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Depopulation is a top agenda of the secret Elite who control the world from behind the scenes.  Researchers have found evidence of several diseases that have been engineered in order to accomplish this agenda.  In the process, common people’s lives are played with and/or experimented on as a way to also develop vaccines and medicines that are designed to have certain side effects that, in the end, excel its alleged benefits.  What many do not know (or pretend not to know) is the critical of the Vatican and the Jesuits play in this task as articulators.  It’s understandable since one is accustomed to see many Catholic organizations involved in helping the poor and the sick.  However, these seem to be front institutions only to maintain a charitable face to the public.  The tactic seems to work , but yet the evidence is there to be exposed.

What a “Zica”?

ALT TAG“Zica” is a supposed virus epidemic being exploited to stir panic in the population and prop up the Jesuit World Order sponsorship of new vaccines.  Scientists have claimed that the Zika virus carried by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes is responsible for the spike in cases of microcephaly in newborn babies, mainly in Brazil.  The media, as usual, has helped spread panic over an epidemic supported by the World Health Organization and its director-general, Dr. Margaret Chan.  Chan is the same director-general who had stated the following at a Georgetown University lecture (Georgetown is a Jesuit University)—

President Jack DeGioia, faculty at the campuses of Georgetown University, students and post-graduate students, ladies and gentlemen;

It is a great honour to address an event organized by Georgetown University, America’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university.  I am well aware of the ethical values that guide the work of this university and its several institutes and centres.

I fully agree with the principles that underpin the Global Futures Initiative.  Issues of governance, especially in health, will profoundly affect the future of humanity.

The Pope’s visit to this country has done much to underscore the human dimensions of climate change and the refugee crisis.  He asks us all to remember the people. ~ Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO, Washington, DC, USA, 30 September 2015

As a result of hysteria (or perhaps as a calculated reaction), Latin-American governments started to advocate contraceptive methods to avoid the prospective of having a child with birth defects.  Some went beyond, and recommended women not to get pregnant for a while.  Even the Pope condoned the use of contraceptives in face of such a menace.  However, the most shocking reaction came from the place admired by Dr. Chan for its “ethical values”: Georgetown now promotes abortion as a way to combat Zika.


Despite of the initial figures that claim more than 4000 cases of microcephaly linked to the Zika virus, only about 400 cases were confirmed.  This by no means characterizes an epidemic as alarmed by the press.  Interestingly, it went unnoticed the fact that newborn microcephaly seems to be endemic in certain areas of Brazil at least since 2012 (prior to Zika’s discussion), which might indicate another cause for the illness.  It turns out pre-Zika microcephaly cases were far more prevalent than originally reported.  Also, the virus was discovered circa 1947 and has been around all this time without causing severe problems other than mild transient illness.  Nevertheless, there has been a big push towards spending on vaccine development with Hillary Clinton in the frontlines.

Is it possible that Jesuit trained, recently Catholic converted (as uncovered by Johnny investigative reporter Graham) Bill Gates has something to do with that story?  He has stated as much, himself:

First, we’ve got population.  The world today has 6.8 billion people.  That’s headed up to about nine billion.  Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.  ~ Bill Gates, TED2010, Innovation to zero!, February 2010

In mid-2015 it was reported that a British biotech company called Oxitec had created GMO1 mosquitos to eradicate dengue (another sickness caused by the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes) in certain risk areas.  Brazil was one of the countries that released these mosquitoes in the environment.  Curiously, the northern Brazilian city of Juazeiro, where these mosquitoes were released reported most of the birth defects.  Oxitec was supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

bill gates--the vaccinator

Another possibility to consider is the Tdap vaccines for pregnant women.  Starting in late 2014, Brazilian pregnant women are required to take Tdap shots to combat pertussis infections despite overwhelming evidence that points towards its unsafety during pregnancy.  The Tdap vaccine initiative was also conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Last but not least, Brazil is the largest consumer of pesticide in the world using chemicals that are banned in most other nations.  Fetal growth impairment was observed with pesticides such as Antrazine and Metolachlor, largely used in Brazil.  The GMO crops introduced there are feared to be responsible for the rampant use of pesticides.  Once again, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was deeply involved in introducing GMO crops in Brazil.

Indeed, there are many evidences pointing toward Bill Gates and his foundation as the leading cause of suffering in these instances.  Depopulation has always been one of the top priorities of the Jesuit-run Elite and only a few puppets like Bill Gates carry on this agenda with such will.  By controlling population with genetically-engineered diseases and their “preventative vaccines”, this same Jesuit-controlled Elite have used Brazil as their evil test bed.

It is ironic to note that, in the Brazilian language, “What a zica” is a slang expression for “What bad luck!”

The HIV/AIDS Deception

Since its alleged discovery in 1983 by Catholic-educated Dr. Robert Gallo, the HIV virus is now wholly accepted by both science and medicine as the leading cause of AIDS.  However, some dissenting voices in both fields have been questioning the validity of this assertion.  One of them is Dr. Eleni Papadopulos, a biophysicist that has led a group of HIV/ADIS research scientists in Australia in the past years.  According to this interview, Dr. Papadopulos affirms that in order to prove the existence of a virus, three things are required: find the particle one might think is the virus, isolate it and break down its constituents, then prove the particle can make faithful copies of itself.  However, it seems these key procedures were not followed regarding HIV.  Dr. Papadopulos (EP) explains this further in her interview with independent reporter Christine Johnson (CJ).

CJ: Does HIV cause AIDS?

EPE: There is no proof that HIV causes AIDS.

CJ: Why not?

EPE: For many reasons, but most importantly, because there is no proof that HIV exists. …

CJ: Didn’t Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo [purportedly the co-discoverers of HIV] isolate HIV back in the early eighties?

EPE: No.  In the papers published in Science by those two research groups, there is no proof of the isolation of a retrovirus from AIDS patients.  [HIV is said to be a retrovirus.]

Despite recent advances in micro and nano technology as well as the advent of electron microscopy, one is yet to see an electron micrograph of the HIV virus.

CJ: But Montagnier and Gallo did publish photographs of virus particles.

EPE: No.  Montagnier and Gallo published electron micrographs of culture fluids that had not been centrifuged, or even separated from the culture cells, for that matter.  These EMs contained, in addition to many other things, including the culture cells and other things that clearly are not retroviruses, a few particles which Montagnier and Gallo claimed are retroviruses, and which all belonged to the same retroviral species, now called HIV.  But photographs of unpurified particles don’t prove that those particles are viruses.  The existence of HIV was not established by Montagnier and Gallo — or anyone since — using the method presented at the 1973 meeting.

CJ: But what about their pictures?

EPE: Montagnier’s and Gallo’s electron micrographs…are of entire cell cultures, or of unpurified fluids from cultures…” ~ An interview with Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos by Christine Johnson

Once Dr. Gallo announced the probable cause of AIDS, the race was on to find a pharmaceutical weapon to combat it.  AZT, a drug developed by Dr. Jerome Horowitz that failed to treat cancer, was recycled and given to HIV patients as the only hope available.  The high toxicity level of AZT was not addressed properly and eventually, many patients have begun to complain about its efficacy and safety.  Dr. Horowitz obtained his Master’s degree at the Roman-Catholic, Jesuit-run University of Detroit Mercy.

The company GlaxoSmithKline (previously known as “Glaxo Wellcome”) is the largest manufacturer of drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment, and has been at the center of this controversy.  Perhaps the most notorious case concerns Glaxo’s sponsorship of drug trials (including AZT) on babies as young as three months.  In 2004, a BBC documentary revealed that tests were being conducted in New York at Incarnation Children’s Center, which is run by Catholic charities.  Drugs were administered to HIV-positive children and/or orphans of drug users by mixing them with food or, in more severe cases, mixing it with food or, in more severe cases, directly into the child’s stomach via syringe via syringe.  Other scandals include Glaxo’s involvement in Catholic sexual abuse cover-ups and, more recently, the pouring of 45 liters of polio vaccine into a river in Belgium.  Interestingly, James Murdoch and his Knight of Malta father Rupert Murdoch are linked to Glaxo through their board of committees.

Whistleblowers have tried to alert the public regarding the true origins of viruses such as HIV and Ebola.  Among them, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is perhaps the most prominent.  Horowitz is renowned for accusing the U.S. military, CIA, and DoD of developing HIV and other viruses and releasing them into public circulation, mostly in African countries.  Unfortunately, Horowitz has not implicated the Vatican in any of his dissertations.  Research into the background of Leonard Horowitz shows that he is a Knight of Malta.  As long as big pharmaceutical companies, driven mainly by profit and by Elite agendas that seek to harm the common citizen, people will continue to suffer and minorities will continue to be treated as guinea pigs.

knights of malta mandela and ''prince richard''

Proud Caped Crusaders for Rome, Knights of Malta Nelson Mandela and Prince Richard Alexander Walter George, the Duke of Gloucester in 2009

Ebola: Another Weapon of Depopulation?

The most recent Ebola outbreak started in West Africa in 2013 and spread throughout other countries over a period of two years.  This caused the world to fear a disease allegedly without cure.  Researchers and doctors from all over the world rushed to Africa in order to study the disease and treat the patients.   However, one of the most controversial contributions might be from Tulane University.

Tulane is recognized as a private, secular institution.  However, it has a consortium with two Jesuit Catholic Universities; Loyola and Xavier.  In fact, Tulane highly prizes its Catholic Center.  Bioweapon expert, Prof. Francis Boyle blames Tulane and the U.S. Department of Defense, working together with giant pharmaceutical and biotech companies with releasing a bioengineered Ebola strain in Serra Leone.  As a result, Sierra Leone has halted Tulane from conducting further Ebola testing and to close the U.S. bioweapons lab.

loyolaDiseases like Ebola usually bring some sort of stigma to the patients as they are seen as contagious people even after treated.  The Society of Jesus knows very well how to explore this social component of Ebola.  A Jesuit High School canceled the visit of some African students based on Ebola scare, even though they were not from the affected areas in Africa.  This only serves to inflate social justice warrior’s speech regarding how Africans are mistreated by whites as to prompt white guilty.  Racism, which of course is one the Jesuits calling cards had to play a role in this incident as well, igniting a social strife that is planned to culminate with a Jesuit World Order synthesis  In fact, the Jesuits largely contributed with African slavery in America and other parts of the world such as in Africa under the pretext of slaying the unbelievers.  By the way, the Company of Loyola is still very active in Africa through organizations such as AJAN (African Jesuit Aids Network) as they join the “fight” against Ebola.  It’s also interesting to note that AJAN is responsible for 25 percent of all HIV treatment in Africa and nearly 100 percent in remote areas.  Of course, that included the poisonous AZT administered to pregnant mother infected with HIV.

In any way possible, the goal of the Jesuit World Order is ultimate control.  One important aspect of that is the control of our well-being.  By wielding the sword of engineered viruses and diseases and the shield of poisonous and purposely-ineffective cures and vaccines in the best Hegelian dialect style, the Vatican intends to obtain its goal.  The clock is ticking and the Jesuits know they must use every resource available, from giant pharmaceutical companies to mind-controlled billionaires, to disseminate their poisonous cup over the entire humanity.

Perhaps, as with all other overwhelming threats, the best weapon we have in response…is faith.

“They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” ~ Mark 16:18


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    I TREAT HIV/AIDS every day . i have treated HIV patients since 1983 and have had many patients and friends die of this disease . the disease exist . to say it doesn’t hurts the credibility of the article and the web site . if one does not take their medicine , their CD5 drops , the viral load shoots up , and it is not long until they are in the hospital fighting for their life . this is not a ox that needs to be gored . HIV is in the human population . if you want to speculate how it got their fine , but to say it isn’t there is nieve

    • FMSgt Felipe says:

      Well sir, I never stated HIV or AIDS don’t exist. Both of them may well exist, however STATING that HIV IS THE CA– USEof AIDS is still not proved yet.
      Why is it so difficult to isolate and fotograph a virus in the era of scanning electron microscopy (SEM)? During my PhD research, I use to manipulate nanowires in SEM as small as 5 nm in diameter, which is much smaller than a virus. That does not make sense to me…
      In order to even prove the existence of a virus you have to do three things:
      First, culture cells and find a particle you think might be a virus. Obviously, at the very least, that particle should look like a virus. Second, you have to devise a method to get that particle on its own so you can take it to pieces and analyze precisely what makes it up. Then you need to prove the particle can make faithful copies of itself. In other words, that it can replicate.
      Until that is done for HIV and shown publically, I’m sorry my friend but I can’t just believe in a story wihtout proof.
      I recommend you watch The Greatest Medical Fraud in History – The Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS by Gary Null. It’s up on YouTube. From that piece I got a glimpse of the wonders of AZT and how “accurate” the HIV tests were developed. This should at least raise suspicious about AZT, which in fact has already happened, and also should prompt the development of alternative methods to combat the sickness.

  • FM Sgt graham says:

    Very revealing article on exactly how Rome spreads fear and perpetuates the healthcare dialectic. Great work on an important issue.

  • Ray says:

    And now,in 2020 Covid-19 is the new fraud. The virus that supposedly causes it HAS NOT been isolated. They’ve gone back to the same fraudmela that served the conspirators w/aids!

  • Art says:

    It now appears that there isn’t a comprehensive test to actually detect Corona Virus-19 and false positives are as likely as false negatives. So, if you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you where you’re going. Appears the actual Covid -19 virus particle hasn’t also been identified and without an identity how can it be identified by any test?
    I dare say, there may be those getting sick, but from what isn’t really known yet, so that makes it easy for the Jesuits and their cohorts to invent a name and make a bugaboo to frighten the uniformed and simple. Apparently its working.
    Since, the 1960s the Jesuits have felt secure they’ve progressed in their program for world dominion that they felt secure that it was highly unlikely anyone could derail their bid for world government under Lucefer.
    Humanely speaking, they’re right, presently it appears we’ve reached that point in time where the Holy Spirit has been removed allowing them free reign in what they’re doing. To my way of thinking humanely speaking its unlikely they will be stopped, because indeed it was the Holy Spirit Jesus said: ‘that what now letteth be taken out of the way.” and from my perception this is exactly what’s happened.
    I would advise Mr. Cirucci to walk circumspectly as well as Del Riverside, These yokels specialized in murder and haven’t scruple to withhold from committing it in way shape or form.
    But that vaccines seems to be their main program to the road for universal identity and injecting every human with a microchip in order to buy and sell and also work and collect any kind of payment. You don’t have it, you don’t eat and probably not travel or move far from home base.
    Nevertheless, these Jesuit Jackals have an awful reckoning in store, I would not want to be in their shoes as that final moment approaches. Their depredations and murders may have some success now, but will be short lived and those political hacks that cooperated and betrayed their people will probably suffer the same fate as the pastors who urged their flocks to be injected with the microchip identifier!

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