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  • Kevin LeGrand says:

    I appreciate all the deep research your team and you do so well. And all the big picture items. For eg) talking about situational awareness and the story of Gideon? (I forget name) picking his soldiers at the stream and selecting the people that chose to drink with their hands as opposed to those that were so thirsty that they dunked their whole faces in losing touch of their awareness.
    Another eg) would be the guy who is stopped by a police officer and the motorist claiming to be a freeman who is not going to answer his questions is a quick way to get yourself into trouble so needlessly. Something I’ve thought a lot about is your comments about sticking your head up is a quick way to find trouble and get on the catholic controllers radar. I’m not sure what other methodology could be effective without openly speaking out. In the same breath, even if I ran a union and managed to convince my 100,000 members that everything I say is true, our adversary will always have more minions and bigger guns. It seems like a good way to get a ton of people on the red list and an excuse for them to kill yet more people. This does not even account for the secret technologies they have endless resources to develop.
    How do we get in charge of hiring and firing at the Pentagram and all these other agencies and institutions? This is what the surveillance network is about. Grooming for minions. The bureaucracy is the real problem…not the parade of circus clown politicians

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