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by Joseph

Editor: What helped put Vinny in our sights was our repeated attempts to get on his show and discuss the Jesuit World Order.  Each one was either ignored or rebuffed by Vinny.

Vinny Eastwood is one of the most popular talk show hosts in “alternative media” combining an off-skew sense of humor with all the push-button topics.

But for anyone who is a regular listener or watcher, those topics always tend to be exotic, extreme and of little value to the average citizen.


According to Vinny’s LinkedIn profile, Eastwood was briefly in attendance at the University of Otago, New Zealand, (2004), where he studied Film & Media, Sociology and World History.  Otago is affiliated with New Zealand’s premier institution for consecrating Roman Catholic priests: Holy Cross College and Seminary.  By Vinny’s account, he only lasted a year due to his being caught selling Cannabis on Campus.  He states that he was “lucky to get off with” a 300 hour community punishment.

On Vinny’s “about me” via his website, he states that he worked in call centers and became successful in telesales but all the while was intent on becoming an activist who would be the face of alternative media in New Zealand.

…After going through 2 more sales jobs and just not liking the dishonest & psychopathic money grubbing employers or the idea of a meaningless life selling telecommunications, I took my final paycheck of $5,000 Cash and $20,000 worth of shopping vouchers:

* Quit my job,
* Bought an iMac, Handycam, tripod,
* Started filming protests, public meetings, interviewing activists, ambushing politicians and putting the videos up on youtube.

It was the fact that there was no alternative media in New Zealand covering the things I was hearing on American outlets that really motivated me.

It was clear that Vinny wanted to establish himself as the Alex Jones of New Zealand and that’s where he crossed paths with M J Santell, better known as Mitch Santell.

Mitchell Santell is a capital formation and start up capital expert.  He is a radio syndication and a media branding expert.  He also has worked for Fortune 500 companies including Wells Fargo Bank, U.S. Leasing, Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation and Xerox Learning Systems.  He leased/Financed over 43 million in capital medical equipment between 1984 and 1992.  After leaving “Corporate America” Mitchell Santell started raising capital for start up companies.  Over the past 11 years Mr. Santell has successfully raised start up capital for over 80+ companies.  Each fund raising has been in the 250K to 2.5 Million-dollar range.

Mitchell Santell is a third generation native of California whose family began in the motion picture industry in the 1920s and to this day are remembered as industry leaders.  Santell’s grandfather and great-uncle were a directing team for 40 years directed and produced over 50 motion pictures for 20th Century Fox, Universal, Paramount, MGM, RKO and Warner Brothers. ~ Movie Capital Limited

Santell is the owner of the Vinny Eastwood show, not Vinny Eastwood.

A special investigator has even verified that Vinny’s home is also owned by Santell, who lives in the United States with his wife and four children.

This probably comes as a great shock to Vinny’s audience as they believe the persona Vinny encourages: that he’s a grass-roots activist who has fought his way up from nothing to become New Zealand’s Alex Jones … interestingly, many have questioned the rise and bona fides of Jones, as well.

Despite his powerful financial backing, Vinny still spends much of his time asking for donations.

The subject matter of his show frequently takes critically important topics such as how the Jesuits rule the world from behind the scenes and then discredits them by combining the same show with talk of “aliens” and “Area 51”.

Just when you think Vinny is going to get to a real topic like the Jesuits and the Gun Powder Plot of 1605, he and guest Susan Posel drone on about banal unrelated issues.

That’s the closest to substance any of Vinny’s 3308 videos come, unfortunately.

Vinny does, however, have access to all the best alternative community personalities (each with their own special brand of truth mixed with disinformation) such as Donald Marshall on dreams and cloning, David Icke on Reptilians, Max Igan on the IMF and Karen Hudes on the World Bank. disinfo agent Karen Hudes, the list goes on.  He has also interviewed the flat Earth spokesman Eric Dubay who purposefully discredits his own work with talk of a “hollow Earth” and never missing an opportunity to blame Jews for all civilization’s woes (a key Roman tactic of distraction).

Vinny has also interviewed Russell Pine, a fan of Luciferian Helena Blavatsky’s New Age Theosophy.  Pine is better known by his stage name, Jordan  Maxwell.

When it comes to issues that are critically important to the average truth-seeker like systemic child sex slave trafficking and #PizzaGate, Vinny is nowhere to be found (unlike the Cirucci team)—

Vinny’s not afraid to associate with and/or promote other rabid anti-Semites, as well.  In his feigned journalistic critical examination of Donald Trump, he reposts channels with a dark racist agenda like “Truth Media Revolution”—

Some other of Vinny’s guests, however, have proven to be a little more embarrassing such as Irish artist Thomas Sheridan.  At least one watchdog is accusing Sheridan of posting depraved pornographic comments on Facebook about women while also admitting that he’s Catholic and that’s why he thinks the way he does.  Although the post was taken down (seemingly archived here) Sheridan’s Facebook wall is … “colorful” to say the least.

If truth-seekers seek to be fed, not even the “best of” Vinny’s work will do so.

But that doesn’t stop other “alternative” insiders like James Corbett from giving Vinny a boost.



  • Rob Torckler says:

    Started keeping an eye on VE during the occupy era. You are bang on and your background research will be invaluable for waking New Zealanders up to the truth of the depth of infiltration here and the lengths ‘they’ will go to to deceive us all. Thank you.

  • Andrew says:

    I don’t trust anyone either, but in a time where we are needing everyone to band together against this colossal evil who should we make friends with and by which means, i would have thought if vinny or billy were true threats they would be old news by now… a bit like trump pretending to be the false mochiac ben david.

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