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You’ve got to love the sophistry of the Republican debates.  When you know and understand who is putting them on (the Jesuits) and why (to mock Americans with good values who love their country) it makes you want to laugh or cry…or rage.

The way Rome works is, well, “Jesuitical”.

Jesuitical [jezh-oo-it-i-kuh l, jez-oo-, jez-yoo-]


  1. of or relating to Jesuits or Jesuitism.
  2. (often lowercase) practicing casuistry or equivocation; using subtle or oversubtle reasoning; crafty; sly; intriguing.


Americans who love America have been repeatedly beat down with destruction of their rights, enslavement in a Police State, complete impoverishment and devaluing of the dollar and total abrogation of their Constitutional rights.  At every level of government—central, state and local—traitors and subversives rule so that not even a neighborhood cop will ask about the sea of illegal aliens surrounding you like a conquering army.

In fact, that’s exactly their purpose: to destroy America’s national identity, wreak havoc with crime and social services, and infuriate good Americans.

This can make more than a few people quite upset and that’s very useful to the Jesuits who wield the Hegelian Dialectic like Campions.  The purpose is to steer blinded Americans where they will self destruct in an imploding fascist fiasco—taking their patriotism and warping it into something heinous to be used against them.

This is greatly exacerbated by Papal puppets who take public anger and are allowed to speak what many Americans think (but, of course, never act on it).  Worse, they will often take these sentiments and push them to unnecessarily embarrassing levels to mock you with.

The latest clown in this sideshow has been Donald Trump.  He’s far more of a B-grade actor than he is a serious businessman which is why he’s where he is—

All of the usual Jesuit mouthpieces of disinformation are now pushing the Trump bandwagon.

Why was Trump selected?

Trump spent two years at Jesuit Fordham and Trump’s son Eric not only went to Jesuit Georgetown but is a board member of the Georgetown “Business Society and Public Policy Initiative Board of Advisors”.

In fact, the rest of the board lists like a “Who’s Who” in the circles of the Ruling Elite and Controlled Opposition:

  • President of the European Commission from 2004-2014, “His Excellency” José Manuel Barroso (a Georgetown alumnus)*
  • “The Honorable” Tom Daschle—Roman Catholic radical Leftist who spent decades ensconced in the political halls of power eventually rising to be both Senate Minority and Majority Leaders.
  • CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina—another darling of the sophistry that is the current Republican political scene.
  • “His Excellency” Vicente Fox—former President of Mexico from 2000-2006, he was the Chief Executive Officer for the poison of Coca Cola to be spread throughout Latin America. Fox was Jesuit-educated at both Campion High School and the Universidad Iberoamericana.  Fox has even lobbied before Congress to increase their treason on the border (in and of itself, an act of subversion).
  • “Mormon” Jon Huntsman, former Ambassador to China, former Governor of Utah. Huntsman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania; more on that shortly.
  • Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani al Thani, a member of the ruling family of Qatar.
  • His Excellency Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of Poland from 1995 to 2005, just to name a few.

Somehow, Reddit allowed this fantastic article by the mysterious Veritas__Aequitas that I will repost in its entirety—

Donald Trump has been the subject of media frenzy as of late.  It seems that a considerable amount of those who subscribe to alternative sources of information are Trump supporters.  They see him as some kind of rebel, going against both the Republican and Democratic parties (as exemplified by his recent non-commitment to support the Republican nominee for President).

Could it be though, that Donald Trump is a “false flag candidate” being used to secure the vote of the ever-increasing independent constituency in order to inevitably lull the US into a false sense of positive political novelty and thus to subsequently impose Jesuitical right-wing fascism leading to a nation-wide race war as devised by the masters of class adversarialism, the Sons of Loyola?

It very well could be.  Here is why:

Trump claims to be Presbyterian, yet he attended Jesuit Fordham University for two years and then transferred to the covertly Jesuit-controlled University of Pennsylvania.1

The University of Pennsylvania is funded by various Papal Court Jews, notably by The Annenberg Foundation,2 started by Papal Knight and hofjude Walter Hubert Annenberg.  Annenberg briefly attended the University of Pennsylvania in his youth and later established the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Annenberg is a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.3, 4

Court Jew David L. Cohen is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania as well as an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania.  He is also the executive vice president of Comcast.5  He was recently named co-chairman of the leadership planning committee of the Roman Catholic World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (which is the coming of the Pope to Philadelphia!)6

University of Pennsylvania could be renamed “Hofjude University” because of its enormous amount of Papist Jewish funding and leadership and really the entire Pennsylvania area is controlled by the Roman Catholic hierarchy via the Jesuit provincial holding jurisdiction over Pennsylvania, the Archbishop of Philadelphia and the Bishop of Pittsburgh in conjunction with the temporal coadjutor government officials produced from UPenn and the following Roman Catholic or Catholic-funded Universities: La Salle University, Duquesne University, Pennsylvania State University, Villanova University, Temple University and Saint Joseph’s University.

Protestants do not attend Roman Catholic institutions, especially counter-reformation Jesuit institutions like Fordham University, so Trump is at the very least an apostate for having done that. However, the story does not end with Trump.

Out of the five children he has, the three listed on Wikipedia have attended the following schools:7, 8, 9

Donald John Trump, Jr. – Alma mater: University of Pennsylvania

Ivanka Marie Trump – Alma mater: University of Pennsylvania

Eric Frederic Trump – Alma mater: Georgetown University

There you have it; Trump, in addition to being affiliated with both Jesuit Fordham and covertly Jesuit UPenn, has at least three children who are all alumni of UPenn and notorious Jesuit Georgetown University!

Whether it be Trump, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders that ends up winning the 2016 election, all of these candidates are connected to Rome and all will only serve to implement the tyrannical, neo-Romanist policies of the Papacy and its professed soldiers of the Society of Jesus.





  4. (note: the middle initial is incorrect; it is erroneously written as “Walter J. Annenberg”)






“Conservative” bomb-thrower Ann Coulter has proclaimed that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy is proof that “God hasn’t given up on America.”

True to form, she later put out a “tweet” that enflamed racial hatred and anger toward Jews, implying that the Republican candidates were giving far too much deference to them (because they control everything).

This is a page out of the book of another fake mouthpiece on the Controlled Opposition Right; Patrick Joseph Buchanan.

As a Holocaust denier, Buchanan’s anti-Semitism has earned him his own page on the Anti-Defamation League web site.

Buchanan learned how to be a pied piper of America’s Right from the Jesuits at Gonzaga College High School, and Georgetown University.

In textbook fashion, Buchanan’s phony Right agenda sat across the openly hard-Left agenda of Chris Matthews at NBC.

Matthews has been dutiful Communist Catholic having gone to La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania and then learning from the Jesuits more openly at their College of the Holy Cross.

Once Matthews was indoctrinated by the Jesuits, he was slidden in to tell Jimmy Carter what to say as his speechwriter much the same way another Jesuit-educated plant, Jon Favreau, did for the Teleprompter-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

Matthews then spent six years as Chief of Staff for House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill—also Jesuit-educated at Boston College.

O’Neill was the hardcore Catholic Communist who stood opposite of the fake Right that was the Ronald Reagan presidency.  It was a presidency that saw a massive legalizing of illegal South American Catholic invaders, a treasonous curtailing of the 2nd Amendment, and a thrusting of the dagger into the heart of America by reinstating political ties with the Vatican sovereign city-state—a move personally recommended by “Reverend” Billy Graham.

The Spokane, Washington dyslexically-named "The Spokesman-Review" from 7 February 1984, p. 17

The Spokane, Washington dyslexically-named “The Spokesman-Review” from 7 February 1984, p. 17

These ties were severed after Americans discovered that the Vatican/Jesuit cabal was responsible for both the Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

As Americans look back on the Reagan Presidency, many forget how well radical Leftist O’Neill worked with “Conservative” Reagan.  The reality has creeped out from time to time, so much so that Thomas P. O’Neill, III was given a platform at the NY Times in 2012 to convince us otherwise.

To paraphrase a sometime-friend of my father: “There they go again.”

Twice in their debate on Wednesday, President Obama and Mitt Romney brought up the names of my father, Tip O’Neill, and Ronald Reagan, the Republican icon, asserting that the relationship between Reagan and my father, a Democrat who was speaker of the House for most of Reagan’s presidency, should serve as a model for how political leaders can differ deeply on issues, and yet work together for the good of the country.

It is not a new idea.  As Washington has become increasingly partisan, and increasingly deadlocked, a misty aura has grown around the O’Neill and Reagan years. …

They were two men from humble Irish [Catholic]-American backgrounds …

What both men deplored more than the other’s political philosophy was stalemate, and a country that was so polarized by ideology and party politics that it could not move forward. …

By “move forward” read “push the radical Leftist Catholic/Communist agenda”.

Historic tax reforms, seven tax increases, a strong united front that brought down the Soviet Union — all came of a commitment to find common ground. …

We always throw “fighting Commies” in when Americans are staggered by just how much damage has been done to their nation.  If you’re killing America but fighting Commies, you can’t be all bad…except when you realize the Jesuits created Communism and were manipulating the entire Cold War for their ends.

President Reagan knew my father treasured Boston College, so he was the centerpiece of a dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel that raised $1 million to build the O’Neill Library there.  When Reagan was shot at that same hotel, my father went to his hospital room to pray by his bed. …

No, my father and Reagan weren’t close friends.  Famously, after 6 p.m. on quite a few work days, they would sit down for drinks at the White House.

*hmmm*  Sounds like close friends to me!

In fact, you could say the same thing about Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan.  After Buchanan was “forced to leave” NBC, Matthews shocked his audience by praising him profusely.

Coulter has equally shocked her audience.

Despite being know as the bomb-throwing bombshell of the Right, she has consistently supported Machine candidates for high office like NJ Governor Chris Christie.

Ann Coulter: This country needs Chris Christie, The Daily Caller

For the second time in a week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said this country needs N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to run for president, reports The Hill.

“I don’t care if [Chris Christie] wants to run, his country needs him, it appears,” Coulter said in a Monday interview with Fox News.  “There are a few things he’s a little bit soft on…  We have to run somebody and if we don’t run Chris Christie, it’s going to be Romney because Republican primary voters for some reason refuse to do any research before voting.  They vote for the name of anyone they’ve ever heard before.”

During her speech at Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Coulter said President Barack Obama will be reelected for a 2012 presidency if Christie decides not to run against him.

“If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose,” Coulter said.

As the above comments show, she’s also had an on-again/off-again relationship with Massachusetts Governor Willard Mitt Romney.

Lately, it’s on-again.

Coulter: Mitt Romney in 2016; “Cruz A Disaster On Illegal Immigration”, Real Clear Politics

HOWIE CARR, HOST: Who are you for, for president right now, Ann?

ANN COULTER: Well, don’t tell him but I’m planning on giving Mitt Romney a little more time to rest—flying out, kidnapping him and depriving him of sleep, food and water until he agrees to run again.

CARR: You’re kidding?


CARR: You really want him to run again?

COULTER: Yeah, I think he was a fantastic candidate.

It’s interesting to note that many consider Romney being such a high-placed Mormon as synonymous with him being a Freemason.

Romney comes from a family of Ruling Elites—something far more common in America than our Founding generation would ever have dreamed.

Romney’s father, George Wilcken Romney, was the 43rd Governor of Michigan and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Richard Milhous Nixon.

It’s also worth nothing that a woman who claims to have been a CIA mind-controlled sex slave, Cathy O’Brien, states in her book Trance Formation of America that she was abused at the Michigan Governor’s mansion (in my copy this can be found on p. 91).

Back in 2012, the Jesuits at Fordham made a big show out of uninviting her to speak and brining euthanasia proponent Peter Singer in—

Good for Fordham University!  The school’s College Republicans have cancelled an appearance by Ann Coulter, the prominent conservative pundit known for her slashand-burn rhetorical tactics.  The students could have gone ahead with the talk.  Joseph McShane, S.J., Fordham’s president, made it clear that in the interest of freedom of expression, the university would not stand in the way if the club really wanted to provide a platform for Ms. Coulter.

Still, to say that Father McShane was not enthusiastic about Ms. Coulter’s pending appearance could be the understatement of the semester: “There are many people who can speak to the conservative point of view with integrity and conviction,” Father McShane wrote in an open letter, “but Ms. Coulter is not among them.  Her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative.” ~ Matt Malone, SJ, America Magazine

Fordham President Joseph McShane, SJ, knows who his real enemy is.  Today Fordham is hosting the well known proponent of euthanasia and abortion Peter Singer at a conference charmingly entitled: “Conference with Peter Singer: Christians and Other Animals: Moving the Conversation Forward.”  Singer is fine according to McShane, but he bitterly criticized the College Republicans recently at Fordham for sponsoring a speech by Ann Coulter. ~ Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Whenever a Jesuit plant needs Conservative credentials, they rail against Communism—it’s safe and it’s completely contained.

As I state in my book, the Jesuits created Communism via their reduction settlements in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia.  They had generations of primordial proletariats to help them come up with Catholic Communism from Thomas Aquinas to Thomas More.  From the Reductions in the late 18th century it was just a hop to Herschel Mordechai Levy “Karl” Marx where, according to ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera, they merely had to feed him their doctrines while he was cloistered in a locked room at the British Museum.

Since the suppression of the Templars in 1307, the Roman Luciferians knew never to put their own names and faces to any of the malignant machinations and the Jews have been a convenient and willing scapegoat every time!

Once the Communist threat was created, it was insinuated at every level of American life.  The infiltration was so bad that it was time to put up some outrageous resistance from a corrupt Irish Catholic Senator named Joseph McCarthy.

As is usual for anything America must be humiliated for—from Hiroshima to Abu Ghraib—the Jesuits framed us for it.

The antics that later became known as “McCarthysim” were hatched by the Father (sorry) of American Foreign Policy, Edmund Walsh, SJ—

Jesuit Priest Edmund Walsh walks with General Douglas MacArthur after he sits in on talks in post-war Tokyo, 1948.

On the day that McCarthyism was born, and unseasonably warm spell was broken in Washington, D.C.  It was January 7, 1950, and record-breaking temperatures—on the 6th it had reached 72 degrees—gave way to a return of winter cold. Winds announcing the cold front blew through the city at 40 mph, causing minor damage to a couple trees and a storefront window.

That night, a meeting took place at the Colony restaurant, a four-star establishment in downtown Washington.  Attending were four men: Georgetown University politics professor Charles Kraus, attorney William A. Roberts, Fr. Edmund A. Walsh, a Jesuit and the head of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, and Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Of the four men, of course, the most notorious is Senator McCarthy.  Since his downfall in 1954 McCarthy has gone from politician to alcoholic fiend, an all-purpose chimera for anyone warning against everything from illegal searches to mildly aggressive questioning.  But the perhaps the more important man to history on the night of January 7 was Edmund Walsh, the Georgetown Jesuit.

Unlike McCarthy, Walsh is forgotten to history. ~ Mark Judge, The American Spectator

Jesuit Priest Edmund Walsh walks with General Douglas MacArthur after he sits in on talks in post-war Tokyo, 1948.

I think erased is a far better word than “forgotten”.

The Georgetown “School of Foreign Service” is named after the man who shielded Rome from her involvement in creating the 3rd Reich—

If the Vatican and Jesuits are not up to their eyeballs in provoking wars and creating general chaos worldwide, then why did Georgetown Jesuit priest, Edmund A. Walsh, handpick and place mass murderer Joseph Stalin into power?

If Walsh wasn’t a kingpin in the New World Order, how could he have the power to use American money to fund Russian communism?  How could he have had the power to handpick FDR and Eisenhower to push a phony, controlled World War II onto the American people?

How could Walsh, the creator of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, have had the power to act as chief consultant to the Nuremburg trial judges in order to keep the Jesuits and Vatican connection to the Nazis out of the public record as well as ensuring some prominent Nazis were never convicted?

If Walsh was only a harmless school teacher as depicted by the Jesuits, how come he was instrumental in establishing diplomatic relations for the U.S. Government in Baghdad way back in 1931?  How come he personally assisted Plutarco Elías Calles in the formation of the National Revolutionary Party (PNR), ensuring the security and primacy of the Catholic Church in Mexican politics and the party—an alliance that remains unbroken to this day?  Of course, all these important questions have never been answered by U.S. leaders and the Vatican.  Why?  Because it would show, beyond a reasonable doubt, the two entities are working together to destroy America from within and have been doing it for a very, very long time. ~ Greg Szymanski, The Arctic Beacon

Joe McCarthy was trained up by the Jesuits at Marquette—the same location where another 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was trained.  They’re brother alumni include comedian Chris Farley who died at the magick Luciferian age of 33.  Speaking of untimely deaths, reporter James Wright Foley who was supposedly beheaded by “ISIS” was also trained by the Jesuits at Marquette.  It’s probably only a coincidence that Foley was working for “USAID”, a “non-governmental organization” (NGO) thought by independent journalists to be nothing more than a front for CIA operations.

A mass was given at Marquette for James, though whether he attended is up for speculation.

Marquette is actually quite proud of Joseph McCarthy, maybe that’s why Ann Coulter is a fan, too:

McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies

When I wrote a ferocious defense of Sen. Joe McCarthy in Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, liberals chose not to argue with me.  Instead they posted a scrolling series of reasons not to read my book, such as that I wear short skirts, date boys, and that “Treason” was not a scholarly tome.

After printing rabidly venomous accounts of McCarthy for half a century based on zero research, liberals would only accept research presenting an alternative view of McCarthy that included, as the Los Angeles Times put it, at least the “pretense of scholarly throat-clearing and objectivity.”

This week, they got it.  The great M. Stanton Evans has finally released Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.

I wouldn’t be too quick to brag about “M. Stanton Evans” coming to my rescue as “M. Stanton’s” father, Medford Evans, was a member of the John Birch Society.  The “Birchers” are also controlled opposition who do a truly remarkable job of nailing down subversive Communists while giving complete absolution to any Catholic involvement, perhaps because Freemasonic founder Robert Welch showed who he answered to by converting to Catholicism on his deathbed.

What, Masons can’t be Catholic?  My book will tell you otherwise as the list includes names that run from Pierre Charles L’Enfant to John Wilkes Booth.

Why would Ann Coulter be such a passionate defender of Joe McCarthy?  —Because her father was a devout Catholic and famed FBI Communist fighter.

It’s interesting that John Vincent Coulter shared the same resumé as a man on the other side of the supposed political spectrum‑Connecticut Senator Thomas J. Dodd.  Dodd was also at Nuremburg.  The devout Catholic liked the Nazis so much, he used the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Act to fashion his 1968 Gun Control Act.

The Dodd’s are yet another Ruling Elite family who have been destroying America for decades on behalf of their papal masters.

Son Christopher Dodd took up where Senator Thomas Dodd left off as a Connecticut Congressman and Senator eventually creating MASSIVE debt and disaster via government real estate hand-outs at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

Christopher Dodd went to Georgetown Prep was instrumental in helping brother Thomas Dodd, Jr.—a professor at Georgetown—become a United States ambassador.

Although, like Donald Trump, Ann claims she’s a Presbyterian, she’s a council chair for the homosexual Republican group “GOPROUD”.**

Coulter is really quite proud of her late father and I’m sure his masters are equally proud of the job she’s doing to America’s Patriots.


* It is especially sweet to the Jesuits that Barroso also attended the University of Geneva, an institution started by John Calvin to teach Protestant truths.  Who won that battle?
** Hat/tip Eric.


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