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Our Team Briefs are often nothing short of amazing.

With our friend Eric joining us (and usually hosting), you receive information that you will not get anywhere.

In our most recent Brief, Eric (who is a wealth of knowledge for a young guy), said he believed that the legendary rise of far-Left linguist Avram Noam Chomsky was enabled by the Jesuits.  Eric believes they gave the Jewish pundit (whose ideology is Left enough to be called “Communist” without exaggeration or hyperbole) his breakthrough theories in language.

As I began looking in to this accusation, I found it carried a shocking amount of circumstantial weight.

Chomsky has had his way paved and paid for him as so many Communist theologians do; by indoctrinating your children in “institutions of higher learning” such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) and the University of Arizona.

However, prior to that, Chomsky received his education from an unusual and seemingly humble source; the University of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia college was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin.  Given that this “Founding Father” was a Freemason and also a member of the “Hellfire Club”, it may not be as auspicious a start as one would think—especially after 10 bodies were unearthed in 1998 from the basement of Franklin’s London flat.

Chomsky received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate all from the University of Pennsylvania—rather an unusual loyalty for what appears to be an unremarkable school.

And yet perhaps some of the alumni will surprise you:

  • “Founding Father” Benjamin Rush
  • 9th President of the United States William Henry Harrison
  • gunslinger John Henry “Doc” Holliday
  • founder of the Wrigley gum company, William Wrigley, Jr.
  • modernist poet Ezra Pound
  • billionaire Warren Buffett
  • Warren Commission author of the Kennedy assassination “magic bullet theory”, Senator Arlen Specter (also Jewish1)
  • hotel and casino mogul Steve Wynn2
  • former Governor of Utah, former Ambassador to China and Mormon,3 Jon Huntsman4
  • former Mayor of Philadelphia and former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell5
  • the founder and CEO of Paypal, Tesla Motors and “SpaceX”, “Elon Musk”6
  • current President of the United States, Donald Trump, but not before receiving two years of instruction from the Jesuits at Fordham7, 8

Perhaps most interesting of all, is the mysterious Reddit blogger who makes the accusation that the “secular” University of Pennsylvania is secretly run by the Jesuits.

This adds considerable weight to the idea that Chomsky was handed his linguistic breakthroughs because he wrote his “Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory” the year he received his Doctorate from U of PA.

Was the 27-year-old Jew really that brilliant or was he relying upon the centuries of knowledge gleaned by experts?

From its inception, the “Society of Jesus” (a.k.a. the Company of Loyola9) has carefully trained its priests to go into foreign lands and become foreigners.  In China, Jesuits became so Chinese other Catholic orders accused them of watering down Catholicism.

Since then, Chomsky has been a lightning rod for far-Left doctrines that just-so-happen to also be espoused by the Catholic Church; but because he’s a Jew, the Professor takes both the spotlight and the heat.

When the far-Left Huffington Post opined about the need for “social justice” in South America, it lauded Chomsky for leading the Pope Francis charge.

Left out of the article was how the Jesuits invented “social justice” and how it has devastated that continent since the 1700s.10

I covered this definitively in my book Illuminati Unmasked.

On reflecting upon the assassinated Communist Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero (beatified and canonized by the Argentinian Dirty War Jesuit Pope Francis in 2017 as Saint Oscar Romero) and the 12-year civil war in El Salvador, another far-Left periodical,, sought the perspective of the Jewish Professor and not a Catholic spokesman.11

Last month an apparently unremarkable series of reports about Pope Francis drifted through the international news carousel, attracting little attention from the national media — though it should have.  They recorded the pontiff’s desire to expedite a deceased bishop’s journey toward prospective sainthood in accordance with the customs of the faith.

The cleric in question was Oscar Romero who, prior to his murder in 1980 by local death squads, held one of the most senior positions in the Catholic church of El Salvador.  As some of the coverage mentioned in passing, he was killed not long after having written to President Carter, appealing to him to halt his support for repressive government forces that were tearing the country apart in their assault on mass movements that opposed their undemocratic rule.  Carter never replied; Romero was shot at mass.

At that point in time, El Salvador was in the early stages of a civil war that would go on to cause untold misery in the small central American nation and claim tens of thousands of lives.  As the violence raged throughout the ’80s, Washington increased the level of military aid it sent to the ruling authorities, overwhelmingly the main perpetrators of the many war crimes that occurred that decade, who put this generous assistance to efficient use murdering defenseless civilians across the country.

The U.S. government under Reagan went on to train, fund and arm the same government forces, dismissing accurate reports of massacres they had committed, as well as discouraging attempts to achieve a negotiated settlement between the warring sides.

Having helped to lengthen the conflict and having armed the most abusive party, a report commissioned by the speaker of the house eventually precipitated a UN-brokered accord which helped to end the fighting in the early 1990s, demonstrating that had there been the political will to do so, the U.S. could have helped to halt the bloodshed far earlier.

During the war there was modest coverage of the atrocities that took place, and relatively little focus on the trail that led to the White House.  One of the few voices expressing an appropriate level of criticism, during and after this period, was the scholar and activist Noam Chomsky, who hasn’t relented in his efforts to try to bring attention to the issue.

I wrote to Chomsky to ask him for a statement on these events.  He provided me with a long reply, from which I will quote an extended excerpt:

“By the 1980s, the plague of repression that had been spreading over Latin America struck Central America with full force.  In El Salvador, the decade opened with the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero…A few days before he had sent a letter to President Carter pleading with him to cut off aid to the murderous military junta, aid that ‘will surely increase injustice here and sharpen the repression that has been unleashed against the people’s organizations fighting to defend their most fundamental human rights.’

Aid soon flowed… One of the most murderous forces was the army’s Atlacatl battalion, which slaughtered thousands of peasants, labor and human rights activists, priests, and others who were in the way.  The decade of horror ended in November 1989, when the Atlacatl battalion, fresh from renewed training at the John F. Kennedy school of counterinsurgency, was dispatched by the high command to assassinate six leading Latin American intellectuals, Jesuit priests, at their university dwelling, along with any witnesses, their housekeeper and her daughter.  Archbishop Romero’s grim prognosis was more than fulfilled, in the neighboring countries as well.  The horror is only deepened by the silence that has descended over it in the United States and the West generally.”

As is usual with far-Left ideologues, they strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.  While lamenting over every slight done to a Communist junta or regime, Chomsky not only overlooks the crimes of those regimes but gives them cover.

Perhaps one of the most egregious examples is his defense of the genocide in Cambodia led by Saloth “Pol Pot” Sâr and his Khmer Rouge.

Professor Noam Chomsky is a brilliant man. …

He is too smart to simply not understand the political consequences he has made a career out of  espousing on the issue of culpability for crimes committed during Khmer Rouge rule.  And they are nothing less than intellectually intentional, knowing lies designed to mislead people as to the true facts to further a pre-determined ideological agenda, parsing, obfuscating and intentionally deceiving people to wrongly attribute the origins, causes, responsibility and perpetrators of the Cambodian suffering.  His writings on Cambodia have done more damage, through its surface logic, to allowing those responsible for mass murder to avoid facing justice, and to misdirect that responsibility on peripheral players in the 40 year old drama.  Not only does he deem the architects of Cambodian suffering as the US government, but labels the international independent media as willing accomplices. ~ Nate Thayer

The slightest examination of what happened in Cambodia makes Chomsky’s validation deeply offensive.

Few horrors compare to the killing fields of the Cambodian genocide.

Over four short years, from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge systematically exterminated up to 3 million people. The people of Cambodia had to live in fear, knowing that they might be the next one dragged out to the killing fields. The chances of being chosen were indeed high – by the end of the massacre, the Khmer Rouge had wiped out nearly 25 percent of the population. ~ Mark Oliver


Saloth Sâr / “Pol Pot” was hand-picked for a special Catholic education in a predominantly Buddhist country.

Cambodia was a monarchy, but the king had little political control, which was instead exercised by the French colonial regime.[14]  Pol Pot’s family had connections to the Cambodian royal household; his cousin Meak was a consort of King Sisowath Monivong, and later worked as a ballet teacher.[15]  When Pol Pot was six years old, he and an older brother were sent to live with Meak in the capital city of Phnom Penh; informal adoptions by wealthier relatives were then common in Cambodia.[11]  In Phnom Penh, he spent eighteen months as a novice monk in the city’s Vat Botum Vaddei monastery, there learning both Buddhist teachings and how to read and write in the Khmer language.[16]

In the summer of 1935, Sâr went to live with his brother Suong and the latter’s wife and child.[17]  That year he began an education at a Roman Catholic primary school, the École Miche,[18] with Meak paying the tuition fees.[19]  Most of his classmates were the children of French bureaucrats and Catholic Vietnamese.[19]  He became literate in French and familiar with Christianity.[19]  Sâr was not academically gifted and he was held back two years, only receiving his Certificat d’Etudes Primaires Complémentaires in 1941 at the age of sixteen.[20]  Sâr had continued to visit Meak at the king’s palace and it was there, among some of the king’s concubines, that he had some of his earliest sexual experiences.[21] ~ Wikipedia

Interesting that “user-edited” Wikipedia calls Pol Pot’s Elite Catholic education a “familiarization with Christianity”.

Later in our Team Brief, Eric broke his accusation down even further and said he believed that Chomsky is a passive asset of the Vatican, if not an active agent.

If the Jesuits run the University of Pennsylvania and if they gave Chomsky his linguistic breakthroughs, then he would be beholden to them and eager to help them in any way he could.

One way would be to keep Murder Incorporated in business.

Although, at the peasant level, Rome pretends to be vehemently “anti-war”, at the control level, all major wars are needlessly created or enflamed by the Vatican.

When I learned this, I shocked even myself (as a so-called “Conservative” who spent his life in the military) by writing an entire chapter in Illuminati Unmasked (Chapter 4) regarding how all modern war is needless and serves the Great Harlot of Babylon in three purposes:

I. To make obscene amounts of money.

II. To slaughter the commoners and cull the “useless eaters283”.

III. To punish the enemies of Rome.

No better example in this could be found than in the founder of the most infamous war-profiteering organization of our modern era: Erik Prince of “Blackwater”.12

War is business and business is good.

Is the characterization of Blackwater mercenaries as “kill-happy cowboys” unfair?

Outrage over the company’s actions both in America and Iraq was answered by yet another Congressional hearing: the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, then chaired by California Democrat Henry Waxman.  Waxman is Jewish and has been a politician since 1969.cxxxvi

Congressman Waxman disclosed that in the two years leading up to the Nisour Square massacre, from 2005 to 2007, Blackwater was involved in 195 shootings, 84% were initiated by the mercenaries.

What Waxman didn’t disclose was the number of innocent Iraqis who have been wounded or killed as a result.  Such information is difficult if not impossible to find.

It’s not a long-shot to deduce that a shooting incident initiated by Blackwater was both unnecessary and unwarranted meaning that the resulting dead can be considered “murdered innocents”.

The “shoot first, ask questions later” methods of America’s “guns for hire” are in stark contrast to the stifling Rules of Engagement given to the United States military.

Some of the most notoriously restrictive “RoE” were set by Knight of Malta935 “Green Beret” General Stanley McChrystal.936

In the best Hegelian Dialectic, while one group of Roman traitor agents in the military dictated restrictions that cost American lives, another group in the media frothed anger over it.937, cxxxvii

In light of lawless corruption, the Bush / Rice State Department brought their overwhelming power to bear: they initiated a panel.

On Oct. 5, 2007, just as the State Department and Blackwater were being rocked by scandal in the aftermath of Nisour Square, State Department officials finally responded to Mr. Richter’s August warning about Blackwater.  They took statements from Mr. Richter and Mr. Thomas about their accusations of a threat by Mr. Carroll, but took no further action.

Condoleezza Rice, then the secretary of state, named a special panel to examine the Nisour Square episode and recommend reforms, but the panel never interviewed Mr. Richter or [State Department analyst] Mr. [Donald] Thomas [a member of Richter’s team]. ~ NY Times938

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill (one of Blackwater’s most passionate media detractors) has called Erik Prince “a reclusive right-wing evangelical Christian”.939

Such a characterization is amazing given that even Newsweek reported on Prince leaving his Dutch Reform Calvinism behind for Roman Catholicism.  In the piece, Newsweek’s Evan Thomas disclosed a Prince statement that implies his involvement in Templar Freemasonry:

In his occasional public utterances at security conferences, his vision emerges.  He was once quoted by a defense-industry newsletter describing why his private contractors could provide better — more effective, more efficient — “relief with teeth” in a dangerous environment than international aid organizations or even the U.S. military: “Everybody carries guns, just like Jeremiah rebuilding the Temple in Israel, a sword in one hand, a trowel in the other.”  Prince, a weapons expert and adventure seeker since he outgrew playing with lead soldiers as a boy, has seen the promised land, and it is righteous and well-armed. [sic]940

Interestingly, one of Protestantism’s most renown opponents of the Catholic Church, Baptist firebrand Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892), named his magazine Sword & Trowel.941

Scahill is a close associate of legendary Jewish homosexual journalist and personal confidant of “whistleblower” Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald.  It’s difficult to imagine how he could make such a clumsy mistake as there is very little “Christian” about either Erik Prince or Blackwater.  However, both are very much the flower of Papal Knighthood.

Perhaps it was the influence of Scahill’s “longtime friend” and mentor, Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan942 that helped him get things mixed up.

You do have to admire someone like Scahill, fearlessly going after a military/industrial kingpin with a net worth of $2.4 billion.943 ~ Eaters of Children, Cirucci13

War is worth killing for and that was the reason behind the so-called “friendly fire” death of former NFL star Pat Tillman.

The story of Patrick Daniel Tillman is well known to America; how he had been a first-string Safety for the Arizona Cardinals1 and turned down a multi-million dollar contract extension in order to enlist in the Army and fight the “Global War on Terror”.

Although Tillman wanted to go to Afghanistan and find CIA asset Osama bin Laden (who claimed he had nothing to do with 9/11), he was instead sent to Iraq where he witnessed indiscriminate bombing of civilians that angered him against the “War on Terror”. …

Unfortunately, Pat Tillman was a thinker who maintained a 3.85 at Arizona State.  He became obsessed with the work of University of Arizona Professor Noam Chomsky.  He reached out to the historian and had plans to meet with him even though his then-current tour in the 75th Rangers had finally brought him to Afghanistan in 2004. …

This would be the motive for his murder.  Pat Tillman was a fantastic riches-to-Rangers story for recruiters to fuel the “Global War on Terror”.  A vocal, anti-war Tillman would’ve cost the “military/industrial complex” billions.

His body armor protected him from rounds to his torso, but after being wounded in the wrist, his executors made absolutely sure, Kennedy-style, and he was brutally shot at point-blank range by a three-round burst of a NATO 5.56-caliber weapon into his forehead. ~ Cirucci14

Did Noam Chomsky receive correspondence from Pat Tillman and dutifully turn it over to his friends at the Catholic-controlled CIA?

In this interview, Chomsky admits being contacted but refuses to give details.


No less a “hero” than General Stanley McChrystal saw to the murder.

A top proponent of liberalizing regulations restricting homosexuality in the United States military has been four-star Special Forces General Stanley McChrystal.16  A powerful figure, McChrystal served as head of Joint Special Operations Command, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan as well as Director of the Joint Staff.

McChrystal’s treasonous, bloody fingerprints were all over the body of NFL star-turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman, as well as Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings.17

McChrystal also —

* Ordered the rules of engagement that put American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in needless danger.420

* Pushed the integration of overt homosexuals into the military ranks to destroy effectiveness and cohesioncxxii.421

* Banned “Conservative” Fox News from his entire Headquarters (hundreds of soldiers effected in their orbit around McChrystal’s arrogance).422

* Joined Jesuit-trained423 Barack Obama with Jesuit-trained424, cxxiii Secretary of Defense/Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta in asserting425 that “serious action426” needs to be taken on confiscating privately-owned weapons from the American people.

 ~ Eaters of Children, Cirucci15

A series of interviews can be found still on heavily-censored YouTube with “Kay Griggs”: a woman claiming to be the ex-wife of a Pentagon Special Operations (Marine Corps) attaché.  She makes some shocking allegations about how sexual deviancy, corruption and treason rule the Pentagon.

Given the exploits of men like McChrystal and the fact that the foundation for the Pentagon was laid on September 11th, 1941, just a few months before Pearl Harbor,16 based upon the design of the Farnese family castle, they are accusations as plausible as they are disturbing.

UPDATE 19 June 2019, 11:55 AM EST

From Eric:

Readers of this blog will be interested in a web-exclusive interview with Noam Chomsky now available on our homepage.  Did you know that Chomsky has a painting of Oscar Romero in the corner of his office at MIT?  Nicholas Haggerty, a Fordham undergraduate and editorial intern at Commonweal, begins the interview by asking Chomsky about that painting.  It turns out that Romero is one of many Catholics Chomsky has come to admire over the years.

NH: You’ve often spoken reverently about the Latin American church.  Yet, in Michael Gondry’s film Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, you mention harboring a deep fear of Catholics growing up in Philadelphia.  Was there a person or event that changed that for you?

NC: I began to change in the early 1960s, when I started getting to know people on the Catholic left like Dan Berrigan and Dorothy Day—really wonderful people.  And then I went to Central America a couple of times.  One of my closest friends was the rector of UCA—the Jesuit University in Nicaragua—César Jerez.  He had a leading position in the church in Guatemala, but he was forced to flee when the Guatemalans announced that they were going to kill all the Jesuits.  All the Jesuits were pulled out of the country, and he went to El Salvador.  He was an educated person.  Archbishop Romero was kind of a peasant—a very honest, decent person, but with little education.  Jerez became his house intellectual.  Remember the famous letter that the archbishop sent to President Carter, urging him not to provide support to the government junta?  Jerez wrote it.  Something extremely interesting happened then.  I haven’t been able to write about it because there is no documentation.  Jerez told me that he wrote the letter for Romero, and that the day the letter arrived in Washington, he got a call from the Vatican.  Apparently, the Carter administration had asked the Vatican to call off this troublesome priest.  They knew what he was doing.  Jerez was asked to go to Rome right away.  He went to Rome and met with the head of the Jesuit order, who asked him what he was doing.  He told him, and got support to continue.  He got an audience with the pope.  Jerez said the pope was kind of noncommittal.  He didn’t say stop and he didn’t say go on, so Jerez took that to be authorization to continue.  He went back to San Salvador and a few days later Romero was murdered.  Jerez then had to flee to Nicaragua.  In fact, when I was visiting Nicaragua, I used to stay at the Jesuit house.  It was quite a change. ~ Commonweal Magazine

That’s the same Father Daniel Berrigan, S.J. who mentored Leftist “journalist” Jeremy Scahill.

Actor Martin Sheen17: “Getting arrested with Jesuit Daniel Berrigan was the happiest day in my life.”

Given Rome’s foundation on sexual perversion, was the sex and drugs implosion of Martin Sheen’s son, “Vatican Assassins” Charlie Sheen, precipitated by abuse he received from the hands of his seemingly ultra-pious yet far-Left Catholic father?

Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan, right, and actor Martin Sheen, third from right, join the annual School of the Americas protest in 1999 at Fort Benning, Ga. Father Berrigan, an early critic of U.S. military intervention in Vietnam who for years challenged the country’s reliance on military might, died April 30 at 94. (CNS photo/Quirin, The Messenger)

UPDATE 21 June 2019, 10:17 AM EST

From Hawkeye:

Another U. of PA alumni is Dr. Michael Heiser.  Heiser is steeped in Biblical learning yet never mentions Rome.  I have personally heard Dr. Heiser remark that he taught at a Catholic college, I believe in Wisconsin.18

The subterfuge that Heiser uses is that Martin Luther, didn’t have access to “new” information, like the Dead Sea scrolls.  Therefore, he could not read/interpret the Bible “in context” and, thus, reached incorrect/incomplete conclusions about Rome.

Heiser discredits prophecy in the books of Daniel and Revelation which explicitly point to Rome as the 4th and final beast and the source power of the little horn; the Papacy and Satan above it.  Instead, Heiser focuses solely on those “supernatural” powers which is only half-true.

Truly Jesuitical!

We must remember, Linguistic skills/skillset, or any of the “sciences” are mastered by Jesuits … which is why I believe Jacques Cartier (I cannot call him a Jesuit, but I think he was ordained in some Order), in 1534, provoked and then kidnapped Chief Donnacona’s sons from what would become the Gaspe Peninsula/Quebec, Canada area in order to deliver them to Paris, have what would become the Jesuit Order learn every possible detail from them over an 8 month period until the sons were returned to their home.

Cartier’s second voyage had provisions for 15 months.

Cartier kidnapped 10(?) indigenous people on his return to France in 1536.

I’m still learning the details and will continue to publish audio on it.

“I listened!” from The 13th Warrior (August 27, 1999)

Wiki lists August 27th, 410AD:

  • 410 – The sacking of Rome by the Visigoths ends after three days.
  • Film and Movies Day (Russia)
  • Independence Day (Republic of Moldova), celebrates the independence of Moldova from the USSR in 1991.
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (Texas, United States)
  • National Banana Lovers Day (United States)



  1. As I am wont to say, “Behind ever prominent, controversial Jew, can almost always be found a Roman.”
  2. Like another prominent hotel/casino alumnus, Wynn likes to mix business with pleasure because he can.
  3. From its founding, Mormonism has been so intimately intertwined with Freemasonry that it’s not a leap to consider any prominent Mormon is also a secret Freemason.
  4. Like so many other key families in power, the Huntsmans can be found in both politics and entertainment (“journalism”) as the Governor’s daughter Abby is a co-host of the Leftist estrogen-fest, “The View”.
  5. Another Jew who learned how to chase ambulances from the Catholics at Villanova.  If the Jews really do run the world, they get an awful lot of their instruction from Romans.
  6. If ever there was a prominent, public personality that appears to be a complete fabrication, it’s this guy.
  7. This is a neat trick; if anyone looks on the surface, they just see the supposedly “non-Catholic” U of PA behind Trump’s education.
  8. Interestingly, Trump’s daughter Ivanka—someone who has far too much to do with governmental “affairs”—received instruction from the Jesuits at Georgetown before also transferring to U of PA.
  9. By “coincidence” both the Jesuits and the CIA are known as “the Company”.
  10. Every nation that is overtly owned and run by the Catholic Church has been devastated by its machinations.  This is what drives so many refugees northward.
  11. Do you see how this works?  Who is the lightning rod but where does the ideology originate?
  12. In an attempt to run from its “Shoot first” record of unpunished murders, “Blackwater” has gone through several name changes including the very non-descript “Xe Services” and, currently, “Academi”.
  13. Eaters of Children—The Pedocracy Exposed: How access to power is granted through the rape, torture and ritualistic slaughter of the innocent. Giovanni Augustino Cirucci, CreateSpace (September 11th, 2017), pp. 615-617
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  17. Sheen was born Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez and took the stage name “Sheen” from his idol, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.
  18. Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 2, Celebration Church, YouTube, Published on Jan 23, 2019, at 14:19

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