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UPDATE to Hank Hanegraaff: the Papal Answer Man

I had been unfamiliar with the teaching or ministry of Dr. Walter Martin so, when a friend of my work (Daniel) sent this to me, I was shocked to learn of his frankness and effectiveness in dealing with heretical teaching.

Perhaps more than anything else, the contrast between Martin and Hanegraaff proves that Hanegraaff is part of a Papist coup.  While Martin was careful to first send certified letters to anyone he questioned in an attempt to dialogue before addressing them publicly (as is commanded in Matthew 18 by Christ, Himself), Hanegraaff shoots first, viciously, then ducks for cover—just what we’d expect from a man whose mission it is, is to divide and conquer for an Invisible Hand.

As I stated in my original column, it’s no coincidence that many of Hanegraaff’s victims are premier proponents of the Pro Testari.

Daniel’s comment to me in sharing this amazing interview (apparently, Walter’s last on Paul Crouch’s gold-plated TBN) was that Dr. Martin had all but called Robert Crystal Cathedral Schuller a Jesuit.  He didn’t quite go that far but he did mention how Schuller was one of the only personalities Dr. Martin had sent correspondence to that not only responded but also invited Dr. Martin to conduct an open discussion.  Once in Schuller’s office, Martin and Schuller walked through what they apparently agreed and disagreed on.  Dr. Martin then reproached Schuller for his “unification” seminars which push one-world ecumenism and destroyed the Gospel Message.  Schuller apologized, agreed that they were harmful to the Gospel and vowed to put an end to them.

6 months later, there was no change and the seminars continued.

This shouldn’t have surprised Walter, as Schuller has always been a puppet of Rome and maybe Daniel is right; all but a Jesuit.

Schuller’s “Rethink” seminar was an ecumenical outrage that exposed “Christians” to—

* George H.W. Skull and Bones Bush #41 (former Director of the CIA)
* Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch
* Larry King.  Schuller and Larry are old friends, when on King’s show in December of 1998, Schuller told him “We all have to find God in our own way.
* Ben Stein—a nice guy but not even Conservative Jews are people I want spiritual advice from
* Rick Warren’s wife Kay.  Rick would’ve gone himself but he needs some separation from his mentor, whom he vehemently claims he had little to do with but, humorously, Kay admits to freely!

Clearly, what Schuller wanted his parishioners to “rethink” was holding to the Word of God.

Let Us states that Schuller’s own newsletter outed how Schuller was a frequent visitor to Rome to include getting input from John Paul II on the “Crystal Cathedral”.

Schuller’s monthly newsletter Powerlines (May 1998), wrote of his meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome., “it was the fourth time Dr. Schuller and the Pope had met, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart at the Vatican.”  The article also added a brief note concerning the discussion between the Pope and Schuller: “When the Schullers met Pope John Paul II in March, the Pope expressed interest in how our churches could work together to take part in the Vatican’s preparations for the Jubilee celebrations of Christianity’s third millennium in the year 2000.”  Pope John Paul II also blessed Mrs. Schuller, an act which Robert Schuller said may have caused his wife to be healed five days later when Mrs. Schuller suffered a mild heart attack.  “How could Arvella help but be healed when the Crystal Cathedral Congregation is praying for her, and after she had received private blessings from the Pope and a special visit from the pastor of the largest Protestant church in the world, David Yonggi Cho,” Schuller said.  Both the Pope and David Yonggi Cho are leading millions of people astray by the false doctrines they propagate, and Schuller is perfectly comfortable commending these men as servants of God! (Source: May-June 1998, Foundation magazine.)

The Roman Catholic site These Last Days Ministries of Lowell, Michigan reported how Bishop Fulton Sheen was a frequent and important guest of the Crystal Cathedral and her Keeper—

14 april 1952 sheen on timeTV pastor Robert Schuller tells about the time Bishop Fulton Sheen spoke at the Crystal Cathedral.  Fulton Sheen was one of the most effective religious communicators of his time.  In the early 1950s his weekly television broadcast was the most popular program in the country.

Because he was so popular, thousands of people came to hear Sheen at the Crystal Cathedral.  After the message, he and Robert Schuller were able to get to their car only because a passageway was roped off.  Otherwise, they would have been mobbed.  Along both sides of the ropes, people were reaching out in an attempt to touch the bishop.  It was as if the pope himself had come to town.

As Sheen was passing through this section on his way to his car, someone handed him a note, which he folded and put into his pocket.  Then, as he and Schuller were on their way to the restaurant where they were going to eat lunch, Bishop Sheen pulled out that note, read it, and asked Schuller, “Do you know where this trailer park is?”  Schuller looked at the note and said, “Yes, it’s just a couple of miles from here.”  The bishop said, “Do you think we could go there before we go to lunch?”  “Sure,” Schuller answered.  “We have plenty of time.”  So they drove to this little trailer park, and Bishop Sheen went up to one of the trailers and knocked on the door.

An elderly woman opened the door, and seemed surprised–flabbergasted, really–when she saw who had come to visit her.  She opened the door and the bishop went in.   After a few moments, he came out, got back in the car and said, “Now she’s ready for living–in this life and the next.” ~ Our Lady of the Roses, March 25, 1978

Statue of Sheen at Crystal Cathedral

WELL-KEPT SECRET: The life-sized bronze statue of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen that greeted “Protestants” as they entered Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral. Now that the Cathedral has been re-taken by its land-lords, there’s no-longer a need for pretense.

On the page where extols the great virtues of the great orator, Sheen (after whom actor Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez took his stage name, “Martin Sheen”), is a picture of the April 14th, 1952 issue of Knight of Malta Henry Luce’s Time magazine which shows the “Red Cross” of Malta Crusaders, a very complimentary illustration of Sheen and the U.N.’s flat Earth logo.

Schuller didn’t just invite Sheen to speak at his Crystal Cathedral, he memorialized him with a life-sized bronze statue of the man in his foyer where no one would miss Sheen’s “presence” coming in or going out of the Cathedral.

The Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Spiritual Center says Schuller praised Sheen by stating, “I consider Fulton Sheen to be the brightest, the most brilliant, and the most beautiful Christian in mind and heart that I have known in the 20th Century.  No one inspired me more than Fulton Sheen to use television to reach the unbelieving word for Christ.”

When the Catholic masters of the Cathedral decided she had run her course, they confiscated her back.

The below article from the LA Times is so amazing I reposted it in its entirety;

* “for decades” the gaudy structure was considered a “Protestant landmark”, now it was getting engulfed by Rome
* seen as a “shot in the arm” for “ecumenism”
* Schuller states, “I could’ve done it 20 years ago” because “I trust” the Catholic Church…I don’t think Christian victims of the Inquisition did, however

999 inquisition

* admits the Schuller/Sheen origins
* note that Schuller uses Freemasonic terminology and calls Rome the “mother Church” [for more, see my column on Freemasonry and the Charleston AME false flag] * the T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology at Jesuit Loyola Marymount, Rev. Thomas P. Rausch, S.J. openly called it “a tactical decision”—why not, the Jesuits were running the show (and the press) from the beginning
* daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman is still teaching Jesuit-inspired New Age heresies and blather
* thanks to the treasonous flooding of America with illegal Roman Catholic alien immigrants from Papal puppets in DC, the diocese will easily fill the Crystal Catholic Cathedral
* there was nothing spontaneous about this at all—the only deception in this LA Times piece—it was a calculated victory dance over Martin Luther from its Luciferian inception

Crystal Cathedral Sale to Diocese a Milestone; Some See a Miracle

The deal was a triumph for ecumenism and for Orange County’s growing Catholic diocese.  Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller is pleased.

December 18, 2011
Nicole Santa Cruz
Los Angeles Times

Whenever clergy from Asia, South America or Europe visit Roman Catholic Bishop Tod Brown in Orange County, they all want to see one church, but not one of Brown’s.  They want to see the Crystal Cathedral.

For decades, the architectural landmark — famous for its 10,000 panes of glass and 236-foot bell tower — has been synonymous with the Rev. Robert H. Schuller and his “Hour of Power” broadcasts.  That is about to change.

Last month, the Crystal Cathedral property became the future home of the diocese after a bankruptcy judge approved the sale for $57.5 million.  The Vatican has signed off and diocese officials expect escrow to open soon.

In Orange County, where a third of the population is Catholic, the deal represents both vast demographic change and the rising influence of the church.

“I think the Crystal Cathedral will be, for us, the heart and center for our Catholic community,” said Brown, who reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 on Nov. 15, two days before the court victory.  He will help oversee the transition because a successor has not yet been named.

Such cooperation between Catholic and Protestant faiths was once unimaginable in American Christianity.

In a rare interview, Schuller told The Times that he never saw it that way.

“I think it could have happened 20 years ago because I haven’t changed,” he said.  “It’s who I have always been.”

The 85-year-old minister, who became the pivotal unifying force in the bankruptcy sale, said he has always respected the Roman Catholic faith and considers it the “mother church.”  Schuller also said he drew inspiration for his “Hour of Power” from Catholic Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, whose own popular TV show in the 1950s paved the way.

“The Roman Catholic Church isn’t going to change its theologies,” Schuller said.  “I trust them.”

Still, Brown’s tenacious pursuit of one of the most recognizable Protestant symbols surprised many, even Brown himself, who said the idea “never crossed my mind” until several lay advisors approached him.  After all, he had long planned to build a cathedral in Santa Ana for an estimated $200 million in response to the booming Catholic population.  He even hired an architect last year.

But he quickly saw the bankruptcy as a chance to fulfill his dream in a different way and began a bidding war for the church property with Chapman University.

In the final 24 hours, Brown said that even he thought “it was all over.”  Then Schuller, who had won over millions of believers through his credo of “possibility thinking,” told the court he could not abide the thought that Chapman might someday use the cathedral for nonreligious purposes.  The deal was struck.

Diocesan officials were elated, with one attorney calling it a miracle.  As Brown put it, “ecumenism has got a shot in the arm.”

The acquisition unquestionably raises the profile of the nation’s 10th-largest Roman Catholic diocese and could help it emerge from the shadow of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

“It was a tactical decision,” said Father Thomas Rausch, a professor of Catholic theology at Loyola Marymount University.  “Here’s this beautiful church with a rich history in Orange County and an identity that’s already established.  It’s a bargain for the local church.”

It was a bittersweet victory, though, because Brown knew it marked the end of an era for Schuller’s world-famous Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which has three years to vacate under terms of the deal, whereupon the Catholic diocese will use the campus.

Sheila Schuller Coleman, the founder’s daughter, is senior pastor and continues to preach “possibility thinking,” though the philosophy has not brought the $50 million in donations that could have staved off a sale.

“There’s plenty of time for God to perform a miracle,” she told congregants on a recent Sunday.  At the front of the church, a table was set up with sign-up sheets for a “miracle” prayer drive.

Congregant Jillian Carter of Torrance said she still holds out hope.

“I feel like it’s not over until it’s over.  Anything can happen,” she said.  “This place has its trademark.  Nobody can take that.”

That trademark is exactly what appealed to the diocese.

When Brown succeeded Bishop Norman McFarland in 1998, there were 600,000 Catholics in Orange County.  There are now 1.2 million.  That growth can be seen on almost any Sunday.  For many parishes, the norm is standing-room-only turnout for Mass; at others, the Sunday crowds spill out the doors.  Mass is said in 10 languages, including Vietnamese, Polish, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian and Spanish.

During Brown’s tenure, he dedicated nine churches, bringing the diocese total to 57.  He also appointed Latinos and women to key positions and gave a new parish a Vietnamese name, Our Lady of La Vang, a first for a Catholic church in Southern California.

But he never lost sight of building a cathedral, first announcing plans in 2001.

A lot of plans were hatched in 2001, not least of which was a Jesuit false flag of such evil one dare might call it “Biblical” in its malignancy and scope.

Many have wondered how Rome could have committed such a coup in using a man like Hanegraaff to take over and destroy Dr. Martin’s legacy but I think I see the answer in his last TBN interview; Walter Martin had no idea he was dealing with a vicious, military threat that would not and will not stop until it buries or enslaves us all.

NOTE: I am deeply saddened to see that the man who called me to Christ—Calvary Chapel Pastor Skip Heitzig—has been a guest on TBN.  I continue to love and respect Skip for all he’s done on behalf of the Gospel but I must now question at least his judgment…especially given the ties of the Calvary movement to Rome.  Interestingly, this anti-Vatican blog connects the dots from Chuck Smith to Paul Crouch to Rome.

UPDATE 30 May 2018:

As the Catholic Church pays out hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate tens of thousands of raped and assaulted children, “journalists” all over pull at our heartstrings for the many “bankruptcies” suffered by Rome (untold trillions in the Vatican basement notwithstanding).

St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese Files For Bankruptcy To Pay Out Sex Abuse Lawsuits — New York Daily News

The Catholic Church in their Jesuit-created far-Left illegal Hispanic Roman Catholic paradise of California set records a few years back with a jaw-dropping $660 million joint settlement.

Yet, they still have the money to buy back their monstrosity from their puppet Robert Schuller, and then sink another $72 million into it for “remodeling”.

For more about just how lawless Rome has been and intent upon the rape, abuse and murder of your children, read my book Eaters of Children.



  • joan says:

    brilliant article…thank you. And also the only TBN interview I have ever enjoyed.

  • Jess says:

    Walter Martin was also “safe” for the catholics. Martin wrote “Kingdom of the Cults” but left out the biggest cult in the world, catholicism. He routinely referred to catholicism as a branch of Christianity. He was a traitor to those of us that were alive during his heyday and say the treachery from him in selling out “Christianity” to catholicism.

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