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How American law enforcement—local, State and Federal—coddled an illegal alien serial rapist and murderer, enabling him to victimize Americans for almost 30 years.

Below are some notes for Johnny’s upcoming series on Roman Catholic serial killers and how they are carefully created and enabled by agents of the Vatican and aimed at innocent, unsuspecting citizens (much as thousands of pedophile priests are created, enabled and pointed towards your children).

* “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez”, born Ángel Leoncio Reyes Recendis was an illegal alien who popped back and forth for his rape and murder spree.
* After his near-30 year spree, United States Immigration and Naturalization Service thought it best to conduct a report.

> the supposition of proud Leftist Democrat McGowan was that the “Railroad killer”, radicalized in Roman Catholic Mexico by “Satanists”, utilized the railroad to baffle dutiful law enforcement back and forth from Mexico into border states.  The truth is far more upsetting.  According to the INS, Reyes-Recendis / “Resendez-Ramirez”,

* entered the U.S. and lived in Florida in 1973
* was “excluded” from San Antonio, Texas in 1976 (I guess that means he was asked to leave town for a reason undisclosed)
* arrested for trespass in Michigan on September 11th, 1976, “returned to Mexico”
* he either wasn’t “returned” or came right back because a month later he was arrested by Border Patrol in McAllen, Texas and “voluntarily returned to Mexico”

According to the media, in 2018, Border Patrol agents under orders from Donald “Build That Wall” Trump were attacking their jobs so viciously they were separating screaming, crying children from their mothers, but in 1976 they took the word of a vagrant rapist and serial killer that he would return to Mexico on his own recognizance.

[By the way, the Border Patrol is not doing their job nor will Jesuit-trained pedophile Donald Trump ever, “build that wall”.  This was just another smokescreen designed to garner sympathy for Rome’s military take-over via immigrant insurgency through her agents across all levels of American government; local, State and Federal]

* one year later, he was arrested in Mississippi for destroying private property.  He was convicted and asked to return to Mexico on his own (the victim was obviously happy to handle the damages themselves).
* in June of 1979, the “Railroad killer” robbed and assaulted a home owner in Miami, Florida; obviously his railroad boxcars moved far and fast
* in July, he was arrested for burglary—in Kentucky!  He wasn’t charged, he was extradited to Miami.  A year later in 1980, he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
* five years later he was paroled and “deported”
* from 1985 thru 1987, “Resendez-Ramirez” was caught with false documentation three times; he was finally turned over to INS in August of 1987 and “deported” in October
* three months later he was in New Orleans, Louisiana where he was arrested and charged with defrauding an innkeeper and unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon.  The charges were dismissed (because he clearly had no record and was an upstanding illegal alien).
* in November of that year he was arrested again for fraudulently applying for a Social Security Number in Saint Louis, Missouri.  He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and “deported” to Mexico in May of 1991.
* ten months later “Resendez-Ramirez” was arrested for burglary in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  In August of 1992, he was sentenced to three years in prison and released eight months later.  INS was unsure if there was any attempt to “deport” him.
* two months later, in June of 1993, “Resendez-Ramirez” was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle in Carson County, Texas.  He pled guilty and was sentenced to “time served” with no attempt to “deport” him (I guess the judges, cops and Federal agents were all tiring of the pretense).
* a year later he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He was released on bond and skipped his court appearance.  A bench warrant was sworn on him and his information was entered into the FBI’s “National Crime Information Center”, finally, after his 10th arrest—probably so that the FBI could help facilitate his inter-state travel.
* three months later, he was arrested for trespass in San Bernadino, California and the illegal alien found to have an illegal firearm on him (which really just means he had a firearm anywhere in California).  He was sentenced to three months in prison and “voluntarily returned to Mexico” one month later; note: he was not extradited to New Mexico to appear for his stolen vehicle charge.
* eleven months later (August of 1996) the illegal alien and serial rapist, murderer was “issued a warning” for trespassing in Macon, Georgia.
* two days later he was arrested for trespassing, again in a rail yard, in Kentucky, and sentenced to three days in prison where he caught up on his meals and sleep courtesy of the taxpayer
* on August 29th, 1997, INS officially recognized his first murder; that of 21 year old college student Christopher Maier in Lexington, Kentucky.  How many rapes and murders he committed before Maier were off the books.  Left off the INS timeline was the fact that Maier was with his girlfriend at the time, Holly Dunn.  She was bludgeoned, stabbed and raped but somehow survived.
* five months later, in January of 1998, he was arrested by Border Patrol in Del Rio, Texas and asked to voluntarily return to Mexico
* two days later he was apprehended by Border Patrol in Uvalde, Texas and asked would he please go back to Mexico?
* apparently he thought that meant return to Del Rio because that’s where he was arrested by the same Border patrol the next day.  Neither his profile in the FBI’s criminal database nor his familiarity from three days before moved the Del Rio Border Patrol and they simply did the same, asked the serial killer would he please go back to Mexico?
* four months later “Resendez-Ramirez” was apprehended in Santa Teresa, New Mexico and asked would he please escort himself back across the border?
* four days later he was again arrested in Uvalde again and asked to return to Mexico
* the next day he was again arrested in Del Rio, and again asked to please go back to Mexico
* on October 1st, 1998, INS recognized his murder of Leafie Mason in Hughes Springs, Texas.  The 87-year-old was living alone after her sister had passed.  Resendiz entered her house through a window, grabbed a nearby antique iron, and bludgeoned the old woman to death.
* the following month he was again arrested by Santa Teresa Border Patrol in New Mexico and asked to please return on his own across the wide-open southern border
* a month later, Resendez-Ramirez raped and murdered Claudia Benton in West University Place, Texas (INS only notes murders in their timeline)

Dr. Claudia Benton, a 39-year-old Baylor College of Medicine physician, was found sexually assaulted, stabbed and beaten to death inside her Houston-area home located near railroad tracks on Dec. 17, 1998.  Police found her Jeep Cherokee in San Antonio with Resendiz’ fingerprints on the steering column. ~ CBS News

* a warrant for this crime was added to his dusty profile in the FBI NCIC database.  INS assures us that local, State and Federal law enforcement were dutifully communicating with each other.  See citations from Michelle Malkin, below.

* on May 2nd, 1999, Resendiz/Resendez brutally murdered Church of Christ Pastor Norman Sirnic and his wife Karen.  It is worth noting that Sirnic was a minority Protestant in Weimar, a Texas town that is three quarters Catholic.

Investigators later determined Resendiz raped Karen Sirnic after obliterating her face with a sledgehammer.  He then stole the couple’s pickup truck.  Some of their jewelry later would be found at Resendiz’s home in Rodeo, Mexico. ~ Fox News

* Fingerprints Resendiz left in the Sirnic vehicle linked him to the murder of Dr. Claudia Benton.
* on June 1st, 1999, Resendiz/Resendez was again apprehended by the Santa Teresa Border Patrol who again, asked him to please go back to Mexico
* two days later he buried a pick axe into the forehead of 73-year-old Josephine Konvicka.

She lived alone in the house where she had lived all her life, about a mile from the railroad tracks and three and a half miles from the Sirnics, just over the line in Fayette County.  She usually watched TV until eleven or so and then went to bed.  Sometime in the wee hours of June 4, someone broke into her house through an unlocked rear window, bashed in her head with a grubbing hoe, ransacked the place (looking in vain for her car keys, said police), and left.  “She was the sweetest, dearest little old lady,” said one of her neighbors.  “She would not have hurt a fly.” ~ Texas Monthly

* this time Resendiz kept his weapon of opportunity and buried it in the forehead of a Houston school teacher later that same night.

Prosecutors on Friday first focused on the beating death of 26-year-old Houston schoolteacher Noemi Dominguez, whose covered body was found in her bedroom by her brother on June 5, 1999.

“I lifted this quilt my mother made for her, and a few articles of clothing,” said Alejandro Dominguez, now a 29-year-old Arizona State University law student.  “Honestly, I jumped back and I think I shrieked.”

Maturino Resendiz, 40, told a psychiatrist he killed Dominguez because of abortion rights literature in her home, though such pamphlets were never found and her brother testified she was a Roman Catholic who belonged to an anti-abortion group while attending Rice University.

Like all the crime scenes, Dominguez’s duplex unit was near a railroad line.  Maturino Resendiz’s primary way to travel was riding freight trains across his native Mexico and the United States. ~ The Los Angeles Times

Again, the media was giving cover for the monster and his government enablers: Resendiz was not bouncing back and forth from Mexico to Texas, he was traveling as far as Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and elsewhere and may or may not have been using rail lines for it all.

Apparently, the dozen or more times “Mr. Resendez-Ramirez” was in police and Border Patrol custody, no one bothered to identify him or keep a record of him; nor, apparently, did reporter Jim Yardley of the Times know that “Mr. Resendez-Ramirez” was in the FBI criminal database for anyone interested in finding him there.

* in fact, Resendiz/Resendez would strike two weeks later in Gorham, Illinois, slaughtering 79-year-old George Morber with a shotgun which he then used to bludgeon to death Morber’s daughter, 51-year-old Carolyn Frederick.  The methodology of those murders implies premeditation for maximum enjoyment: kill the male (perhaps dangerous if not quickly dealt with) by shooting but leave the more helpless female for a slower, more satisfying death.

The New York Times was able to finally weigh in with a thorough breakdown of exactly who the monster was but was quick to add that it was nearly impossible for law enforcement to get their hands on him…again.

Because of his habit of staying on the move, and because the authorities’ most recent photograph of him is four years old, the challenge of finding Mr. Resendez-Ramirez is formidable.  “It’s like trying to find a needle in five haystacks,” said Ron Walker, a Houston police lieutenant.  Earlier this week dozens of investigators combed hundreds of railroad cars in Brazoria County, south of Houston, in a search that netted 21 people suspected of being illegal immigrants, but not Mr. Resendez-Ramirez.

The most recent clue came on Saturday, when officers in Del Rio, a border town, found the abandoned white Honda Civic of a Houston schoolteacher, Noemi Dominguez, who was discovered beaten to death in her home on June 5.  Today the Houston police announced that the fingerprints of Mr. Resendez-Ramirez had been found in the car.

Investigators concede that little is known of Mr. Resendez-Ramirez.  He was born in Puebla, about 115 miles southeast of Mexico City, and is 39, the investigators say.

* Four days later, the FBI decided “Ángel Maturino Reséndiz” a.k.a. “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez” should be on their “Ten Most Wanted” list.
* Three weeks later, “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez” was again in custody and, this time, not being asked to walk himself back across the border.  He wasn’t captured by a combined Federal / State / local law enforcement man-hunt task force, he had turned himself in.

Two days after he was voluntarily released, Resendiz found his way across the border.  First, he traveled to Houston, Texas, where he bludgeoned Noemi Dominguez in her bed; then to Weimar, where he beat Josephine Konvicka to death; then up to Gorham, Illinois, where he killed George Morber Sr., and his daughter, Carolyn.

When the Border Patrol let him go on June 1, 1999, Resendiz was the subject of three outstanding warrants for his arrest: one issued on January 5, 1999, by Houston-area law enforcement authorities related to the Benton burglary and murder; another issued by the FBI on May 27, 1999, charging Resendiz with being an unlawful fugitive from justice and describing his connection to the murders of Benton, the Sirnics, and Christopher Maier; and the old 1995 bench warrant related to burglary charges in New Mexico.  In addition, he had three past deportations and nine criminal convictions on his record, including several aggravated felony convictions that should have disqualified him for voluntary departure. …

When news of Resendiz’s June 1, 1999, release by Border Patrol agents in New Mexico became public, the INS sought vainly to pin the blame on everyone and everything but itself.  Some complained there hadn’t been enough money to link the IDENT system to other criminal databases.  INS spokesman Russ Bergeron and others pointed the finger at police and investigators for not asking the agency to put Resendiz’s warrant information in its system.  The killer’s data were missing, Bergeron explained, because “nothing has been input into IDENT at the request of the outside agencies.”32

Aside from the pass-the-buck pusillanimity, there was one other problem with that statement.  It was patently false.

In the six months leading up to Resendiz’s encounter with the Border Patrol on June 1, 1999, the INS had received numerous requests from local and state investigators to put internal alerts about the fugitive serial killer in the INS’s tracking system.

After Claudia Benton’s body was discovered at the end of 1998, West University Place police officer Kenneth Macha, who worked in the slain doctor’s suburban neighborhood, contacted INS Special Agent Kelly Dozier in Houston.  Macha inquired about putting a “border lookout” into the agency’s system.  Such an alert would notify border officers and other INS officials that Resendiz was a wanted man and should not be released.  ~ Malkin1

Top priority for government agencies at all levels is to break their oaths and not do their jobs, meaning, the borders stay wide open with virtually no oversight, allowing millions upon millions of unknown, undocumented individuals (many of them as dangerous as “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez”) stream through at will.  This agenda is criticall to the Vatican because the vast majority of these illegals are Roman Catholic; many of them are indigent and almost all of them have grown up in a Third-World, socialist culture destroyed by their “social justice” ideology.2, 3, 4

Rather than address the fact that none of this would’ve happened had law enforcement officers simply done their jobs and treat all illegal aliens as law-breakers as well as strictly enforcing America’s borders, smokescreen façades are created such as the “Department of Homeland Security” and it’s “automated biometric identification system”, “IDENT”; which supposedly differentiates from criminals who have also committed violent crimes verses those who haven’t and are welcomed to come and go as they please.

Malkin avoids the entire issue and claims that the problem was with not even maintaining the façade (which is sadly, also accurate).

Also in early January 1999, a Houston police analyst contacted another INS special agent, Marco Saltarelli, who specialized in apprehending and deporting criminal aliens and was assigned the Resendiz case.  The police analyst asked for Resendiz’s “A-file”—the INS cache of records that includes jail records, prior indictments, photographs, and other documents that could help track Resendiz down.  Saltarelli agreed to order the file.5

There is very little information available about Immigration and Naturalization Special Agent Saltarelli.  We’ll just have to take a guess based upon his name what his ethnicity and possible religious affiliations are.

As for his “specialty” of “apprehending and deporting criminal aliens”, if “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez” is any example, Special Agent Saltarelli is not so special.

Of course, his job might actually be enabling “criminal aliens” (odd that “bombastic Conservative” Michelle Malkin skips over the fact that, by their existence, an illegal alien has already broken United States Federal law, just as her far-Left counterparts do).

His extremely sparse LinkedIn profile would actually suggest that’s the case as he is now a “Senior Special Agent” at the “Department of Homeland Security”.  After helping enable a monster to rape and murder Americans at will, Saltarelli was given a promotion in the border security hierarchy to insure even more of the same, much as Catholic clergy who enable child predator priests become Bishops, Cardinals and Popes.

On March 1, 1999, Texas ranger Drew Carter contacted yet another INS special agent in Houston, Albert Plasket, to obtain Resendiz’s A-file.  The West University Place investigators accompanied Carter to the INS office.  Plasket and other special agents discussed the case with the cops, but none ever mentioned the existence of IDFNT’s lookout capabilities. Nine days later.  Carter phoned Plasket to make sure there was an “internal hold” on Resendiz—so that if the INS came into contact with him, the agency would keep him in custody.  Plasket took no action to place Resendiz in the IDENT lookout system — and later claimed not to remember taking Carter’s call.37

Small wonder.  Plasket was apparently busy with other matters.  Barely a month after meeting with the cops.  Agent Plasket was indicted in a separate matter for extortion and theft of government funds and later sentenced to one year’s probation after resigning from the agency.38 6

So a Federal Agent misrepresented himself in order to extort money from a victim—a gross breach of the public trust—and he was punished by allowing him to resign and being given probation.  If anything, Albert Plasket fits right in to this scenario of United States Government corruption and it’s a wonder that he was prosecuted at all.

Malkin claims the reason “Rafael Resendez-Ramirez” was repeatedly released to rape and slaughter innocent Americans well beyond the border states was “incompetence” and “apathy” amongst multiple law enforcement agencies and dozens of officers.  One wonders how she wasn’t able to see a more sinister agenda at play, especially given her reputation for “Conservative bomblast”.

Malkin’s ancestry is Filipino Roman Catholic (she attended Holy Spirit Catholic High School in Abescon, NJ) and told the Catholic Herald in 2015 that she’s so devout that her Catholicism guides the decisions she makes every day.

Is it such a leap to ask, “If your ‘journalistic research’ showed you how your Church was ultimately responsible for heinous crimes, would you decide to cover that up?”

David McGowan is more of a mystery.  Very little is available about his background other than that he is a construction business owner in California who apparently moonlit as a “conspiracy theory” author, until his early death at 55 of pancreatic cancer.

As McGowan noted, “Resendez-Ramirez” surrendered by specific choice to Texas Rangers where he was at risk of execution and not to Mexican authorities where Catholic teaching had long ago obliterated the death penalty.

However, McGowan blamed a nebulous Satanic cult for the misnamed (on purpose?) “Railroad killer” when, clearly, if any agency were to blame for the 30-year spree of destruction of property, robbery, rape and murder by Mexican national Ángel Leoncio Reyes Recendis, it was all levels of American law enforcement who dutifully obey the Vatican agenda of wide-open borders to facilitate endless millions of Roman Catholic immigrants free of any fetters to come and go as they please…and, sometimes rape and slaughter Americans in the process.

We may never know if McGowan willingly covered up the obvious in subservience to Rome.  If he did, he was duly rewarded for his efforts.


  1. Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, Michelle Malkin, Regnery (August 19, 2002), pp. 104, 105
  2. Both the concept and phrase “Social Justice” were invented by Jesuit priest Prospero “Luigi” Taparelli d´Azeglio for the purpose of inciting Leftist revolutions in South America.
  3. Again, notice how Rome used one of their own (Taparelli was born in Turin, Italy) to stir strife in other countries.
  4. The “not born here” prerequisite for agents of the Vatican—clergy and laity alike—helps insulate the insurgent from compassion towards the citizens they betray.
  5. Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, Michelle Malkin, Regnery (August 19, 2002), p. 106
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    Although not exactly related to this article’s subject, I recently noticed the Satanic rock bands AC/DC, KISS, and Black Sabbath all started right around 1973. Abortion was legalized this year, with I believe the intent to create Dark Energy to give an impetus to the “heavy metal” movement. I can’t see it otherwise. The Tavistock Institute’s creation “The Beatles” also helped spawn the rise of the “serial killer”, with connections to Charles Manson and the Process Church (Mick Jagger also being involved). It’s an industry, at least on some level; and I suspect it’s far larger and more significant than anyone would like to think. All of this wonderful goodness has blossomed into the
    horrors of the “false flag” events of our days, planned and organized by the FBI (I believe those satanists who’ve infiltrated this law enforcement agency). These satanically affiliated agents appear just like all the rest, so no one would know who to suspect or why. Certainly no one among their own, and I’m sure the Border Patrol and state law enforcement are much the same. As proof this never dwells far from your door, I years ago discovered a victim of a satanic community near me in Delaware, thanks to Jay Parker, the son of an illuminati family. This is the same community that lies three miles from Joe Biden’s residence. There is no doubt in my mind he’s been through the ritual in this community, which has direct connections to the DuPont corporation centered in Wilmington, Del. This corporation invented several devices utilized in mind control which Jay Parker detailed in his interviews. America has a lot of work to do if it is to recover even a portion of it’s former “glory”. Not that I ever considered anything occurring in our country as exactly “glorious”. I sense there’s a lot of monstrosities not just on the surface of our country, but what lies underneath is myriads worse.

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