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The Freemasonic foundation of the “American Capitol” (ALL “capitols” are named after Capitoline Hill, one of the infamous “seven hills of Rome”, Revelation 17:9) once owned by Roman Catholic Sheriff of Mary-land Francis Pope was laid on 22 Sept. 1793

As the above newspaper link explains, what you now call “Washington” was originally named “Rome on the Tiber”.

SIR George Calvert was a secret Irishman and a devout Catholic.  He was given the powerful position of Secretary of State by “Protestant” King James I of England, the “Royal Commissioner of the Authorized 1611 Bible”.

“Protestant James I” also knighted Tobie Matthew for attempting to arrange a marriage between his “Protestant” son Charles and devout Catholic Princess Maria Anna of Spain.  Matthew was an underground, ORDAINED JESUIT PRIEST.

Charles instead married a DIFFERENT devout Catholic, Henrietta Maria of France. His corruption and open alliances with the Vatican caused the English civil war and his execution for treason at the hands of Protestant Puritan Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England.

Charles gave George Calvert a “Royal Charter” to create a colony by Catholics, for Catholics and call it “Mary-land”.

The move to bar Catholics from voting in their own colony was clearly an Art of War move to create sympathy for their insurgency as F. Tupper Saussy clearly states in his powerful exposé “Rulers of Evil”.

“Pope Francis” touched down in Romerica for the victory tour to survey all he owned on 22 Sept. 2015 on the 222nd anniversary (do you think the Jesuits keep METICULOUS track of these facts?!).


  • Jesse Hal says:

    Good work brother!!

  • ACM says:

    Great post!

    Why do pastors / politicians like Chuck Baldwin (Montana) REFUSE to disclose the papal antichrist of the Bible? Why does Pastor Baldwin swear allegiance to papists like Ron Paul who outright denied the Creator of Heaven and Earth being God Almighty in an interview? Why does Pastor Baldwin continue to elevate Christ-deniers like Thomas Jefferson (who created his own Bible), occultist Benjamin Franklin, and freemason/Catholic George Washington? Why does Pastor Baldwin rightly call out futurism and Zionism but stops short and NEVER discusses Daniel’s 4th and final beast kingdom – Rome. Why doesn’t Baldwin reveal the that it is the antichrist beast popes of Rome and Jesuit generals who are in control?

    Is Chuck Baldwin a closet Jesuit? An ecumenist?

    Get out of the churches! This includes Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s fellowship whose allegiance is to man-made documents such as the Constitution and not the Holy Word of God!

    Johnny, do you have any opinion on John Birch Society and Ron Paul devotee, Chuck Baldwin, who is showing his true colors more and more every day?

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