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One of the reasons a Judeo/Christian world view is so effective is that it begins with the premise that human beings are basically evil; selfish and self-centered. A human’s instinct is to lie, cheat and/or steal for what they covet. Discipline, upbringing and strong religious beliefs can counter these impulses but they are few and far between.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. ~ Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902) in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887.

Being a “Constable on Patrol” is not an easy job. But it does provide the officer with an exceptional amount of power over his fellow man. Most of the time, that power is unchecked.

Combine a typical self-centered human with a treasonous or malignant Chain of Command and you have an environment that harkens back to Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany where government officials enact staggering abuses with impunity.


The earmarks of many cases of police malfeasance are cowardice and lack of training. If a flawed officer feels in any way threatened, triggers are pulled instantly. Most times on a tazer but sometimes on a firearm.

And tazers are far from harmless.

In November of last year, I gave two examples of such abuse, starting with a young autistic girl in Ashland, Oregon:

According to her father, she loves cars. She slipped out of her specially-secured room and out of her clothes and began running happily along the highway.

A cab driver saw her and called the police but when a female officer showed up, the care-free little girl got two warnings and then a tazer shot into her back.

Although police and media described her as a “young woman”, she is only 11 years old.

In an interview with David Knight of InfoWars, her father Aram Hampson said the testimony he received from cab driver Adam Bednar was much more damning. Badnar stated the female officer had no reason to tazer the little girl.

Although tazers are the instrument of choice for purposely under-educated officers, they carry severe consequences.

As the eye witness stated, the little autistic girl froze in her induced convulsions and smacked brutally into the pavement.

In Florida, a 267 lb. police officer chose to tazer 20 year old Danielle Maudsley, who was already handcuffed when she tried to run, rather than break a sweat and chase her. She screamed, went into convulsions and hit the pavement.

Now she’s brain dead.

Again, the officer was cleared of misconduct.

In Texas, when a police officer responded to a fight between two teenage girls in a high school (the disgusting state of public education aside), 17 year old Neo de Rivera got in the way. He was immediately tazed without any regard for his surroundings, cracked his skull and is now unresponsive and comatose.

In another example rife with culture refuse, single mother Charlene Bratton took her 12 year old daughter into “Victoria’s Secret” in a St. Louis mall. An officer was dispatched when it was discovered that Bratton had an outstanding warrant. As the officer confronted Bratton, her daughter (identified as Dejamon Baker) ended up being tazed. Was it necessary? Perhaps. In light of other incidents, perhaps not.

San Francisco “Bay Area Rapid Transit” police—which I believe receive the same crack training as park rangers—were seen viciously tazering another citizen who didn’t scream “How high!” when the “officers” said “JUMP!”

At Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Kubler got into a struggle with 37 year old James Barnes. The Deputy shot Barnes three times with his tazer, now Barnes is dead. Was this caused by Kubler being undertrained in how to deescalate a confrontation?

In Tacoma, Washington, a deaf woman—Lashonn White—used a special video-equipped phone to call for help when a guest attacked her in her home but when police arrived, she was tazed for being “unresponsive”. Local KIRO TV7 reported:

After months of digging, investigative reporter Chris Halsne found significant discrepancies in the official police version of events leading up to Lashonn White’s arrest.

I’m always inclined to give an officer the benefit of the doubt but, as KIRO’s Halsne noted:

Instead of an apology, she ended up bloody and in jail for nearly three days without an interpreter before a prosecutor declined to press charges.

Deaf Los Angeles resident Jonathan Meister was removing his belongings in boxes when a neighbor claimed he was acting suspiciously because he failed to acknowledge their questions. Responding police immediately grabbed Meister by his wrists (which kept him from communicating with them) and then brutalized him. A suit is being brought by the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness which, according to Steve Watson of InfoWars depicts a harrowing experience:

“Because he is deaf, Mr. Meister depends on using his hands while facing a person to communicate,” the complaint states. “The officers’ sudden aggression, which both caused pain and interfered with his ability to communicate, caused Mr. Meister reflexively to pull his hands away, hop back over the fence and step toward the gate … to create some space so that he could communicate.”

The suit then notes that Meister began to panic and resist being handcuffed. That was when one of the officers shot him twice with a taser. Another officer then deployed a second taser, delivering a “drive stun” to his abdomen.

The report notes that officers “struck Meister with fists and feet, and forcibly took him to the ground.” The cops then kicked and punched him in the back and stomach, while another choked him around the neck. The suit also alleges that the cops delivered “punishing shocks” with the tasers, intentionally “burning his flesh.”

Perhaps most disturbing are the cases of Police brutality that can only be explained by demonic frenzy and lust to cause harm on a vulnerable victim.

Such may have been the case for Kelly Thomas, a mentally-ill homeless man from Fullerton, California. After 6 Fullerton police officers finished with him, he had been tazed and beaten into a vegetative state. He was described as “gentle” and bystanders said he offered no resistance. The before and after pictures of Thomas as shown by the UK Daily Mail are absolutely gruesome. Although Fullerton PD claimed Thomas was being investigated as a possible car thief who resisted when questioned, Thomas’ father (a former law enforcement officer) is outraged at what the 6 on 1 incident did to his son and claims it was clearly excessive force. Kelly eventually died from his wounds.

As you think over the “Left/Right paradigm” you’d imagine the overwhelmingly Leftist media would hammer Police abuse but that is actually not the case.

The corporate media represents “the Machine” and “the Machine” represents control. Alexander Higgins wrote for the Examiner that most representations of what happened to Kelly Thomas glossed over the glaring brutality.

During the manhunt for renegade police officer Christopher Dorner, cops sprayed a truck with two women in it with over 100 rounds of bullets. Nothing in the description of large black male Dorner matched the two hispanic females save that they were in a pickup truck.

As is true in all cases of police malfeseance, the taxpayer footed the bill to the two women who managed to survive (thanks to amazingly poor marksmanship by the Keystone Cops) and hit the jackpot for an astounding $4.2 million.

Poor thin white male David Perdue must not have had expensive LA lawyers. He only received $20,000 after he was shot being confused for the stocky, bald black Dorner. Certainly, Dorner meant business and you should “spray & pray” first, then let the taxpayers clean up the mess, later.

What happened to the trigger-happy hooligans in badges? At least one blogger is concluding that nothing has resulted from the investigation but the entirety of corporate media are headlining that the “officers violated policy.” For that, they face extreme measures perhaps as serious as retraining.

Officers Who Shot 2 Women During Dorner Manhunt Violated Policy — CNN

Cops Violated Policy in Dorner Mistaken-ID Shooting LA Times

Panel Finds Officers Broke LAPD Policy During Dorner Manhunt — CBS, Los Angeles

LAPD Officers Violated Policy in Shooting on Delivery Women During Dorner Manhunt — NBC, Los Angeles

This is all without even going down the rabbit hole of what really happened during the Dorner incident. While police and media were reporting that Dorner’s last hideout was accidentally torched, later evidence showed it was a premeditated and calculated killing with cops playing Judge Dredd: judge, jury and executioners.

I would be remiss if I chose to use “don’t taze me, bro” as a subtitle and didn’t address the incident because it shows how law enforcement has become the thug enforcement arm of the New World Order.

As I noted in my column Democracy in America: THE BIG LIE, the “choice” for Americans in who was running for President in 2004 was no choice at all.

The fact that, in 2004, the American people were given the choice for president of sitting Bonesman George W. Bush, son of former CIA Director, former president and Bonesman George H.W. Bush, and United States Senator and Bonesman John Forbes Kerry, married to Teresa Heinz Kerry, widow of United States Senator H. John Heinz III, son of Bonesman H.J. Heinz II, finally elicited a minor stirring from the corporate media.

It was in questioning Kerry’s secretive associations that University of Florida student Andrew Meyer was immediately “sedated” by law enforcement.


On Jan. 4 of last year, a local narcotics strike force conducted a raid on the Ogden, Utah, home of Matthew David Stewart at 8:40 p.m. The 12 officers were acting on a tip from Mr. Stewart’s former girlfriend, who said that he was growing marijuana in his basement. Mr. Stewart awoke, naked, to the sound of a battering ram taking down his door. Thinking that he was being invaded by criminals, as he later claimed, he grabbed his 9-millimeter Beretta pistol.

The police say that they knocked and identified themselves, though Mr. Stewart and his neighbors said they heard no such announcement. Mr. Stewart fired 31 rounds, the police more than 250. Six of the officers were wounded, and Officer Jared Francom was killed. Mr. Stewart himself was shot twice before he was arrested. He was charged with several crimes, including the murder of Officer Francom.

The police found 16 small marijuana plants in Mr. Stewart’s basement. There was no evidence that Mr. Stewart, a U.S. military veteran with no prior criminal record, was selling marijuana. Mr. Stewart’s father said that his son suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and may have smoked the marijuana to self-medicate.

Early this year, the Ogden city council heard complaints from dozens of citizens about the way drug warrants are served in the city. As for Mr. Stewart, his trial was scheduled for next April, and prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. But after losing a hearing last May on the legality of the search warrant, Mr. Stewart hanged himself in his jail cell.

The police tactics at issue in the Stewart case are no anomaly. Since the 1960s, in response to a range of perceived threats, law-enforcement agencies across the U.S., at every level of government, have been blurring the line between police officer and soldier. Driven by martial rhetoric and the availability of military-style equipment—from bayonets and M-16 rifles to armored personnel carriers—American police forces have often adopted a mind-set previously reserved for the battlefield. The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the U.S. scene: the warrior cop—armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.* ~ Rise of the Warrior Cop, Radley Balko, Wall Street Journal

With unaccountable cops already capable of committing crime in the name of the law, the militarization of police becomes that much more disconcerting.

Modesto ''police''

As I’ve already noted, it takes very little cause to have cops “tac up” and go full SWAT team to present a warrant or seek information from citizens.

And, as the Daily Caller noted, accessing supposedly private firearms licenses is all part of the process. Serving a warrant for credit card fraud but a family member has a concealed carry permit? Time to go full SWAT.

The problem for homeowners is that the SOP (“Standard Operating Procedure”) seems to be:

  • Kick in door.
  • Kill family dog.
  • Maybe announce yourself.

It happened to a 75 year old grandmother in Macedon, NY.

“The dog hadn’t even barked, yet I heard one of them say, he’s aggressive, shoot him! I’ll never forget the sound of that gunshot and the blood flying everywhere. They did all this while forcing me to lay on the bathroom floor, screaming at me to stay down, and holding me at gunpoint. I couldn’t get up if I wanted to. I’m 75 years old, had three strokes and knee replacement, and can hardly walk. There was nothing I could do to help my pet.”

Unfortunately, Duke died a slow death. ~ 75 Year Old Grandmother Held Down At Gunpoint As Police Shoot & Kill Her Dog, Information Liberation

Simply barking at a police officer is enough to get a dog riddled with bullets, as was the sad case for this Idaho family.

It’s tough to make the case for “the officer felt endangered” when a prize miniature bull terrier puppy is near but that was enough of a stretch for one Chicago cop. Miniature bull terrier puppies may be small but they have been known to do as much damage as a medieval rabbit.

This tactic is even more upsetting when hapless cops pull it on the innocent families instead of drug dealers, as was the case in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Francos got the pleasure of having their kids sit at gunpoint and stare at the bloody corpse of their family pet while tough men dressed in military battle armor figured out they were in the wrong house.

It’s become such an epidemic, an appeal has been made to Barack Obama, himself to require police take a nanosecond or two to ascertain if discharging a firearm is really necessary.

The Most Merciful Messiah is well known for his compassion so I’m sure we’ll have action on this in no time.


One solution that is easily available with “off the shelf” technology is to take squad car cameras and put them on police officers, along with passive microphones. Not only would such coverage give investigators the whole story but it may even give civilians an understanding of the real dangers officers face. Juries and boards should take all circumstances into consideration and more information is better.

As it stands, however, cops go into Stasi mode when they realize that citizens are recording their actions.

This is in spite of court rulings which state public officials have no expectation of privacy when conducting government business.

* In Austin, Texas, Antonio Buehler began filming Austin police when he saw they were man-handling a woman at a local gas station. He was subsequently arrested for resisting and “felony harassment of a public servant”—which is a great tool to keep in the bag of “I’ll take you in and we’ll just find something to charge you with.”
* In Torrance, California, Daniel Saulmon was arrested and jailed for 4 days because he filmed police during a routine traffic stop then refused to produce identification. Again, charges of resisting were preferred but not substantiated.

* In Dallas, Texas, a police officer attempted to confiscate a motorcyclist’s helmet camera to track down bikers. When the rider refused, he was arrested.
* Subsequent to an investigation he was conducting in a New Hampshire police brutality case for his popular web site, Adam Mueller now faces an astounding 21 years in prison for having recorded interviews with officers even though they were aware they were being recorded. This charge is called “wiretapping”.
* In Illinois, Michael Allison faces life in prison for “wire tapping” local law enforcement there. Police in Illionis do not need a citizen’s consent to record them and use the evidence against them.

One example that is truly amazing is that of Nancy Genovese, arrested in Southampton, New York when an off-duty police officer noticed her taking pictures of a National Guard facility. During the arrest, it was noted that she had firearms in her vehicle which damned her even more.

The media portrayed her as an hysterical nut-case, though it appears the NY Post was more hysterical in describing one of her “scary firearms” as an “XM-15”. Having never heard of such a thing I’m guessing it was perhaps a laser weapon stolen from a research facility.

The Personal Liberty Digest painted a different picture of Genovese taking pictures for her web site then being terrorized in jail as a “tea bagger” (a perverse homosexual term used to slander the Tea Party).

Genovese’s car was searched without her consent. Officers found an unloaded rifle in a locked case in her trunk (she had been target shooting that morning, and it is perfectly legal to keep an unloaded rifle in the trunk of a car). For the next five or six hours, Genovese was interrogated, taunted, harangued, threatened, belittled, abused, humiliated and harassed by members of the Sheriff’s Office. During this time, officers noticed she was limping from an ankle injury she had received earlier in the day. Officers made her show them the injury, which was bleeding, then threatened to charge her for not reporting a knife wound. Deputy Robert Carlock repeatedly called her a “right winger” and a “teabagger,” and he threatened to charge her with terrorism to make an example of her for other “right wingers” and “teabaggers.”

Sometime around midnight, airport officials and Federal agents determined Genovese posed no terrorist or security threat and left. But Carlock ordered Genovese handcuffed. When Genovese’s children tried to get her purse, which contained a large amount of cash, deputies threatened them with arrest.

Genovese was then taken to a holding cell at the Sheriff’s Office. On the way there, Carlock continued to taunt Genovese, telling her she would pay and admitting they had nothing to charge her with, but that he would “find something in order to teach all right wingers and teabaggers a lesson.”

The author, Bob Livingston, closed with this:

Her camera memory card was not returned to her. More than $5,000 in cash was missing from her purse. The contents of her car’s glove box were removed.

Genovese has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the Town of Southampton, Suffolk County, Iberger, Caracappa, Carlock and other members of the Sheriff’s Office. The lawsuit is ongoing.

On May 1, [Southampton Town Police Lt. Robert Iberger] Iberger retired from the Sheriff’s Office. He got a $215,483 payout, a full pension and lifetime medical benefits. It pays to be a government terrorist.

This case began more than a year ago. I’ll bet you haven’t heard about this on ABC News, CNN or Fox, et al., or read about it in The New York Times or any other newspaper of record. It doesn’t jibe with their agenda.

I, however, have a very entertaining update.

Apparently, the Southampton Town Council Supervisor—a hyphenated career woman, “Anna Throne-Holst”—never bothered to bring the town’s case to court and missed the filing saying that she had a death in the family and it was “frivolous” anyway. They are now on the hook for nearly their entire year’s budget to Genovese.


Like the many soldiers who are taking courageous stands in defense of America, her Constitution and the citizenry, there are courageous and conscientious peace officers doing the same.

In South Florida, Officer Ericson Harrell was arrested while off duty because he was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in public protest. Harrell refused to seek preferential treatment as a police officer and, although charges were dropped, he continues to be persecuted on the force with graveyard shifts and “retraining”.

In Colorado, Sheriffs sued to void draconian gun laws they found to be both unconstitutional and unenforceable. Other Sheriffs in the state flat-out refused to try.

Linn County, Oregon, Sheriff Tim Mueller said he would also refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

In Elkhart County, Indiana, a local Sheriff protected raw dairy farmer Richard Hochstetler from harassment by FDA officials.

In Florida, Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch released a citizen he felt a deputy had wrongly arrested on firearm charges. Finch was then, himself, charged with misconduct and stripped of his credentials—an order that came all the way from Republican governor Rick Scott. A jury acquitted Finch of wrongdoing and he was reinstated after great hardship and stress.

There is a common thread to these inspiring stories: each good cop has been beat down or harassed by his own government. If you know one in your area, they need your support, badly.

One effort that trumps all others, is when people rise en masse to stop injustice. They become an irresistible and unstoppable force.


* I have two thoughts on this story: first, an ex-girlfriend is always a good source of narcotics intelligence and, second, I find Matthew Stewart’s suicide while in a government facility deeply suspicious in light of the execution of another supposed “cop-killer”, Christopher Dorner.

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