is “Hussein”, whose surname rhymes with “Osama”, and who definitely does not come from Texas – is the one who actually did it. ~ Bin Laden Killed: For a Day or Two, We’ll Feel Like the United States of America Again, Anne Applebaum

Thank you Anne Applebaum…I did feel like an American after Barack saved me. Now I feel so slimy after calling him and you a treasonous shill. I must be a racist!!!

As America headed into messiah’s second term with another shill set up as a phony alternative, billionaire clown Donald Trump was rolled out to make a fuss about Dear Leader’s origins. Patriotic Americans all over quickly rallied to his side! Now we’ll get some answers! Trump for President!!!

Donald Trump's hair

Alas, Trump retreated after the many-layered forgery was released and later appeared to have been working for the Manchurian Messiah all along.

Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” is now public and billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump, who had surged into the lead among possible GOP contenders for the 2012 nomination by grilling members of the media about Obama’s constitutional eligibility, is back on the sidelines, right? …

Trump today reached out to WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President,” with a long list of questions about where the issue is, and where it seems to be going. …

Corsi said Trump specifically wanted to know what will happen next in the campaign to reveal the truth about Obama. ~ Trump Pumps Corsi for Latest on Obama, Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily

As he prepares to release shocking new evidence and name the people who he claims were behind the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate, author Jerome Corsi sensationally accused short-lived Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of “working with Obama” to neutralize the birther controversy.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Corsi said that he now completely discounted the apparent efforts of Donald Trump to force the release of Obama’s birth certificate, stating, “I’m completely convinced at this point Donald Trump was subterfuge, that he…. was working with Obama.” ~ Corsi: Trump Conspired With Obama To Neutralize Birther Controversy, Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars

Turns out, the Chumpster is deep in bed with Israeli insurgents Rahm “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” Emanuel and brother Ari.

Now Trump is “attacking” Obama by legitimizing his birth fable by claiming he lied about being a Kenyan to get college financial aid.

This issue is such holy water to vampires, even when a puppet tries to give cover, the fact that the words “birth certificate” are mentioned means it was immediately blacked out or ridiculed by the 5th Column media.

I hope that this insight gives you an idea about how to spot who works for the Machine and who really cares about America, her Constitution and her great citizens because as far as I can see, she will continue to be destroyed unless Barack Obama, everyone behind and in front of him is rounded up in a line and told “You’re fired.”

Or, more accurately, just “Fire!”

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