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SPECIAL REPORT by Kristin Falvey

On May 31, 2018, KGUN 9 News in Tucson, Arizona, reported that a local homeless advocacy group had discovered an underground bunker possibly used for the trafficking of children at an abandoned cement plant off I-19.[1] Members of the homeless advocacy group were interviewed by reporters, and shared videos they had recorded of their findings.[2]

Two days later, former elite member of Navy Seal Team 6, Craig Sawyer, appeared on the scene with a couple members of his crew to investigate. As the new face of anti-child trafficking activism, Sawyer spoke with reporters at the location, stating, “what we found is a tree that looks like a rape tree. That sewage container has got a little girl’s earring, a fork, lucky charms — there should be DNA all over in there.” [3]

Before the week was over however, “fact checkers” and even alternative media sources had “debunked” the story.[4] Internet searches for Lewis Arthur turned up an old mugshot and Craig Sawyer was nowhere to be found.

In an interview a year later, Craig Sawyer claimed that he had been called in to the site in Arizona by a separate “hoax” operation to investigate another “hoax” claim that a child trafficking site had been found. Sawyer stated that he did in fact visit this site, which he admits “looked creepy and needed to be investigated.”[5]

Sawyer claims that in the next few days, he met with the local police and read all of their reports; that there were no child trafficking victims found on the site, and all evidence had been investigated and found to be fake. Keep in mind, that no one had ever claimed there were actually trafficking victims discovered, only an abandoned camp. [6]

Craig Sawyer states that Lewis Arthur misrepresented himself as a Veteran, and is a life-long criminal named Lewis Arthur, whom he refers to throughout as “Screwy Lewie.” Sawyer claims that Arthur was “amped up on meth” and fooled people into believing a hoax. Sawyer stated that local authorities were in control, and that “there was nothing to see here.”

What really happened: A local volunteer ministry group in Arizona, called Veterans on Patrol, who are not veterans and never claimed to be, conduct daily outreach to the homeless Veterans in their community. While conducting regular outreach activities, which often involve going into remote homeless camps, the group stumbled upon an overturned gas tank, items that were for very young children, and a tree equipped with restraints. The group realized that the scene appeared to be an abandoned child-trafficking site, indicating a tree with installed bindings they called a “rape tree” They contacted local authorities immediately.

Media reported this breaking story on location. Craig Sawyer then contacted Lewis Arthur to offer his assistance. The story went viral on YouTube, and very quickly was discredited by mainstream media. Meanwhile, independent citizens doing their own research discovered that the alleged child trafficking site was located on property owned by a company called Cemex, which has ties to the Clinton Foundation and other nefarious organizations connected to child trafficking.[7]

Within weeks, Lewis Arthur’s live streams were all but scrubbed off of YouTube and his social media accounts were banned. His videos were re-uploaded and shared by smaller channels, however most of those re-shared videos were given strikes and removed quickly. Ordinary people continued to re-share these videos, and the word spread about what had been actually found in Arizona.

Discredited and slandered, Lewis Arthur and the Veterans On Patrol, were not deterred, escalating on the ground. Calling the mission Operation Backyard Brawl, the group vowed to seek out and dismantle every trafficking site in the area, taking responsibility for what they saw as a problem in their own backyards.

The group, banned from social media, continue to record their investigations to this day, and have never asked, nor accept monetary donations. People who want to support the mission are invited to come to Arizona and be “boots on the ground” and participate. As stated on their website, Veterans on Patrol only donations the group accepts are for supplies like food cards, water and boots for the volunteers who spend hours in the Arizona climate during their activism. Lewis Arthur and his group have a working relationship with local law enforcement and Border Patrol authorities. (

Meanwhile, Craig Sawyer continues to raise money, create documentaries and is called in to do “damage control” for the elites when any real Bottoms-Up group starts going after the real problem with real solutions.

Craig Sawyer is not to be trusted and has all the markings of a Machine agent. This case study is an example of the damage people like Craig Sawyer can do when trusted for even a moment. If it weren’t for the dedication, faith and integrity of Veterans on Patrol and Lewis Arthur, their movement would have been destroyed. They continue to this day, refusing coverage by the media, visible only to those who care to look.



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