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“Zionism” is the existence and prosperity of the Nation of Israel. To be vehemently against “Zionism” encompasses the Jews because (regardless of how anyone wants to carefully parse it, Jews have the most to gain from “Zion”).

To be vehemently against “Zionism” is to join hands with Nazis and Islamists and that should say something.

So if the nation of Israel were completely destroyed would you then be happy? That says something as well.

To believe that “Zionists” control everything makes us in the Liberty movement look even more crazy and extreme than we’re already perceived when we talk of “conspiracy”.

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In fact, that’s what many Islamists believe in a ridiculous fashion: there’s a Jewish spy hiding in that tree over there. I know, I’ve been to the Middle East.

The well-being of Israel is NOT the clear goal of the “New World Order”. The goal of the N.W.O. is to enslave all mankind, to bleed us, poison us, rob us and murder us. Israel and the conflict that involves her existence is only a bishop on that chessboard.

Here’s what I do, where-ever governments conspire to murder their own citizens for political gain, I shine a light of outrage. Inasmuch as Israeli governments, politicians and intelligence operatives have compounded the “terrorism” in their borders, they qualify for that outrage but just about every major government on the planet has done the same. Yasser Arafat was a pervert pedophile who molested little boys while making SURE that “Palestinian” refugees lived as miserable a life as possible for his political gain.

One friend recently remarked “Zionists are Nazis”. Come on, man!

No, Jewish Nazi collaborators like George Soros are Nazis.

My friends who say such things aren’t seeing clearly on this to make such a statement.

For all in the Liberty movement, please understand; “ZIONIST PLOT!!!” is losing us far more help than it is gaining us.

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