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There is a very deeply disturbing agenda, the mere premise of which should shock you into reading further to see if any shred of it is true:

Powerful forces in your own government have set up operations to terrorize and kill you and to blame it on a foe of their convenience, in order to further a political agenda that will destroy what’s left of your Constitutional freedoms and enslave you.


A “false flag” event is an extremely powerful and useful tool. From the ashes of Oklahoma City sprang the “Timothy McVeigh!” mantra the Clinton Administration and the Left have used for decades to beat down upstart Christians, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Patriots that were becoming troublesome. They continue to use it to this day.

The Department of Homeland* Security released a “Threat Assessment” in 2009 that targeted Christians, Libertarians, Pro Lifers and returning veterans as America’s future “terrorists”. It caused tremendous backlash from citizens but, rather than retract it, then DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano doubled down and used her “personal experience” with “prosecuting Timothy McVeigh” as the reason to cast the new Police State spotlight on this community.

From the rubble of the Twin Towers came the birth of the modern, Orwellian Surveillance State.

In my comprehensive breakdown of the Boston Bombing I list some of the best known and most misunderstood False Flags in history:

Christians scapegoated and martyred by Rome

* the fires of Rome.
* the U.S.S. Maine
* the RMS Lusitania
* the Reichstag fire
* the Gleiwitz incident

—along with many others.

The recent shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is also proving to be another contrived incident, manufactured for maximum political damage to those who are resisting the “One World Order”.

The connections from LAX to Sandy Hook Elementary have forced me to return to Newton, Connecticut and re-examine just how many anomalies have surrounded that event. As we roll over the one-year anniversary, many questions still remain.

The legitimacy of the tears shed that day, top the list.


Within a month, California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein revisited her sunsetted 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban”. The quickness with which this complex legislation was unveiled showed that it was just waiting in the hopper. Whether Feinstein was forewarned or not, can only be guessed at.

Feinstein is an individual who clearly has only one design: to turn the American people into easy prey for autocratic tyranny.

Her bill emasculated the 2nd Amendment and should have passed, thanks to the unprecedented spectacle of grammar school children gunned down at their desks but, shockingly, it did not. One reason is that, to this day, there has been no surveillance camera footage released of the massacre—

But another reason is that several key Democrat votes betrayed the effort.

A few short months later, the Senate threw out a more cunning attack on privately-owned firearms. This time, the focus was on “common sense background checks” and the dupe salesmen were “moderates” like Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Both humiliated their supporters with this effort, particularly Manchin who had previously been given an “A” rating by the NRA.

What Americans didn’t know was that the brains behind the effort was hardcore Leftist and radical gun-grabber Charles Schumer (D, NY), and that it was a Trojan Horse of gun confiscation via the medical industry. Under the guise of “mental instability”, uppity citizens could now have their firearms confiscated with no real due process. I interviewed one veteran who had it happen to him with just the mechanisms already in place. The Schumer-Toomey-Manchin bill would’ve made such occurrences an epidemic.

This legislation also failed. But at the state level, savaging the Right to Bear Arms became Democrat summer fun.

* Connecticut already had some of the most confiscatory gun laws in the nation (not to mention the fact that having a firearm within 1000 feet of a school was already illegal) but the Democrat-controlled state piled on with banning magazines, specific firearms and adding even more Orwellian privacy violations for perspective gun purchasers.
* Colorado enacted laws so outrageous and onerous to her population that two key Democrats were ousted from their seats in recalls and a third promptly resigned when she realized the sights were set on her.
* Ammoland reports that Maryland hammered gun owners:
[the] new law will ban 45 specific types of commonly owned semiautomatic firearms, require future purchasers of handguns to obtain a license to do so, mandate reporting of lost or stolen firearms within an arbitrary time period, and institute a ban on the sale, manufacture, purchase or transfer of magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.
* The worst of these was New York where the restrictions were so heavy handed that Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo (and who says America is governed by a Ruling Class?) had to railroad them through by suspending a state Constitutional requirement to allow 3 days for both legislators and citizens to familiarize themselves with any proposed bill. New Yorkers who were already restricted to handgun magazines of only 10 rounds were suddenly whittled down to only 7 and, shockingly, police are already making arrests.


The fallout after Sandy Hook wasn’t just in the passing of draconian gun control legislation in states all over the nation. 2nd Amendment advocates with no staying power folded everywhere.

The controversial firm Cerberus immediately put up for sale “Freedom Group” which included AR-15 manufacturer Bushmaster.

The Chinese slave labor hub known as “Walmart” pulled Bushmaster rifles from their web site (don’t even think about seeing one in a store).

“Dicks” lived up to their name and quickly followed suit.

The Discovery Channel pulled their very popular program “American Guns” from their lineup.

The Weinstein Company of Hollywood cancelled events for “Jack Reacher” and “Django Unchained” (perhaps because it just wasn’t a sensitive time to froth up black racial hatred of whites).

After showcasing the king of billionaire gun-grabbers Michael Bloomberg, Meet the Press’ David Gregory opined that no pro-gun Senators would come defend the 2nd Amendment on his program. Once again, the Party of Surrender came through with flying colors.


Adam Lanza redeye

The sketchy details of Adam Lanza that emerged had trouble connecting him to the crime…or to reality, in general.

Lionel Shriver of the Guardian noted:

Sandy Hook has been the most misreported story in recent memory, but a few facts may have emerged. To date, authorities have not located any confirmed diagnosis for Adam Lanza. Relatives and former classmates say he had Asperger’s syndrome, but this mild form of autism has no correlation with violence. The boy is described as anything but menacing – rather, as withdrawn, antisocial, even “meek”, according to an official at his high school, who explained that Adam was only assigned a psychologist because a scrawny, cringing loner might be tormented by peers.

The NY Daily News reported one “family friend” as saying Lanza was “like a ghost”.

The Wall Street Journal called into question whether Lanza’s mother Nancy had any connection to Sandy Hook Elementary as was originally reported.

A former school board official in Newtown called into question earlier reports that Nancy Lanza had been connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as part of the teaching staff.

“No one has heard of her,” said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. “Teachers don’t know her.”

This last point is even more interesting as a media question to CT State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance creates a startling reaction:

Vance pauses as if frozen in fear and then chooses to deal with the question by simply making up something completely unrelated to say.

No follow-up was offered.


Mike Adams of Natural News noted that corporate media took original reports of multiple shooters and distilled them down to one “lone crazed gunman”.

One of the most important red flags of a staged shooting is a second gunman, indicating the shooting was coordinated and planned. There are often mind control elements at work in many of these shootings. The Aurora “Batman” shooter James Holmes, for example, was a graduate student actually working on mind control technologies funded by the U.S. government. There were also chemical mind control elements linked to Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter of Congresswomen Giffords in Arizona in 2011.

According to multiple eyewitness reports from Aurora, Colorado, including at least one caught on camera by mainstream media news reports in Colorado, James Holmes did not operate alone. There was a second shooter involved. But the media quickly eliminated any mention of a second shooter from its coverage, resorting to the typical cover story of a “lone gunman.”

Today, the exact same thing is happening with the Newton, CT school shooting.

There were several reports that a man in camouflage utilities similar to those worn by the military or government tactical teams was not only seen but arrested by local law enforcement.

Immediately after the event, many media sources linked Adam’s brother Ryan to the shooting and the older Lanza was even arrested at one point.

But the picture that emerges is that we have an extremely murky understanding of Adam that melds into Ryan. Did Ryan somehow help create the Adam Lanza the media has given us? Were pictures of Ryan manipulated and creeped out to become “Adam Lanza”?

Niall Bradley of Veteran’s Today noted;

Perhaps most astonishingly, this suspect arrested in the woods was named in an Associated Press report as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza. The original report has long since vanished of course, but you can see it referenced here. This was despite the fact that Ryan had already been named as the deceased suspect inside the school, lying next to two handguns.

Ryan Lanza was actually at work in Hoboken, New Jersey, that morning when his name and photo began circulating in the media. And so, for most of Friday, the ‘lone shooter’ was erroneously reported as “Ryan Lanza, confirmed dead.” At the same time, we were being told that Ryan’s girlfriend and a room-mate were reported missing, also from Hoboken, New Jersey.

So this isn’t just a case of mistaken identity, as later claimed when it was suggested that Adam had a piece of identification belonging to his brother on his person. Not one, but BOTH Lanza brothers were being placed by “law enforcement officials” at the scene of the shooting. It could be that Ryan’s quick reflexes to leave his workplace to get on a bus to go back to his apartment while protesting innocence via his Facebook page may have saved his life.


A mere two weeks before the shooting, Attorney General Eric Holder made a special visit to Connecticut to talk gun control with Democrat governor Dannel Malloy.

According to the media, Holder was there to push “Project Longevity” which Reuters defines as:

The initiative, known as Project Longevity, will send new federal grant money to Connecticut and involve agents, academics and social workers working for or with the FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Isn’t that nice? Spending your money to whittle away at your 2nd Amendment right to personal protection. It’s something career criminal Eric Holder has been intent on for a long time now.


The behavior of the attending coroner, D. Wayne Carver II, during one press conference was nothing short of bizarre.

He had no details on the number of wounds, or genders of the victims, got the murder weapon wrong and at times seemed intoxicated or inebriated.

What about the gun(s) the “gunman” used? It was the a deadly AR-15 “assault rifle” wasn’t it?

NY Newsday reported Carver as saying;

The gunman who killed 20 first-graders and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school, shooting many multiple times, used a military-style rifle rigged to quickly reload, the state’s chief medical examiner said Saturday.

Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, the medical examiner, said the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown died Friday morning from “a very devastating set of injuries.”

Carver said of the seven autopsies he personally performed, the victims had “three to 11 wounds apiece” and were shot in the head, extremities and torso — two of them at close range.

“I believe everybody was hit more than once,” he said.

Carver said the shooter was able to reload so quickly because he had taped two magazines together.

You’ll notice I have provided no link for the Newsday story. That’s because it was taken down ( has it reposted here).

Perhaps that’s because later reports were coming out saying the deadly assault rifle was not used and, instead, the crazed Lanza did all the damage with four handguns strapped to his body like “Frito the Bandito”.



Now for a short trip from Newton to Hollywood and into the Twilight Zone.

The evening of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the Century Theater (which prohibits firearms on the premises), the movie Batman: Dark Knight Rising was being shown.

One of the previews shown before the feature began was of the James Bond movie Skyfall. During that preview, a large neon sign with the word “AURORA” was shown. Experts in mind manipulation believe this could have been a behavioral trigger. Look for yourself at 41 seconds in (the shot is completely gratuitous with no bearing on the movie what-so-ever).

The trailer, itself, has an astounding sequence where Bond is being debriefed by a psychoanalyst with a verbal Rorschach test and the associations are teeming with “Illuminati” symbolism:

Analyst: Country.
Bond: England.

Analyst: Gun.
Bond: Shot.

Analyst: Agent.
Bond: Provocateur.

Analyst: Murder.
Bond: Employment.

Analyst: Skyfall.

Analyst: Skyfall.
Bond: Done.

The Dark Knight Rises had a very interesting prop that was used. A map of “Gotham City” maintained by the Gotham PD in multiple movies had an important island renamed. The sports stadium that was destroyed by the villain Bane with spectacular special effects was located on the island of “South Hinkley”.

The name of that island was later changed to “Sandy Hook”. InfoWars (often featured by Matt Drudge) has a well-referenced breakdown of this astounding connection.

The prop master for Dark Knight Rises was Scott Getzinger, a man with an impressive resume and copious experience in make-believe. 8 months before the Sandy Hook shooting Getzinger died in a car accident just outside of his home…Newton, Connecticut.

The Stamford Advocate noted that;

State police initially characterized his injuries as non-life threatening.

I guess the immediate care he received afterward was somewhat less than adequate.

At a public hearing for “Gun Violence Prevention & Children’s Safety”, Getzinger’s wife—Susan McGuinness Getzinger—made an astounding statement in support of the 2nd Amendment and gave an ominous warning of systemic corruption:

Another odd coincidence is that the author behind the dystopic New World Order hit The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, also lives in Newton, Connecticut.

The popular blog site “Vigilant Citizen” noted of the book-to-movie sensation:

The hit movie “The Hunger Games” takes place in a dystopian future where the poor and wretched masses live under the high tech tyranny of a wealthy elite. Is the movie depicting the kind of society the elite is trying to establish for the New World Order?

Were Suzanne Collins, Scott Getzinger and others used by an “Illumined Elite” to create the Sandy Hook tragedy?


The first thing I noticed during my research for this column was that several stories I had saved after the event were no-longer available.

SANDY HOOK CORONER MKULTRA PROGRAMMED by Sandy Hook 911 ''terminated''

An entire YouTube account “Sandy Hook 911” had been “terminated”.

Adam Lanza's Neighbors Discuss His Disposition [no one knew the Lanzas] - Inside Edition

An “Inside Edition” report interviewing neighbors who had little or no recollection of Adam Lanza was taken down. I found it and uploaded it to my YouTube account:

The causal link between powerful hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals and aberrant, homicidal and suicidal behaviors grows more sure following both research and evidence in the past of suspects like Adam Lanza.

Recently, the Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Patrick B. Kwanashie gave astounding testimony at a Freedom of Information hearing regarding why the state continues to refuse the release of Adam Lanza’s medical records.

Although “helpful” media sources like the Huffington Post have reported that there were no alcoholic or narcotic traces in Adam Lanza’s body, the actual toxicology report from Medical Examiner Wayne Carver remains undisclosed.

Any good investigator would be immediately curious as to the appearance and behavior of the Assistant AG as well! Mr. Kwanashie seems to be a practicing CT attorney but apart from his unusually high salary there is little to be found of him from the internet. Legal Help Mate isn’t of much help, either, but does note that Mr. Kwanashie’s spoken language is “English”. Clearly it is not his first language but, again, we are left to guess. And wearing sunglasses indoors while not holding the gaze of anyone at the table? He’s either vision impaired or perhaps he, also, has something to hide.

Until now, not even the 911 calls had been released. The LA Times stated:

The same day the FBI released video showing Aaron Alexis hunting down people in the halls of the Washington Navy Yard, Connecticut law enforcement officials were defending their refusal to make public 911 recordings from December’s Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

The Connecticut officials lost; the state’s Freedom of Information Commission on Wednesday ordered the state’s attorney in Danbury, Stephen Sedensky III, to release the recordings. But Sedensky plans to appeal, promising to extend a legal battle that has raised the question of when the public’s right to know supersedes the need for sensitivity toward victims’ families — especially when the victims were young children gunned down in their classrooms.

And even the Times noted the strange sensitivity of Attorney Sedensky:

The secrecy is striking in light of the quick release of information — from 911 recordings to pictures and video — in other notorious crimes.

With much fanfare from the Left and the media establishment, the calls were released for the “one year anniversary” but like all the other evidence they raise more questions than they answer.


Of the handful of apparent witnesses at Sandy Hook perhaps the one who embodies the controversy best is Gene Rosen.

Gene is the owner/operator of “Gene’s Trusty Pet Service, LLC”. On his “About” page he admits something interesting about himself;

In the past, Gene has been involved in community theater and Public Access Television where he hosted a program that reported on the local theater scene.

Floating around the internet is this video that appears to be Gene doing an interview dry-run.

Rosen figured quite prominently in media interviews, perhaps he knew what he would be saying ahead of time.


Possibly the most shocking aspect of the Newton shooting was the decision to raze to the ground the entire Sandy Hook Elementary school!

This from Fox News:

Workers Demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School Required To Sign Confidentiality Agreements

Contractors demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School are being required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building where 26 people were fatally shot last December.

Selectman Will Rodgers said officials want to protect the Newtown school where the 20 children and six educators were killed…

Project manager Consigli Construction has barricaded the property and intends to screen the perimeter to prevent onlookers from taking photographs. Full-time security guards will ensure the site is not disturbed. …

Jim Juliano, a member of the Public Building and Site Commission, said he initially considered whether the heightened precautions might be excessive. But he believes extra vigilance is needed to shield Sandy Hook families and the community from exploitation.



This has frustrated gun-grabbing propagandist Michael Moore into pontificating that a grieved parent should release a photo to “finish off the NRA”, but that has yet to happen.

Certainly, school security camera footage of the crazed Lanza running through classrooms gunning down toddlers would be the death knell for, not just the NRA but the 2nd Amendment (as so many politicians have been pushing for).

We’re still waiting.

NPR reported that there were two wounded casualties from the shooting. At last! Eye witnesses to give testimony!

Alas, we were told that Connecticut State Police “do not identify witnesses”.

“We do not identify witnesses,” [Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul] Vance told reporters a few minutes ago, after being asked about the two adults who police now say were shot and wounded. Before today, there had only been word about one wounded individual.

Vance then raised even more eyebrows when he threatened that anyone who used social media to promulgate “conspiracy theories” that didn’t comport with the exact official story would be prosecuted!

Vance couched his threat in terms of hoaxers putting out misinformation but law enforcement investigators don’t dig for clues on Facebook. “Some things were of a threatening manner” but no specifics were ever given.

Then there’s the case of Robbie Parker, father of little victim Emilie Parker. Apparently, the Parkers were looking to turn little Emilie into the next Shirley Temple…

—or JonBenét Ramsey.

creepy Emilie Parker glamour shot vs. normal

While I worked on this story, another shooting incident has occurred—this time, in Nevada—and the local ABC affiliate via corporate CNN has gleefully tied it to Sandy Hook.

A staff member was killed and two students were injured after a student opened fire at a Nevada middle school on Monday, police said. …

The “student/suspect” in the case was also killed, Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras said. …

The motive in Monday’s shooting was unclear. …

The shooting comes months after a gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, igniting nationwide debate over gun violence and school safety.

The mother of a student killed in December’s shooting in Newtown said Monday’s shooting was reminder of the need to find solutions to keep students safe.

“The unthinkable has happened yet again, this time in Sparks, Nevada,” Nicole Hockley said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the children of Sparks Middle School, who today came face to face with violence that no child should ever experience. It’s moments like this that demand that we unite as parents to find common sense solutions that keep our children — all children — safe, and prevent these tragedies from happening again and again.”

Why is the media rushing to a supposed Sandy Hook parent to get her take if not to heighten the hysterical paranoia already in effect?

NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE (even if you have to make one)

Breitbart’s A.W.R. Hawkins reported that Barack Obama eagerly pounced on the anniversary of the terrible tragedy to push for ever more “gun control”:

Recognizing that Congress has zero interest in passing more gun control, Obama used his weekly radio address to reflect on the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary and encourage communities and community-level gun control activists to rally behind the cause.

In a transcript carried by UPI, Obama mentioned the sadness that engulfed Americans following Sandy Hook. He said this sadness brought “a sense of resolve…[that] we must change.”

This means gun control…

Right on cue, he had yet another school shooting to help him drive home his point.

Teen Karl Pierson entered Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado with a shotgun and started shooting. His first victim, Claire Davis, remains in critical condition. Confronted by a sheriff’s deputy, he turned the weapon on himself and ended his life.

However, Pierson has proved to be an inconvenient foil for gun confiscation as reports like this one from the Denver Post show that he was a vehement socialist who mocked “republicans” and was an ardent proponent of “gun control”. If his intent was to create a media firestorm towards outrage over gun violence, it fizzled like his life did.

It is interesting to note that the paramilitary contractor “TAC ONE” was doing a “Lone Wolf active shooter drill” in Limon, Colorado (just 90 minutes from Littleton) on the day of the shooting and another “Lone Wolf active shooter drill” in Littleton, itself, the day after.

Drills of the same event on or about that same date are a tell-tale sign that it has been managed. If there is confusion over whether a terror event is real or a drill, the time first responders allow to elapse can be extremely helpful when extracting the highly-trained contract shooters that do the actual killing.

The second drill was to take place at Arapahoe County College, just 10 short minutes from Arapahoe High School. Even someone calling it in would easily be confused.

tac one 1

tac one 2

tac one 3


With so many of these events showing signs of management and manipulation, it is entirely possible that they will continue and increase until Americans are completely enslaved or the country is engulfed in civil war.

Only an awake and alert citizenry will give this nation any hope of survival.

UPDATE: Sunday, 22 December 2013; 09:35 AM, EST

I have been working on this report for nearly two months now so if some of the pieces don’t flow together, please forgive me.

As a writer, researcher and journalist you are always worried that you’ve missed something on a big story. After finally posting this yesterday it wasn’t until I was laying in bed that I remembered there was important information to be had from an interview radio host Alex Jones had with Black Ops State Department official Steve Pieczenik.

In that interview, Pieczenik hammered down on the Hollywood/FEMA connection and stated that he believed the entire event was fabricated.

Here are pertinent clips from the interview but I encourage you to watch/listen to it in its entirety (below) if you have the time. The only thing I disagree with Pieczenik on is that he attempts to legitimize what he thinks is his extreme view—that Sandy Hook was completely fabricated—by contrasting it with his buying in to the official story from Aurora.

That’s a completely different column.

A woman who lives in Sandy Hook who’s worth $600,000,000…named Suzanne Collins, she’s written all [of] the Hunger Game…books and, literally, it comes out of her script—the assassination of children in schools, the assassination of children in a dystopic society, the fact that she had “no comment”…and secondly you had a whole group of actors—Gene Rosen, who came out of the Crisis Actors group—I always refer my readers to IS-42, Social Media [in] Emergency Management, the official course launched in summer by [the] Emergency Management Institute—which you and I pay for—it’s a whole school on how to create disasters.

Gene Rosen was not only not a psychologist he was a FEMA advisor and also in Texas plus you have kids who were in various acting schools…

I have verified what Pieczenik said with the official pages as embedded links. The “IS-42: Social Media in Emergency Management” course has a date listed of 31 October 2012—specially reviewed and updated a mere month and a half before the shooting.

This course has been reviewed for doctrine related changes and therefore is dated October 31, 2013. We recommend that you review the contents of the course and look over the updated materials. If you have already passed the exam for this course, you are not required to complete the exam again in order to be current in your training by FEMA EMI records.

If one wanted to intercept or manipulate inquisitive truth-seekers who weren’t going to simply drink in what CNN told them, this was the course they needed:

Increasingly the public is turning to social media technologies to obtain up to date information during emergencies and to share data about the disaster in the form of geo data, text, pictures, video, or a combination of these media.

When I visited the Crisis Actors web site, there were 12 videos posted on the sidebar; 1 was about posting armed guards in schools, 2 were of Aurora and three were of Sandy Hook to include the propaganda visit from Gabriel Giffords.

The folks at “Crisis” seem unusually fixated on the sensational events the government and media are using to turn our Constitutional Republic into an enslaved Police State.

Pieczenik also mentioned the use of “gag orders” to shut people up and there have been multiple orders surrounding Sandy Hook.

One surrounded the warrant affidavits surrounding evidence collected in relation to the crime—and it extended well beyond the standard 14 days.

Another was to shut up the workers who are going to destroy the entire school over a year later! Ridiculously touted as “protection for the families”, it is an extremely suspicious mandate surrounding an incident where trace evidence may hold clues about what really happened.


The Connecticut martial law specialists at “Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security” held a FEMA course entitled FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters on the day of the shooting less than 20 miles away.

CT DEMHS planning needs of children in disasters 14DEC2012 details

CT DEMHS planning needs of children in disasters 14DEC2012

Do you get the sense this was a topic of fixation within the circles of those pulling the strings?

UPDATE: Friday, 03 January 2014; 08:09 AM, EST

I ran across this video and it’s pretty well done regarding a possible transformation of Ryan into Adam Lanza.


* I’ve always been disturbed by the language used by the Bush Administration and compounded by the Obama Regime. The word “Homeland” harkens to fanatical statist autocracies like that of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.


  • Phil Glutting says:

    This is very fascinating with tons of proof that this was a false flag indeed. I know you touched on this in your book but I really enjoyed the depth of insight in this article. You do a great job! God Bless

  • FatherTime says:

    Almost all the video links have been scrubbed by YouTube… I hope you made copies and can upload them to odysee or the like?

  • kevin e ray says:

    This is very interesting and I have looked into some of this and find many inconsistencies .
    What concerns me is the families abilities to sue for damages when all reports come in this is surely going to be found very questionable !
    why is info wars being hung out to dry when he was more than likely correct about what he was reporting?

  • Jen says:

    Agreed, Alex Jones isn’t paying a cent. He’s been put out there to scare anyone else who may try to shine light on this. I think we should sue these actors for damages and prosecute them for RICO. I was personally caused tremendous anxiety when this first occurred believing it was real. These people are truly despicable and should be imprisoned. They are the worst actors and I can’t believe I was fooled. I think I was so terrified my mind just accepted it. But now it’s so obvious. These people get the razzie awards for crisis actors. They SUCK!

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