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Gary Null interview (“press conference”) with “Blood Diamond” investigative journalist Janine Roberts; uploaded to Null’s YouTube 9 November 2008.

[Quotes are approximate.]

[Roberts is an ex-Priest and ex-male.] 1, 2, 3

Null: The French “virologist” credited with doing what Gallo couldn’t (show that a “virus” causes “AIDS”), Luc Montagnier, has openly admitted that he never isolated the virus.

Luc Antoine Montagnier, “Nobel Prize-winner” who “abandoned” his Catholic youth for “science” (and AIDS fraud).

* You can’t even see a “virus” without an electron microscope, no less prove it is the cause of a specific malady.

Roberts: after the release of the “Gallo papers” the American media universally reported that HIV was spread by sex.  I can not find those papers. … I think it was spin, done “off camera”, because they are not in the academic papers.

Null: When AIDS was first diagnosed I had already been working with people in the field, including one of the leading “gay physicians” in New York City, treating gay men with a special kind of gay bowel disease, Doctor Stephen Caiazza.

The New York Times, Section D, Page 27


Stephen Caiazza, 46, AIDS-Care Specialist

21 March 1990

Dr. Stephen S. Caiazza, a physician who had dedicated himself to the treatment of patients with AIDS, died of complications from the disease on last Wednesday at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. He was 46 years old and lived in Manhattan.

Dr. Caiazza was chairman of the New York Committee of Concerned Physicians and had been president of New York Physicians for Human Rights, organizations that dealt with AIDS patients.

He was a 1975 graduate of New York University Medical School and was affiliated with Cabrini Medical Center. He had been with New York Infirmary-Beekman Downtown Hospital in lower Manhattan.

He is survived by a daughter, Nicole, and a son, Andrew, both of Acton, Mass.; his mother, Marion, of Stoneham, Mass.; three sisters, Marianne Agostino of Chelmsford, Mass., Rosemary O’Brien of Reading, Mass., and Joanna Bell of Groton, Mass.; and four brothers, John, of Lynnfield, Mass., Matthew, of Chelmsford, Nicholas, of New Brunswick, N.J., and Donald, of Wakefield, Mass.

Null “on site”: West Village, Christopher Street—the heart of the homosexual “revolution”.

Stonewall riots: Wikipedia

Null took “hundreds and ultimately thousands” of reports of homosexuals living “arguably an unhealthy lifestyle”.

Null was given a tour by two homosexuals—schoolteachers.4

They filled themselves with penicillin in a medically-illogical attempt to “pre-empt” venereal disease.  This was encouraged by “gay doctors”.

Many of those Null interviewed stated they had had 15 to 20 (anonymous?) sexual encounters.

Null asked his interviewees: “How are you able to physically have sex (erection through orgasm) 25 times a weekend?”  The answer was amyl nitrate, also known as “Poppers” (often sold in small bottles that “popped” when opened).

The number one side effect of “huffing” amyl nitrate was also the number one diagnosed condition of “AIDS”: Pneumocystis Pneumonia (PCP) (a serious infection that causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the lungs).

Amyl nitrate is also a muscle relaxant and is used to induce opening of the rectum but anal “intercourse” still causes tears in the colon lining which mingle fluids, condom spermicides, lubricants and feces into the bloodstream leaving the participant open for serious septicemia (“blood poisoning”).  Such practices still spread, in massive amounts of contact, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes.  Many of those interviewed by Null had had four to five bouts of hepatitis in a single year.

Like penicillin, many homosexuals were “pre-empting” hepatitis with a new Hepatitis B vaccine.  They believe this significantly accounted for their compromised immune system problems.

Added to this was smoking, alcohol, sleep deprivation and large amounts of cocaine (also seeing a massive surge at this time).

Cocaine was also used to aid in sleep deprivation to maximize the number of encounters.

Many of these men had “massive” numbers of parasites and infections such as yeast.

Null had worked with Caiazza to encourage lifestyle changes and the slightest deviation from the above produced increased health.

Null: could only find a single “journalist” interested in this story; Tony Brown.

The lifestyle changes Null and Caiazza were recommending achieved full reversal of those diagnosed with “AIDS”.


“Act Up” (the homosexual “advocacy” group which recommends homosexuals make themselves as much an annoyance and impediment to society as possible) labels Gary Null an “AIDS denialist.

“user-edited Wikipedia” calls Null an “advocate for pseudoscientific alternative medicine”…a.k.a. real healthcare.


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  4. Definitely the kind of men who need to be “teaching” young boys: homosexuals going to great extremes for weekends of endless deviant sex.

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    The main objection I have to sodomy is the fact that it’s an extremely unhealthy lifestyle choice, and SHOULD NOT be promoted as normal to young children, or any children for that matter.

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