Sat, 30 June 2018

Resistance Rising 176: You Live In A Roman Gala of Perversion, Lies and Slavery

* Steven Paddock the “bump-stock killer” was one of YOU: he supposedly raved about chemtrails and FEMA camps just before his “murderous spree” in Vegas * The great YouTube crack-down on Truth; but who was allowed to stay up and why? * Good luck finding…
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Mon, 16 October 2017

Where Does Eastern-Rite Orthodoxy Fit In The Devil’s Simulation?

One of the most important passages in Scripture is Daniel 2. The corruption of King Solomon’s rule, followed by the foolishness of his successor son, Rehoboam caused a civil war which split the nation of Israel into a Northern Kingdom (“Israel”) and a Southern Kingdom…
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Sun, 7 February 2016

Where Does Orthodoxy Fit In?

Some Christian scholars (myself included) consider Orthodoxy as the second leg of iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of Daniel 2. If so, the two legs have been at war since their splitting within the Holy Roman Empire. For generations, the Papacy has sought to co-opt Orthodoxy…
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