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[Here is a great article from my good friend James “Japan” Arendt]
Are the Jesuits Crypto-Jews?The answer to the question in the title of this article is a resounding NO! Johnny Cirucci in his talk with Jim Duke clearly and eloquently explains why the Jews have not infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church.

Jim Duke is an investigator of truth and uses his curiosity to expose the New World Order conspiracy and to research the dark agenda of Secret Societies from a Christian view. His website: Jim Duke Perspective.

Johnny Cirucci is a brilliant researcher of the New World Order agenda. See his bio and website. I like both these guys because they have clear testimonies for the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are videos on social media of interviews with Edward Hendrie and Texe Marrs that say Jesuits are Crypto-Jews. Johnny Cirucci exposes Edward Hendrie as an agent of propaganda and deception! I don’t know about Texe Marrs. I used to like him because he seemed to be a loving person, a Christian, and an ex-Air Force officer, but because he only pointed to the Jews as the main conspirators and the fact he was one of Alex Jones’ buddies raises a red flag in my mind.

The text below was transcribed from one of Jim Duke’s podcasts.

Jim Duke: And welcome to the broadcast. Is the website. Here it’s on iTunes and Spotify, Stitcher, Spreaker, Google Play, Tunein, all the podcast catchers, you can find out, just search for us. We’re also starting up a Patreon page soon, and you can contribute and help this effort along if you don’t mind. And I’m not good at promoting. So that’s not my forte. But I want to really get to our guest tonight. This is going to be Johnny Cirucci, who addresses the Jesuit Zionist argument of the Crypto-Jews and the claims that it’s the Jews that are in charge of everything from the beginning, and crept into Rome to control Rome. And if anybody is able to do this, Johnny Cirucci can do this. As he names, names, places, and dates in his research. Johnny, welcome back with us. Thanks for coming back and joining us.

Johnny Cirucci: Jim, you’re a good friend. It’s always a pleasure to be with you.

Jim Duke: And why I needed to call on you is because of this Crypto-Jew argument. And I’m getting this from all over from my listeners and from even guests that we’ve had on presenting their side and I want to present the counter-argument, like the Counter-Reformation that they have designed, and share your research and experience of what is going on with this claim that the Crypto-Jews were the actual ones that infiltrated the Black Nobility to take over Rome, and now the proof of it is Zionism, and the overexpression, expressive emphasis on Jerusalem and Noahide laws and all this stuff. I’m sure you can narrow it down for us and sort it out, and I don’t know where to start.

Johnny Cirucci: Yeah, Jim, the Crypto-Jews that run everything like Farnese, Aldobrandini, Medeci, Borgia, Colonna, Orsini, Crypto-Jew there, right? — Each one of those ancient families — They were Jews when they were popes and cardinals, right? (The tone of Johnny’s voice is full of sarcasm.) I think the Medecis gave us four cardinals, they were all Jews. Right? Ludicrous!!! And what really frustrates me and infuriates me about this propaganda is it’s completely without any proof. They just throw the accusation without any basis. And because of the premise – I think we can accurately call it a logical fallacy because you make the accusation and yet you don’t need to prove the accusation because of the nature of the accusation. You could point to any human being and call them a Crypto-Jew because you don’t need to prove that their bloodline or their name or whatever Nazi-like reason you’re using, their nose or whatever, you don’t have to prove that. You just call them a name.

Jim Duke: Should we go here? The evidence is that I’ve asked for, it narrows down to this guy, Edward Hendrie, who they say has cited sources as documentation and proof that this is true from the Moranos…

Johnny Cirucci: The Jesuit trained Roman Catholic Edward Hendrie?

Jim Duke: Well, supposedly ex-Jesuit.

Johnny Cirucci: Yeeees, Oh, does that work for us? Does that work for us? Let’s see. Let’s talk about some other ex Jesuits. Oh, my goodness. There’s Malachi Martin, an ex Jesuit, Greg Galluzzo, the guy that trained Barack Obama, supposedly an ex Jesuit. Oh, here’s a good one, a guy by the name of Joseph Kramer, an extreme sexual deviant who specializes in homosexual massage. Oh, Voltaire. Voltaire. Meanwhile, all of these ex Jesuits, everything that they do, helps the Jesuit cause. So there seems to be a disconnect here with these so-called — you could claim that (Adam) Weishaupt was supposedly an ex Jesuit, the founder of the Illuminati, right? All these ex Jesuits are doing an awful lot to help the Catholic cause and the Jesuit cause. So I don’t believe for a minute that Edward Hendrie, Mr. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) lawyer, who also is deep into the flat earth controversy – talk about an agent of propaganda and deception! This guy has spent decades working for the government in DEA and drugs, helping agents how to get past due process! Are you kidding me? Here’s some of the papers written by Edward Hendrie: “Beyond Miranda”, “Consent Once Removed”, “Creating Exigent Circumstances” – in other words, how to fabricate the evidence that allow you to avoid due process, “Drug Conspiracies“, “Inferring Probable Cause” — this guy is himself an arch-criminal, deep, deep into the American government. He has been paid to teach other agents. Because of the level of tyranny we live in, I call them stormtroopers, that seems kind of extreme. “When an Informant’s Tip Gives Probable Cause“. These are some of the papers written by Edward Hendrie. The Motor Vehicle Exception” — how to get around it — by Edward Hendrie. Are you kidding me? And this is the guy that we’re going to rely on?! How did this guy cross over from being a prosecutor, to a lawyer for the DEA?

And by the way, what the DEA does, the job of the DEA is to move drugs. The DEA has nothing to do with stopping drugs, the DEA moves the drugs. The DEA is the hub of bringing the drugs in. The same reason that you had Eric Holder giving the Sinaloa drug cartel actual real assault rifles. You can’t get an assault rifle. You can’t get an assault rifle. Eric Holder gave real ones. An assault rifle is a select-fire weapon. It’s capable of burst or automatic fire. You can’t get that. Ronald Reagan made that illegal to you. Only the super-rich can buy themselves a real assault rifle. He gave assault rifles, real machine guns, 50 caliber sniper rifles, and explosives to the Sinaloa drug cartel. How many people including Eric Holder were prosecuted for that? Edward Hendrie, was he on the job that day? No, the job of the DEA is to move the drugs. That’s who this guy is. And then wait a minute. This is the same guy that is involved in the so-called Crypto-Jew argument? He’s the same guy that is deep into the flat earth conspiracy? Are you kidding me? How does this guy maintain this high level? There’s no way! I have worked for the government. I spent almost 20 years myself, you’d be run out on a railroad! Are you kidding me? With this in your background? And he’s not just any – he’s just he’s not just some paper pusher. He’s a very high up well placed – as matter of fact, I’ll give you some of those titles: Assistant prosecuting attorney, Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent from 2004 to 2012. Are you kidding me? Training Specialist and instructor contracted with the State Department and the Bureau of International Narcotics. I didn’t know there was such a Bureau that wants to make sure that our reach goes really far when we bring the drugs in. “We” – I hate using that word. This is the same Edward Hendrie that’s going to tell me that it’s really not the Catholic church that I have volumes of evidence in control of things. It’s actually the Jews. Well, wait a minute, the people you’re pointing to aren’t Jews. Whoa, they’re “Crypto-Jews”. Well, where’s your evidence? No, no, no, that’s the point of being a Crypto-Jew. There’s no evidence. How does that even work? How does that even work?

Jim Duke: You know, I’m not an expert in this but when I tried to look up some of the sources of Crypto-Jews – first of all, that’s a derogatory term because they were called Marranos, which means pig. And they were given that title because they were ousted by the enemies of some of the Italian nobility.

Johnny Cirucci: Yeah, pause just for a second. Let’s hit that a little bit harder. Marranos and Conversos. Those terms are derived from what the Inquisition called the Jews in Europe. As the Inquisition was forcing the Jesuits, the real Jesuits were burning Jews alive, ripping their skin off, pulling their intestines out, breaking their arms, rotating their arms backwards, and then forcing them back into their sockets and rotating them back out again. They were being converted. And those that converted were called Conversos. Now, after you rip a Jew’s arms out of a socket, and he converts to Catholicism, and he walks away you think, “I don’t think he’s really a good convert”. And then you hear rumors that maybe he’s still practicing Judaism. You have a suspicion that He claims he’s a Catholic, but he’s not really a good Catholic. Those are the Marranos. That’s what a Marrano is. It’s a Jew, who is suspected of making a false conversion to Catholicism, not Christianity, Catholicism, because Christians didn’t torture Jews to become Christian. Only the Catholic Church did. So I just want to give a little bit more detail on those terms.

Jim Duke: Well, from what I understand, there were not really any substantiated facts that even prove that they were migrated into the European families, like sneaking in, Crypto-Jew, sneaking into subduing it. It’s basically just been rumored so far, right?

Johnny Cirucci: It’s really quite amazing that this like I said, it really does qualify, you look up the definition of the logical fallacy. You make the accusation and yet the very nature of the accusation does not need proof. Well, then it’s not really an accusation. It’s just you saying something. I mean, I could say, my left arm is a tree branch. It’s a ludicrous thing to say, but without your ability to prove it or disprove it. You just have to let it go. You have to be able to verify it yourself. And if you can’t verify it, then you have to discount it.

It was really shocking, Jim, is a number of people in positions particularly in our field in so called alternative media or particularly, “Christian alternative media”, who vehemently subscribe to this. Now you’ve encountered this yourself, and I don’t want to put you on the spot. I have encountered this. It’s deeply disturbing. These are popular people. Popular people.

Now, this is part of and I just heard a brilliant teaching by an Adventist. I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist. I don’t subscribe to Seventh Day Adventism. I don’t subscribe to any religion. I think there are some things that Adventists teach that are not good doctrine. And they’re their take on hell, and I think really Heaven too not being eternal. That borders on heresy. Other than that, I think Walter Vieth is just a phenomenal teacher. You look he’s just, he’s a human being. We all make mistakes, we all have. I think when Walter Vieth says something wrong, it’s not out of deception, whereas (when) so many other powerful people say something wrong, I think it’s out of deception. But I just heard a phenomenal teaching. It’s his King of the North teaching, parts one and two. The part two is just absolutely brilliant on Jews. What are Jews? What is Judaism? Names, places, and dates. Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte, I want to say 1799, had every intent to reconstitute the nation of Israel? This has been a very important agenda for Rome. For millennia, for millennia.

Jim Duke: I know the Templars I mean, notably.

Johnny Cirucci: The Templars did the majority of their work in the Holy Land. The Templars, not the Jews, the Templars created usury banking in the Holy Land, because of the Catholic Church. Now, again, I say again, because I continue to try and give this caveat. I don’t want to offend rank and file Catholics. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, that a large portion of your audience is Christian, and a large portion of my audience is Christian. So if you’re not Christian, just bear with me just, we’re going to get a little bit of Christian doctrine here.

It’s important to know what people think and believe. The Christian doctrine that came back, that was at the cross, I’m saying, I’m just mentally working my way backwards, see, how much information do I really need to give in order to paint this picture? Christ put religion to death on the cross. By 500 AD, the Roman Empire brought it back, because there’s no better way to control people. And as a follow on to that, the Roman Empire becoming a religious entity, dissolving as a military entity becoming a religious entity, buried the Word of God, buried the Bible, made it illegal, tortured anyone that was found with it, murdered anyone that was found with it. And that’s because the Catholic Church is a syncretistic mix of Judaism and paganism, and Luciferianism, with the trappings of Christianity, with the false rapper of being Christian. And the Bible shows that clearly, not to be the case, and that has nothing to do with Christianity. And therefore, the Bible has remained under attack by the Catholic Church for its entire existence. And let me also follow on and say no entity has tortured or slaughtered more Christians than Rome. And if you combine both military and religious Rome, it’s bloodcurdling, its blood curdling. Foxes Book of Martyrs, the real Foxes Book of Martyrs, not the rewritten Fox, even the rewritten Foxes Book of Martyrs, is still deeply disturbing. In the numbers and the examples of Bible-believing Christians, tortured and murdered because they were Bible-believing Christians by the Catholic Church, tortured and murdered by the Catholic Church.

And the reformation of Christianity, not the reformation of the Catholic Church, the reformation of Christianity by Martin Luther, and those brave Christians who followed him, Calvin, Zwingli, and Knox, was so critically important and perfectly timed with the advent of the movable type printing press. So that as these brave souls were pointing out the problems with the Catholic Church, the heresies, the unChristian doctrines, they were following it up with Bibles that the average person could read. Prior to that the Bible was forbidden to the average citizen and only allowed in Latin so that only clergy had access to the Word of God. And this was a revolution. And this caused the Catholic Church to change her tactics. Prior to this, all she had to do was find a Christian and a Bible, tie the Bible around their necks and burn them, burn the Bible and burn the Christian alive. Pretty effective when handwritten copies of the Bible took years to finish. A very effective way to crush the Word of God. And these are the real two witnesses. The book of Revelation, Futurism, the idea that we have no idea who the Antichrist is, he’s gonna pop up, all the prophecies are yet future, as opposed to Preterism, the idea that all the prophecies are yet are already through and past. Both of those ideas are created by Jesuits, Alcazar, Ribera, Jesuits!

Google was founded on the date of the consecration of the Jesuit order, September 27. A Farnese (an influential family in Renaissance Italy) who’s not Jewish, Pope Paul III, consecrated the Jesuits on September 27 1540. By coincidence, Jim, that is the birthday of Google! So when you look up Farnese, or, you know, the fact that Farnese Villa looks exactly like the Pentagon, the fact that the Pentagon the first stone was laying on September 11, 1941, just two months before three months before the false flag of Pearl Harbor, none of that stuff is readily available.

The Villa Farnese

The Villa Farnese. Photo found on

But even Google will tell you, that Futurism, that so-called Protestant and evangelical and fundamentalist Christians all teach in lockstep was founded by Jesuits, Alcazar, Ribera, so on and so forth. Futurism. Meanwhile, at the time of the Reformation, of Christianity, not of the Catholic Church, these brave souls, many of whom were ex-priests themselves, Luther was an Augustinian monk, knew the truth of the Bible, and were well versed in Scripture, Luther himself was one of, in fact, you can easily make the case that his most important contribution, perhaps even greater than breaking from the Catholic Church was writing a German Bible. And Luther, God bless him. He didn’t write what we would call a King James Bible. He didn’t write a Bible, in a language 500 years old. And by the way, founded by a Freemason who was controlled by a Jesuit, the King James Bible, the Authorized Version, and it is the superior version. The problem is the language not the manuscript, the texts. The translation, with the exception of things like unicorns, and Easter, that King James mentions, is a superior translation. But the language Elizabethton Shakespearean language was created by Francis Bacon, a Freemason controlled by a Jesuit, Toby Matthew. But Luther’s Bible, he used to dress up in disguise as a knight, Yonker York, and go into the bars and pubs and city streets, and listen to how the average peasant would talk, and that was the language of his Bible. A facsimile today would be a paraphrase, an English paraphrase. Now the English paraphrase, any paraphrase, is the least accurate and yet it’s the most readable. That was the revolution. That was the revolution that needed to be countered. And that’s exactly what the Catholic Church did, with her shock troops, the Jesuits. In Luther’s time, Rome was understood, and Scripture said Rome was the fourth and final beast, the great Whore of Babylon. Daniel and Revelation scream this! Revelation 17, oh, my word! Revelation 17 is Rome.

(To be continued)

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  • Marbas says:

    Tiberius Julius Alexander (fl. 1st century) was an equestrian governor and general in the Roman Empire. Born into a wealthy Jewish family of Alexandria but abandoning or neglecting the Jewish religion, he rose to become the 2nd procurator of Judea (c. 46 – 48) under Claudius. While Prefect of Egypt (66 – 69), he employed his legions against the Alexandrian Jews in a brutal response to ethnic violence, and was instrumental in the Emperor Vespasian’s rise to power. In 70, he participated in the Siege of Jerusalem as Titus’ second-in-command.[1] He became the most powerful Jew of his age, and is ranked as one of the most prominent Jews in military history

  • Trish says:

    I wonder If you ever came across this information Johnny.
    It seems quite well researched and referenced.

  • Jay Norte says:

    What great “lengths” these Jesuits have gone to obfuscate their control, I marvel at how “extensive” and thorough they have been. I am especially reminded when looking in the mirror, post showering. According to the extremely popular documentary I was lucky enough to catch a few weeks back,; topic… circumcission. I learned that, I, as most americans, am missing a 6″x6″ square of skin. Guy from documentary had a example to show, probably for dramatic reasons, It had shock value I can attest! The producer of said documentary laid blame for our missing body part on, according to you, a lesser tier of power in our world, an underling to the apex Jesuit. So all these revelation leave a fella with more questions than I care to transport around on daily basis. So, for the past few weeks I had been fairly angry at these people wearing those small hats, controllers of US congress & CEO’s of 95% of industry. Now after finding your work, turns out the Jesuits made the Jews do it. FYI -Ma and her parents where/are Basilica attendees every Sunday. PA & his parents where of the non denomination rural church attendees made mostly of Methodists. Thanks for the info, I can stop blaming Jews now, It was a fun few weeks.

    • Lea says:

      Don’t believe everything you read. The Bible itself attests to circumcision as a ancient Jewish ritual long before the rise of the Jesuits. This article is poorly researched for there does exist plentiful evidences of the infiltration of the royalty, aristocracy and churches both roman and protestant throughout history. The acts by the roman churches forcing conversion assisted greatly in this infiltration.

      This article, at best, is an attempt to divert your attention away from the fact that history is the story about the Jews and their pagan allies seeking to dominate and destroy Christians.

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