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Woe to those who drag their sins behind them like a bullock on a rope.
They even mock the Holy One of Israel and dare the L-rd to punish them. “Hurry up and punish us, O L-rd,” they say. “We want to see what you can do!”
They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.
Woe to those who are wise and shrewd in their own eyes!
They take bribes
(or dogmatically follow evil, perverse agendas) to pervert justice, letting the wicked go free and putting innocent men in jail.
Therefore G-d will deal with them and burn them. They will disappear like straw on fire. Their roots will rot and their flowers wither, for they have thrown away the Laws of G-d and despised the Word of the Holy One of Israel.
That is why the Anger of the L-rd is hot against His people; that is why He has reached out His Hand to smash them. The hills will tremble, and the rotting bodies of his people will be thrown as refuse in the streets.
~ Isaiah 5:18-22, 23-25, The Living Bible

Today, the state of Florida officially decided that poor Terri Schiavo has been burdening her destitute husband and American society enough.

The presiding judge in the case of Terri Schiavo ruled Friday that the feeding tube keeping the brain-damaged woman alive must be removed, despite efforts by congressional Republicans to block the move by seeking her appearance at hearings.

Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer refused a request from U.S. House attorneys to delay the removal, which he had previously ordered to take place at 1 p.m. EST. Greer determined that it should go forward about an hour after another judge issued a temporary delay blocking the tube’s removal (saying), “I have had no cogent reason why the (congressional) committee should intervene.” ~ Judge Orders Schiavo Feeding Tube Removed, Mitch Stacy, Associated Press, March 18, 2005

Greer sees no reason. No reason why an innocent woman shouldn’t be starved to death at the strong urging of a “husband” who has long ago shacked up with another woman and sired 2 children with her.

The state of depravity in this country is beyond belief.

I never believed that I would live in a country that would, in effect, execute a brain-damaged woman who never hurt anyone in her life. The story of Terri Schiavo should outrage every decent American. While our soldiers valiantly fight and die across the sea so complete strangers can enjoy human rights, here at home an American woman who suffered severe brain damage 15 years ago is being subjected to death by dehydration and starvation by order of a judge.

Before Hitler came for the Jews and the gypsies, he first came after the mentally handicapped. He offered this rationale for euthanasia: “In nature, there is no pity for the lesser creatures when they are destroyed so that the fittest may survive. Going against nature brings ruin to man. It is only Jewish impudence to demand that we overcome nature.” ~ Barbarity in America, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach,, March 18, 2005

The leftist heathen call anyone right of Susan Sarandon a “Nazi” about as often as the NAACP sees racial discrimination in America. And yet, as Rabbi Boteach has so succinctly stated, it is they who best fit the moniker. More from the same article—

And what jurisdiction should Terri’s husband, Michael, have here? He maintains that he is fighting to remove his wife’s feeding tube to keep his pledge to her that she be allowed to die with dignity.

Now this is curious. The husband has taken other pledges to his wife, which apparently are far less meaningful to him. For example, in marrying her, he pledged to stand by her “in sickness and in health.” Yet, many years ago he abandoned Terri, moved in with his girlfriend and had children with this other woman. Apparently, his pledge of sexual fidelity did not mean much to him, either.

…Michael Schiavo…could easily have divorced Terri and left her in her parents’ care rather than cheating on her and having children out of wedlock. But staying married to your wife just to ensure that she dies sounds a lot to me like wanting to inherit her estate. But honestly, which sane judge, in this case Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer, would allow a man who is living with, and has children with, another woman, to make life-and-death decisions concerning his wife? This is a shocking affront to basic decency.

Would that Schiavo and Greer were resigned to the same fate they have foisted upon poor Terri. As amazing as it seems to me, America has not entirely abandoned her Judeo/Christian heritage of ethics and values. It is amazing because our Savior warned us—

If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. ~ John 15:18-19, New American Standard Update

Yet, the Leftists seem to loose as many battles as they win. Fearing their deeds should be exposed (John 3:20), they move with rabid abandon to go beyond the republican system because it allows too many Righteous to have a voice. They now rely heavily upon the last bastion of tyranny available to them: the judiciary.

Although, late Friday, the Supreme Court denied a House committee emergency request to have Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube re-inserted, they seemed to have no problem what-so-ever deciding on March 1st of this year that execution of predators under the age of 18 was “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Constitutional scholar Mark Levin has recently had published a scathing account of the extent of this tyranny. Some of the issues Levin covers are—

  • How judicial activism upheld slavery and segregation.
  • Why Roe v. Wade not only mandated abortion-on-demand but gutted the Constitution.
  • How the Court imports laws from other countries to help win the culture war for extremists.
  • Why the justices are granting illegal immigrants rights equal with citizens.
  • How helping terrorists file suit against the United States is another innovation of our Supreme Court.
  • Surprise: the liberal Supreme Court Justice who erected the “separation of church and state” was a member of the Ku Klux Klan

You can purchase his book here.

It is the LEFT that engender a culture of perversity and death in America. It is the LEFT who have no compassion for the innocent and the helpless and unfathomable compassion for the predators and the perverts. Why? One reason is that because, deep down, they know that they are spiritual kindred to such riff-raff. Subconsciously they believe that, by allowing the worst of such victimizers to escape judgment, they too will escape it (without the Saving Blood of Jesus Christ).

They are wrong.

The most despicable of society’s predators are permitted to live out lives at the taxpayers’ expense lifting weights, getting tattoos, filing appeals from their jailhouse libraries and even dating over the internet—

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —A man serving six consecutive life sentences for rapes in Gainesville and murder of a 12-year-old Bradford County girl is running a personal ad on the Internet to try and find true love.

Michael Knickerbocker, 33, pleaded no contest last week to the 1989 rape and murder of Megan Renaud, whose body was found in a wooded area not far from where she lived. He was already serving five life sentences for sexual assault. ~ Convicted Murderer, Rapist Looks For Love Online, Felon Places Personal Ad On Web,, POSTED: 7:46 pm EST March 15, 2005


His life of crime began when he was just 16. Since then Gregory Green, 43, of Wentworth, has committed a string of offences. But the latest was certainly the worst—and he will sit in jail for at least 25 years.

Earlier this month Green admitted in the Durban Regional Court that last month he had abducted a three-year-old girl, taking her to a nearby sports field and raping her. The little girl – who was left for dead, covered in foam balls from a discarded pillow – was unconscious in hospital for days after the incident but is believed now to be recovering. Green confessed that during the rape, he had “held her by her mouth” to stop her from screaming. When that had not worked, he had placed his hands around her neck.

According to records before the judge, Green has 10 previous convictions, dating back to 1977 when he was 16. ~ I’m So Sorry, Says Sex Monster, Tania Broughton, The Mercury & Independent Online, March 17, 2005

The current case on the headlines is that of poor Jessica Lunsford, the 9-year-old Florida girl who has been missing since February. Turns out she was raped and murdered by convicted sex offender John Evander Couey.

A recent article by Greg Moran of the Union-Tribune in California noted that the average wait for a CA death-row inmate was approximately 16 years but the current record is 21. As Greg put it, a child could be born the day of a terrible crime and come to adulthood without seeing justice done despite the offender being incarcerated the entire time.

Every condemned inmate is entitled to two sets of appeals: an automatic appeal to the state Supreme Court and appeals to federal courts. Inmates also file habeas corpus appeals, which challenge a conviction based on new evidence or other grounds, in both state and federal courts. Each of these appeals can take years. Lawyers must first be found to represent the condemned, and that is not easy. The appeals can be complicated and grueling. Just getting an official certified transcript of the case – the first step in the process—can take years.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (the most leftist, anti-American, anti-Christian court ever), which oversees courts in California and most of the West, has overturned nine death sentences this year. Most of the inmates claimed having had an incompetent attorney.

Inmates in California can choose between death by a lethal injection of drugs or by gas. ~ Appeals Process A Lengthy One, Greg Moran, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, September 17, 2002

Terri Schiavo won’t get any appeals for her crime of being alive. She won’t get a soothing, gentle passing. She will be starved to death by each and every citizen of the sovereign state of Florida. Only the Righteous can make a difference. Contact the people who care most about Terri, her immediate family.

Who will the heathen choose next? Alzheimer’s patients? Children with deformities? It’s only a matter of time.

UPDATE (Sunday, May 15, 2005): The wounds have finally healed enough for me to close the chapter on poor Terri Schindler (I’ve taken to imitating radio right-winger Michael Savage protesting the pig she was married to by using her maiden name). As Terri’s web site proclaims:

On March 31, 2005 at approximately 9:05 AM, Terri Schindler-Schiavo lost her nearly 14 day struggle against starvation and dehydration and died at the Hospice Woodside in Pinellas Park, Florida. Her family was not permitted to be with her as she passed.

Frankenstein Schiavo continued to torture and torment the Schindler family (the way he tortured Terri) to the last, refusing to give them a lock of Terri’s hair and whisking her away to be immediately cremated. You don’t think he had something to hide, do you? Such as how he almost certainly put her in her wounded condition, then did everything he could to exacerbate her illness short of choking her in her hospital bed. Obviously the sworn affidavits of 2 separate nurses meant nothing to the judicial prima donnas—

NewsMax: “Nurse: Terri Can Eat Normally”


Affidavit of Carla Iyer

No, it was obvious that the myriad of judges, beginning with George “the Executioner” Greer himself, had an agenda that involved torturing an innocent girl to death at the behest of her poor, bereaved, adulterous husband.

Good thing George and Jeb Bush were there to run in and save the day like Janet Reno “rescued” Elian Gonzales and the kids at the Waco compound.

Hey, at least the Left are passionate about their agenda.

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