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The current body count from Madrid is now up to 200 dead and over 1,240 wounded after 3 train stations were rocked by terrorist-planted bombs.

It never ceases to amaze or sicken me what a cowardly undertaking terrorism is. How hard is it to kill innocent, unsuspecting civilians who have nothing to do with whatever issue is up your ass?! What vermin!

For what? So you can have sex with 70 virgins when you get to “heaven”? What idiotic tripe! The religions of the world (particularly Islam) fall so short of the Message of Jesus Christ it’s silly. Do women terrorists get 70 male virgins? Is sex with a virgin really the end-all to human existence? Thankfully, Jesus says, “Um…NOT.”

For the Christian, eternity in Paradise means eternity with the greatest best friend ever–the King of the entire Universe! And the intimacy we can have with Him compared to physical sex is like a candle held up against the sun (“Son”). That’s why we are told that marriage is just a model for the relationship the Believer will have with Jesus [Ephesians 5:28-32].

The depth of your experience in Heaven will be based on the depth of your commitment to Jesus here and now—not to murder people, but to direct them towards Jesus by the way you live and what you tell them.

So what have you done for Him lately…? (seen The Passion of The Christ yet??)

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