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* Steven Paddock the “bump-stock killer” was one of YOU: he supposedly raved about chemtrails and FEMA camps just before his “murderous spree” in Vegas
* The great YouTube crack-down on Truth; but who was allowed to stay up and why?
* Good luck finding anything on the Catholic Intelligence Agency’s first torture harpy Director, Gina Haspel.

Holly and Laurel: The Weaponized Lies of the Entertainment Industry

* John McCain: a lifetime of fraud and corruption—which is why his closest friend is Leftist Democrat and deviant Roman Catholic, Joe Biden.
* Eric Holder for President!  How the Right gets played and repeatedly accepts nothing of substance.
* “Art of the Deal!” Trump says “Merry Christmas”, caves on absolutely everything else he promised!

* SURPRISE! The ceaseless Kardashian pop culture porn propaganda comes from Rome.
* The OJ circus trial.
* Orthodoxy: the infiltrated and owned second leg of Rome.  Exempli gratia: “Brother Nathanael”.

Where Does Orthodoxy Fit In?

Where Does Eastern-Rite Orthodoxy Fit In The Devil’s Simulation?

* Proof that Rome controls America and the world by manipulating wars with the United States military.
* Russia is far more Catholic than you know.
* Rome has no problem sacrificing her own: exempli gratia—milk carton kids.
* Who controls Hollywood, Jews or Jesuits?
* From NAMBLA to Haiti: Rome controls systemic pedophilia.
* How Rome controls the world through the United States military.
* Jesuits “douse” their way through our false reality!
* “Met Gala” of radical licentious depravity: guess who’s behind it!


* “Journalist” and Alex Jones foil, CNN’s Piers Morgan was highly offended by the Met Gala!!!  (he’s Catholic, too…by coincidence)  Read his outrage over Catholic depravity via his paper, the Daily pornographic Mail.
* The Roman Hegelian: how the Vatican creates outrage on the Left and then feigns offense on the phony, corrupt and controlled Right.
* Is the Vatican Leftist?  Ask Margaret Sanger.
* Opus Dei Effect: the heretical theology behind Catholic “penance” for sin.
* Are black comedians and entertainers just being used and abused by the Luciferian Elite (emphasis on “abused”)?

Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando were Lovers, Pryor’s Widow Confirms

* Kim Kardashian as the pornographic Queen of Heaven (it actually fits, doesn’t it).  “CHRISTIANS” ARE OUTRAGED!!!

PHOTOS Kim Kardashian wears Virgin Mary between her boobs after Kimoji prayer candle controversy –

Kim Kardashian Virgin Mary Prayer Candle — Women’s Health

* What was behind the Kanye “melt-down”…?
* What does the United States head of the Environmental Protection Agency have to do with the Jesuit-trained Prime Minister of Australia and the Vatican’s chief financial Cardinal (and accused pedophile)?




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