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As I’ve already mapped out for you, modern war between nation-states is entirely controlled and fabricated for the purposes of;

* massively increasing the wealth of the Elite
* massively increasing the control the Elite have over you
* slaughtering as many of you “useless eaters” as possible because you are consuming their precious resources

There’s nothing like a good movie to drive the point… “Holmes”.

In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, the most brilliant criminal mind in the world—Professor James Moriarty—has manipulated world affairs for just that purpose. He ruthlessly hijacks a French freedom/anti-government tyranny movement to use them as terror-event patsies in creating a world war that he would benefit from after becoming chief shareholder in the best German armament manufacturing available…the “military/industrial complex” of the late 1800’s.

In another previous column I laid out for you how ancient cultural and religious conflicts can be exploited for political gain such as the several-century-old muslim-Chrisitan war in former Yugoslavia where Bill Clinton volunteered the services of the American military to help beat down the Christians of Eastern Europe and enable the Religion of Peace.

This is again happening on the outskirts of Anatolia, manipulated by Intelligence Elites within the CIA and other Western organizations as a mindless continuation of the Cold War, despite the fact that the world, the United States and Russia are all radically different from what they were 30 years ago.


Ukraine (anyone who says “the Ukraine” today is proving they don’t know what they’re talking about) has always been under the thumb of Moscow, despite it being the birthplace of both peoples.

Russia has continuously coveted Kiev’s fertile farmland and coastal access to the Black Sea.

For 200 years, the Czars held Ukrainians down until wealthy Wall Street Elites replaced Royal Russian rule with Communist collectivism.

The advent of the Red Scourge was far worse for the people of Kievan Rus’. Lenin started sending troops immediately after the “1917 Revolution” and, by 1921 had Ukraine firmly in his grasp.

Realizing that Ukrainians were fiercely proud and independent, rather than fight uphill towards total control, Lenin loosened his grip, slowing the confiscation of grain and even encouraging some modest free-market trade.

But when the Georgian-born Joseph Stalin took the reins, those days were quickly terminated.

The Communist dictator Franklin Roosevelt warmly called “Uncle Joe” began stealing nearly all of the farmland and seeking to eradicate Ukraine’s pesky aristocracy by murdering some and deporting thousands, perhaps millions to remote locations like Siberia where many languished and died.

In spite of this persecution (perhaps because of it), Ukrainians continued to rebel so Stalin decided to break them with starvation. Having collectivized nearly all of the land capable of being sown with seed, the Soviet Premier used the Red Army to forcibly take the food right out of Ukrainian mouths.

The resulting “holodomor” (Голодомор, “Extermination by hunger” or “Hunger-extermination”) was so severe that some experts estimate a shocking 7,000,000 Ukrainians died between 1932 and 1933.

deliberate soviet starvation of ukrainian peasants

World War II brought changes, but by then, Ukraine had become Sovietized.

When Hitler turned on his ally, Stalin, he launched “Operation Barbarossa” in 1941. By August, the 1st Panzer Group of Generalfeldmarschall Ewald von Kleist joined the 2nd Panzer Group of Generaloberst Heinz Guderian and had completely surrounded Kiev’s 800,000 Soviet defenders.

The poorly-trained and equipped Red Army was no match for the Wehrmacht and some 650,000 were captured—the largest such encirclement and surrender in military history.

Surprisingly, most Ukrainians fought with their Russian comrades but (like today) the nation was divided with a minority joining the Nazis.

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army quickly adopted her Nazi ally’s tactics and began exterminating Jews and ethnic Poles.

Both Nazis and Communists tried to outdo one another with how barbaric they could be towards the captive Russians and Ukrainians. Thousands died at the hands of the Nazis, who stuffed mattresses with their hair and made gloves of their skins. When they were “liberated” by the Soviets, Stalin was so disgusted with their defense of Kiev he shipped both them and any other POWs (totaling some 2,000,000) off to Siberian gulags where most of them died.

But the memory of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army lived on and its red and black flag now proudly waves next to the Svoboda Oppositon Party’s “Three Fingers”.

69th anniversary of the ukrainian insurgent army

The All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” Party is the main source of revolutionary sentiment in Kiev today and its roots are resoundingly fascist:

The Party was founded in 1991 as the Social-National Party of Ukraine (Соціал-національна партія України) and acts as a populist proponent of nationalism and anti-communism.

The Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU) was registered as a party on October 16, 1995; although the original movement was founded on October 13, 1991, in Lviv. The name of the party was an intentional reference to the Nazi Party in Germany. Membership was restricted to ethnic Ukrainians, and for a period the party did not accept atheists or former members of the Communist Party. The party also recruited skinheads and football hooligans. ~ Svoboda (political party), Wikipedia

For any who doubt these origins you need look no further than the party’s “Wolfsangel” emblem which has an unmistakable lineage.

wolfsangel progression

The ethnic dynamics of this conflict are near-dizzying but there are even awake Leftists who can see them clearly.

“Political-cultural geographer” Dr. Zoltán Grossman of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington wrote a well-rounded exposé for the University’s Left-leaning publication where even the comments of the editor are worth reprinting:

Editor’s Note: The ugliest and most ironic part of the presence of rabid neonazis in the new Ukrainian regime is that the U.S. policies of aggressive meddling and intervention in Eastern Europe, designed to isolate and cripple Russia, were formulated and advanced by a multitude of Jewish neocons in the highest levels of government. Wolfowitz, Abrams, Kristol, there are scores of them, and from a strictly Jewish perspective, and considering all their pious protestations of “Never Again!” and blind support for Israel, they are traitors to the lessons of the Holocaust. If nothing else, the Jewish American community should wake up to this dangerous form of hypocrisy. — PG

To progressives who have been celebrating the revolution in Ukraine: Be careful what you wish for. Ukraine now has the first European government in decades in which outright fascist parties have gained a significant role in the executive branch. In other European countries, far-right parties have won seats in the parliament, but not secured real power in the cabinet. Of course, not all Ukrainian revolutionaries are fascists or Nazis. But it is equally wrong and irresponsible to assert that the presence of fascists and Nazis in the new government is merely Russian propaganda.

The entire article is well-worth reading but I will add this excerpt as proof of CIA handlers controlling “Liberal” media regarding the Nazis and neo-Nazis who are now being used to encircle Russia:

When the far-right Freedom Party became part of Austria’s cabinet in 2000, the European Union issued sanctions against Vienna, and the New York Times was full of exposes of party leader Jörg Haider. But when the far-right Latvian National Alliance joined a conservative government in 2011, it was barely noticed in the Western media. And because the fascist party Svoboda (Freedom) and the Nazi shock troops of Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) played a vanguard role in Ukraine’s anti-Russian revolution, their role in the new revolutionary government has been glossed over in the Western media, with no serious exposes so far. ~ Ukraine: the Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend, Zoltán Grossman, The Greanville Post


After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, sober-minded pols thought it best to secure nuclear weapons held in former Soviet protectorates like Ukraine. The new Russian Federation, U.S. and U.K. signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 which made provisions for Ukraine to send her nukes back to Russia to be dismantled and, in return, have her sovereignty respected by all of the signatories.

Things stayed calm until the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election where voter intimidation, corruption and electoral fraud drove many Ukrainians into the streets for mass demonstrations. Subsequent run-off elections reversed the winners, taking the presidency from Viktor Yanukovych and giving it to Viktor Yushchenko. Both men were former Communists and wealthy oligarchs, Yushchenko being a banker, Yanukovych a career politician who’s questionable business acquisitions brought him opulent wealth reminiscent of a Middle Eastern Sultan.

Yanukovych had played his cards well and had excellent relations with Russia and President Valdimir Putin and he was chosen by powerful players to win the ’04 election Chicago style (or, rather, “Philadelphia style”).

It was during the election that Yanukovych’s opponent, Yushchenko, fell deathly ill from dioxin poisoning. The trail lead back to Moscow.

Yushchenko survived (though his complexion was disfigured) and won the run-off election with 52% of the vote to Yanukovych’s 44% thereby ending what has since been called “the Orange Revolution”.

The other side of the story is that Yushchenko the banker was backed by Western Elites to do their bidding.

Opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko in the Ukrainian presidential elections is firmly backed by the Washington Consensus.

He is not only supported by the IMF and the international financial community, he also has the endorsement of The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom House and the Open Society Institute , which played a behind the scenes role last year in helping “topple Georgia’s president Eduard Shevardnadze by putting financial muscle and organizational metal behind his opponents.” (New Statesman, 29 November 2004). ~ IMF Sponsored “Democracy” in The Ukraine, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

“NED” is all but a CIA front operation.

Among the numerous Western foundations, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), although not officially part of the CIA, performs an important intelligence function in shaping party politics in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and around the World.

NED was created in 1983, when the CIA was being accused of covertly bribing politicians and setting up phony civil society front organizations. According to Allen Weinstein, who was responsible for establishing the NED during the Reagan Administration: “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” (Washington Post, Sept. 21, 1991). ~ IMF Sponsored “Democracy” in The Ukraine, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

In short order, Yushchenko had Ukraine swimming in debt and prostrate before the International Monetary Fund. His treachery and connections to his IMF puppeteers went back to the 90s.

Who is Viktor Yushchenko? IMF Sponsored Candidate

In 1993, Viktor Yushchenko was appointed head of the newly-formed National Bank of Ukraine. Hailed as a “daring reformer”, he was among the main architects of the IMF’s deadly economic medicine which served to impoverish The Ukraine and destroy its economy.

Following his appointment, the Ukraine reached a historical agreement with the IMF. Mr Yushchenko played a key role in negotiating the 1994 agreement as well as creating a new Ukrainian national currency, which resulted in a dramatic plunge in real wages. ~ IMF Sponsored “Democracy” in The Ukraine, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

In humiliating defeat, Yushchenko flubbed his re-election 6 years later in 2010 and allowed Yanukovych to “retake” the presidency. Ukrainians ousted the Western puppet in favor for the Eastern one and many had buyer’s remorse after they fought so hard to put Yushchenko in power.

Yanukovych quickly cashed in his chips and asked for “a favor” from President Putin in the vicinity of some $15,000,000,000 to start bailing out Ukraine’s debt.

The second order of business for Yanukovych was to take care of Orange Revolution rival and two-time Prime Minister Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko.

Were Tymoshenko to become president, she would be a real improvement for the embattled nation. She’s known as an autocratic authoritarian who believes she’s Eva Perón…literally. She’s also a former Communist and a wealthy oligarch.

Déjà vu all over again.

Kicking off her campaign this fall,Tymoshenko made sure, as always, to invoke her impoverished roots. “When I was starting out, there were seven of us living in one apartment,” she said. “We dreamed of getting on our feet and getting our first apartment–our first personal square meters.” She then assured the crowd that she could lead Ukraine through the current economic crisis. “I know quite well what it means to live without water, gas, or heat. And that’s why I will put an end to this.”

The story of a poor childhood is a stumping staple for Tymoshenko, whose fortune of several hundred million dollars is said to be squirreled away in British offshore accounts and gold bullion, and whose mansion is protected by an army of personal bodyguards. ~ Kiev Chameleon, Julia Ioffe, New Republic

Tymoshenko the blonde princess leahPerpetually sporting braided hair across the top of her head, Tymoshenko looks like the blonde Princess Leia but governs like a whacky Emperor Palpatine.

Given that everyone in politics is dirty everywhere around the world, it just depends on who’s in power. Odd man out gets the shaft.

Or, in this case, odd woman (get it?).

The criminal taint cited by detractors involves her stewardship of United Energy Systems, which in the middle-late 1990s controlled the supply of natural gas to Dnepropetrovsk, an important industrial city. U.S. charges brought in 2009 against Pavlo Lazarenko, a former Ukrainian prime minister, alleged that from 1995 to 1997, Tymoshenko funneled him about $97 million from the gas sales (pdf page 7). She herself may have received up to $40 million although that is spelled out nowhere. Everyone agrees, however, that she became wealthy. ~ Why Critics Are Piling On Ukraine’s Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, Steve LeVine,

This all came bubbling to a head last November when the Russian-minded Ukrainian Parliament nixed the idea of Princess Evita getting special medical treatment outside the country and then eschewed the extended bankster hand of the “thriving” European Union, moving instead to shore up ties with her ethnic big brother.

Feeding on the unrest, the Svoboda-ites painted the trade agreement with the EU as better than a Barack Obama campaign promise that could’ve brought Ukrainians paradise on Earth!

After flipping off Vlad the Terrible, Ukraine is now up Poop Creek thanks to the debt her Orange President banker put her in.

The EU has conveniently stepped in and offered to replace the “favor” and John “I Gave Myself The Purple Owie In Vietnam” Kerry has promised an additional $1,000,000,000 courtesy of the bled-nearly-white U.S. taxpayer.

Little do they know that they will be picked apart like vultures clean a carcass.

According to a report in Kommersant—Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor. It is Greece all over again.

Before anything approaching stability and legitimacy has been obtained for the puppet government put in power by the Washington orchestrated coup against the legitimate, elected Ukraine government, the Western looters are already at work. Naive protesters who believed the propaganda that EU membership offered a better life are due to lose half of their pension by April. But this is only the beginning.

The corrupt Western media describes loans as “aid.” However, the 11 billion euros that the EU is offering Kiev is not aid. It is a loan. Moreover, it comes with many strings, including Kiev’s acceptance of an IMF austerity plan. ~ The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun, Paul Craig Roberts

Member of European Parliament (MEP) and founding Leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage has seen it all before.


After that vote against the EU in late 2013, the Three Fingers rose again…with a little help from their friends.

A video plea for help from a pretty Ukrainian protestor went viral on YouTube. Later, it was found to have all of the usual CIA suspects behind it.

The propaganda war went full bore and the Central Intelligence Agency showed its power by the shocking uniformity of message between the charlatans behind the Left/Right Menagerie.

One thing the United States does have all over Russia is how to warp reality.

Every single U.S. corporate media establishment tows the official line.

The former Soviets have had much more trouble keeping a monochrome front. Their latest propaganda endeavor is the news channel “Russia Today” (RT) where real news regarding banker corruption, intelligence bureau eavesdropping and other similar topics the Western media won’t touch are regularly discussed with a pro-Russian spin. It’s actually one of the best news sources in the world if you know how to parse through the pro-Kremlin prejudice.

They’ve gotten so good at discussing real news they now offer broadcasts in Arabic, English, and Spanish. Unfortunately, it was an obscure American anchor, “Liz” Wahl, who decided to jump ship with a very big self-aggrandizing splash in “protest” at the “Russian aggression”. InfoWars’ Paul Watson was able to uncover how thoroughly premeditated it was when Miss Wahl’s first interview was with a questionable figure who had previously hijacked a program discussing whistleblower Bradley Manning’s disclosures and redirected the conversation towards Russia’s ban on homosexual propaganda for children. Wow. Can I be a Junior G-Man, too? All I have to do is sell my soul, right?!

When another of RT’s anorexic American anchor-ettes, Abby Martin, chose to use sponsor’s air time to give a shockingly uneducated rant about how “wrong” it was for the Russian military to be in Crimea (Russia is allowed by treaty to have 25,000 troops in Crimea and only has 16,000 there now), the Leftist “Huffington Post” trumpeted it as going “spectacularly off-message”.

Her sister publication “Daily Beast” called Russian attempts to get out the other side of the story “Putin’s Crimea Propaganda Machine”, and proceeded to lay it on so thick the usual pretence about being “journalists” got thrown right out the window:

To justify its invasion of Crimea, the Kremlin and state-run media went into full fabrication mode this weekend. Here are the lies that Russia is telling its viewers back home.

I thought “Liberals” were against war?

Perennial Arizona Reptilican Pretender John “I Can Take A Dive For The New World Order” McCain apparently stopped by the same bad acting school Fox sent plucked drunkard poofter Shepard Smith and Black Negligee, Can’t-Spell-My-Name-Right Megyn Kelly to.

When McCain tried to pop a blood vessel with his feigned outrage over Republican reticence to jump into war with Russia, Huffington’s Marc Lamont “You Big Dummy” Hill and Jen “I’m A Pudgy Even More Homely Version Of Rachel Maddow” Bendery chimed in, “He’s got a point!”

But McNasty didn’t stop there. He actually threatened the President of Russia with a similar provocateured “uprising” to take him out.

The United States must look beyond Mr. Putin. His regime may appear imposing, but it is rotting inside. His Russia is not a great power on par with America. It is a gas station run by a corrupt, autocratic regime. And eventually, Russians will come for Mr. Putin in the same way and for the same reasons that Ukrainians came for Viktor F. Yanukovych. ~ Obama Has Made America Look Weak, NY Times Op-Ed Contributor John McCain

Is it any wonder that, when Moscovite bloggers call for demonstrations in the streets, some of their blogs are shut down?*

The “neocon” pundits joined the fun with National Review shaming its readers over how little Barack Obama has done in the face of such “blatant aggression”. The brainchild of former Yale Skull & Bones CIA operative William F. Buckley seemed to be reading from the same book of propaganda McCain was. In spite of the treasonous suicidal track America’s politicians have put us on, according to them, we’re flying high and Russia is filled with puss.

In terms of raw power, of course, Russia’s great-power status is not up to the United States to determine. Still, the White House has helped mask Moscow’s rapid descent from superpower to oil kleptocracy. Since 1990, Russia’s population has stagnated, falling from 147 to 142.5 million, while the United States has grown from 248 million to 316 million. Russia’s GDP is $2.5 trillion – seventh in the world – thanks to rising oil prices. But Russia’s economy still lags far behind the U.S.’s $16 trillion, China’s $13 trillion, and even India’s $4.9 trillion. Last year, Russian economic growth was 166th in the world and its per-capita income was 77th in the world. ~ Russia: A Great Power No More. Steps the United States can take to curb Russia’s mischief-making in the world. John Yoo, National Review

Accuracy In Media’s Cliff Kincaid pulled the very best in PsyOp “gaslighting” (convincing victims reality is inverted or opposite of what they perceive)—disappointingly reprinted by Judi McCleod at Canada Free Press:

A rule of thumb for understanding Vladimir Putin’s propaganda regarding the Ukraine is to assume the truth is usually the opposite of what he says. Hence, the Nazis and anti-Semites in the conflict are not, as Putin says, part of the revolutionary, anti-communist forces in Ukraine, but rather in the Putin camp. ~ Exposing Putin’s Propaganda, Cliff Kincaid, Canada Free Press

That’s right, folks: both sides are working for Putin!

Not even supposed legitimate Tea Partiers can resisted the red cape of the USSR flashing in front of them as former Congressman Allen West trumpeted “Lets Wipe That Smile Off Of Putin’s Face” and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin bragged how she saw the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine way back in 2008…from her house.**

Disappointing, but not surprising, as I’ve already laid out for you how the phony-Right has betrayed America. Palin and West play the game with the rest.

Not to be outdone by the Right, Hillary Clinton whipped out the H-word and threw it at Russia’s President: Hitler.

This from the sociopath who crowed about the vicious public slaughter of Libya’s sovereign during an illegal, unconstitutional war, “We came, we saw, he died.”


But the efforts of Western meddlers didn’t just end with propaganda. There was a very real physical presence in Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), both overt and covert.

Supposed “Conservative” Republican John McCain locked arms with hard-core Leftist Democrat Dick Durbin and several other United States Senators and lit out for Kiev where he told Nazi rabble-rousers there that they were “inspiring the world”.

After weeks of fighting, the elected Ukrainian leaders were ousted and the interim Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was quickly given the royal carpet treatment by Barack Obama, himself. You may be shocked to read this but, Yatsenyuk is also a banker.

“Recall the phone exchange between the Ukraine ambassador and Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs) that got leaked out, where she basically said ‘we want Yats in there.’ They like him because he’s pro Western,” says Vladimir Signorelli, president of boutique investment research firm Bretton Woods Research LLC in New Jersey. “Yatsenyuk is the the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism,” Signorelli said. “He’s the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding,” he said. ~ Washington’s Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin, Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes

Keep in mind Ukraine is right on Russia’s southwestern border. Juxtapose the nations and imagine Russia doing this in Mexico.

OK, sorry. Russia wouldn’t put all this effort into Mexico…you know what I mean.

“Victoria Nuland” is another Leftist-apparatchik-turned-Hawk for the CIA globalist Machine. After repeated trips to Kiev, handing out cookies to Nazis, she spoke for Chevron and admitted that your government has spent $5,000,000,000 helping to destabilize Ukraine (skip ahead to around 7:25).–xq4k

Oleg Tsarev, a member of the Ukrainian Supreme Council (similar to Congress), told RT he has actually seen money and materials being brought in from outside the country.

Why Chevron? —Because they just signed a fat contract with the banksters to frack the ___ out of the Ukrainian countryside.

As things began to heat up in Kiev, the “protests” turned deadly. Bullets were fired and people died.

RT claimed to have a shocking scoop after a phone conversation was leaked to the network between EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton (another creepy career woman) and Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. In the conversation, Paet states that the snipers who did the killing were doing so on behalf of the “protestors”…and killing on both sides.

Western boots were on the ground, from the Israeli Defense Forces to parasitic military contractors like Blackwater.

And at least one video purports to show Ukrainian Berkut Police interrogating a CIA agent from “Special Activities Division”.


Ukraine is a mess; the victim of larger powers playing a very dangerous game at the expense of the descendents of Kievan Rus’.

There is no real “winner” and it’s hard not to be thrilled when freedom-loving people are seen tearing down the idols of oppression.

It’s really quite rewarding to watch common citizens enjoy the opulent riches of the ousted Elite.

chillin on yanukovych's patio

a round of golf on yanukovych's course

Throwing off the shackles of corruption, oppression and exploitation is contagious. Perhaps it’s time for something like that in America.

Perhaps Vladimir Putin thinks so, too.


* I am not defending censorship. I’m just giving you the complete information you need to form your own opinion.
** I actually think very highly of Sarah Palin if, for no other reason, than she is a committed Christian. Sadly, she’s either woefully ignorant or willfully so.


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