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Sat, 20 July 2013

Document Leaked!

A document has been submitted to Johnny by an undisclosed military source that speaks of “voluntary” DNA collection to find genetic markers for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) will be conducting research to identify potential genes that interact…
Fri, 22 February 2013

Warriors in the Crosshairs

Driving through Washington DC while transporting his personal firearms, wounded war vet Augustine Kim thought he would be OK stopping for his medical appointment there. Arrested and jailed, the city confiscated over $10,000 of his property and when he finally got them back they were…
Sat, 7 July 2012

Freedom News for Saturday, 07 July 2012

7/7 LONDON BOMBINGS REMEMBERED...ASKEW Terror Expert: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset: Group was used by Brits in Kosovo in the late 90s. INTERESTING: 7/7 TERROR SUSPECT SHOT DOWN ON SIGHT  Dead men tell no tales...ay mate?  Certainly not listening to a Bobby is reason…