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Proof Of The Pedocracy: Pedophile Priests Perennially Un-Prosecuted

By Mon, 14 October 2019December 1st, 2021No Comments

For all intents and purposes, “Church Militant” Michael Voris and his ever-growing media operation plays a critical role to the Vatican by keeping conservative Catholics “on the reservation”.  If they could just get rid of Pope Francis and the so-called “gay mafia1, everything would be okay.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Voris should appear to be so harmful to the Vatican and yet is secretly doing Rome a vital service.  After all, the Papal Bull written by Alessandro “Pope Paul III” Farnese that officially made Ignatius Loyola’s Knights of the Virgin Mary the Roman Catholic “Society of Jesus” was named Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (“To the Government of the Church Militant”).

Despite their excellent whistle-blowing on Church scandals, you still have to parse.

For instance, this report that the Archdiocese of Chicago was “frustrating” law enforcement by refusing to name child-raping priests who had filled a lifetime of preying upon children and had died free of molestation, themselves.

“Former State [of Illinois] Attorney General Lisa Madigan slammed the policy, saying it makes it impossible to determine whether other clergy, including those who are still alive, helped cover up abuse.”

What’s shockingly implied in all of this is that the power of American government and law enforcement can not act without the co-operation of the Catholic Church.

When prosecutors and police put their minds to it, they can come crashing down upon their targets with overwhelming force.

Apparently, protecting your children from priests who rape them—sometimes hundreds of times throughout their lives—does not constitute an example of their need to do so.

As I’ve shown you in great detail through my exposé Eaters of Children, corrupt officials will use the dodge of “issuing a report” or holding a Legislative “committee” to give the appearance of activity but not a single arrest will result from all of the talking.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued just such a report before leaving office without executing any warrants or arrests.

The female AG’s replacement (a Haitian immigrant) has vowed to keep up her stellar work.

Madigan’s successor, Kwame Raoul, issued a statement before he took office in January saying he remained committed to continuing the investigation.  His office has not released further information, citing the ongoing inquiry. ~ The Chicago Tribune

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Raoul received his Undergraduate Degree from Roman Catholic DePaul and that Madigan received her Bachelor’s from the Jesuits at Georgetown University and was trained in law by the Jesuits at Loyola University, Chicago.

The victims?  —They’re left to be bought off if they can get an attorney like Zen Buddhist Jeff Anderson.2

But the rape of American children goes on continuously thanks to the insurgency of Roman Catholicism and her agents in all key positions down to your local police precinct.


  1. The idea that sexual predation by priests is a “gay” problem comes from Cardinal Carlo Maria Viganò whose brother Lorenzo is a Jesuit “scholar” who sued him for $2 million of the family treasury.
  2. Anderson is as critical to Rome as Voris yet he is constantly billed as the Vatican’s nemesis.

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