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Sat, 16 June 2012

Freedom News for Saturday, 16 June 2012

NEW WORLD ORDER ENFORCED AT THE LOCAL LEVEL Miami Beach Approves Mandatory Recycling Law with Fines up to $2500 High-Tech Cameras to Record Kids’ Food Choices in School Cafeterias __________________________ A WHORE (the “New World Order”) RIDES THE BEAST (rabid Islam) 100,000 Women Undergo Brutal…
Fri, 1 June 2012

Freedom News for Friday, 01 June 2012

“THOU SHALT NOT TEMPT THE L-RD, THY G-D…” WVa PENTECOSTAL SNAKE HANDLER DIES OF BITE, DIDN’T LEARN LESSON AFTER WATCHING FATHER DIE SAME WAY You’d think that there wouldn’t be enough leaders of this cult to perpetuate the heresy. Why they exist (and, afterward, here).…