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With the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, America has been brought one step closer to a completely-managed world war.

The degree to which the average person willingly submits to obvious propaganda never ceases to amaze me. Americans won’t wake up until the trap is finally sealed and their way of life is gone forever…in the name of “security”.

Scientists note that fear of terrorism makes people stupid.

As I’ve repeatedly noted, FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post have all said that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”.

Indeed, the former Secretary of Homeland Security – Tom Ridge – admits that he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection.

In the real world, statistics from a 2004 National Safety Council report, the National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, and 2003 mortality data from the Center for Disease Control show:

– You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack
– You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack
– You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane
– You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack
–You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack
– You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack
– You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack
–You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack
–You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack
You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist
–You are 8 times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack
– You are 6 times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack

Here are details on the odds of dying from terrorism versus other causes. ~ Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid, Washington’s Blog

I don’t have the odds but what do you think they are on two Malaysian Boeing 777’s being downed under weird circumstances (the CIA News Network had obvious foreknowledge of the MH-370 circus) with all aboard and having flight numbers that include “7” all within the year “2014” are? Don’t take my word for it, take the word of one of the most powerful women in the world, the “Managing Director” of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.

While speaking to the National Press Club, Legarde sent a numerology message “as she was told” regarding the mystical number “7” and claiming that something “magical” was about to happen very similar to previous important events surrounding Russia, the Soviet Union and the creation of the IMF by the Luciferian Elite:


Immediately after MH-17 was lost, Barry Soetero’s Catholic Keeper, Mafia Joe Biden was quick to explain to us that “it was no accident”:

…when speaking in Delaware, Biden said the plane, “Apparently had been shot down. Shot down. Not an accident. Blown out of the sky.” ~ Joe Biden On Airline Crash, Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed

The Machine then jumped to the “Opposition Party” with one of their favorite war-mongers, perennial Arizona Reptilican John McCain who bellicosely blustered, “Putin should pay!”

Media from the phony Elitist Right and the hard Left joined in with shocking uniformity:

Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Was Probably Shot Down by a Rebel Missile — And Why This Means The Rebels Have Lost ~ Mark Galeotti, Huffington Post

Smoking Guns: Russian Separatists Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17; Putin Must Be Held Responsible ~ Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes

You don’t even have to have a bias, just be an independent thinker who doesn’t like being manipulated and you already smell a rat.

bankster rats

No one in media seemed interested in actually doing their job; observing facts, digging for answers.

The Ukrainian government immediately released “intercepted phone conversations” between pro-Russian rebels that not only proved they had shot down MH-17 but that they were proud of it. Interestingly, they made this pronouncement on YouTube. There was only one problem, the time stamp on the uploaded video showed it was created before the Boeing 777 hit the ground.

A pile of brand-new passports were collected at the scene and they looked completely unscathed.

Rebel leader Igor Girkin told media that he received information some of the victims “weren’t fresh” and may have died well before the crash.

In March, it was found that 20 victims of the ill-fated MH-370 flight were from the Austin, TX-based company Freescale Semiconductor that is a world-leader in miniaturizing processers, encouraging researchers to question if there were technological or patent benefits to their disappearance and apparent deaths. Freescale microprocessors are proving to be a boon to the All-Seeing Eye…literally.

Freescale i.MX 6Quad Processor Enables Breakthrough OrCam Eyeglass-Mounted Device for the Visually Impaired ~ Freescale press release

One group that appeared to be hit hard by the destruction of MH-17 was the International AIDS Society. The original word was over 100+ researchers perished but it was later found that only 6 were on board. AIDS has been a controversial ailment with “conspiracy theorists” claiming it was actually manufactured for targeting specific groups of people. At least one man, Dr. Boyd Graves, took to court what he considered proof of this via a government document, the “1971 Flow Chart of the Special Virus Program of the United States.” His suit was thrown out and Graves died at 57. If that sounds crazy then you’ll love the idea that Nazis rescued after WWII via Operation: PAPERCLIP were brought to the United States to help create calamities like Lyme Disease which was either inadvertently or purposefully released on the shores of Lyme, Connecticut right across the water from the Plum Island research facility. Scroll down my column for the updates at the bottom, here.

MH-17 fell from the sky at 1320 Greenwich Mean Time. It was a story that was plastered all over the airwaves and became an extremely convenient screen for Israel’s invasion of Gaza* just a few hours later. Perhaps Bibi Netanyahu needed that cover because, although he has vowed to “do whatever it takes” to stop Hamas it was Israel that created the Islamist radical group out of the bowels of the Muslim Brotherhood—an organization that Barack Hussein Obama has no small affinity for.


Just how did MH-17 end up in Grabove, Ukraine?

Researcher Vagelis Karmiros of Greece used the online flight tracking site “Flight Aware” to show that MH-17 was redirected out of its normal safe path to fly directly over the troubled region of Donetsk, Ukraine:

The Malay Mail Online has reported that Ukrainian officials ordered MH-17 to lower it’s altitude to an unsafe height:

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) said tonight that it was told to fly low over Ukrainian airspace by ground controllers, putting it at 33,000 feet, just skimming 1,000 feet above restricted altitude.

In a statement here, MAS explained that MH17 had initially filed a flight plan requesting to fly at 35,000 feet above Ukrainian territory, which it described as close to the “optimum altitude”.

“However, an aircraft’s altitude in flight is determined by air traffic control on the ground.

“Upon entering Ukrainian airspace, MH17 was instructed by Ukrainian air traffic control to fly at 33,000 feet,” the national carrier said.

The decision by MH17’s pilots to skim closely to the prohibited air zone — which is 32,000 feet, according to Europe’s aviation authority Eurocontrol — has prompted numerous questions whether this may have contributed to what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity. ~ Ukraine Air Traffic Controllers Instructed MH17 To Fly Lower, MAS Says, Malay Mail Online

The BBC has reported that conversations between the MH-17 aircrew and Ukrainian air controllers have been “confiscated”:

15:29: Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency. ~ As It Happened: Reaction to MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash In Ukraine, BBC Europe

This next story may explain why.

FoxNews Latino (where millions of new Democrat voters go for their updates) reported that a Spanish air traffic controller had feverishly tweeted out that MH-17 was shadowed by two Ukrainian fighter jets:

One of the strangest stories to emerge from the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight from Amsterdam that was downed in Eastern Ukraine involves a purported Spanish air traffic controller working in Kiev and known only by his blog name—Carlos—and Twitter handle, @spainbuca.

As soon as the plane went down, Carlos started tweeting about how it was shot down by the “Kiev authorities, trying to make it look it might be an attack by pro-Russian forces.”

Carlos also reported that the Ukraine military had taken over the air traffic control tower in Kiev; that before the airliner was shot down, it was being shadowed by two Ukrainian fighter planes; that a military report indicated that the missile’s firing location had been traced back to an area that was not “in the rebel zone” and so on. ~ Malaysia Plane Shot Down By Ukraine, Claims Mysterious Spanish Air Traffic Controller, Bill Vourvoulias, Fox News Latino

This video has shown up appearing to portray the MH-17 crash site immediately after the aircraft went down. Visible directly in front of the smoke plum are streamers that strongly resemble military anti-aircraft missile counter-measures called “chaff”.

If true, it opens up several possibilities regarding how the airliner went down. For instance, Ukrainian fighter jets may have been used to entice the rebels to shoot a missile, then they dispersed counter-measures and scooted off leaving MH-17 holding the bag. Those same aircraft could have downed MH-17 without using guns or missiles but by causing problems with the Boeing 777 by dispersing chaff in close proximity of the plane.

Sound crazy? A leaked memorandum between then-President George W. Skull & Bones Bush (um, that’s Skull & Bones President Bush #43, not Skull & Bones Bush President #41, who was also former Director of the CIA) and then-Prime Minister Tony Blair showed such a plan had already been discussed as a pretense for war…with Iraq.

George Bush considered provoking a war with Saddam Hussein’s regime by flying a United States spyplane over Iraq bearing UN colours, enticing the Iraqis to take a shot at it, according to a leaked memo of a meeting between the U.S. President and Tony Blair.

The two leaders were worried by the lack of hard evidence that Saddam Hussein had broken UN resolutions, though privately they were convinced that he had. According to the memorandum, Mr. Bush said: “The U.S. was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach.” ~ Bush “Plotted To Lure Saddam Into War With Fake UN Plane”, Andy McSmith, Independent

In the aftermath, media jackals were quick to stand on the bodies of the 298 victims for effect, claiming that, for many of the countries involved, it was their worst crash in history.

Death tolls that haven’t made such a big impact via corporate news are those of the 348 who have died in two weeks of fighting in Gaza.

In Syria, al CIAeda (the “Islamic State” branch) slaughtered 270 in order to steal a gas field.

In Eastern Ukraine during the last 2 months, 250 innocent civilians have been bombed, strafed or blown up by the American-backed Ukrainian military.

But the dead only count when it’s time to ramp up for war and make many, many more of them.


The news channel “Russia Today” has been a powerful tool for Moscow covering world issues that don’t see the light of day in the controlled Western media. Even with it’s obvious pro-Russian reporting, viewers are often treated to real news verses the latest in the Oscar Pistorius trial. As a result, RT has been frequently targeted for undermining. The latest being the very well-publicized resignation of reporter Sarah Firth:

“Every single day we’re lying”: Russia Today Reporter Resigns Over Coverage of Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash

Sara Firth, who has worked for the state-backed TV network since 2009, said station management suggested Ukraine was at fault for the deadly Thursday crash. “I didn’t want to watch a story like that, where people have lost loved ones and we’re handling it like that,” she said. ~ Meg Wagner, New York Daily News

Firth was a questionable journalist who seemed far more interested in showing off her ample bosom than working on much-needed speech lessons (production note to RT).

The public resignation hearkens to another similar embarrassment for the news agency back in early March of this year when anchor Liz Wahl resigned over “whitewashed” coverage in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia Today News Anchor Liz Wahl Resigns Live On Air Over Ukraine Crisis

U.S.-based Wahl said she could not work for a network that “whitewashed” the actions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. ~ Rory Carroll, Guardian

A bit of research quickly found that the little-known personality’s resignation was carefully staged for maximum effect.

Through interviews with six current RT employees—all Americans with no particular affection for Russian President Vladimir Putin or his policies—and an investigation into the political forces managing the spectacle, a story has emerged that stands in stark contrast to the one advanced by Wahl, her supporters and the mainstream American press.

It is the story, according to former colleagues, of an apolitical, deeply disgruntled employee seeking an exit strategy from a job where, sources say, she was disciplined for unprofessional behavior and had been demoted. Wahl did not return several voice and text messages sent to her cellphone.

At the center of the intrigue is a young neoconservative writer and activist who helped craft Wahl’s strategy and exploit her resignation to propel the agenda of a powerful pro-war lobby in Washington.

The story began at 5:07 p.m. Eastern time on March 5.

The tweets from FPI suggested a direct level of coordination between Wahl and the neoconservative think tank. Several calls to FPI for this story were not answered.

Just over an hour later, an exclusive interview with Wahl appeared at The Daily Beast. It was authored by James Kirchick, a 31-year-old writer whose work has appeared in publications from the neoconservative Commentary to the liberal Israeli paper Haaretz.

Kirchick acknowledged having been in contact with Wahl since August, but cast himself as a passive bystander to the spectacle, claiming that they merely “stayed in touch periodically over the past 6 months, and I always encouraged her to follow her conscience in making a decision about her professional future.” ~ How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation, Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek, truthdig

The “Foreign Policy Initiative” is the same “neocon think-tank” that has been pushing hard for the destruction of Syria—it is an insider organization trying steer American policy decisions for the bloodsucking Elite:

In an echo of the tactics they used to promote U.S. intervention in the Balkans, Iraq and Libya, a familiar clutch of neo-conservatives published a letter Tuesday urging President Barack Obama to go far beyond limited military strikes against Syria in retaliation for its government’s alleged use last week of chemical weapons that reportedly killed hundreds of people.

Signed by 66 former government officials and “foreign policy experts” – almost all of them strongly pro-Israel neo-conservatives – the letter, which was released by the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), called for Washington “and other willing nations [to] consider direct military strikes against the pillars of the Assad regime” as part of more ambitious strategy to support “moderate” Syrian rebels and dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons. …

The letter’s most prominent signatories included several senior officials of the George W. Bush administration, such as his top Middle East aide, Elliott Abrams, former Undersecretary of Defence Eric Edelman and former Vice President Dick Cheney’s national security adviser, John Hannah, and was given a bipartisan gloss with the inclusion of former Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman and several liberal interventionist commentators identified with the Democratic party who signed previous statements by the FPI and its predecessor, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

The letter also called on Obama to “accelerate efforts to vet, train, and arm moderate elements of Syria’s armed opposition” to help them prevail against both Assad and growing Al Qaeda-affiliated or extremist factions. It was released amidst growing indications that the Obama administration, which Monday called the alleged attack a “moral obscenity”, is determined to take limited military action – most likely through cruise-missile strikes launched from naval vessels based in the eastern Mediterranean – against selected targets in Syria for up to three days, possibly as early as this weekend. ~ U.S. Neocon Hawks Take Flight Over Syria, Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service

Syria’s “opposition” has been armed and trained thanks to the CIA and recently redirected to hack its way through Iraq. Calling itself “ISIS”, we now have copious photographic proof of their unbelievable brutality (which is exactly what your government and the unseen hands behind it want). Warning, these images are graphic.

James “little Jamie” Kirchick is an interesting connection, having worked for William Kristol’s Weekly Standard, he has been a lightning rod for attacking Russia for neocons, the NSA, Israel and homosexuals.

Wahl appears to have been in close coordination with FPI member and neoconservative writer, James ‘Jamie’ Kirchick, 31, who also appears in media as an ‘LGBT activist’ and also works for right-ring GOP affiliated media outlet The Weekly Standard. At passing glance, Kirchick might seem like a mere neoconservative ‘hack for hire’, but he’s more than ruthless enough to land a political job in Washington. His function is more of a hatchet man for the FPI think tank. In a 10,674-word essay for right-wing Commentary, Kirchick accused NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden of being ‘a traitor’ and suggested as well as journalists Glenn Greenwald and others, saying that “far more than a drop of treason runs through their veins”.

It gets worse. Truth Dig adds: “On Aug. 21, Kirchick accepted an invitation to appear on RT to discuss his op-ed calling for Manning’s execution. But as soon as he appeared on air, the openly gay Kirchick slapped on a pair of rainbow-colored suspenders and delivered a tirade against Russia’s new anti-gay legislation.”

Other key operators in this neoconservative propaganda scheme to talk up the war include none other than Michael Goldfarb, an Israeli-linked PR consultant who helped mastermind the infamous ‘reverse-spin’ lie of ‘Russia Attacks Georgia’ in 2008 which was eventually correctly reported as Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia, along with Eli Lake from the Daily Beast and Rosie Gray from Buzzfeed – all of whom have been actively involved previously in generating pro-war and anti-Russian propaganda in order to provide some media cushion to the same foreign policy directives coming out of the Foreign Policy Initiative think tank. Most likely, Goldfarb would be supervising his protégé Kirchick. A Huff Post piece featuring Goldfarb entitled, “Using the American Right to Advance Likud” should give a clear picture of the divisive nature of his activities in Washington and Tel Aviv. ~ No Act of Conscience: Liz Wahl RT “Resignation” Was Planned Neocon Think Tank PR Stunt, 21st Century Wire


It’s clear the Unseen Hand thinks it’s time for the world’s youth to be eaten by the meat-grinder of war.

Earlier today a Malaysia Air flight headed from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was downed over eastern Ukraine, where the Ukrainian military has been fighting pro-Russia separatists. Ukrainian officials say the flight was hit by a surface-to-air missile.

The incident has dominated the news cycle since news broke of the crash about twelve hours ago

Tonight (tomorrow in New Zealand), the New Zealand websitestuff asks “Does downing of MH17 flight mean war? ~ Will Malaysia Flight Start a War? 24/7 News Cycle Freakout Over Downing of Malaysia Flight In Ukraine Continues, Ed Krayewski, Reason

As I’ve already shown, both Russia and Vladimir Putin appear to be a thorn in the side of the New World Order and that puts them at the top of the hit list.

Are you ready for war? Because they’re ready to force you into it.


UPDATE: Sunday, 27 July 2014, 08:30 AM, EST
Johnny Cirucci and Malachi Martin

The passports found by the military junta in Kiev have been cross-referenced with the passenger manifest and several names have been verified…however, they also are not only pristine (having been through a massive, fiery crash) several of them have holes or notches in them consistent with the process to show them as invalid to inspectors.

The BBC has removed a report from their correspondent Olga Ivshina for apparently being not biased enough. In the report for BBC: Russia, Ivshina interviewed eye-witnesses who claimed they saw military aircraft in close proximity to MH-17.

“Rebel” leader Alexander Khodakovsky is stating that Reuters purposefully misrepresented him. He never stated that the “separatists” had BUK mobile surface-to-air missile launchers.

It is truly disturbing that the United States government is building a case for war from YouTube and social media. The photos of the supposedly “rebel-owned” BUK launchers have already been debunked.

The “intercepted audio” is also extremely dubious.

Chaff visible in the apparent crash-site video is damning. Clearly, a military aircraft was present.

Russia’s narrative can account for the plane—their presentation stated a Ukrainian fighter jet was in the immediate vicinity.

Ukraine’s narrative cannot account for the plane that deployed the chaff [see video above].

A rebel propaganda video from months ago states that Ukraine was using civilian airliners as a human shield against missile attacks when they were doing bombing runs.

It is possible that the rebels did have BUK launchers which the Ukraine/U.S. coalition wanted knocked out badly so a mission was sent using MH-17 as a screen for the SU-25 ground-attack aircraft (it’s primary function). The only issue here is that the official ceiling of the SU-25 is 23,000 so either the aircraft in question was able to fly higher or this was the reason MH-17 was told to lower its altitude.

Both sides need to withhold information on the complete story: Russia has given the rebels advanced weaponry and the U.S./Ukraine are playing extremely dirty pool.

U.S. authorities have worked this propaganda game before, claiming Russia shot down a civilian airliner with barbaric disregard for loss of life when reality was much more murky and provocateured.

We noted yesterday that Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., Israel and China have all accidentally shot down commercial airplanes.

Ray McGovern – a 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their vice presidents, secretaries of state, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials – provides vital details on an accidental shootdown by Russia – and America’s disinformation campaign to make it look intentional – 3 decades ago… ~ U.S. Government Lied to Pretend that Accidental Russian Shootdown of Commercial Plane Was Intentional … Three Decades Ago, Washington’s Blog

Now that the case against Russia is falling apart (see the State Department briefing where the AP reporter tears deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf to shreds), a new narrative will have to be concocted to better cover-yet-obfuscate the facts.


* Reuters, India is based in New Delhi: GMT +5:30 hours.

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