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On November 5th, 2009, a Major in the United States Army, Nidal Hassan, murdered 14 human beings and wounded 32 more in a premeditated attack on the Fort Hood, TX military post.

All major news accounts list the dead at “13” but Private First Class Francheska Velez was with child. She was out-processing at the Soldier Readiness Center, home early from her deployment because she became pregnant out of wedlock. A chronic problem in today’s military the mainstream media would rather not report on.

Francheska Velez, 21, had just finished a tour in Iraq and returned to Ft. Hood three months pregnant. The Army had granted Velez, a 2006 graduate of Kelvyn Park High School, a maternity leave of abscence. ~ Pregnant Chicago Woman Also Among Ft. Hood Victims, Andrew Greiner, NBC Chicago

I guess no one told reporter “Andrew Greiner” that a “maternity leave of absence” does not a finished tour make.

Perhaps even more shocking and under-reported was that the killer was a tenured Army officer. Army and government shills as well as the media were dumbfounded as to Hasan’s motives, implying that maybe he was depressed.

Yet, not only was there a clear trail that started at Hasan’s radical Islamist beliefs, the trail ended at one of the most notorious names in al Qaeda:

Three senior investigative officials, who insisted they not be identified by name because of the sensitive nature of the ongoing federal investigation, told reporters in Washington that Hasan was never nominated to be on a watch list. He was able to purchase weapons legally and had done nothing to justify even a preliminary investigation, they said.

…Hasan had a security clearance at the “secret” level and received good performance reviews, they said. …

Authorities have not identified a motive in Thursday’s attack. But at Fort Hood the post commander told reporters he has ordered his officers to “immediately take a hard look and make sure if there’s anybody out there struggling.”

“Hasan was a soldier and we have other soldiers … that might have some of the same stress and indicators that he has,” Lt. Gen. Robert Cone said. “We have to look across our entire formation, not just in a medical community but really look hard to our right and left. That’s the responsibility for everybody from the top to the bottom to make sure we’re taking care of our own.”

Army officials have voiced concern about jumping to any conclusions about Hasan’s motive, warning about a possible backlash against Muslim soldiers. But several witnesses, like Pvt. Robert Foster, who was wounded in the hip during the attack, reported Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is great” — which Islamic terrorists have used as a battle cry.

“I was sitting in about the second row back when the assailant stood up and yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ in Arabic and he opened fire,” Foster, 21, said Monday on CNN’s “American Morning.” ~ Investigators Look For Missed Signals In Fort Hood Probe, CNN

“Backlash”? We want to “take care of our own” and look for “stress indicators”? Incompetence of that degree approaches willful coverup and that’s exactly what the FBI did regarding who was connected to Hasan.

Earlier in that same CNN piece, this astounding revelation was made and dismissed:

U.S. military officials said intelligence agencies intercepted communications between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, a former imam at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia, a Washington suburb. Al-Awlaki, who left the United States in 2002 and is believed to be living in Yemen, was the subject of several federal investigations dating back to the late 1990s, but was never charged.

Military officials told CNN on Monday that intelligence agencies intercepted communications from Hasan to al-Awlaki and shared them with other U.S. government agencies. But federal authorities dropped the inquiry into Hasan’s communications after deciding that the messages warranted no further action, one of the officials said.

According to the FBI, investigators from one of its Joint Terrorism Task Forces determined “that the content of those communications was consistent with research being conducted by Maj. Hasan in his position as a psychiatrist at the Walter Reed Medical Center [in Washington].” ~ Investigators Look For Missed Signals In Fort Hood Probe, CNN

A United States Army major, disciplined for proselytizing radical Islam, corresponding with the “spiritual advisor” to several 9/11 hijackers? Nothing to see there, really!

Over the weekend, National Public Radio reported that Dr. Hasan was put on probation at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, where he earned a medical degree, and that he was later disciplined for proselytizing about his Muslim faith with patients and colleagues.

Later, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where Dr. Hasan served before being sent to Fort Hood, his co-workers reportedly tried several times tried to warn superiors his loyalty might be in question after he praised suicide bombers. On one occasion, he launched into a rambling discourse on the Quran’s injunction to kill infidels during what was supposed to be a talk about treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Moreover, the FBI apparently knew at least six months ago that someone using Dr. Hasan’s name was posting blogs on an Islamic Web site linked to a suspected al-Qaeda associate. While at Walter Reed, Dr. Hasan attended a mosque in nearby northern Virginia where two of the Sept. 11 attackers also attended services, and where the FBI had investigated a former imam of the mosque as a possible co-conspirator in those attacks. ~ Major Hasan’s Turmoil: Why Did The Army Miss Signs Of The Fort Hood Shooter’s Troubled Mind? The Baltimore Sun

Anwar al Awlaki isn’t just any run-of-the-mill jihadi. He is/was (more on that shortly) an American, born in New Mexico who ended up in Falls Church, Virginia, just 16 minutes from CIA Headquarters in Langley and 18 minutes from the Pentagon…where he was a welcome guest.

Let me connect the dots for you with this shocking deduction:

The pattern here is that your own government carefully protects known terrorists, cultivating their agendas and then loosing them upon an unsuspecting public to wreak havoc which then gives them the excuse to take away their freedoms and radically alter the country they grew up in.

In this extensive column I wrote a few years back, I itemized and cited a long road of treasons from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, through the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing through the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal to secret jihadi compounds run right here in the U.S. under the watchful eye of the Federal Bureau of Instigation. Recently, I revisited the 1993 WTC bombing to elucidate this point further:

But most of them are what former NY prosecutor Andrew McCarthy calls “Willfully Blind”.

McCarthy would know, he wrote a book entitled Willful Blindness in which he meticulously detailed how the FBI used Egyptian Intelligence operative Emad Salem to infiltrate the terror cell of Omar Abdel Rahman (a.k.a. “the Blind Sheik”). Once inside, Salem began feeding information to the FBI about a plot to attack the World Trade Center complex in 1993. Rahman then pressured Salem to make the bomb that would be emplaced in the parking garage of the North Tower.

Despite being vehemently anti-American and on the U.S. State Department’s “terror watch list” Rahman was allowed to enter, leave, and return to the U.S. repeatedly before the 1993 WTC bombing.

When Salem told his FBI handlers that he was being pressured to build a bomb, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation told him, “Build the bomb.”

Salem was so incredulous at his instructions, he thought he was being set up and began recording every phone call between himself and the FBI. This probably saved him from contracting a severe case of CSDS.

Clinton Sudden Depression Syndrome. ~ Enablers Of The Leftist Destruction Of America: So-Called “Conservatives”

What you may not know is that Anwar al Awlaki lacks street ‘cred amongst fellow jihadis:

Anwar al-Awlaki received some press coverage recently when the U.S. Government declared that they had put out a hit on him. Al-Awlaki has documented connections to several 9/11 hijackers and to Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan. The “Times Square Unexplosive Device Planter” Faisal Shahad claims to have been inspired by him.

What is less covered in the media is that other so called “jihadis” have declared him to be a CIA agent.

SalafiMahaj, an organization of “mainstream” Muslim religious leaders in Britain, published a 130 page criticism of al-Awlaki entitle “Anwar al-Awlaki and His Errors in the Issue of Jihad.” Most of the paper is debate on religious points, but it does include a few gems on al-Awlaki’s past and the perception of him in the Muslim community, both jihadi and mainstream.

A Critique of the Methodology of Manhaj of Anwar al-‘Awlaki and his Errors in the Fiqh of Jihad

From that paper:

When one listens to the earlier lectures and khutab of ‘Awlaki it is immediate noticeable that he was … appealing to Middle-Class Muslim professional in the US.”

“Awlaki can be seen in … the PBS documentary Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (2003) giving a khutbah [religious speech] in an American Congress building at Capitol Hill (!!!?) [their emphasis]”

“Hence there has been a clear transition and methodological shift in the procedure of ‘Awlaki”

“It is possible at this point [moving to Yemen] ‘Awlaki reviewed his methodology to regain credibility after the likes of ‘Abdullah Faisal al-Jamayki [Real name Trevor William Forest] in the late 1990s had actually condemned him for spreading ‘CIA Islam’ and being a ‘Murji’, ‘spy’, ‘a plant of the government’, ‘an enemy of Islam’ etc. See Faisal’s lecture wherein he … condemns ‘Awlaki for being a CIA agent.”

“Al-Awlaki is not known for having participated in any ‘jihad’ whatsoever and this is what has to be highlighted. For he calls to it and hypes up his audiences with it, yet the question has to be asked: upon which battlefield has he fought?” ~ Anwar al-Awlaki and “CIA Islam”, Ersun Warnke, Salem-News

If that is true, it is entirely possible that the “drone strike in Yemen” that supposedly killed al Awlaki simply allowed a trusted operative the chance to slip out to greener pastures.

The Yemen Post reported that over 25 members of al Awlaki’s tribe refused to identify any remains as his even going to the point of demanding a DNA test. Another report claimed the American wasn’t even in that motorcade.

Never fear, even if al Awlaki, his son and their American companion Samir Khan weren’t assassinated by O-bomb-ya the great Drone Killer, the precedent still holds for the execution of Americans without any due process with the killing of Jude Kenan Mohammad in Pakistan.


Fast forward to April 2nd, 2014. Specialist Ivan Lopez opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun on that same fateful Army post killing 3 and wounding 16 more. Again, a motive for the mass shooting eluded all:

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, Fort Hood’s commander, said that an “escalating argument” precipitated the assault. He declined to discuss the cause of the argument but said investigators believe Lopez made no effort to target specific soldiers — even though at least one of the soldiers shot was involved in the dispute. ~ FORT HOOD SHOOTING: Motive For Shooting May Never Be Known, Will Weissert and Danica Coto, Associated Press

An argument as the cause of the shooting makes little sense given that all military bases have almost completely nullified the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and Lopez abrogated those regulations.

Lopez had been in the Puerto Rico National Guard until 2008 and then enlisted full-time in the Army. No explanation has since been given as to why he would remain an E4 all this time.

The only event that could have made Lopez distraught was his chain of command refusing to give him adequate Leave after his mother passed away in November of last year, although it was eventually extended to him that he might attend her funeral in Puerto Rico. However, not only was that 6 months ago, I can guarantee that Lopez had many mates who felt a similar sting of leader stupidity as such is sadly common in the military (I’ve seen too much of it in my 17 years and counting).

Much has been made of Lopez being “an Iraq War veteran” but he spent only 4 months “in country” as a truck driver and never saw combat.

Lopez saw no combat during a four-month deployment to Iraq as a truck driver in 2011. A review of his service record showed no Purple Heart, indicating he was never wounded, McHugh said. He arrived at Fort Hood in February from Fort Bliss, Texas.

He saw a psychiatrist last month and showed no “sign of any likely violence either to himself or others,” [Army Secretary John] McHugh said. ~ Fort Hood Shooting Kills 4; Gunman Ivan Lopez Sought Mental Help, Associated Press

Just one day before the shooting, FoxNews in an exclusive reported that the FBI was looking for an Army recruit intent upon jihad. You’ll never guess who his hero was:

The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” has learned.

The alert, whose legitimacy was confirmed by military and law enforcement officials, stated that a man identified as Booker had told friends of his “intention to commit jihad.” Booker, who is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, was recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April 7. But he was discharged last week, apparently after law enforcement authorities learned of his alleged plan.

Both the FBI and the 902d Military Intelligence Group at Fort Leavenworth are involved in the hunt.

The alert, a copy of which was obtained by, was sent out by the FBI’s Kansas City Division on Friday and distributed through the U.S. Marine Corps. The portion obtained by did not include Hassan’s photo or age. It was also sent to the Kansas City Police Department, which could indicate authorities believe he may have remained in the area where he was recruited.

The alert is titled, “Planned Fort Hood-inspired Jihad against US Soldiers by Army Recruit” and was issued “to inform and protect officers who may encounter this individual or others exhibiting the same aspirations.” The source of the information contained in the alert was listed as “An FBI agent.” ~ FBI, Military Hunt Ex-Army Recruit Suspected Of Plotting “Ft. Hood-Inspired Jihad”, Jana Winter,·Published April 01, 2014,·FoxNews

“Nidal Hasan”… “Muhammad Abdullah Hassan” … you say “potato” I say “treasonous false flag.”

Was this a warning, an internal memo for FBI personnel to “stay away from Ft. Hood” because something was going to happen—and then the memo was leaked by a “white hat” or whistleblower?

That certainly was the case for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, (whose brother was murdered possibly by Federal agents) proved that the FBI received warning the day before the event.

But here’s where it gets even more disturbing.

Although he had not seen combat, Lopez was being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with mind-altering selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs (SSRIs). He also diagnosed himself as having received trauma to the brain.

Lopez, who was on medication, served four months in Iraq in 2011 and had “self-diagnosed” a traumatic brain injury. “He was not wounded in action, to our records,” Milley said. ~ Fort Hood Shooter Ivan Lopez Had Mental Problems, Saw No Combat In Iraq, Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today

It gets even better.

Then we are told that Lopez recently purchased the murder weapon from the exact same store Nidal Hassan purchased his.

A quick search found no fewer than 21 sources of shooting or hunting supplies in the Fort Hood area (it is Texas, folks).

A mystery traumatic brain injury compounded by severe narcotics?

Is manipulating the mind possible? Ask the legal team of the man convicted of murdering Robert Kennedy. Lawyers for Sirhan Sirhan launched a lawsuit alleging that the CIA “hypno-programmed” their client to fire a handgun as cover while they delivered the fatal wounds to the presidential hopeful. They are convinced they have an iron-clad case.

Perhaps the best twist is left for last.

If I were scripting this, I would demonize our latest enemy (the Russians), but who would I want to finally save the day?

It’s clear that disciplined men who sacrifice for their families and what they believe in are the biggest danger to the Machine that has taken over America (which is why returning war veterans have been specifically targeted as “terror risks”). After each perpetrator emptied several magazines I would have a woman show up to wound him or force him to turn the gun on himself just with her intimidating armed presence.

That is exactly what happened in 2009 and again on April 2nd. Five years ago, the Obama bootlicker at that time, Robert Cone, praised the work of the civilian police female who finally slowed Hasan down as quite manly:

The alleged gunman was eventually brought down by four shots from the weapon of civilian police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who was lauded Friday by post commander Lt. Gen. Robert Cone for her “amazing and aggressive performance” that saved lives. ~ Fort Hood Suspect Reportedly Upset Over Deployment, NPR

In Part 2 of the on-post mass-slaughter of unarmed soldiers, the current Obama bootlicker “would cite the heroism” of the female MP who finally showed up with a gun, supposedly causing Lopez to instantly give up and kill himself.

Certainly, as you dig into the reality of CIA experimentation with “mind control”, “self-destruct” programming becomes disturbingly tenable.

When all of the cameras were turned off, InfoWars courageous correspondents Jakari Jackson and Kit Daniels stayed behind to ask the Ft. Hood commander real questions about Lopez’s drug prescriptions and the efficacy of strict on-post gun prohibitions. Outrageously, after admitting that his female heroine’s response time was “10 to 15 minutes”, allowing Lopez to slaughter at will, Mark Milley doubled down on keeping soldiers easy prey on post like the Obamaton he is.

During the conference, Milley was seen sporting two “scare-me” tabs on his shoulder: “Special Forces” and “Ranger”. He was out of uniform, though, and missing his third, most important tab:


UPDATE: Thursday, 10 April 2014; 01:25 PM, EST


Nidal Hasan was promoted from Captain to Major in May of 2009 and transferred to Fort Hood in July before he went on his murder spree just a few months later. Those involved in the transfer, knew he was trouble:

He was promoted from captain to major in May 2009 and assigned to Fort Hood that July, and his officer evaluation reports referred to him as a star officer.

But the officer who assigned Major Hasan to Fort Hood told an Army official there that “you’re getting our worst,” according to a 2011 report prepared by the offices of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine. The report found that Army officers who knew of Major Hasan’s problematic behavior gave him evaluations that misstated his performance and ignored complaints about his radical Islamic views. ~ Fort Hood Gunman Told His Superiors of Concerns, Manny Fernandez, NY Times

Ivan Lopez was transferred to Fort Hood just two months before the shooting:

Lopez had been transferred from Fort Bliss near El Paso to Fort Hood two months ago, according to reports. ~ Army General: “Unstable” Mental Health May Have Been “Underlying Cause” Of Shooting, The American-Statesman

I report, you decide.

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