Sat, 30 June 2018

Resistance Rising 176: You Live In A Roman Gala of Perversion, Lies and Slavery

* Steven Paddock the “bump-stock killer” was one of YOU: he supposedly raved about chemtrails and FEMA camps just before his “murderous spree” in Vegas * The great YouTube crack-down on Truth; but who was allowed to stay up and why? * Good luck finding…
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Sun, 7 March 2004

Tyrant Plays The Race Card

Does former Haiti President, “Father” Jean-Bertrand Aristide know how to work this country or what?! Deep-in-’a-heart-’o Africa, the deposed megalomaniac whined about how WHITE (heavy emphasis on the “WHITE”) American soldiers kidnapped him and took him away. The fact that he is the cause of…
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