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Sat, 17 October 2020

Billionaires Against Humanity: Vaccines & Viruses Are Pivotal to the “Depopulation” Agenda

Thanks to the “coronavirus”The re-branding of the ridiculously-named “coronavirus” as “COVID-19” is meant to give it “medical” legitimacy., According to Mosciano SantʹAngelo Dr. Roberto Petrella, “COVID-19” stands for “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence”., Are we getting the inside truth from an Italian…
Thu, 26 July 2012

Freedom News for Thursday, 26 July 2012

MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S SWANN SONG Local Fox 19 Cincinnati is sending shockwaves across America by allowing a reporter by the name of Ben Swann to BLAST his national rivals with REAL journalism.  He was recently noticed by the king of alternative media—Alex Jones’—when he put…
Fri, 22 June 2012

Freedom News for Friday, 22 June 2012

YOU’VE BEEN HAD ASK YOURSELF HOW MUCH SAFER YOU ARE AFTER OVER A DECADE OF THE “WAR ON TERROR” __________________________ LITTLE TIN DICK-TATER NOW POPCORN AND MILK TO BE BANNED IN THE FIEFDOM OF BLOOM-TERD! Folks, this money-bag Luciferian is absolutely out-of-control. __________________________ THERE…
Fri, 1 June 2012

Freedom News for Friday, 01 June 2012

“THOU SHALT NOT TEMPT THE L-RD, THY G-D…” WVa PENTECOSTAL SNAKE HANDLER DIES OF BITE, DIDN’T LEARN LESSON AFTER WATCHING FATHER DIE SAME WAY You’d think that there wouldn’t be enough leaders of this cult to perpetuate the heresy. Why they exist (and, afterward, here).…