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Titled Truckers Ride for the Constitution, organizers claim it is an attempt to close down DC and arrest legislators for their blatant disregard of Constitutional restraints on their power.

To date, however, no one has been arrested (perhaps an audacious claim that should not have been made).

The stated cause is quite worthy, yet the method is suspect. As my brother Spartacus Cirucci noted to me (a former Marine now living and working in the DC area), it makes little sense to protest Ruling Elite politicians by locking up Beltway trafficespecially when navigating through the District of Columbia is already akin to flying a B-17 over Berlin.

It calls to mind the satanist inbreds from Kansas who mock soldier funerals to protest U.S. government preferential treatment of homosexuals. Interestingly, the “pastor” of that “church” is probably a raging sodomite.

kansas inbreds

But all that aside, it is interesting to note that even this wayward attempt to rise up was completely beat down by government/Leftist-controlled social media. Both “Facebook” and “Twitter” eradicated their trucker accounts.

USA Today wanted us to know that rain, not the protest, slowed DC traffic.

One of the rare, honest journalists—Ben Swann—reported that the numbers were low but made worse when Fox News pulled out of their coverage.

I think, overall, we can do better.

Washington DC was a powder keg as an incidental result of messiah Obama’s stick-it-to-ya efforts to hurt Americans during the phony government shut-down.

It wouldn’t take much to light the fuze. Unfortunately, that’s what the Luciferians are counting on. They’d love to see their shock troops tangle it up with Patriots as they hunker down in the bunkers you bought them.

There is a better way and the stark fear messiah Obama is showing over military commanders who aren’t Obamatons is a hint towards how it can be done.

—from the inside.

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