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Is there anyone who still believes the idea that radical Islam isn’t completely founded, guided and enabled by Western Intelligence/Western militaries (who are, in turn, the puppets of the Luciferian Elite)?

Any global strategist with a security clearance laughs at how quickly al Qaeda, “ISIS” or any other jihadist group could be squashed like the bugs they are in hours of a resolute engagement by the United States or any member of NATO.

Instead, they are actually being protected and directed.

Sudan’s President Claims CIA and Mossad “Stand Behind” Isis and Boko Haram

What that means is, every single atrocity these animals commit comes from your hands.

United Nations Asked to Investigate Claims of Organ Harvesting by ISIS


ISIS Might be Harvesting Organs, Iraqi Diplomat Says


5-Year-Old Christian Boy Cut in Half by ISIS Terrorists

—and if you’re still getting your news from the news…stop it.


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