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feu·dal·ism; (ˈfyo͞odlˌizəm/), noun, historical:

the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord’s land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection.

Did you ever wonder why or how a “civilized” and industrialized major Western “empire” like the United Kingdom still has Royals?  They seem like just an aristocratic side-show but they serve one of the most vital agendas of the Elite: control.

…the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment is to arm the citizens with the same firepower would be used against them in unlawful coercion.  Not only does that make “assault rifles” permissible but throw in armored cars and attack helicopters while you’re at it.

Modern technology may have made the intent of the 2nd Amendment a little impractical today but there are enough “man-portable” weapons a “militia” can wield to make a tyranny think twice before becoming the 4th Reich.

You see, up until recent times, only nobility and their praetorian guardian class were allowed access to implements of force or coercion.  In feudal Japan a samurai (military protectors of the Elites) could pick a peasant at random and hack at him simply to test the sharpness of his blade.

The legendary “Japanese loyalty” was a cultural manifestation required by the Ruling lords as a safety measure to insure that the martial prowess of their protectors would not be used against them, much in the way that ancient kings forcibly removed the private parts of male slaves who served within their courts and had access to the royal harem sex-stables.  Elites have always been rather ruthless about keeping what they have stolen. ~ Johnny 1

Citizens (especially those in the U.K.) are constantly encouraged to return to the “good ole’ days” where their slavery and serfdom was more open than the immigrant-inundated Police State of their modern “democracy”.

It is estimated that there are 500,000 CCTV cameras dotted around London. …

With 15,516 cameras in action in the Underground alone…

Globally it is estimated that there are approximately 25 million CCTV cameras, and Britain holds a high percentage of these with a recorded number of around 4 million.  The United Kingdom has more CCTV activity than any other European country, per capita.  This is also reflected in the facts; surprisingly, the Wandsworth borough in London in particular has more CCTV cameras than Boston, Dublin, Johannesburg and San Francisco put together. …

It is also a well known fact that the average person living in London will be recorded on camera 300 times in one day; an individual doesn’t need to go far without being caught on camera. …

Between the years 2007 and 2010, over £300m was spent on the installation and operation of CCTV units alone. …

Recent studies from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) show that there are between 4m and 5.9m CCTV cameras in the UK. …

So if it’s estimated that there’s 500,000 CCTV cameras in London, there’s still an astounding 3.5 million left that are distributed around the rest of the UK.

This goes to show that it’s not just large cities, transport, courts and police stations that use CCTV… ~ Caught on Camera

Does the “Royal family” have an official capacity in Kingdom government?

It can be hard to tell what the royal family’s official duties are.

Generally, every royal supports charities, appears at events, and occasionally travels the globe to strengthen diplomatic relationships.

But some royals also have day jobs, and others have long military career. ~ Insider

But what they do have is the complete freedom to commit any crime or act in any way they wish with total immunity.

“PRINCE HARRY” AND HIS PUBLIC NAKED LAS VEGAS PARTY (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…if you’re a Royal.)


The Royals live lives so far above the commoners that claims of their “Reptilian” lineage have a powerful metaphoric truth: when you are above all human oversight and restraint, you inevitably become inhuman in your appetites and behavior.

But they can’t be seen to be so far above us, so propaganda parades of feigned “normalcy” like births, weddings and funerals punctuate their secret orgies and feasts.

Well…their brand of “normalcy”—

Truly, if you have any access to any media you couldn’t avoid the incessant coverage of the marriage of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and television actress Rachel Meghan Markle.

Markle seems to be an odd choice to join the Royals.  Her mother, Doria Ragland, is black so much has been made of the “first ‘mixed-race’ Royal”.

Nor was it Markle’s first marriage.  In 2011 she married actor Trevor Engelson in a fairy-tale ceremony in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a fairy-tale marriage and it quickly ended two years later.

Markle’s parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, Sr. married in Mukunda “Paramahansa Yogananda” Ghosh’s “Self-Realization Fellowship Temple” located (where else?) in Los Angeles, California and media has highlighted Ragland’s obsession with yoga.

Equally, media has painted Meghan Markle as a “rags-to-riches” Cinderella.  Meghan Markle and her father were put on the map with a miraculous California State Lottery win in 1990.  If this prompts you to begin to ask questions about whether lotteries are just another wealth redistribution scam for the rich and shameless the media assures you that Thomas Markle is a bankrupt failure.  Markle only won because he was a lottery fanatic so, please, spend as much of your meager earnings on gambling, whether you can afford it or not.

Where is bankrupt failure Thomas Markle now?  —Hiding away in the gorgeous resort town of Rosarito, Mexico.

This may make you suspiciously ask, “If he’s a bankrupt failure, how can he afford to live on beachfront property?”  The media quickly answers you that it’s “un-royal beachfront2 and Markle can actually be seen buying beer and tacos just like you!

Right before he was bankrupt, Thomas Markle, Sr. managed something else miraculous.  Despite his Hindu “Self-Realization” marriage, Markle has a religion that secretly calls the shots for him and it showed in how he treated his little Princess.  Markle managed to squirrel away just enough of his lottery winnings to send Rachel Meghan to the elite, private, all-girls Roman Catholic Immaculate Heart High School in Hollywood.

This may seem like a surprising move for the down-and-out Thomas Markle but Wikipedia assures us that our future Princess was “raised Protestant”.

England and her Royals are also “Protestant”.  More specifically, they are “Anglican”.

Henry VIII was a loyal Catholic Tudor.  In response to Martin Luther and the burgeoning Reformation in general, and Luther’s question of the Roman Sacredotal system in his book On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, Henry wrote a scathing attack via his book On The Seven Sacraments.  Even Henry’s Lord Chancellor, Sir Thomas More, was uncomfortable with how much Henry pandered to Rome (and More was the chief Inquisitor behind stamping out William Tyndale and his English Bible). More warned Henry that he gave “too much honor to the Pope” and Henry’s response was “There is no such thing as ‘Too much honor to the Pope’.”313

As a result, Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici (Pope Leo X) recognized Henry as Fidei defensor; Defender of the Faith.314

But when it was found that Henry’s Catholic Castilian wife, Catherine of Aragon, could give him no male heirs, he beseeched Pope Clement VIIc for a “special dispensation” to divorce her and it was refused.  The Defender of the Faith then crowned himself the Pontifex Maximus of England’s Roman Catholicism which became the Anglican Episcopal Church of England. …

Henry was careful to maintain all of the cardinalates and bishoprics of Romanism as these clerical positions helped keep order and authority in the hands of the elite.  This would become a point of contention for Reformers on the north of the island.

Scotsmen like John Knox weren’t fooled.  Henry’s “reforms” simply transferred the Papacy from Rome to London. ~ Secret History 3

Despite this, the Royal couple made an odd choice of who would give the Royal homily.  Rather than an Anglican British cleric, Harry and Meghan found an American Episcopal Bishop way out in Chicago that they really wanted to hear from on their day of joy; The Most Reverend Michael Curry.

This move was surprising to everyone except the Jesuit-run Catholic Church.  Chicago is an epicenter of control for Rome; especially via racial and social unrest.  It’s where Communist pedophile pornographer4 Frank Marshall Davis worked on The Defender, a Communist newspaper, with newspaper, television and radio personality Vernon Jarrett.

Jarrett’s daughter Valerie would go on to use his black Communist5 training to become one of the most powerful women in the world, secretly pulling the strings of President Barack Obama.  Officially, she only held the obscure title of Director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, yet the American taxpayers give her a full complement of Secret Service protection, 24/7.

Jarrett merely took the baton from “former” Jesuit Father Greg Galluzzo who taught Obama how to be a “community organizer” in Chicago.

Although he is an “Episcopal Protestant”, Bishop Michael Curry continues the Jesuit tradition of promoting “social justice”.

In fact, as far as far-Left topics go, Bishop Curry is completely on board with even the most extreme positions of his Church.

The taxpayer-funded British Broadcasting Corporation tells us

Who is Michael Curry?

* He was ordained as a priest in 1978, is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church and has spoken on issues including social justice, immigration policy and marriage equality
* He most recently campaigned for the creation of family day care providers, educational centres and investment in inner-city neighbourhoods in all three of his parish ministries — North Carolina, Ohio, and Maryland
* Bishop Curry defended the Episcopal Church’s move to allow same sex couples to marry in church in 2015, which caused some churches to cut ties.
* The U.S. Episcopal Church is one of only two Anglican churches worldwide that allow gay marriage in church — the other being the Scottish Episcopal Church

“Social justice” is a Jesuit concept.

In South America, “social justice” would become the cry for taking from “the rich” and giving to “the poor”.  What usually happens, however, is that the super-rich exploit the poor to bleed the few real producers in the Middle Class.

If this seems like the perfect weapon to be used in the Counter-Reformation, it’s not by coincidence.

The phrase “social justice” was coined by the Jesuit theologian and mentor to Pope Leo XIII, Father Luigi Taparelli D’Azeglio. ~ Illuminati Unmasked 6

What the Episcopal Church is most known for is making the claim that it can and will sanctify a homosexual union before God.  Although this outraged a large portion of those who consider themselves Episcopalian, it is an agenda that Bishop Michael Curry is all in for.

The Episcopal Church brags the infamy of the first openly homosexual Bishop.  The Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire from 2003 to 2013 was Gene Robinson.  He had already been living with his male “partner”, Mark Andrew, for 15 years.  Wikipedia notes; “Robinson and Andrew moved into a new house and had it blessed by Bishop Douglas Theuner, an event which they considered to be the formal recognition” of their homosexual cohabitation.  Robinson’s selection as Bishop was a calculated agenda move for the Episcopal Church.

Until 2007, every state that recognized homosexual marriage had been forced to do so by a fascistic Federal judge.7 New Hampshire led the way for the “democratic process” to legalize homosexual marriage that year and the Jesuit-educated Governor, John Lynch signed it into law.  It went into effect on January 1st, 2008 and Robinson quickly got in line to marry Andrew which they were finally able to do in June of that year.

Ironically, they would divorce 6 years later (but only after Robinson had quietly retired from his Bishopric).

It was actually Robinson’s second marriage.  From 1972 thru 1986, Robinson maintained a heterosexual marriage that produced two children.  Supposedly, this was despite his misgivings over his “homosexual tendencies”.

His parents almost certainly created the mess that was Gene Robinson by actually naming him Vicky Gene Robinson.  The explanation is that they were deeply disappointed when they found that Gene was not the girl they hoped for so they gave him a girl’s name anyway.8

In fact, the ability to “marry” homosexuals has been very useful to Roman Catholics who wish to maintain a façade of piety while reveling in perversion.

Such was the case of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.  As I have shown you in detail, Murray is a Jesuit seminarian9 and far-Left Democrat who is a devout Roman Catholic yet looked to the Episcopal Church for the sanctification of his homosexual marriage.  The two “married” men then began adopting little boys to rape.  As allegations of pedophilia and pederasty10 began cropping up, Murray refused to step down from office.  Murray boldly claimed that he needn’t do so because no charges had been filed against him.  It certainly didn’t hurt Murray that men like Delvonn Heckard who had accused him of abusing them when they were a boy were found dead of “an apparent drug overdose”.

Despite an army of other victims stepping forward, Murray continues to walk free.  He was, however, finally forced to resign.  After an overt far-Left Democrat homosexual and Roman Catholic pedophile, Seattle apparently wanted real change and replaced him with an overt homosexual far-Left Democrat Roman Catholic … a woman this time.

Seattle’s back-to-back homosexual, far-Left, Roman Catholic Democrat Mayors: unconvicted pedophile Ed Murray and his successor Jenny Durkan.

At minimum, serious scrutiny should be given the process that allows “married” homosexuals to adopt children.  It has actually occurred in a single state: Oklahoma.  The “examination” was barely perceptible and, in fact, didn’t even look specifically at homosexual adoption.  A law enacted in May 2018 will be allowing private adoption agencies the option of denying homosexual couples—something Oklahoma’s public agencies still allow in every way.

For this grievous outrage, California has retaliated and now denies any public funding of interstate travel to Oklahoma.  California is a state owned by far-Left Democrats who have welcomed waves of illegal aliens for generations.  In fact, California is on track to take the illegal behavior of her cities like San Francisco (which claims to be a “sanctuary” from unenforced Federal immigration laws) statewide.

The current Governor of California, who took over from Roman Catholic “Republican” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also Governor from 1975 to 1983; Jerry Brown.  What’s his key to a power repeat?  Like Seattle’s pedophile homosexual Mayor Ed Murray, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is also an almost-Jesuit priest.

The Anglican Communion: One Big Happy Homosexual-Marrying Family

In the mid-1800’s, bishops within the Anglican and Episcopal Churches in the U.S. and U.K. began calling for unification.  Both religions were daughters of Catholicism with so many similarities it is joked that they are “Catholic Lite”.  Yet the supposed rational (according to “user-edited” Wikipedia) was a desire to prevent a “drift into the status of an independent branch of the Catholic Church”.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles Longley, convened a conference in Lambeth, England in 1867 and the “Anglican Communion” was born.  It now boasts 85 million practitioners and 45 member Churches including the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Communion in Japan, the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East, the Anglican Church of Korea, La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico and the Anglican Church of South America.  The fact that these “Protestant” Churches all exist in regions completely dominated by the Vatican is just a coincidence.

The most passionately Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, Roger Cranmer, was burned alive by the daughter of Henry VIII, “Bloody Mary” I.  Since then, they’ve all been much more amenable to “suggestions” by the Vicar of Christ.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams shows the proper behavior of the most powerful Anglican Primate before the Vicar of Christ (Pope Saint John Paul II), October 4th, 2003.

Did the “Anglican Communion” simply bring 85 million “lost” back into the fold of the Catholic Church?

In early June of 2016, London Metro Police were dispatched to address a man who was stumbling around Covent Garden in a belligerent drunken stupor at 2:30 in the morning.  They cautiously attempted to restrain (then) 36 year-old Gareth Jones until he screamed at them that he had “diplomatic immunity” because “I’m with the Vatican” and “You’re f_cked!”


Anglican/Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry really wowed his audience at the Royal Wedding.  The far-Left within the Labour Party were particularly impressed (even though few even identify as “Christian”).

What was the key to Bishop Curry’s success?  —A “liberal” seasoning of “social justice”: Curry opened and closed his sermon with focus on slavery, race and Martin Luther King, Jr.

He did manage to mention Jesus Christ once, but far more important was someone Curry considered a real theologian.

Teilhard de Chardin – and with this, I will sit down, we gotta get you all married.

French Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin was arguably one of the great minds, great spirits of the 20th century.  A Jesuit, Roman Catholic priest, a scientist, a scholar, a mystic.  In some of his writings he said, from his scientific background, as well as his theological one.  Some of his writings he said, as others have, that the discovery, or invention, or harnessing of fire was one of the great scientific and technological discoveries in all of human history.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is, indeed, a pivotal figure in history.  His philosophy that all souls will converge into a universal “Omega Point” has helped him become known as the “Father of the New Age”, perhaps even, pun intended.

His qualifications as “scientist” are equally dubious.

Since the Protestant Reformation, the “Society of Jesus” has been on the forefront of the “science” which so discredits the Bible from Darwin to dinosaurs, Big Bang to little “Lucy”.

—And when Darwinian evolution needed a little help like fabricating a “missing link” from apes to man, it was a Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. who tried to give a little push by fabricating the hoax of “Piltdown Man”.

But we shouldn’t be too hard on Bishop Curry…it’s tough to see that when you’re advocating homosexual marriage and “community organizing” on the streets of Chicago.


  1. The Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting,  Johnny Cirucci, 22 July 2012, Johnny
  2. If you didn’t click on the link, those are the actual words in the Daily Pornographic Fail’s headline—Thomas Markle, 73, lives in a very un-royal beachfront hideaway in a Mexican resort where he boasts to friends about being the father of Prince Harry’s fiancée.  If you find this “un-royal beachfront” please notify me immediately so I can buy some for the same apparent cheap price!
  3. Secret History: The erased clues that prove who rules the world from behind the curtain. Johnny Cirucci, CreateSpace (2016), pp. 409-410, 441
  4. Davis is likely Obama’s biological father and simultaneously his abuser.  Having such a past made Obama unusually easy to manipulate and he was the perfect teleprompter-reading “President” for Rome.
  5. In order to deflect from Rome’s racial unrest meddling via the Jarrett family the Papal Knights in the media emphasize Valeria Jarrett’s Iranian background.
  6. Illuminati Unmasked: Everything you need to know about the “New World Order” and how we will beat it. Johnny Cirucci, CreateSpace (2015), p. 315
  7. The very concept that a single, renegade Federal judge—with no accountability to the citizenry—can dictate such an outrage is astoundingly unconstitutional.  Equally unconstitutional is the concept of “judicial review” which was fabricated by Supreme Court Justice John Marshall in Marbury v. Madison.
  8. You read that right.  Behavior of this kind is overt abuse with obvious consequences.  In a society that wasn’t ruled by deviancy and corruption, a righteous State would address it as such and force parents to be held accountable.  Sadly, such power today is guaranteed to be abused in the wrong direction.
  9. Had to connect the dots on this one.  The Seattle Times admits that Murray attended an un-named seminary.  We dug and found a leadership forum for children (that’s who I want speaking to children about “leadership”) that admitted Murray spent time under Jesuits.  The problem is there are no Jesuit schools in Murray’s educational resumé; elementary.
  10. The specific aberration of an adult male who lusts after a young boy.

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