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As the face of the Pedocracy continues to get exposed, more and more disposable distractions are ejected so that those who are awake to the massive, shocking conspiracy are deceived into believing that the criminals are on the run.

As I’ve shown you conclusively in my third book, Eaters of Children; the top of the Pedocracy is Rome.  But with the suppression of the Templars on “Friday the 13th” in October of 1307, Rome learned never to act showing her real face, always to hide behind a patsy.

Her favorite patsies are Jews; it’s easy to stir hatred about them and you can always find a Jew willing to betray their country and their kindred as long as they get theirs.

This is why Hollywood has been entrusted to so many of the Jewish persuasion—it’s high visibility but has low influence.  The real power (Pentagon, CIA, FBI, etc.) is reserved for those more overtly loyal to Rome; open Catholics, usually Jesuit-trained.

But even their patsies are well taken care of.

Wein-steined Dress

For instance, to distract from how the rape and abuse of children is the gateway to power, a Jew (Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein) was accused of being a criminal misogynist.  It’s an accusation with lots of divisive emotion and equally as much distraction.

It is extremely rare for there to be police and / or legal action in response to any allegation of misconduct,1 but here as well, there is no lack of corrupt insiders to take the bite out of crime.

In May, Weinstein was arrested on a single count of rape, oddly, in New York City and not Los Angeles.2

It was a quick in-and-out affair…probably not unlike his romances.

Harvey Weinstein is out on bail.  Incredible.

The allowances made at Friday morning’s arraignment — Weinstein turning himself in looking clean and bookish, rather than be taken into custody in a 4 a.m. bust — may set the tone for the entire trial.  No detail is too small, as the press, prosecutors and Weinstein himself, the ultimate showman, knows.

It’s why police sources made sure to point out that he needed extended handcuffs because he was too fat for regular ones.  It’s why Weinstein toted two books into the police precinct as if leisurely overseeing some busywork.  It’s why one of those books was a biography of director Elia Kazan, whose testimony before the House Committee on Unamerican Activities in 1952 rendered him a Hollywood pariah or martyr, depending on your view.  It’s why one of the officers leading Weinstein through his perp walk was a woman.

And it’s why Harvey Weinstein, on that very perp walk, looked down and smirked.

Really, why shouldn’t he?  What consequence has truly befallen him?  Let’s not forget that in 2015, police were ready to arrest Weinstein for sexual assault until Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance put a stop to it.  And shortly thereafter, Vance took a $10,000 donation from Weinstein’s defense attorney.

Vance, incredibly, remains the Manhattan D.A. investigating other claims against Weinstein.

How is this possible?

Weinstein’s criminal defense attorney in this case, Benjamin Brafman, infamously and successfully defended former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn against charges he sexually assaulted a hotel maid in New York in 2012.  (That case ended in a reported $6 million settlement to the alleged victim.)

Brafman felt emboldened enough to imply that Weinstein’s arraignment is a result of “the movement” — too insignificant and hysterical to name — “that seems to have overtaken this case.”

Brafman was equally comfortable implying that the 80-plus women who have accused Weinstein of threats or assault are simply overreacting to boorish behavior — behavior in which they are complicit.

“Mr. Weinstein did not create the casting couch in Hollywood,” Brafman told the judge.

It’s why Weinstein strode into court knowing he’d stride right back out, handing over $1 million in bail and his passport — even though deep reporting in the New Yorker and the New York Times indicates Weinstein is a serial predator and rapist who has hired ex-Mossad to spy on his alleged victims.  And even as one alleged victim has an order of protection against Weinstein in this case, he is allowed to move freely between New York and Connecticut. ~ The New York Post

Who better to froth up the Jewish angle than a silver-spoon Irish-American aristocrat?  New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan was apparently so gifted in her journalistic talents she was recruited to work for Sassy magazine and MTV at the tender age of 17.3  One would assume such a proud, talented Irish Aristocrat would have a lot of biographical information but for one of the “Top 50 Power Women of 2016”, Maureen’s LinkedIn page looks like an after-thought.

Because Power Woman Maureen Callahan is so secretive about her private life, we’ll just have to guess that the word “Catholic” which so usually follows “Irish” can do so with her, as well.

It’s not a baseless guess when, in Ireland being Roman Catholic is more a past-time than a religious choice.

Just ask actor Liam Neeson.  Growing up surrounded by Protestant Scots in Ballymena didn’t keep him from becoming an altar boy.  Even less, his mother, for whom Catholic ritual is so ingrained she still walks to Mass at 90 years of age.

“Jesuits” Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons in the 1986 movie “The Mission” (which also starred Knight of Malta Robert DeNiro).  It is a fanciful re-write of the Reducciones the Jesuits created in South America in order to perfect Aquinian Communism, skillfully overlaid with DeNiro portraying the Loyola-esque “Rodrigo Mendoza”.

What makes the use of key Jews such a successful tactic for Vatican puppet-masters is extreme, corrupt Jewish tribalism.  The moment the selected Jew is installed into a position of power they surround themselves with, and give advantages to, their kindred.4  It’s easy to stir anger over such behavior and claiming it doesn’t exist only fuels that anger.

Weinstein has not taken the accusations very well as “user-edited” Wikipedia explains. 5

Allegations of and charges for sexual crimes:

In October 2017, The New York Times[46][47] and The New Yorker[3] reported that more than a dozen women accused Weinstein of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping them.  Many other women in the film industry subsequently reported similar experiences with Weinstein,[48][49][50] who denied raping the women.  As a result of these accusations, Weinstein was fired from his production company,[51] suspended from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts,[52] expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,[4] resigned from the Directors Guild of America,[53] his wife Georgina Chapman left him,[54] and leading figures in politics whom he had supported denounced him.[55]  The Los Angeles Police Department opened a criminal investigation for alleged rape,[56] and New York and London police are investigating other sexual assault allegations.[57]

Notice that, of this long list of consequences, the only thing that could truly be negative is the dissolution of Harvey’s marriage to his model wife.

Judging by the looks of them together, it’s clear that she married for love.

She’s now worth $30 million so perhaps she’s had her fill of Harvey.

It was a whirlwind romance.6

The power couple of make-believe were attended by the most powerful of Jews, Catholics and sycophants who know how to suck up to same.

Movie stars, moguls, politicians, filmmakers and supermodels gathered in Connecticut last night for the sumptuous wedding of film studio honcho Harvey Weinstein and fashion designer Georgina Chapman.

The nuptials, at Weinstein’s Westport estate, drew more than 300 guests from the worlds of film (Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Eva Mendes, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway, Kyle Mac-Lachlan, Quentin Tarantino), government (former Gov. George Pataki and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo), fashion (Vogue’s Anna Wintour, Harper’s Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey and models Helena Christensen, Karolina Kurkova, Jacquetta Wheeler and Natalia Vo-dianova), media and entertainment (Daily News Chairman and Publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Schwarzman, Les Moonves, Jeff Zucker, Lorne Michaels, Graydon Carter, Brian Roberts, Jim Dolan, Brad Grey, Kevin Huvane, Rick Yorn) and law (David Boies, Bert Fields and Allen Grubman).

Among those who sent video tributes were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean (Diddy) Combs, Heidi Klum, George Clooney and Anthony Minghella.

Guests in the heated, flower-strewn tent were treated to a meal of Dover sole and veal by Cipriani, a fireworks show, and performances by the Gipsy Kings and Sharon Jones, and a toast from Robert DeNiro.

— What’s a Hollywood wedding without fish with a special name and slaughtered baby cow served up by a luxury restaurant corporation founded by an Italian Roman Catholic (Giuseppe Cipriani).  How devout are they?  —the fourth generation heir is named after the founder of the Jesuits. —

Chicago Director Rob Marshall surprised the bride and groom with a choreographed revue in their honor to “He Had It Coming.”

The bride, 31, designed her own gown.  Her maid of honor was her partner in Marchesa, Karen Craig.  The groom, 55, was escorted by his mother, Miriam, and his brother, Bob, with whom he co-founded Miramax Films.

The couple, who had a rehearsal dinner Thursday night at the Waverly Inn in Manhattan, were married by Harvey Weinstein’s longtime friend, Judge Eugene Fahey.  A priest and rabbi also presided. The marriage was the second for Weinstein, who was divorced in 2004, and the first for Chapman.7

Notice how Havey’s “longtime friend” is a Christian Brothers-educated Leftist Catholic and New York Court of Appeals judge, not another Hollywood Jew!  They are so close that that Judge Fahey presided over Harvey’s wedding (which was co-presided by a Rabbi and a Priest—who we can presume was also Catholic?).  The English Georgina’s religion is either ignored by sources or listed as “NOT AVAILABLE”.  Was the extra priest for her, or for all the other Catholics in the party?  (—or for Harvey, a Jew who clearly is only too happy to kiss a Catholic ring?8)

If you’re concerned about poor Georgina, don’t be.  She got the kids and $20 million…more (she was really worried where her next veal would come from).9

Hopefully she can forget the bliss that was the conceiving of those children…

If you didn’t read Maureen Callahan’s exposé on how Harvey Weinstein was a misogynist Jew who was getting away with his outrages, “user-edited” Wikipedia picked up the slack for her and added that he used Israeli mercenaries to strong-arm his victims:

Ronan Farrow reported in The New Yorker that Weinstein hired British-Israeli private intelligence firm Black Cube in order to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against him.  Using false identities, private investigators from Black Cube tracked and met journalists and actresses, in particular Rose McGowan, who accused Weinstein of rape.  Weinstein had Black Cube and other agencies “target, or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories.”[58][59][60]

The allegations precipitated a wave of “national reckoning” against sexual harassment and assault in the United States,[61] known as the Weinstein effect.  Compounded by other sexual harassment cases earlier in the year, the Weinstein reports and subsequent #MeToo hashtag campaign, which encouraged individuals to share their suppressed stories of sexual misconduct, created a cavalcade of allegations across multiple industries that brought about the swift ouster of many men in positions of power both in the United States and, as it spread, around the world.[62][63]

Sadly, these Roman sources are only reporting the truth; Harvey Weinstein is a despicable human being who was enthroned in Hollywood and, when he can, gives deference and perks to other Jews.

But he knows how to kiss the ring that feeds him and these are only half-truths.

What you’re not going to get from these Catholic sources is how the guns-for-hire industry was created, defined and perfected by Romans.

Perhaps the most infamous of these examples is Blackwater.

16 September 2007: …employees of Blackwater Security Consulting (since renamed Academi), a private military company, shot at Iraqi civilians, killing 17 and injuring 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad while escorting a U.S. embassy convoy.[1][2][3]  The killings outraged Iraqis and strained relations between Iraq and the United States.[4]  In 2014, four Blackwater employees were tried[5] and convicted in U.S. federal court; one of murder, and the other three of manslaughter and firearms charges.[6]

On August 4 2017, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit tossed [security contractor Nicholas] Slatten’s murder conviction and ordered the other defendants to be re-sentenced.[21]  A new trial was also recommended for Slatten, on the grounds that it was unjustifiable to try him with his co-defendants, and that he should have been tried separately.[21] ~ Wikipedia925

Having billionaire Edgar Dale Prince as a father provided certain “opportunities” for Erik Dean Prince, such as world travel and an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.

Prince chaffed, however, at the Plebe hazing and left Annapolis for Hillsdale.  He then joined the Navy and became a SEAL where he served in the Middle East, Haiti and the Balkans but saw no combat.926

Each of these locations remain a hotbed of human trafficking, Haiti, in particular (see Chapter 28).

Prince left the SEALs after a short 4-year stint927 and then founded one of the most infamous war profiteering organizations of all time — Blackwater — immediately after.

Clearly, he felt he had a sure thing.

Blackwater would go on to net over $1 billion in U.S. government contracts and that was despite the Nisour Square massacre of 16 September 2007.  When an Iraqi car tangled with a Blackwater-guarded convoy the response was a hail of weapons fire and explosives which killed anywhere between 17 and 28 men, women and children.928

Later, the U.S. military examined the carnage.  It was determined that there was no evidence of any insurgent activity — a wayward Iraqi civilian unwittingly touching off a powder-keg of undisciplined, trigger-happy mercenaries.929

Two months prior, the State Department was warned about Blackwater’s lawless arrogance by an investigator who had uncovered shocking levels of corruption and negligence. He was stopped, however, by the company’s lead man in Iraq — another ex-Navy SEAL named Daniel Carroll. Carroll told Diplomatic Security Special Agent Jean Richter:

that he could kill me at that very moment and no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq…930

Either Blackwater’s top man in Iraq, Daniel Carroll,cxxxv was unbelievably reckless or he was fully assured of the ability to murder a United States government official and get away with it.

To their surprise, the Iraqi government backed Blackwater.  Special Agent Richter and his small fact-finding delegation were immediately sent back to the United States.

Perhaps it wasn’t all that surprising given bribes totaling $1 million dollars handed to key Iraqi officials by the Papal Knight mercenaries.931

The twist is that the bribes were sanctioned (sometimes recommended) by the same State Department that sent Richter and his team, showing that the “fact-finding mission” was never intended to find facts.932

Two months later an Iraqi mother lay burned to a crisp in their family car, clutching her infant to her — the heat from the explosions had melded their bodies together.933

Unfortunately for her relatives, monetary compensation for wrongdoing doesn’t quite flow from mercenaries as bribes do.934

War is business and business is good. …

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill (one of Blackwater’s most passionate media detractors) has called Erik Prince “a reclusive right-wing evangelical Christian”.939

Such a characterization is amazing given that even Newsweek reported on Prince leaving his Dutch Reform Calvinism behind for Roman Catholicism.  In the piece, Newsweek’s Evan Thomas disclosed a Prince statement that implies his involvement in Templar Freemasonry:

In his occasional public utterances at security conferences, his vision emerges.  He was once quoted by a defense-industry newsletter describing why his private contractors could provide better — more effective, more efficient — “relief with teeth” in a dangerous environment than international aid organizations or even the U.S. military: “Everybody carries guns, just like Jeremiah rebuilding the Temple in Israel, a sword in one hand, a trowel in the other.”  Prince, a weapons expert and adventure seeker since he outgrew playing with lead soldiers as a boy, has seen the promised land, and it is righteous and well-armed. [sic]940

Interestingly, one of Protestantism’s most renown opponents of the Catholic Church, Baptist firebrand Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892), named his magazine Sword & Trowel.941

Scahill is a close associate of legendary Jewish homosexual journalist and personal confidant of “whistleblower” Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald.  It’s difficult to imagine how he could make such a clumsy mistake as there is very little “Christian” about either Erik Prince or Blackwater.  However, both are very much the flower of Papal Knighthood.

Perhaps it was the influence of Scahill’s “longtime friend” and mentor, Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan942 that helped him get things mixed up. ~ Eaters of Children 10

Who finally did Harvey in?  Of the 80 women who have been mistreated by Weinstein, only one brave Italian-Filipina model came forward; Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

Back in 201511, Battilana contacted police about Harvey’s improper advances—she said they were beneath her dignity.

However, a District Attorney in New York City couldn’t find enough evidence.

Film mogul Harvey Weinstein will not face criminal charges stemming from a gorgeous Italian model’s claim that he molested her in his Tribeca Film Center office last month, the Manhattan DA said Friday.

“This case was taken seriously from the outset, with a thorough investigation conducted by our sex crimes unit,” said Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman for DA Cyrus Vance Jr.

“After analyzing the available evidence, including multiple interviews with both parties, a criminal charge is not supported.” ~ Page Six

But it didn’t stop media from giving the brave model full coverage starting on April Fool’s Day in 2015.

—or, shall we say, “fully un-covered”.

This is not the first time Ambra’s high moral code brought down a big fish.

In 2010 she helped put a dagger into perennial Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi.

In some of the most lurid evidence to emerge from the sex scandal engulfing the prime minister, the two women said they were so shocked by what they witnessed at one of his so called “bunga-bunga” parties that they demanded to be taken home.

They were allegedly told by one of Mr. Berlusconi’s closest associates: “If you want to go, fine, but you can forget about entering Miss Italy or becoming TV weather girls.”

Chiara Danese and Ambra Battilana are not among the 33 women who prosecutors allege prostituted themselves with the prime minister during wild parties at his mansion outside Milan, Villa San Martino.  They said they decided to come forward to give evidence because since attending one of the gatherings they had been labelled as “escorts” in their home towns in Piedmont in north-western Italy. ~ The Telegraph

Not exactly sure what a “bunga-bunga” party is but perhaps an Italian fraternity brother can write me and explain it.

On second thought, you better not.

If that number of women victims collected by Italian prosecutors looks suspicious—33—don’t worry, the Freemasonic signal is just a coincidence.

Although Berlusconi has been convicted of a whole host of crimes from sex with a minor12 to tax fraud13 he has escaped any serious punishment.

For such a high-profile femme fatale, Ambra’s past remains a mystery; nothing on her education, family or religion.  As an Italian/Filipina we can only guess what her religious roots are.14

But, hey, aren’t we lucky that a distinguished journalist like Ronan Farrow was able to step up and hand it to Harvey?

His parents christened him “Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow”.  When you find out who they are, you’ll understand why (as well as Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan’s success).

Farrow was born in New York City to actress Mia Farrow and filmmaker Woody Allen.  His father’s family is Jewish, whereas his mother’s is Catholic.[1]  His given name honors National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige[2] and actress Maureen O’Sullivan, his maternal grandmother.  Now known as Ronan, he was given the surname “Farrow” to avoid a family with one child named Allen amid Farrows and Previns.[3]  In 2013, Mia Farrow raised speculation that singer-actor Frank Sinatra could have been Ronan’s biological father.[4][5] ~ Wikipedia

Actress Maureen O’Sullivan was not only Irish Roman Catholic, she attended Sacred Heart Convent at Roehampton in Dublin.

Actress María de Lourdes “Mia” Villiers-Farrow was raised devout Roman Catholic by two Catholic parents and also educated in a Convent (through Grammar School and High School).

She is perhaps best known for her role as “Rosemary” in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”; a twisted look into Catholic lore speculating about a literal “son of the Devil”—written and directed by two Jews, Roman Polanski and Ira Levin.

Technically, Polanski is more Catholic than Jew, having been raised that way by his Catholic mother.  It was a shoo-in for enthronement in Hollywood, as was his sexual deviancy.

Polanski was dating a good Catholic girl, Sharon Tate (in fact, shortly after the filming of Rosemary’s Baby).  Although they were a typical, “liberated” Hollywood couple, the pregnant Tate had a twinge of Catholic guilt and began heavily pressuring Polanski into making her “honest”.  Fortunately for the Jew-raised-Catholic, Charles Manson (himself, likely assaulted at the Boys Town orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska) was on hand to send several Catholic hench-women to murder her and her baby before Roman was forced to tie the knot.15

It all would’ve been idyllic had he not raped and sodomized a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house a few years later.

That wasn’t the problem, the problem was the unbelievably bad luck finding out that the judge wasn’t going to do what he was told and, instead, was looking to actually make Polanski accountable for what he had done.

Fortunately, inside sources let him know and his loose bail restrictions allowed him to easily slip the United States to Roman Catholic France where raping and sodomizing a teenage girl isn’t that big a deal (see the case where the rape of an 11 year old girl was thrown out by a French judge because he decided that “she wanted it”).  He’s lived there safely and unmolested—himself, that is—ever since.

For all the gory details surrounding Roman the Jewish Catholic’s life of privilege (and copious citations), read my book Eaters of Children.

Also fitting right in to this narrative, Allan Stewart “Woody Allen” Konigsberg is the Jewish comedian and writer who adopted a little girl, then married her.  At what point he began to have sex with his daughter, only they can tell.

Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan isn’t faring much better, he’s recently admitted that he prefers men to women.16

When asked how someone who is barely 30 years old has already gotten choice jobs working for President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before becoming a crack “journalist”17 who gets published by The Guardian, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker, Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan reportedly responded that he likes to do things his way.

Perhaps we shouldn’t judge Farrow and The New Yorker too harshly just yet.18

During the farce that has been the nomination of yet another Roman Catholic to the Supreme Court, the team (along with silver-spoon Jewish “journalist” Jane Meredith Mayer, great, great grand-daughter of Jewish banker Mendel Lehmann, a.k.a. “Emanuel Lehman”), have put their finger on the Roman connections to Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

As Kavanaugh inches towards a Senate confirmation (a vote that has already been settled by those who pull the strings of the “Senators”), “journalists” have been cleared to reference an allegation of “harassment”, the circumstances of which are quite interesting.

Rather than de-emphasizing Kavanaugh’s Catholic religion and Jesuit school background, S. R. O. Farrow, Jane Mayer and The New Yorker (along with select other “journalists”, of course) are choosing to emphasize it as the focus of this dated complaint.19

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, first approached Democratic lawmakers in July, shortly after Trump nominated Kavanaugh.  The allegation dates back to the early nineteen-eighties, when Kavanaugh was a high-school student at Georgetown Preparatory School, in Bethesda, Maryland, and the woman attended a nearby high school.  In the letter, the woman alleged that, during an encounter at a party, Kavanaugh held her down, and that he attempted to force himself on her.  She claimed in the letter that Kavanaugh and a classmate of his, both of whom had been drinking, turned up music that was playing in the room to conceal the sound of her protests, and that Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand.  She was able to free herself.  Although the alleged incident took place decades ago and the three individuals involved were minors, the woman said that the memory had been a source of ongoing distress for her, and that she had sought psychological treatment as a result. …

The woman declined a request for an interview.

In recent months, the woman had told friends that Kavanaugh’s nomination had revived the pain of the memory, and that she was grappling with whether to go public with her story.  She contacted her congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, a Democrat, sending her a letter describing her allegation.  (When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Eshoo’s office cited a confidentiality policy regarding constituent services and declined to comment further on the matter.)

The letter was also sent to the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein.  As the ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Feinstein was preparing to lead Democratic questioning of Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing weeks later.  The woman contacted Feinstein’s office directly, according to multiple sources.

After the interactions with Eshoo’s and Feinstein’s offices, the woman decided not to speak about the matter publicly.  She had repeatedly reported the allegation to members of Congress and, watching Kavanaugh move toward what looked like an increasingly assured confirmation, she decided to end her effort to come forward, a source close to the woman said.  Feinstein’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Feinstein’s decision to handle the matter in her own office, without notifying other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stirred concern among her Democratic colleagues.  For several days, Feinstein declined requests from other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to share the woman’s letter and other relevant communications.  A source familiar with the committee’s activities said that Feinstein’s staff initially conveyed to other Democratic members’ offices that the incident was too distant in the past to merit public discussion, and that Feinstein had “taken care of it.”  On Wednesday, after media inquiries to the Democratic members multiplied, and concern among congressional colleagues increased, Feinstein agreed to brief the other Democrats on the committee, with no staff present.

On Thursday, Feinstein announced that she had referred the matter to the F.B.I. “I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” Feinstein said.  “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.  I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”

In a statement, an F.B.I. spokesperson said, “Upon receipt of the information on the night of September 12, we included it as part of Judge Kavanaugh’s background file, as per the standard process.”

Like the college situated an underground tunnel away from the nation’s “Capitol”,20 Georgetown Prep is also run by Jesuits.

The Washington Post touted Trump’s previous appointment, Neil Gorsuch, as “the first Protestant in years!”  That’s because prior to the “mishap” suffered by Antonin Scalia, the highest Court in America (a body that dictates law completely free of any oversight by the citizenry21) was composed of six Roman Catholics and three token far-Left Jews.

However, Gorsuch, is only technically a “Protestant”.  He’s Episcopalian; a sect that shares so much with Catholicism it is frequently called in jest “Catholic Lite”.  Not only that, he comes from the same Episcopal parish as the Ramsey family who dolled up their toddler JonBenét in full adult make-up and costume before she was ritually murdered (and almost certainly raped, although “law enforcement” and “medical examiners” ignored evidence of it22).

Detracting even more from Neil’s “Protestant cred” is the fact that he, too, was trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown Prep.

In fact, everyone in this little vignette has an overt tie to Rome.

“Assyrian-American” Democrat Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is “Chaldean” Catholic (but frequently mislabeled “Christian” as a shortcut).23

Perennial corrupt-o-crat and ceaseless gun-grabber Diane Feinstein is a Jew but she attended a Catholic convent.  By an odd coincidence, the name of Jewish Senator Feinstein’s Catholic Convent in San Francisco is the same as Satchell Ronan O’Sullivan’s grandmother in Dublin; “Sacred Heart”.24

Interesting that far-Left Democrats like Feinstein and Biden should pull their punches on “Republican” (Catholic) Supreme Court appointments like former Monsanto lawyer Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.  Harassment and attempted rape are behaviors that not even “Conservatives” would approve of, despite their desire to see a so-called Republican (Catholic) join the Bench.

Given the overwhelming evidence exposed in Eaters of Children, we must ask of this carefully-tailored “controversy”, “What are we not being told?”  A woman claims that, as a teenage girl, Kavanaugh brutalized her under the careful gaze and watch of his friends but never managed to violate her?  Or did he and she, as another carefully-controlled pawn, isn’t allowed to say?

But where, exactly, did Doctor Blasey (no-hyphen) Ford come from?

The blog of a military/intelligence insider gives us a clue.

Judge Kavanaugh grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and his family was a member of the Chevy Chase Country Club, which sits north of Mazza Gallerie and between Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues.  Kavanaugh is still a member there.

Christine Blasey Ford is the daughter of Paula and Ralph.  They were members of the Columbia Country Club (Barack Obama is currently a member there as well).  Columbia has the reputation for being the most Catholic of the Country Clubs.  For those not familiar with old Washington, the various country clubs catered to particular ethnic/religious populations.  Most agreed on one thing—no Jews and no Blacks. ~ Sic Semper Tyrannis, Turcopolier

Who is this guy and how would he know?

Walter Patrick “Pat” Lang, Jr. (born May 31, 1940)[1] is a commentator on the Middle East, a retired U.S. Army officer and private intelligence analyst, and an author.  After leaving uniformed military service as a Colonel, he held high-level posts in military intelligence as a civilian.  He led intelligence analysis of the Middle East and South Asia for the Defense Department and world-wide HUMINT activities in a high-level equivalent to the rank of a lieutenant general. ~ Wikipedia

And, like any good Pentagon spook, “lieutenant general” (equivalent) Lang has a “higher loyalty25

Lang is a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, a Roman Catholic chivalric order, in which he holds the rank of Knight Commander.[2] ~ Wikipedia

A Turcopole was a Byzantine mercenary for the Crusades and Sic semper tyrannis is what Catholic Freemason John Wilkes Booth said when he murdered President Abraham Lincoln for the Papacy.

Are you still wondering why “prejudiced” Americans of old “hated Catholics” and even forbade them the vote?

Was Christine Blasey (no hyphen) Ford a silver-spoon Catholic?  Even the CIA’s own Washington Post begrudgingly agrees

As senators weigh Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the endless news cycle has pried into every corner of his accuser’s life to find out who Christine Blasey Ford really is.

The answer is someone very different than who she was.  In Bethesda, Ford’s life was one of cloistered advantage, with her time spent at a private school for girls, at the Columbia Country Club and at parties where she moved easily among the privileged and popular. …

Growing up, she was just “Chrissy,” and in the way of younger siblings, was often described by her relationship to someone else: sister of Tom and Ralph, daughter of the older Ralph, a golf course regular who would go on to become the president of the exclusive, all-male Burning Tree Club.  Ford’s mother, Paula, was well-liked among the kids at Columbia Country Club because she remembered their names.

There’s another Ralph Blasey golfing for the Davidson College Wildcats in North Carolina (your kids won’t be going unless you fork over $66 grand).  He’s such a devoted Catholic, he’s founded a special breakfast club for his fellow Papists—all future generals, journalists and judges, of course.

A sympathetic class-mate of Doctor Blasey (no-hyphen) Ford, Cristina King (no-hyphen) Miranda, posted a letter on her Facebook page that further fleshed this out.  She quickly deleted it but, fortunately “Paste Magazine” pasted it back:

Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me, I did not know her personally but I remember her.  This incident did happen.  Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details.  However Christine’s vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.  We are all in some way from that time, at least me, Christine, and I applaud her courage and her dignity.  The drinking ensconced in the puritanism and hypocrisy of that elite, privileged, mostly white, Catholic, Washington society, was completely out of control.  I recall having a few parties at my house and having to call the cops once on my own party.

“Hypocrisy” in “Puritan, Catholic”, racist Washington (no Jews and no blacks allowed)?26

Is the Kavanaugh PsyOp showing us the ugly underbelly of a Catholic insurgency in “Washington D.C.” and Mary-land (the colony founded by Catholics, for Catholics)?

Is there an entire sub-culture of golf-playing, veal-eating Catholic Aristocrat Elites secretly running America for Rome (and living high on the hog while they’re at it)?

Kavanaugh was “just a teenager at the time” (having been taught by the Jesuits how to interact with young girls at Georgetown Prep27).  Do you men remember “almost raping” a girl you fancied in high school?  How about ever?  What type of individual is capable of such behavior?

If Kavanaugh “attempted” a rape as a teenager, did he grow into the type of man who does worse?

Certainly this is exactly what the Elite look for when picking someone for a position like United States Supreme Court Justice.

The Washington Post admitted in a gas-lighting28 propaganda piece that Kavanaugh has “evolved” on the “suicide” of Vince Foster.  He helped Prosecutor Kenneth Starr make sure nothing came of the investigation so expertly handled by crack members of the Washington D.C. Park Police and now he doesn’t even think a good President should have his Emperor powers interfered with.

As a staunch, hard-core Republican and Conservative, Kavanaugh has also been instrumental in keeping the abomination of America’s socialized medicine protected and intact.

Clearly, this man needs to be on the Supreme Court!

And yet, are we seeing signs that he might not make it?

Our intrepid poster-journalist for the #MeToo movement, Ronan Farrow, has uncovered another “credible witness” of Kavanaugh misconduct.29

Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate30, 31 of Brett Kavanaugh, says that while she was drunk and incapacitated, Brett stuck his naked manhood in her face in front of friends and witnesses.

Ramirez said that, when both she and Kavanaugh were freshmen at Yale, she was invited by a friend on the women’s soccer team to a dorm-room party.  She recalled that the party took place in a suite at Lawrance Hall, in the part of Yale known as Old Campus, and that a small group of students decided to play a drinking game together.  “We were sitting in a circle,” she said.  “People would pick who drank.”  Ramirez was chosen repeatedly, she said, and quickly became inebriated.  At one point, she said, a male student pointed a gag plastic penis in her direction.  Later, she said, she was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words, as that male student and another stood nearby.  (Ramirez identified the two male onlookers, but, at her request, The New Yorker is not naming them.)

A third male student then exposed himself to her.  “I remember a penis being in front of my face,” she said.  “I knew that’s not what I wanted, even in that state of mind.”  She recalled remarking, “That’s not a real penis,” and the other students laughing at her confusion and taunting her, one encouraging her to “kiss it.”  She said that she pushed the person away, touching it in the process.  Ramirez, who was raised a devout Catholic, in Connecticut, said that she was shaken.  “I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married,” she said.  “I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated.”  She remembers Kavanaugh standing to her right and laughing, pulling up his pants.  “Brett was laughing,” she said.  “I can still see his face, and his hips coming forward, like when you pull up your pants.”  She recalled another male student shouting about the incident.  “Somebody yelled down the hall, ‘Brett Kavanaugh just put his penis in Debbie’s face,’” she said.  “It was his full name.  I don’t think it was just ‘Brett.’  And I remember hearing and being mortified that this was out there.”

Of course with a name like “Ramirez”, Deborah was raised devout Catholic, in Connecticut.  We certainly commend her “Puritan” dedication to not touching penises (especially Brett Kavanaugh’s) until she was married although we do question her judgment in putting herself at risk in a raunchy Yale party where she allowed alcohol to relieve her of her senses.

Will Brett Kavanaugh and his penis make it to sit under a Supreme Court bench?32

A Rose By Any Other Name

How does Rose McGowan fit in to this distraction of depravity and deviancy?


She grew up in Italy where her father helped run a child sex cult.33

Actress Rose McGowan has appeared in such classics as “Going All the Way”, “Devil in the Flesh”, “Monkeybone” and “The Black Dahlia”.  She also played an alluring witch on the Warner Brothers TV series “Charmed”.

McGowan’s American father ran a Children of God chapter in a well-known European location.

McGowan, the second-eldest of six children (plus two half-siblings), was born in Certaldo, Italy, the daughter of Terri, a former writer and Microsoft employee, and Daniel McGowan, who worked as a commercial artist.[1]  Her parents were American, and she has Irish and French ancestry.[2]  Daniel McGowan ran an Italian chapter of the Children of God, to which both he and his wife held membership until 1978.[3]  McGowan spent her early childhood amid the group’s communes, often traveling through Europe with her parents.[2]  When interviewed by Howard Stern in 2001, she stated she had avoided the group’s calls for members to become sexually active as children, and stated that she never personally experienced abuse as a child.[1]  Through her father’s art contacts in Italy, McGowan became a child model and appeared in Vogue Bambini and various other Italian magazines.

Her parents returned to the United States when she was ten years old, settling in Eugene, Oregon.[2][4] ~ Wikipedia903

Hollywood star Rose McGowan’s mother was a Microsoft writer in Italy and her “connected artist” father ran the Children of God chapter.

McGowan claims she was never molested.  Subsequently, she seems to have developed into perfect normalcy.

McGowan had a wayward childhood, living as a teenage runaway in Portland, Oregon and associating with a group of drag queens in the city.[2][5] ~ Wikipedia904


McGowan recalls that “[returning with family to America] was not an easy assimilation” into the mainstream way of life.  “My brothers and sisters, we thought everyone was boring.”

Many years later, she returned to the small town in Italy with her then-boyfriend, rocker Marilyn Manson.  “We created quite a stir,” she admits. ~ People905

If anyone epitomizes of “normalcy” it’s Brian Hugh “Marilyn Manson” Warner.

Manson was born in Canton, Ohio.  He is the only son of Barbara Warner Wyer and Hugh Angus Warner.[37]  He is of German, English and Irish descent.[38]  In an August 12, 2015 interview, Warner claimed that his Appalachian family also has “Sioux” heritage.[39]  In his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, he detailed his grandfather’s alleged sexual fetishes, including bestiality and sadomasochism.

As a child, he attended his mother’s Episcopal church, though his father was a Roman Catholic.[40][41] ~ Wikipedia906

“Manson” used his Catholic father’s influence to become a “Satanist”.  His former girlfriend, Rose McGowan, claimed she was more fervent at it than he was.907 ~  ~ Eaters of Children 34

Obviously, McGowan is the perfect selection to lead the charge against “male chauvinist pig Jew” Harvey Weinstein.

She continues to court extremes, having left Brian “Marilyn Manson” Warner, McGowan now prefers women…or “gender non-conforming” women—ah, I mean “non-binary persons”.

Rose McGowan puts on affectionate display with non-binary partner Rain Dove at GQ Awards—before attacking all those who “paint her as imbalanced and a whore” in fiery speech. ~ Daily Mail

Using “#MeToo” male misogyny as a distraction and smokescreen for systemic sex slavery of women and, especially, children is bad enough but the Elite add the extra rub of discrediting even the #MeToo movement with unhinged, “non-binary” spokes-persons like these.

Even this is a criminal outrage because the individuals running the show—no pun intended—are, indeed, predatory men who demand that any woman seeking power and influence (particularly in Hollywood) needs to use their body to get ahead.

Looking upon McGowan and her life, one is instinctively repulsed, but also saddened.

Still, she appears to be well-compensated for her role in this propaganda of perversion.  The Daily Mail (itself a paper of only the highest content quality) noted that the tinfoil raincoat McGowan sported for “GQ” cost over one thousand dollars.

In an era of lies and disinformation, perhaps even that is a ludicrous exaggeration (the pair look like they were dressed at Good Will).  Who knows, maybe you can also cook a Hot Pocket in the pockets.35

She certainly doesn’t appear to lack any cheek (shaved as it is).

Harper was very happy to print her book on her anti-male-chauvinist-pig-bravery: “BRAVE”.  We are assured that it is a “NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLER!!!”

This self-destruction of hypocrisy seems ingeniously built in to any altruistic endeavor of the rich and shameless.  Women like Jennifer Lawrence are selected to be the front-runners for a movement against male chauvinism, yet Lawrence has an entire career built upon the exploitation of her own body.

This was turned into another propaganda spin for her just last year.

Lawrence Admits Nude Line-up Established Her Career, Johnny

National or international, if there is glitz, there is depravity and hypocrisy.

Cuban actress Ana de Armas was elevated to “big time” with her co-starring role opposite Ryan Gosling in the 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049.36

Having built her career upon a willingness to strip and do sex scenes on camera didn’t slow her down from chiming in with a “tweet” for the oppressed women of South America.

Such hubris can’t help but illicit a response (whether you think you’ll be heard or not).

Actress Sean Young played opposite Harrison Ford in the original Ridley Scott Blade Runner in 1982.  Since then, it’s been a life of controversy for her but she has stated that she, too, was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.

Not satisfied with Rose McGowan and “Rain Dove” as doing enough harm to “#MeToo”, the Propaganda Masters added another wrinkle.

Rose and Rain recently “outed” their friend and fellow #MeToo-er, Asia Argento as being even more hypocritical than they are!

Argento is the daughter of Italian horror film director Dario Argento.  She started her acting career at 9 (the perfect age for abuse).  She continues to do low-budget movies that involve sex through today—another perfect spokesperson for exploitation.

CANNES — Nobody knows as well as Asia Argento how to lick her lips in a carnivorous smile.  The Italian actress, who has played many a sexual daredevil, has two top teeth that intersect cunningly, and a tattoo on her backside.  She bares both in her latest movies here at the festival.  She stars in Olivier Assayas’s “Boarding Gate,” Catherine Breillat’s “Une Vieille Maîtresse,” and has a small part in Abel Ferrara’s “Go-Go Girls.”

At 31, Argento has moved into the public eye with an assurance that is not just about being the wildest sex kitten on screen.  “Sex is part of life like eating, sleeping, or dreaming, and we shouldn’t be scared of it,” she said.  “Obviously, when it comes to acting, there are limits on what you can do.  I don’t know what they are yet, but I will find out.”

In “Boarding Gate,” shown in a midnight screening, she plays a prostitute caught in a plot to handcuff and murder an old lover, played by Michael Madsen.  In “Une Vieille Maîtresse,” in competition later this week, a period drama, adapted from a novel by Jules Barbey d´Aurevilly about a Spanish woman jilted by her aristocratic lover, she wears low-cut black lace and has circles under her eyes, and a dark frown.  In the book, she is described as extraordinarily ugly, but this is cinema and this is Asia. ~ The New York Times

When she bares her body (which is often) she shows another sign of abuse: an obsession with tattooing.37

The “scandal” is that Argento had “an affair” with a 17 year old teenager who later blackmailed her for money.  It is clearly a smokescreen within a smokescreen built upon Hollywood deviancy and twisted beyond a logical trail of evidence for cover.

In 2004, Argento decided to step into the creative side of movie-making with the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, based upon the Laura Albert (“J.T. LeRoy”) novel of the same name.

It was a wonderful pick to exercise Argento’s abilities to simultaneously direct, write and act—

The stories are narrated by the boy Jeremiah, who at the age of four is taken away from his foster parents, the only family he’s known.  He is reclaimed by his mother Sarah, who had given birth to him as an adolescent but was compelled to turn him over to foster care.  Profoundly disturbed from her own life of abuse and poverty, Sarah takes him on the road with her, moving through aimless and dangerous encounters with a series of men, some of whom beat and rape Jeremiah.  She frequently instructs her son to pretend to be her sibling—sometimes her brother, sometimes her sister.  She is also abusive to him and abandons him repeatedly.

The child-welfare system sends Jeremiah to live with Sarah’s parents: Bible- and child-beating fanatics who abuse him as relentlessly as they had abused his mother.  Sarah finds him and takes him away with her, but her life continues to spiral out of control.  She becomes a lot lizard (a prostitute who works the truck stops) and eventually slides into a paranoid breakdown from crystal-meth abuse.  Jeremiah is last seen as a 15-year-old street hustler in San Francisco, paying for a gay S&M session where he relives the beatings he had submitted to as a child. ~ Wikipedia

Of course a story about abuse stemming from “Bible- and child-beating fanatics” is based upon Jeremiah 17:9 (the inspiration for the little boy who gets repeatedly abused physically, sexually and psychologically).

You’d think such a must-miss treasure wouldn’t get much help but there you’re wrong.  Jeremy Renner,38 Peter Fonda and Winona Ryder leant their talents.  Argento was even able to talk Brian “Marilyn Manson” Warner into helping.

Three boys played “Jeremiah” across from Argento, one of them was James “Jimmy” Bennett.

At the time of the movie, Bennett was only 7, but we have been assured that the depth of the scandal is only with a teen just a bit shy of adulthood.  Certainly someone as well-adjusted as Asia Argento wasn’t capable of any worse.

Sources like the New York Times report social networking exchanges with Argento calling Bennett “my son” and Bennett calling Argento “momma”.

Was it really the idea of Rose and Rain to “out” this scandal or are they just the “non-binary” faces of a much more complex PsyOp (“Psychological Operation”)?

The tabloid TMZ claims to have an archived Bennett post expressing his “obsession” with Argento since he was 12 years old but McGowan told Fortune magazine that, at 12, Bennett was sending Argento nude pictures of himself.

One would think that would be enough to cause law enforcement to ask some questions of Asia Argento yet that hasn’t happened and not for lack of evidence.

For instance, Argento would go on to post a posed picture of herself lying in bed with her real son, Nicola, clad only in what appears to be a dress.

Who took the picture and what was going on before and after?

Other disturbing posts of her son include a shirtless, “tattooed” Nicola suggestively holding a running hose.

Or even more bizarre and perverse is what appears to be Argento pressing a boy’s head into her naked breast.

Yet Argento remains unquestioned by authorities as to the concern of abuse in her own household (let alone receiving any censure from Instagram).  Her and her “NO SHAME FIST” social networking avatar are the perfect symbols of the carefully crafted #MeToo implosion.

In 2016, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain (also a Roman Catholic) met Argento in Rome where he was shooting for his CNN show “Parts Unknown”.  The equally-tattoo-obsessed chef was a fan of Dario Argento (who wouldn’t be?) and, despite the 20-year age difference the two began dating.  The relationship ended in June of this year when Bourdain apparently killed himself

Bourdain was filming on location in France (not a particularly depressing endeavor), yet sources like the New York Times accent the “odd” behavior of missing dinner the night of June 7th and breakfast the morning of June 8th—that’s because the chef was hanging from a rope in his hotel room.

People states that, just before Bourdain’s death, Argento posted an Instagram “story” of her t-shirt stating “FUCK EVERYONE” with the caption “You know who you are”.39  It was subsequently deleted.

If there was rebellion amongst the pair against a greater power, they seem to have lost—certainly Bourdain did.

Dario Argento has also weighed in on the controversies swirling around his daughter stating that an “air of conspiracy” hangs over the events.

The greatest religious influence (perhaps, not surprisingly) in Asia Argento’s life seems to be the Roman Catholcism of her native Italy.

But, for a brief time after Anthony Bourdain’s death, Asia seemed to get sincere, posting a prayer in Spanish and then an Instagram quoting Jesus Christ in John 8:32, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

That, too, Argento has subsequently deleted.40

As I write, Rose McGowan has just posted a public apology for wrongly accusing Asia Argento of pedophilia.

“Never mind.”

Two Coreys

Propping up a fatally-flawed whistleblower is not a new trick.

In March of 2010, child film star Corey Haim was found dead in his Oakwood Apartment of an apparent deadly over-the-counter drug cocktail.  Later, media claimed the 38 year old had used aliases to “doctor shop” prescription drugs that were more potent and subsequently lead to his death.

Friend and fellow actor Corey Feldman had a different take.  Feldman stated that both he and Haim had been assaulted, sodomized and abused during the filming of several movies and the toll eventually led to Haim’s death.

Feldman would later tell ABC that Hollywood was run by pedophiles and, in due time, he would name names.

Just two years later, appropriately-named Vice News covered Feldman’s “birthday party” in 2013.41  It was a debauchery-fest reminiscent of another well-known personality.  Gawker described it thus:

Goonies star Corey Feldman is attempting to transform himself into the next Hugh Hefner—complete with his own FeldMansion, a bevy of Jumbo’s Clown Room wannabes calling themselves “Corey’s Angels,” and a pervasive, weary, existential sadness.

The influence of the Prince of Porn was even more evident after Hefner’s death when it was revealed that the pornography magnate was an integral part of Feldman’s life; almost as if the child actor was Hefner’s illegitimate son.

Perhaps even worse than Feldman’s debauched lifestyle was how he apparently immersed his young son in the same cesspool.

Father and illegitimate son? Corey Feldman (left), Hugh Hefner (right).

On “Easter” in 2012, when other families were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Corey Feldman took his son, “Zen” to see his “grandfather”.42

Right on que, Corey Haim’s mother was published by news media claiming Feldman was a liar and a “con-man”.

Unfortunately, Judy Haim best not allow too much media attention, herself.  As I have copiously documented, children immersed in the child sex slave trade are usually victimized first by their own families.  The two most dangerous places to be in the world as a child are a Hollywood stage or a Catholic orphanage.

Since then, Corey, too, has “gotten religion”.

But only he and his Maker know if it’s just another act (as the “birthday parties” involving “Corey’s Angels” continue, it’s pretty obvious to us, too).

Under The Gunn

Media is now “discovering” several public figures who have made “jokes” about sexual predation.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn came under fire on Friday morning, when several deleted tweets of his resurfaced that showed him making jokes about pedophelia.  The tweets range between 2009 and 2011, and see the director say things like: “I’m doing a big Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending – the tree grows back and gives the kid a b***job.”

Other deleted tweets see Gunn poke fun at the overly-masculine attitude of films like The Expendables, and the womanizer persona of Oscar winner Jared Leto.  “The Expendables was so manly I f**ked the s**t out of the little p**sy boy next to me!,” he wrote.  “The boys ARE back in town!”

Gunn commented on a tweet made by actor Dylan Sprouse, which read: “Yo @jaredleto now that you’ve slid into the DM’s of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?”  Gunn’s response: “He starts at 18 on the internet?” ~

By “coincidence”, Dylan Sprouse also acted in Asia Argento’s The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.  He was 12 at the time and it seems he has developed to be just as licentious and perverse as his peers.  One wonders if, having been born in Italy, he was sexualized as a child to become the man he isn’t.

In 2009, Gunn was producing an internet series titled James Gunn’s PG Porn with brothers Brian and Sean which consisted of a series of pornography spoofs, with a humorous event occurring just before the supposed commencement of pornographic sexual acts.  Each episode pairs a mainstream actor with a pornographic actress or model.  The tagline is, “For people who love everything about Porn…except the sex.”

It included such “hilarious” episode titles as Nailing Your Wife and A Very Peanus Christmas, a “sequel” to the episode Peanus.

Juxtaposing childhood themes with depraved sexual references was a common source of entertainment for Gunn

Gunn, 51, also tweeted about sexual assault towards women.  “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’”, he tweeted out in February 2009.  Later that year, Gunn discussed sexual assault in relation to Disneyland, where actors are known to dress up as famous cartoon characters.  “Wondering which Disneyland character would be the worst to get raped by,” he wrote.  “I think it’s Goofy.  But Sleepy would suck too.”

In an isolated tweet from 2009, Gunn tweeted @peteralton and wrote: “I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place. Shhh!” ~

Disney owns Marvel Entertainment where Gunn was hired to direct both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

A third movie was planned but Gunn was released from directing it.

The entire cast protested in unison calling what happened to Gunn “mob mentality” based upon “conspiracy theories”.

Not sure which “conspiracy theory” covers A Very Peanus Christmas but perhaps Hollywood actors and actresses have extra time for such things.

Star Chris Pratt continued to defend Gunn, even doing so cryptically with the words of Jesus Christ quoted from the Bible.

It was an interesting choice given that the Gunns are good Roman Catholics and not wont to rely very heavily on the Bible as opposed to Catechism.

James Gunn, himself, became what he is at the hands of the Jesuits in Los Angeles where Loyola Marymount is less than 20 miles away from Hollywood.  The Jesuits left such a lasting impression upon him that he joined the Loyola University system43 Alumni Association.

During this time (they’ve since divorced), Gunn was married to actress Regina Marie “Jenna” Fischer, best known for her role as “Pam Beesly” on the sitcom The Office.  Regina, too, is a good Catholic girl, educated at the posh, private Nerinx Hall High School for girls before going on to Catholic Ursuline Academy in New Orleans.

In fact, most of the faces on The Office were Catholic ones from Steve “Michael Scott” Carell to John “Jim Halpert” Krasinski.

It takes place in the Pennsylvania town of Scranton which is dominated by the public-sounding Scranton University; a Jesuit institution.

All of these Catholic connections to the show are fascinating given that the show’s creator (and co-star) Benjamin Joseph “B.J.” Manaly-Novak comes from a family so dedicated to their Judaism that parents Linda Manaly and William Novak created their own Jew-only dating service.  Perhaps B.J. learned the key to getting ahead in Hollywood (kissing the Papal ring) from his father who “ghost-wrote” several biographies including one on Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca.

Iacocca is best known as the personality who got Congress to gift Chrysler with a $14 billion bailout from financial mismanagement.  It’s always helpful to go to a treasury now $21 trillion in the red for your money mulligans.44

What Iacocca should be known for is being the Knight of Malta who oversaw cleaning John F. Kennedy’s limousine free of evidence after his assassination.45

Unfortunately for the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy (who don’t seem too distressed by anything Jesuit-trained James Gunn has done or said), Disney has so far stood firm on its decision.

Not only that, but Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 has been put on “indefinite hold” as well.

Such a strong moral stand may seem somewhat hypocritical for a company that frequently sneaks “peanuses” into its children’s cartoons.

Still, in comparison, Gunn’s “jokes” are inane distractions compared to the systemic child sex slave abuses of the world’s Elite—and that’s just what it has been hyped to be: a meaningless distraction.

It’s rather sad to see how eager Jews are to grovel at the “Chair of St. Peter” given the way Rome uses them.

Two distractions were rolled into one when the “pedophile joke” of “comedian” Sarah Silverman was raised by media.

For Silverman, nothing is taboo which is why she’s been elevated to anger the sensibilities of Christians.

Silverman is a Jew who takes particular pleasure in doing all she can to attack and mock Jesus Christ, going so far as having an actor dressed as Jesus “feel her up” for her Showtime comedy.

In 2015, Silverman wished Christians “Merry Christmas” by adding “Jesus was gender fluid”.

On the one side, Catholic dominated outlets like Netflix continue to elevate and promote Silverman and on the other, Catholic-controlled “media” like the “Media Research Center” accent her outrages to a “Conservative” audience.

Sarah Silverman, “Jesus F-ing Christ” Mock [Christians] in [advertisement promoting] Abortion 46

However, when it comes to laughing at child abuse, prominent Roman Catholics still lead the pack, in front of their Jewish pawns.

If you’re trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown, then you’re guaranteed to have a leg-up upon your peers, like actor John Mulaney on Broadway.

You get invited onto late-night talk shows where you can “bond” with host like Leftist funny man Steven Colbert about how you were both altar boys or what your Confirmation name is, and how they met on the campus of Georgetown.

Eventually, you get promoted by Catholic venues like “Netflix” where you can laugh about abusing children.

Another comedian has both been caught making pedophile jokes and supporting Jesuit-trained Catholic movie-maker James Gunn;47 Patton Oswalt, best known for his role as “Spence” on the sitcom The King of Queens.

King of Queens was created by Jews Michael J. Weithorn and David Litt, yet it stars Catholics like Kevin James and Leah Remini, who both portray Catholics and frequently bring that Catholicism into show plots.  It co-starred Jerry Stiller, a Jew.

King of Queens often intersected with the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, starring Ray Romano (Catholic), Patricia Heaton (devout Catholic), the late Peter Boyle (trained to be a priest but wasn’t ordained)48, Doris Roberts (Jew) and Brad Garrett (Jew).  It was created by Phil Rosenthal, also a Jew.  Rosenthal did manage to create work for his wife on the show as the on-again, off-again love interest of Romano’s “brother” Brad Garrett—Monica Horan, also Jewish.

2013 was a year Oswalt repeatedly “tweeted” pedophile jokes such as this play on words—

A few months later, Oswalt tweeted this—

The waters around Oswalt were muddied by agents of distraction and disinformation by photo-shopping a tweet the comedian posted about his daughter.

It pays to track down supposed “screen-shots” of “deleted” social media.49

Offensive public figures are being emphasized and sometimes framed to be over-emphasized to give cover for the real pedophiles in Rome and their pawns, puppets and agents in positions of power everywhere.

But the controversy surrounding Oswalt doesn’t end there.

Oswalt was married to “true crime” author Michelle McNamara until she died in 2016.

McNamara was a good Catholic, graduate of Notre Dame and regularly attended Mass at St. Edmund’s in Oak Park, Illinois.  Like so many devoutly Catholic men, her father considered becoming a priest but decided to raise a family instead.

On April 24th, 2018, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo in connection to the “Golden State” murder/rape spree over forty years prior.

DeAngelo was a former disgraced police officer50 who had worn a badge in several locations that experienced serial crimes of robbery, rape and murder all suspected to be linked, from Exeter to Auburn, California.

Three days prior to DeAngelo’s arrest, Michelle McNamara died of “a previously undiagnosed heart condition” and “complications from prescribed medication”.  She was about to publish a book on the Golden State Killer titled I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

The perpetrator of at least 13 murders, 50 rapes and over 100 burglaries “eluded” police for over forty years.  Did Michelle McNamara’s research force their hand, and her death?

As I’ve found and shown you conclusively, the worst crimes are being committed by the very authorities you trust to protect you from predators; perpetrated by cops, Congressmen and clergymen, judges, journalists and generals.

Patton Oswalt weathered the loss quickly enough, marrying Jewish Meredith Salenger 18 months after his wife’s “freak” death.

NOTE: Special thanks to Doc Felipe for his research.

Full Huckleberry.

UPDATE: Our new team-member Eric has disclosed that, in 1996, a Jesuit was added to the Board at Disney—Leo J. O’Donovan.  It turned out that Father Leo was a good friend of “Michael” (Eisner).  They had been talking since Michael sent his son to Georgetown51 where Father Leo was running things.

The Washington Post had all the inside details. 52

Leo J. O’Donovan just completed his sixth year as president of Georgetown University.  What’s he going to do now?

He’s going to Disney World.  O’Donovan, a Jesuit priest who leads the nation’s oldest Catholic university, two weeks ago was elected to a two-year term on the Walt Disney Co.’s board of directors…

The announcement of O’Donovan’s appointment came just two weeks after the Southern Baptist Convention…passed a resolution calling for a boycott of Walt Disney theme parks, movies and merchandise.  The group censured the company for granting benefits to partners of gay employees and hosting gay and lesbian theme nights. …

O’Donovan said he wholeheartedly disagrees with this assessment of Disney.

“If I thought Disney were changing direction in any substantial way, I would, of course, have questions I would raise,” he said.  “I’ll have a responsibility to offer good advice on the moral implications of some of the company’s production, but I don’t think I’ll be the only one doing that.” …

Disney caught some heat in October when it was revealed that the director of its movie “Powder” was a convicted child molester. …

O’Donovan’s decision to join Disney’s board highlights the rift among Catholics over church doctrine and responsibilities of the clergy and church members.  The Catholic Church does not condone homosexuality, but O’Donovan said Disney is following standard industry practices in granting benefits to domestic partners, not making an “ideological decision.”  As for films such as “Priest,” O’Donovan said, “One can’t judge a company or person by a single act or production, or we’d never lead lives or have businesses.”

“I don’t want to be moralistic or talk about moral requirements,” O’Donovan said about his goals as a Disney board member. …

O’Donovan’s connection to the Walt Disney Co. dates to 1989, when he was inducted as Georgetown’s president and Disney Chairman Michael Eisner, whose son was a Georgetown student at the time, served on the college’s board.  The two became friends, and O’Donovan has served as an unofficial adviser to Eisner for several years.

Eisner holds O’Donovan in high esteem.  “He is just a wise, renaissance, all-purpose, creative, educated man.  And besides that, he has a perspective on things that bring diversity to the board,” Eisner said in a telephone interview last week.

Eisner said he wanted to ask O’Donovan to join Disney’s board earlier, but there were no openings.  When Disney’s acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC Inc. was completed in February, two new board positions were added, one of which Eisner asked O’Donovan to fill.

Eisner dismissed the notion that O’Donovan’s appointment is a public relations maneuver designed to deflect criticism by religious conservatives, especially in the wake of the Baptist boycott. …

O’Donovan will attend his first board meeting in September at Disney World near Orlando, Fla.  He will receive a $30,000 annual honorarium from Disney, be reimbursed for travel expenses to the five board meetings and given 2,000 shares of Disney stock each year — typical benefits for a board position with a large company.

You’re probably wondering why the intrepid journalists at the Washington Post didn’t bother to tell you how much “2,000 shares of Disney stock” is worth; today it would be $232,260 (remember, that’s gifted each year to every Board member).

For some reason, Father Leo being on the Board at Disney hasn’t received a lot of press and no one is stating how long he was there or if he still is.

If so, he raked in over two hundred thousand a year since 1996—but don’t worry, the Post assures us that he isn’t allowed to “own property” so he probably gave it all away.

But being on the Board at Disney did afford poor Father Leo a few nice perks, like going to the “after party” of The Human Stain (2003) with Catholic co-star Nicole Kidman, GP race-driver Giuseppe Cipriani53 and movie producer Harvey Weinstein (seen below with his arm over the good Father’s shoulder).

We’re sure that if Father Leo had any $700 bottles of Dom, or the $650 Lobster Frittata crowned with caviar, he gave that away, too.

Nicole Kidman?

Although reputed child sex slave Fiona Barnett claims that her late father Antony was her chief abuser, she’s doing fine now, having been married (once again, this time) to Catholic Country singer Keith Urban by the family Jesuit, Father Paul Coleman.

Surprisingly (or, perhaps not so), Nicole isn’t afraid to get too close to Harvey.

Why not?  —Her Catholic-ness is highly prized by the Jewish Weinstein Company.

Screening of “NINE”, Penelope Cruz, Harvey Weinstein, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, Nicole Kidman.

I guess we have to ask, how much money does an actress (or actor) have to make to not be repulsed by Harvey Weinstein…?


  1. —And the allegations are always well short of the true nature of criminal behavior.  For instance, a serial pedophile will only get accused of “harassment” or a single instance of their chronic outrages.
  2. If you follow the BBC link it adds “and several counts of sexual assault”.  I certainly hope such a nebulous phrase isn’t used in court but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  3. After three books and twenty years of blogging I still lack any of Maureen’s notoriety.  I wonder why…
  4. Tribalism is a human flaw, not just a Jewish one.  You can spot this amongst prominent minorities; surrounding themselves with lawyers and security that match their skin color.  Other groups may be harder to identify but we’re all prone to it.
  5. —Odd that the “edits” always favor a Roman agenda.
  6. —which, I imagine, Chapman’s vision stayed clouded in, until she attained whatever it is she thought Harvey could give her.  #SMH
  7. Weinstein Weds Fashion Designer, George Rush, The New York Daily News, 16 December 2007, Sunday, Page 2
  8. Kissing the ring is almost certainly how Harvey got to where he is, both his rise and pseudo-fall.
  9. The children are named “India Pearl” and “Dashiell Max Robert”.  Truly, the filthy rich live in their own cloistered, twisted reality—but they should not be allowed to procreate.
  10. Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed, How access to power is granted through the rape, torture and ritualistic slaughter of the innocent. Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci, CreateSpace (September 11th, 2017), pp. 613-614, 616-617
  11. Do you get the sense that Weinstein smokescreen was well-planned and years in the making?
  12. This is re-written as “soliciting sex of an under-aged prostitute”.  Of course how she became such didn’t concern Italian authorities.
  13. Paying taxes is not for those who govern, only the governed.
  14. I’m being flippant about this Filipina but both Italy and the Philippines are dominated by Roman Catholicism.
  15. It is likely, however, that Manson was just a patsy whom the dutiful Papal Knight media continues to demonize and vilify to this day.  Ask anyone how many people Charles Manson killed and see if they can tell you correctly, “none”.
  16. As I will explain shortly, homosexuality is frequently an indicator of abuse—especially if the child was high risk, as so many Elite children are.
  17. I feel obligated to forever put the word “journalist” in quotes because not a one has maintained the public trust to do their job; they are all compromised and controlled.
  18. Yes we should.  Thanks to our friend Eric, it’s clear that the “controversy” around Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to join the Catholic Supreme Court was to out the least-inflammatory aspects of who he is to diffuse them—Jesuit-trained Catholic sexual predator.  But all that happened decades ago!
  19. This is the game, of course.  I expect anyone in a high position of power to be a sickening villain but only the most anemic of unprosecuted allegations are allowed to come to the surface.
  20. “Capitol” is derived from “Capitoline Hill”, one of the infamous “seven hills of Rome” so clearly listed in Revelation 17:9.
  21. “Judicial Review” is a process that has brought endless abominations Americans would never have accepted from Congress from illegal alien “anchor babies” to nearly unfettered pornography to the slaughter of the unborn.
  22. Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed, How access to power is granted through the rape, torture and ritualistic slaughter of the innocent. Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci, CreateSpace (September 11th, 2017), p. 117
  23. Note my source; a secret Catholic “Conservative” site, “CNSNews”, frothing up Americans over the crimes of “ISIS” a.k.a. “ISIL”.
  24. This is a sad, perhaps disturbing aspect of Roman Catholicism.  The only path to Salvation is a vibrant, living relationship with Jesus Christ (John 3:1-18).  The “Catholic Jesus” however puts you off from that, focusing on Him as an infant or His disembodied parts; His hands, His heart, etc.
  25. I’m not plugging secret Roman Catholic FBI Director James Comey’s book, I just think the title is extremely appropriate both for him and all the Roman insurgents infesting the United States government like him.
  26. It is a shocking testimony to the success of Roman control of “education” that an erudite, un-hyphenated Mary-land career woman can use the word “Puritan” to describe Elite Catholic hypocrisy.
  27. I’m not being facetious.  The President of France is also a Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic who, while at his Jesuit high school, began dating his married drama teacher.  She left her family and remains Emmanuel Macron’s wife to this day.
  28. “White is black, black is white.”  Just ask a Freemason.
  29. My partner Doc Felipe calls him “Ronan the Accuser” and I absolutely love it!  I even tweeted Ronan his new name today.
  30. *Hmmm*, an Hispanic Roman Catholic from Yale.  Could the Catholic Intelligence Agency be involved?
  31. Since then, there have cropped up accusations that Christine Blasey (no-hyphen) Ford’s father is a CIA man.
  32. As is now clear with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, this was all a PsyOp to selectively out hints of the very things that should’ve had Americans from both Left and Right furious over, not just his selection, but the entire process.
  33. Unbelievably, the “Child of God” sex trafficking cult is often misrepresented by yellow journalists as a “Christian cult”.
  34. Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed, How access to power is granted through the rape, torture and ritualistic slaughter of the innocent. Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci, CreateSpace (September 11th, 2017), pp. 603-605
  35. Unless it came with a lifetime supply of Hot Pockets I still don’t get it.  Actually, I don’t get it even if you added stock in frigging Betty Crocker.
  36. Interesting that de Armas has so little information about her; unknown family, unknown religion, learned “theater” at the Communist state school for acting (I guess there is such a thing) in Havana.  Care to wager if she’s Catholic like the rest of Cuba?
  37. Similar behavior indicative of abuse—shaving of the head, extreme tattooing, public meltdowns or mood swings, sexual deviancy, licentiousness or homosexuality—can be seen in pop culture icons such as Brittainy Spears, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber.
  38. Willingness to do a movie like this was what helped put Jeremy on the map.
  39. I would think it would be “everyone”, don’t you?  No one ever accused Asia of thinking before posting.
  40. Meanwhile all of the sick, twisted, pornographic, Satanic shit she has posted, even evidence of criminal behavior, she leaves up.
  41. The “Vice” media empire was co-founded by converted Roman Catholic Gavin Miles McInnes, a Knight of Columbus.
  42. I guess I’m being confusing on purpose, note it was Feldman who called the Prince of Porn “grandfather” but the similarities in nose and mouth show it’s much more than that.
  43. There’s a Loyola University in all the key Catholic cities; Chicago, New Orleans and Baltimore—I stopped searching after that.
  44. That figure defies adequate description except to say that every public servant who has contributed it is guilty of, without exaggeration, high treason.  Not too long ago, those convicted of such were executed.
  45. The Secret Terrorists, Bill Hughes, Truth Triumphant (2002), pp. 67-68 (digital)
  46. The Catholics at the “Media Research Center” can’t even be good yellow journalists; forced by their religion to write ineffective, lame-assed headlines.
  47. The center of the Gunn controversy has been “independent journalist” Mike Cernovich; another agent of disinformation.  I am actively seeking intelligence to out Cernovich with.
  48. The most striking thing about Peter was his male-pattern baldness accented by longish hair.  It was a look he cultivated to honor the monk he almost became.
  49. Bucky has informed me there are several online sources that can easily create fake social networking posts and as I surf, indeed, there are.  The days of using “deleted” posts as evidence were short and gone.
  50. DeAngelo was caught shoplifting in Auburn and he refused to co-operate with an administrative inquiry so he was forced off the police force there.
  51. As we’ve told you many times, Jesuit universities are hubs of control for important location and Georgetown controls “Washington D.C.”
  52. That’s because the Post is run by the CIA and the CIA by the Vatican and the Vatican by the Company of Loyola.
  53. — you’ll never guess what country he’s from or what his religion is.

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  • Pam says:

    dr kola kolawole of hamilton has been convicted of numerous images of child pornography on his computer. three months prior to his arrest on this conviction, he was arrested in hamilton ontario for soliciting two girls, ages 13 and 15 and was required to register there as a sex offender.

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